"My Clan is bigger than any of yours, so we can't spare any fresh-kill. We have enough to feed ourselves, and I won't let any of my cats go hungry for the sake of our rivals."
— Sedgestar in Battles of the Clans, page 139

Sedgestar is a long-legged, light brown tabby tom.[1]


In the Field Guides

Battles of the Clans

Sedgestar is an ancient ShadowClan leader.
At a Gathering during leaf-bare, when Morningstar proposes that all the Clans share prey together to make it through the harsh season, Sedgestar calmly disagrees unlike two of the other leaders, Willowstar and Rabbitstar, who angrily shout at Morningstar. He states that ShadowClan is bigger than any Clan, so they cannot spare any fresh-kill, and that they will not go hungry for the sake of other Clans.

The Ultimate Guide

Sedgestar appears at Tigerclaw's leadership ceremony. His body is faded enough that one can see the trees behind him, but his voice is strong as he rests his head on Tigerclaw's muzzle. He gives Tigerclaw a life for pride in ShadowClan, and tells him that ShadowClan needed no allies or help from other Clans; his cats would always survive if he gave them a chance.

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"I give you a life for pride in ShadowClan, knowing they can stand alone through any challenge. ShadowClan needs no allegiances, no help from other Clans when times are hard. Your cats will always find a way to survive if you give them a chance, Tigerclaw."
—Sedgestar giving Tigerclaw a life The Ultimate Guide, page 94

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