"Into the night? We're not cruel. It's cold out there and dangerous. You can eat and rest here, and leave in the morning."
— Scree to Brambleclaw and the other Clan cats in Moonrise, page 173

Scree Beneath Winter Sky, more commonly known as Scree, is a huge, mud-colored tabby tom.[1]


In The New Prophecy arc


"No. He is the cat sent here by the Tribe of Endless Hunting. They told us a silver cat would come."
—Scree to Feathertail reasoning why the Tribe's keeping Stormfur Moonrise, page 172
Scree guards the journeying Clan cats when the Tribe separates Stormfur from the others. The Tribe thinks he is the cat destined to kill Sharptooth, so they keep him as a prisoner until he saves them. Feathertail pleads that they can't keep Stormfur with the Tribe as he belongs with the Clans, but despite the sympathy in his eyes, Scree shakes his head. The tabby tom reasons that Stormfur is the silver cat that the Tribe of Endless Hunting sent.
When Crowpaw makes a scornful remark about how none of them have seen Sharptooth since they arrived, Scree does not seem intimidated by the young apprentice, only answering that they were lucky they hadn't seen him and they should be thankful. Brambleclaw asks if they're going to throw them out of the cave, and Scree responds saying that the Tribe isn't that cruel and wouldn't leave cats out in the night where it's cold and dangerous. Scree informs them that they can eat and rest in the cave, then leave in the morning.
He and the other cave-guards usher the Clan cats to the other side of the cave where their sleeping hollows are. Once at the sleeping hollows, the cave-guards leave the Clan cats, with the exception of Scree and another cat.


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