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Bramblestar's impostor.Template.png "I won't be thwarted. You saved my life, and because of that, you have ensured my success. Because once I'm back to full health, I'll be able to bend any cat to my will..."

The following content contains major spoilers for the true identity of Bramblestar's impostor. Please proceed at your own discretion.

"Keep practicing that battle move I showed you. I'll beat you at the next Gathering!"
— Sedgewhisker to Tigerheart in The Fourth Apprentice, page 288

Sedgewhisker is a light brown tabby she-cat.[3]

Sedgewhisker is a WindClan warrior that has served under Onestar's and Harestar's leaderships in the lake territories. She was born to Gorsetail of WindClan and Beechfur of RiverClan as Sedgekit along with her littermates, Thistlekit and Swallowkit. She and her siblings discovered the tunnels where Heatherpaw and Lionpaw met in secret. They got lost in the tunnels and almost caused a battle between WindClan and RiverClan and ThunderClan. However, the battle was stopped when Heatherpaw, Breezepaw, and Lionpaw and his siblings saved Sedgekit and her littermates from the tunnels.

Sedgekit told WindClan about the tunnels and Onestar used them to attack ThunderClan. She became an apprentice named Sedgepaw with Dewspots as her mentor. She earned her warrior name, Sedgewhisker, and went on the journey to discover why the lake was drying up. She and her patrol defeated the beavers and despite growing close to the other questing cats, Sedgewhisker remained loyal to WindClan and demonstrated hostility when Dovepaw sneaked into the WindClan camp to check on her. She and Emberfoot became mates and had Larkwing and Featherpelt. She also mentored her grandson, Flutterpaw.


In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Sedgekit and her sisters, Swallowkit and Thistlekit, are WindClan kits. Sedgekit is seen asking Millie if she is a kittypet, and Millie replies that she was once, and is now training to be a warrior. Sedgekit is about to say that kittypets can never be real warriors, but is scolded and herded away by her mother, Gorsetail.

Dark River

Along with her sisters, Thistlekit and Swallowkit, Sedgekit almost causes a war between WindClan and ThunderClan. They wander off when their mother leaves the nursery to stretch her legs and they end up finding Lionpaw and Heatherpaw's secret tunnels. They become trapped in the tunnels when they jump over a boulder into another cave, and can't get back out. Luckily, Lionpaw, Heatherpaw, Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Breezepaw find them. Sedgekit complains to the other cats that she is hungry and Heatherpaw tells her it serves her right for sneaking off. They escape the tunnels through the underground river that led to the lake. Sedgekit is worried about her sister, Thistlekit, who became unconscious in the tunnels due to the frigid underground temperatures, but after Jaypaw licks Thistlekit to get warmth into her body, she sees that Thistlekit is going to be okay.
When they reach the lake, Lionpaw yowls that Sedgekit is gone and Heatherpaw dives down to get her, returning to the surface with the kit. Once on land, the apprentices hear yowls and Hollypaw says there might be a battle. Sedgekit exclaims that she could help fight. They arrive where ThunderClan and WindClan were about to attack each other and Onestar calls the kits over. He scolds them, but Sedgekit says they thought it would be fun making a camp on the beach, playing along with not telling about the tunnels. As she is being carried home by Crowfeather, she yowls back a thank you to the apprentices for saving them.


Heatherpaw tells Lionpaw that it was Sedgekit who told WindClan about their secret tunnels and not her. Lionpaw, however, does not believe her at all.


Sedgepaw is now an apprentice and her mentor is Dewspots.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Seville: "You can't hunt these rabbits."
Sedgewhisker: "Oh, yeah? We'll fight you for them, if that's what you want. You should lay more scent markers if you want cats to stay out of your territory!"
—Sedgewhisker challenging the kittypets about the rabbits The Fourth Apprentice, page 180
She is now a warrior named Sedgewhisker. Sedgewhisker, along with Whitetail, are selected from WindClan to go on the mission to find out why the water in the lake is gone. After they start their journey, she is saved by Lionblaze from being attacked by dogs, though she does wrench her shoulder in the accident.
Rippletail and Petalfur persuade the other cats to try fish. Sedgewhisker tries it but says she would never be able to get used to it. When the Clan cats see some sheep, Sedgewhisker comments that their pelts could make good lining for nests.
Later when they are in the Twolegplace, she and Tigerheart go and investigate the smooth boulder-thing only to be scolded to keep away from it by Lionblaze. Then when a Twoleg kit comes back to retrieve the smooth boulder-thing, Lionblaze, Tigerheart, and Sedgewhisker attempt to hide. Lionblaze notices that Sedgewhisker is very comfortable while hiding, and he guesses that WindClan cats are used to being without ground cover. A while later, she and Tigerheart are yelled at by Lionblaze when they are play-fighting.
When they reach the place where the beavers are, they spot pelt-dens where Twolegs are staying. Sedgewhisker smells something good coming from them and goes to investigate. Petalfur follows and is then picked up by a Twoleg. Sedgewhisker stands near them, frozen with horror, but the Twoleg sets Petalfur down with some food.
During the battle with the beavers, Sedgewhisker is knocked off the logs by a beaver. Lionblaze later sees her lying on the ground below still moving. He guesses that she is just stunned and hopes she will stay there. Dovepaw is seen later with Sedgewhisker leaning on her, half-stunned. At the second attempt of getting rid of the beavers, Sedgewhisker, Whitetail, and Woody were to distract the beavers away from their dens. Toadfoot asks if Sedgewhisker has any sense when she gives a beaver a swift blow to the nose, knowing that they weren't going to fight since they lost Rippletail. Once they defeat the beavers and bring the water back, Sedgewhisker and Whitetail go back to WindClan.

Fading Echoes

"We can take care of ourselves, you know. We don't need a ThunderClan apprentice to watch out for us!"
―Sedgewhisker to Dovepaw Fading Echoes, page 64
While Sedgewhisker is on a patrol, a dog begins chasing them. Sedgewhisker is hurt badly, but not serious enough to stay in the medicine den. Dovepaw learns about the dog when she uses her power to hear it in WindClan territory. Dovepaw later convinces Ivypaw to go and visit Sedgewhisker, to make sure she is okay. She is convinced that Sedgewhisker would be friendly to her because of their quest together to find the beavers. When they arrive in secret at the WindClan camp, Sedgewhisker is in the warriors' den with Whitetail. Her wound is keeping her up, so she hears Dovepaw calling to her. When she comes out to meet her, she is angered instead of being happy to see Dovepaw. Dovepaw is hurt by this, not understanding why Sedgewhisker is being hostile. Weaselfur is woken when he hears their voices, and alerts the Clan that Dovepaw and Ivypaw are there. Whitetail calmly, though with a hint of remorse, tells Dovepaw that the quest is over, and that they must respect their boundaries.
When WindClan arrive at the Gathering, Sedgewhisker still seems to be mad at Dovepaw. When Petalfur, who is still friendly towards Dovepaw, tries to get her attention, she pointedly turns away, because Dovepaw is with her.

The Forgotten Warrior

Her daughter is now an apprentice named Larkpaw. Sedgewhisker is mentioned by Thornclaw. She had led the patrol that told Thornclaw's patrol they had seen a ThunderClan cat cross into WindClan territory. Thornclaw had told them it must have been a loner, and he thought Sedgewhisker might have believed him because she is a decent cat.
She is later seen when Dovewing spies on the WindClan camp. Onestar is meeting with her, Crowfeather, Ashfoot, and a couple other cats that Dovewing doesn't recognize to discuss trouble with ThunderClan.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

Thunder and Shadow

At the Moonpool for a medicine cat Gathering, Kestrelflight is seen coming flanked by two WindClan warriors. Gorsetail and Sedgewhisker follow him stiffly down the paw-worn path, and Leafpool wonders out loud why he brought them. Kestrelflight explains that Onestar ordered him to be accompanied, then he nods to Gorsetail and Sedgewhisker that he will be fine, and that they should go. Sedgewhisker growls that they will wait outside the hollow until he is finished, and she turns and climbs up the slope, Gorsetail following. Alderpaw thinks that the warriors seem edgy.
The other medicine cats ask Kestrelflight questions about why he was accompanied, and Leafpool queries why Gorsetail and Sedgewhisker were so prickly. Kestrelflight explains that Onestar is acting strangely, and makes rules, punishing his warriors for breaking them, making the warriors tense. After the cats wake up from sleeping, though unsuccessful in sharing tongues with StarClan, Sedgewhisker asks from the rim of the hollow if they are ready to return. She stands silhouetted in the moonlight, and Kestrelflight hurries to her, calling that he is coming.

Shattered Sky

Sedgewhisker is the leader of a patrol consisting of herself, Leaftail and Oatclaw that find Alderheart and Mothwing. She asks what they want, raking her gaze over them. She says she hopes they are not here to visit Onestar as WindClan made it clear yesterday that he doesn't wish to talk to any cats. Alderheart notes she doesn't seem to be talking about Mistystar and her patrol but he swallows his anger against Sedgewhisker's hostile tone. The medicine cat explains they are merely passing through to RiverClan and Sedgewhisker relaxes a little, unlike her Clanmates. Alderheart remembers how his Clan says that the she-cat is reasonable and is glad that they are dealing with her. She begins by saying well, but is interrupted by Leaftail who is sure it's a trick. Sedgewhisker glances over her shoulder to him, reminding him they are medicine cats. She calls him a mouse-brain before turning back to Alderheart and Mothwing. She tells them that they can pass but one paw over three tail-lengths from the water and they may find themselves missing their ears. The medicine cats ignore her threat and Mothwing thanks her. The medicine cats continue on with the patrol’s gaze boring into them. Alderheart asks what Sedgewhisker meant by making it clear yesterday. When Onestar reveals his past about him and Smoke and how all but one of their kits died, Sedgewhisker gives a murmur of pity.

In The Broken Code arc

The Silent Thaw

Sedgewhisker is now mentor to Flutterpaw.

Darkness Within

Sedgewhisker: "We just thought you weren't a medicine cat anymore."
Shadowsight: "I'm still a medicine-cat apprentice!"
Sedgewhisker: "But you killed Bramblestar."
Breezepelt: "What cat is going to let you trust them after you've killed a leader?"
—Sedgewhisker and Breezepelt about Shadowsight Darkness Within, page 134
When Squirrelflight reveals the truth about the impostor, Sedgewhisker reminds her mate Emberfoot of the rumors they've heard about Ashfur when he was alive. Later, she and Breezepelt guard Ashfur's prison in ShadowClan's camp. They both gripe about having to remain under the trees instead of the open sky, and Sedgewhisker wonders why ShadowClan cats don't have moss between their claws. Sedgewhisker stiffens when Shadowsight arrives with herbs to treat Ashfur's wounds and doesn't reply to his greeting. When he returns, Shadowsight snaps at them for staring at him, and Sedgewhisker replies she thought he wasn't a medicine cat any more. Shadowsight refutes that he's still a medicine cat apprentice, but Sedgewhisker notes he killed Bramblestar. Breezepelt adds that he shouldn't be trusted to treat Ashfur since he killed Bramblestar, and Shadowsight is shocked by the WindClan cats' bluntness.

In the Super Editions

Crowfeather's Trial

Onestar calls a Clan meeting, and Sedgewhisker sits at the edge of the warriors den to groom, where Emberfoot joins her. Larkwing heads over to sit with her parents, but veers away when they give her a chilling look. When Weaselfur accuses Breezepelt of purposefully leaving Nightcloud in the tunnels with the stoats, Emberfoot loudly protests, and Sedgewhisker agrees it's ridiculous, asking if Breezepelt has been punished enough by losing his mother and if he must make silly accusations.
Despite being told not to join, Featherpaw fights in the attack on the stoats and gets injured in the process. Sedgewhisker and Emberfoot arrive at the medicine den, eyes full of anxiety. While Emberfoot demands how she got hurt, Sedgewhisker crouches beside her daughter and licks her ears. She and Emberfoot exchange a shocked glance when Crowfeather tells them Featherpaw and the other apprentices followed them to the battle. Sedgewhisker meows that it must have been the others encouraging her, because Featherpaw would have never done such a thing by herself. Kestrelflight tells them she has lost a lot of blood and has a broken paw, and Sedgewhisker looks at him with pleading eyes, wondering if she will be all right. Kestrelflight is unsure, and Sedgewhisker and Emberfoot share a glance of mingled fury and grief. Crowfeather admits he told Featherpaw to be bold, and her parents blame him for her injuries, and Sedgewhisker asks Crowfeather what is wrong with him lately, saying that ever since the Great Battle he's barely there, and if it weren't for him, Featherpaw wouldn't lying there right now.
Kestrelflight tells them to leave and give Featherpaw peace, and Sedgewhisker objects, wanting to stay with her kit, but Emberfoot nudges his mate to her paws, meowing that he's right and Kestrelflight will tell them as soon as Featherpaw wakes up. Sedgewhisker reluctantly leaves with Emberfoot. While Kestrelflight is away at the Moonpool, Sedgewhisker watches over her daughter. When Featherpaw wakes, Sedgewhisker and Emberfoot are crouching beside her, relief and excitement visible in their eyes, and the two leave to get her fresh-kill and moss. When they return, they run into Crowfeather leaving the den. Sedgewhisker apologizes for before, saying no cat deserved what they told him and they had just been worried because Featherpaw is their kit. After stoats attack the camp, Sedgewhisker is one of the many wounded. She is later seen sharing a pigeon with Nightcloud.

Bramblestar's Storm

Sedgewhisker is mentioned by Leaftail when Bramblestar inquires after her, having not seen her at a Gathering for some time. Leaftail tells him that she is expecting Emberfoot's kits, and will be in the nursery for a while. At the next Gathering, Onestar reports on WindClan's status, and mentions that although they do not have any kits currently, they do expect good news soon, his gaze resting on the expecting she-cat. Sedgewhisker gives her chest fur a couple of licks, embarrassed, and leans into her mate.

Squirrelflight's Hope

When Breezepelt trespasses on ThunderClan's portion of the moorland, Sedgewhisker, Hootwhisker and Nightcloud agree that ThunderClan is wasting the land.

In the Novellas arc

Hollyleaf's Story

Although unnamed, she and her sisters are mentioned by Hollyleaf, when the black she-cat remembers saving the WindClan kits from the flooding tunnel.

In the Field Guides arc

The Ultimate Guide

Although not mentioned by name, Sedgewhisker and her sisters' appear on Heathertail's page. When three WindClan kits went missing, Onestar assumed that ThunderClan has stolen them. Heatherpaw and Lionpaw guessed that the kits went into the underground tunnels, and went looking for them with Jaypaw and Hollypaw. Torrential rain flooded the tunnels, washing all the cats out into the lake, all narrowly escaping with their lives. This is also mentioned on Rock's page.

Character pixels




Emberfoot:[7] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Larkwing:[blog 1] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)
Featherpelt:[8] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Gorsetail:[9] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Beechfur:[blog 2] Living (As of The Fourth Apprentice)


Swallowtail:[9] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Thistleheart:[9] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Whistlepaw:[10] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)
Songpaw:[10] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Flutterpaw:[10] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Gorsetail ♀Beechfur ♂
Emberfoot ♂Sedgewhisker ♀Thistleheart ♀Swallowtail ♀
Larkwing ♀Featherpelt ♀Oatclaw ♂
Flutterpaw ♂Songpaw ♀Whistlepaw ♀

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

  • She has RiverClan blood through Beechfur.[blog 2]

Author statements

  • Kate thinks that Heatherpaw was lying about Sedgekit telling WindClan of the tunnels.[blog 3]
    • However, Vicky believes that Heatherpaw was telling the truth.[11]
  • In an early draft of Kate Cary's allegiances, Fernstripe was listed as her daughter.[blog 1]


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