"[...] Scraps is so angry, and he takes that anger out on other cats, always lashing out at them. [...] I know that, deep down, my gentle brother is still inside that cat somewhere."
Gremlin about Scraps in Graystripe's Vow, page 222

Scraps is a patchy, black, white and tortoiseshell[4] tom.[1]

Scraps was a member of BloodClan, serving under Scourge's, Claw's, and Fury's leaderships. He and his sister, Gremlin joined BloodClan after leaving their Twolegs after they had a kit that tormented the pair. Scraps, after losing a father figure in a previous battle with the Clans, indulged in behaviors sought after for BloodClan cats. During a battle against ThunderClan, Scraps defends his sister when she was labelled a traitor by Fury, and was killed by Ice and Snake.


In the Super Editions

Graystripe's Vow

"She's not a traitor! She just doesn't want to fight—she wants to protect her kits."
―Scraps's defending Gremlin Graystripe's Vow, page 348
Scraps is a member of BloodClan with his sister, Gremlin. As Fury announces her plan to attack a vulnerable ThunderClan, he shouts that they'll have their revenge and make the forest cats pay for the deeds against BloodClan.
Gremlin mentions him to Graystripe when explaining her name to the tom. She tells him that they had been kittypets, but after their Twolegs had a kit of their own, they left to escape torment from it. The tortoiseshell she-cat asks Graystripe if she and her brother could join ThunderClan, and cuts him from refusing her immediately. Gremlin explains that BloodClan and its culture started changing his behavior. She owes it to him losing a father-figure in the battle moons prior, and Fury rewarding such attitude too. Gremlin confides to the ThunderClan tom that she's afraid of losing the cat her brother truly is.
In the following days, Graystripe and Gremlin meet up again, and they discuss their options. Graystripe tells the BloodClan queen that he can't guarantee her and Scraps a place in ThunderClan. The news upsets Gremlin as she was hoping to be accepted in so that neither her or her brother had to constantly look over their shoulders for betraying BloodClan. She promises on Scraps' behalf that the pair of them would do their best to be good ThunderClan cats. Graystripe corrects her, saying that they call themselves warriors and she comments that Scraps would like the sound of that.
During the battle, Graystripe spots Scraps fighting by Fury's side. He remarks that the tom is swift, but not swift enough to outpace him. Silently the deputy wishes he wouldn't have to fight the BloodClan tom as he would rather not have to kill him. Scraps breaks away from his leader's side and pins Ashfur down in battle, and soon after Dustpelt too. However, he breaks away from the tabby in order to protect his sister when Fury announces her a traitor. Scraps tries to shove Ice and Snake away, saying that Gremlin is only trying to protect her kits. Snake tells him that Gremlin knows the rules and she's not a true BloodClan cat for breaking them. Fury then labels the patchy tom as a traitor too, for defending his sister, and in a quick signal from the tabby leader, Ice and Snake turn on him. Scraps attempts to fight the toms off, but is killed by a slash to the throat.
Following the battle, Gremlin tells Graystripe that everything seems different for her, and despite giving up her freedom that she has to become a kittypet. She notes that as Scraps is no longer with her, she doesn't have to hear his refusal at the idea.

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Gremlin:[1] Deceased, residence unknown


Fang:[5] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)


Two unnamed kits:[5] Status unknown


Scraps ♂Gremlin ♀Unnamed ♂
Daffodil ♀Fang ♂Unnamed

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

  • Scraps is said to have the same patchy fur as his sister, Gremlin.[4]


"We'll have our revenge! We'll shred those ThunderClan cats! They will pay for what they did to BloodClan!"
―Scraps's eagerness to fight Graystripe's Vow, page 5

Gremlin: "[…] Scraps and I will do whatever it takes to prove ourselves good ThunderClan cats."
Graystripe: "Warriors. We call ourselves warriors."
Gremlin: "I like the sound of that, and I think Scraps will, too."
—Gremlin's vow to Graystripe about joining ThunderClan Graystripe's Vow, page 297

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