"I can't let you young 'uns go off on your own. Who knows what you might get up to? I'll come, too."
— Seville when Snowdrop and Jigsaw agree to help dismantle the dam in The Fourth Apprentice, page 256

Seville is a big[2] ginger tom with yellow eyes.[1]


In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

When a patrol of Clan cats go looking for whatever is blocking the water from the lake, they encounter a kittypet, Seville, along with two kittypet friends of his, Snowdrop and Jigsaw. The Clan cats see two caged rabbits in Seville's Twoleg nest's yard, but Seville stops them when they want to eat the rabbits. He explains that he has nothing against the Clan cats, but that his housefolk would be very angry if any cats hunted the rabbits; the Clan cats, the kittypets, rogues, anyone. He says he heard about another tom who hunted his housefolks' rabbits, then got taken to the Cutter, and wasn't the same afterwards.
Later, Lionblaze and Dovepaw come back to find Seville and his friends, to ask them to help dismantle the beaver dam, as it is too much work to do with their small amount of warriors to handle. Seville agrees, and he and his friends go back to the stream with the Clan cats. When offered some fresh-kill, he politely declines, saying he already ate, and he seems a bit disgusted by it. He goes out onto the dam and helps dismantle it, and with him and other kittypets pitching in, and after a little while and a lot of energy used, the warriors successfully break the dam and free the water. Lionblaze spots the kittypets and Woody the loner gaping at him from halfway up the slope as he's swept away by a wall of water.



  • He has been described with green eyes.[3]



Dovepaw: "Hi, Seville!"
Seville: "It's the journeying cats! What are you doing here? Did you find the animals you were looking for? Did you free the water?"
Lionblaze: "We found the animals. But, we can't free the water. We...we need help."
Jigsaw: "Do you mean our help? Wow!"
—Lionblaze and Dovepaw requesting help The Fourth Apprentice, page 253

"Lie down and rest. It's lovely and warm in the sun."
—Seville tempting the cats to lay down and have a rest The Fourth Apprentice, page 254

Petalfur: "Look at this. It's easiest to knock the top logs off the dam, but if we can somehow get inside and shift the logs farther down, then the whole thing might collapse. The weight of water would crush it."
Tigerheart: "Brilliant!"
Seville: "Hang on a moment. You want us to go inside the dam and collapse it...and we would still be inside, yes?"
Lionblaze: "It's risky, but it looks like it's the only way. We'll just have to see what it's like when we get there."
—Discussion of the plan to free the water The Fourth Apprentice, page 261

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