"We came to tell you only one thing. Unite or die."
— Shaded Moss demanding that the early settlers stop fighting in The First Battle, page 289

Shaded Moss is a sturdy[9] black-and-white tom with dark green eyes.[3]

Shaded Moss was a member of the Ancient Tribe. He was born to an unnamed queen and grew up to become a very responsible and strong cat. As an adult, he fathered Rainswept Flower, and all his Tribemates assumed Stoneteller to name him as her successor. When Stoneteller received a vision telling her cats to follow the sun trail to find a new home, Shaded Moss voted to leave and led the group on their journey to find a new home. While evading a dog, Shaded Moss was killed by a monster on a Thunderpath. He joined the spirit cats and guided his former Tribemates numerous times.


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

Shaded Moss yowls that Stoneteller will speak, standing beside her during the ceremony. He is said to be one of the strongest and most respected cats in the Tribe. He stands on a boulder at the far end of the cave, making Stoneteller look even more delicate beside his sturdy figure. Silver Frost thinks that Stoneteller is going to appoint Shaded Moss as the next Stoneteller. Gray Wing settles and looks up to the two cats as Stoneteller explains about her dream of a new place for some of the cats to live, and that, with her blessing, Shaded Moss would lead them there. Shaded Moss steps forward and raises his tail for silence, only talking when he can be heard but seemingly sounding solemn. He says that he had expected to live his entire life in the mountains, but believes in Stoneteller's dream and would keep those who want to go safe. Many cats starts call out and argue, even Clear Sky telling Shaded Moss he will go. Shaded Moss's voice rises against the clamor, announcing no one needs to decide yet and advises them to think about this decision. He explains that the Half Moon has only just past and he will leave at the full moon with others, but stops as a hunting party comes in. Some cats yowl to the hunting party from the crowd around Shaded Moss, and they explain what Shaded Moss will do.
Bright Stream hunts with Gray Wing as Clear Sky keeps asking about going with Shaded Moss to find a new home. Shaded Moss, along with several cats that are going, climb up to the ridge to pick out their path out of the mountains. Shaded Moss leads the way with Clear Sky at his shoulder. Quiet Rain asks Gray Wing if he is going with Shaded Moss to leave the mountains as Clear Sky will be going. Later, Shaded Moss returns with the rest of the cats, explaining what they found. Shaded Moss seems more cautious than Clear Sky, who is very excited. Shaded Moss says that the trail they found leads up the side of the valley and it leads to a hollow that takes them out of the mountains. He mentions that they will need to cross a frozen stream but they'll be careful. Turtle Tail interrupts, saying that it looks like a quick route, and Shaded Moss agrees. He states that hopefully they can avoid any drifts further down the mountain. The Tribe crowds around Shaded Moss to ask more questions.
The next morning, Shaded Moss huddles with the growing group that's leaving the mountains. His gaze travels over the group as he explains that it isn't long now and they should eat and rest before they leave. When Dappled Pelt protests, Shaded Moss gives an impatient flick of his tail. He says that it is only for a day or two and when they leave, the remaining cats will have plenty to go around. He starts to explain that if they do not have their full strength, but is interrupted by a screech. An argument breaks out as to whether the cats should stay or go, and Lion's Roar suggests casting stones in a vote as to whether Shaded Moss and his cats would go or leave. Stoneteller asks Shaded Moss if he would accept the result, he nods and replies that he wouldn't want to go without enough cats. When Bright Stream and Gray Wing return from collecting pebble, he and Tall Shadow gathers them at Stoneteller's paws, their eyes are solemn since they know how important this task is. Stoneteller announces to place a stone near the waterfall if they think Shaded Moss and the others should go, and if they think Shaded Moss should stay, place it near the inner cave wall. She orders Shaded Moss to vote first. Shaded Moss steps forward and gives Stoneteller a dip of his head, a sign of deep respect. He says that he trusts her with his life and if she foresaw a better place to live, he will find it. He picks up a stone in his jaws and carries it near the waterfall, voting to leave. He lays it so close to the cave entrance that some of the water from the waterfall splashes on it. When the vote is done and the decision is to leave, Shaded Moss announces to his cats to go scout out the route again as they need to know very well where they are going when they leave. Outside, Gray Wing spots him on the ridge, explaining something with waves of his tail to his cats, who offer comments and suggestions. Gray Wing knows that they are planning their departure.
As the Tribe waits for Stoneteller to speak to Shaded Moss and his cats for the final time, the cats leaving with Shaded Moss huddle close together, seemingly impatient and excited. Clear Sky breaks away from Shaded Moss’s group to say goodbye to his brother. When Stoneteller finally starts speaking, she flicks her tail to Shaded Moss and says it is time for them to leave. She asks Shaded Moss if he wishes to speak. The black-and-white tom leaps up beside her onto the boulder and glances around the gathered cats. He says that he trusts Stoneteller to know where there future lies and while they follow the trail of the sun, the will always remember the mountains and the cats in them as they travel. When Misty Water mutters that they'll miss them, Shaded Moss bows his head in respect, saying he hopes that with fewer cats to feed hunting will be easier. As he finishes, Stoneteller thanks Shaded Moss for their courage. She says it’s the best gift they can give and they won’t be forgotten. Stoneteller fixes her gaze on Shaded Moss and the others, warning them about the dangers ahead, including Twolegs, Thunderpaths, foxes, badgers, and other cats. Shaded Moss dips his head and says that they have discussed all of this, and when Stoneteller says to trust nothing, he rests his tail on the healer’s back in reassurance, responding that they will learn as they go, and that they have trusted her, now she should trust them. Stoneteller pads over to the ones leaving with Shaded Moss and tells them to find where their talents will blossom. Afterwards, Shaded Moss gives a wave of his tail and leads his group to the pool at the bottom of the waterfall down the rocks, leaving the Tribe forever.
Jagged Peak soon escapes the cave to join Shaded Moss and his group. Gray Wing is convinced to find Jagged Peak and join the group, but Stoneteller tells him that he cannot catch up in the current weather. She reassures that Jagged Peak, Shaded Moss and the rest of the group will find shelter. After starting his journey, Gray Wing heads to where he saw Shaded Moss and the others along a ledge.
After Gray Wing and Jagged Peak reunite, the older brother dreams of the cave, hearing Shaded Moss say to move again as it’s time. Gray Wing wonders why he can hear the cats that have left the Tribe. He wakes up to hear Clear Sky tell Shaded Moss that it should be easier to travel today since they can see the sun. Both Gray Wing and Jagged Peak rush to the group, having finally found them. Shaded Moss greets the brothers with everybody else, but asks why they are there and Gray Wing explains everything. After, Shaded Moss says that they need to keep going, glancing around at the other cats while waving his tail. However, Moon Shadow says they need to eat first. Quick Water and Jackdaw's Cry return with a snow hare and Shaded Moss praises them on their catch as they approach the group.
After they eat, Shaded Moss pads to stand beside Jagged Peak and Gray Wing, asking how Stoneteller is. There’s some anxiety in his eyes as he blinks and says he feels like they've been away for moons. Gray Wing tells him she's okay, but desperately worried that she made the wrong decision. Shaded Moss points out that each cat on this journey was the ones that decided, and Stoneteller had just given the opportunity. Gray Wing mentally tells Shaded Moss to tell Stoneteller that. They set off, and Gray Wing notices that Shaded Moss was clearly in charge, but Clear Sky also gave his opinion quite often. Clear Sky gives an example of this, suggesting to a head for a tree to avoid crossing rocks on a stream. Shaded Moss nods and agrees it’s a good idea. He walks in the lead when the group sets off with Clear Sky and Bright Stream close behind. It’s mentioned that Rainswept Flower is Shaded Moss’s daughter. As the group follow Shaded Moss they very soon fall into two lines.
When Clear Sky asks if he could catch some prey, Shaded Moss looks at the trail they will go and shakes his head, replying that they hadn't traveled far enough yet. Sunhigh only just passes when Shaded Moss halts at slippery scree. He firmly states they need to have to cross before any cat can argue with him. He advises them to go slowly in pairs, younger cats walking on the inside with older cats. He goes first, going slow and steady and making it safely to the other side as Gray Wing and Jackdaw's Cry are crossing. Jackdaw's Cry nearly falls, but Gray Wing grabs him and hurls him to Clear Sky and Shaded Moss.
When the eagles attack the cats, he makes sure everybody is okay, looking around at every cat as they hide under a rock. When Gray Wing says they'll have to stay under the rock to stay safe, and Shaded Moss agrees with a nod to Gray Wing, saying that they have to protect themselves, and so they will wait. After sunset, when an eagle stretches its neck under the overhang, Clear Sky suggests they catch one themselves. Shaded Moss, in a tone that doesn’t invite a discussion, states that it is impossible and that there were four of them out there. At Gray Wing's urging, Shaded Moss hesitates, then nods to agree to hear what Clear Sky has to say. After Clear Sky finishes, Shaded Moss shoulders forward around the others until he stands beside Clear Sky, asking Clear Sky to tell him what he thinks they should do exactly. After Clear Sky explains a bit more, Shaded Moss calmly orders Turtle Tail, Cloud Spots, Bright Stream, and Gray Wing to lure three of the birds away. Clear Sky protests Bright Stream isn’t fast enough. Shaded Moss twitches his ears in surprise as he explains that she is just about faster than Gray Wing. Shaded Moss tells the others they will wait under the overhanging rock, ready to help when needed. He solemnly tells Jagged Peak he needs to be ready to pounce at any time.
When Bright Stream is carried away by an eagle, Shaded Moss approaches the group from the rock they were hiding under while Tall Shadow hurriedly explains to him what happened. He lays his tail on Clear Sky’s back, explaining that they won't be able to find her. Clear Sky reveals Bright Stream was carrying his kits, and Shaded Moss shakes his head, murmuring they have had so much loss.
At dawn, Shaded Moss drags the eagle that they had managed to kill over to the rest of the group, announcing that they need to eat. He drops the eagle at the midst of the cats and mentions they need to keep up their strength. When they have finished, Shaded Moss asks Clear Sky whether he would like to return to the cave. He sounds uncertain even though he is usually a confident leader. Clear Sky replies he will continue for his lost kin, and Shaded Moss tells him to honor her forever by carrying her in his heart, and that she gave her life for the rest of them. He struggles to sound brisk and efficient as he usually is as he says they need to keep going to the pine trees and they should reach it by sunhigh. As he has predicted, they reach the pine trees at nearly sunhigh. Tall Shadow climbs one of the trees and Shaded Moss asks which way they should go, looking up at the she-cat. Tall Shadow says down the slope, and so they continue.
When the journeying cats reach a river that borders the mountains, Rainswept Flower exclaims they are leaving the mountains. Shaded Moss touches his nose to her shoulder, saying they are almost and they just need to cross the river. Hawk Swoop spots some stepping stones, and some cats are unsure whether to use it to cross or not. Shaded Moss declares that he doubts they’ll manage to find something better, and congratulates Hawk Swoop on finding it. He goes first, jumping from rock to rock, making the crossing look easy to Gray Wing. He and Gray Wing crouch at the bank when Falling Feather and Quick Water approach, reaching down and pulling out Quick Water to the safety of the bank. The group keeps going.
Shaded Moss eventually halts at a bush thicket and raises his tail as a signal for the group to stop. He announces they'll stay the night here, asking if anyone wants to hunt. Moon Shadow and Jagged Peak go to hunt. He comes up to Gray Wing as the tom is bedding down for the night, telling him to stop blaming himself for Bright Stream's death, since she knew the danger she was getting in to. Gray Wing protests that Bright Stream had been saving him, and Shaded Moss's gaze is filled with understanding and sympathy. He replies that Gray Wing would have done the same, and that Bright Stream wouldn't have blamed him if she were alive. Gray Wing is unable to look at Shaded Moss’s penetrating gaze, saying that if Bright Stream were alive she wouldn't have to, and Shaded Moss pads away without saying another word. Moon Shadow and Jagged Peak return with prey and after it’s been eaten, Shaded Moss suggests that they should remember Stoneteller and thank her for directing them to leave the mountains and go to a place that has enough prey, even in the cold season.
The next morning, Clear Sky comes up to Shaded Moss and tells him that he will help them find their new home for Bright Stream's sake. Shaded Moss approves and lays his tail on Clear Sky's shoulder. Later, He thinks he recognizes strange creatures as sheep since the elders told him stories about them. He adds that they aren't dangerous. After Gray Wing catches a rabbit, Shaded Moss crouches beside the prey, saying they should eat when they can as they don’t know when’s the next chance is. He digs in before sharing it around with the rest of the group.
Shaded Moss takes the lead again as they travel with Tall Shadow and Clear Sky always beside him. He has the group pause and gather under a big tree, explaining that they aren’t so high up so they it will be harder to know which way to go so they will have to keep heading toward the sunrise as it will guide them, motioning towards pointed stones in the distance. He encourages Jagged Peak when the younger cat doesn't think that they'll ever make it, saying that it’s one step at a time. When Moon Shadow and Hawk Swoop start to hunt some birds, he calls them back, saying that there isn't a need to waste prey as they aren't hungry right now.
They come to a putrid smell and he draws the group together with a movement of his tail, stating he doesn’t know what that smell is. He thanks Clear Sky and Gray Wing for offering to check for danger ahead, nodding approvingly and saying to come right back when they’ve assessed for dangers. He calls through the bushes to ask if they are okay and what they can see after some time. Clear Sky replies to wait for a moment and they come back, describing the Thunderpath and the Monsters to Shaded Moss and the rest of the group. Rainswept Flower suggests a tactic, and Shaded Moss agrees with her, giving an nod of approval. He declares they’ll cross in twos and Clear Sky and Gray Wing will supervise since they’ve already know what these monsters are like. Dappled Pelt and Rainswept Flower goes first, and Shaded Moss wishes them luck. After several of the cats cross, Gray Wing starts at Shaded Moss’s meow, who is standing behind him. He explains the rest will cross together now. He calls the other cats who are in the bushes and lines them up next to the Thunderpath. They all make it safely, but Shaded Moss still checks if everyone is okay. After checking, he says he wants to continue going before stopping for the night, and tells Moon Shadow they do not have time to stop for hunting. When Clear Sky suggests climbing a tree, Shaded Moss points out an oak, explaining about how his mother had told him about trees where the Tribe used to live. He tells Jagged Peak to stay on the ground when the young cat tries climbing up. When Tall Shadow and Clear Sky come back down, Shaded Moss asks what they saw, and they simply say that it was misty beyond the trees.
He takes the lead with Clear Sky once more, and when they run across a dog. Jagged Peak asks what they are. Shaded Moss replies that it’s a creature they do not want to meet and adds they used to see them in the valleys turning warmer seasons. He draws the cats closer with a wave of his tail. As he finishes speaking, a dog appears and Shaded Moss yowls for the group to scatter. When the dog is gone and the cats regroup, even Shaded Moss still seems shaken. He explains that they were going to meet a dog sooner or later, but says they have survived so they have to keep going.
When the journeying cats make it to a Twolegplace, Shaded Moss points out some tall things and thinks they are Twoleg dens. When Cloud Spots and Falling Feather say they don't want to go any closer, Shaded Moss motions to the sharp peaks in the distance and says that they are heading there, it’s the place where the sun rises from, but the sun’s setting. He tells them they will find dry shelter in the Twoleg dens for the night.
Shaded Moss leads the group down the edge of a Thunderpath and into the dens. He allows Gray Wing to take the lead after they narrowly dodge a Twoleg monster. They reach an old monster den and at Rainswept Flower's suggestion, Shaded Moss nods his consent as he pads over to stand beside her. His tail droops and his eyes are weary. Gray Wing thinks that it can't be easy for him being responsible and leading them. Rainswept Flower pushes her nose into his shoulder and tells him he looks tired and should sleep while she and Gray Wing take the first watch.
After the Tribe cats get into a fight with a few kittypets, Shaded Moss listens to the story with anxiously shifting paws. He announces that they were going to get away as soon as possible and that they can't afford more fighting. He sets off and the other cats follow him. Shaded Moss leads the cats over narrow paths, more Thunderpaths and stretches of grasses. Gray Wing realizes he is determined to lead them in a straight line towards the distant peaks. Once they get out of the Twolegplace, Moon Shadow catches a small bird and pushes it towards Shaded Moss. The black-and-white tom raises his paw to stop him, saying his thanks but adding for everyone to hunt for themselves as there is plenty to go around. Before the cats eat, Shaded Moss thanks Stoneteller for sending them on their journey to this place. He stands up and gazes at the mountains they have left.
The cats set off again and when they reach boggy area, Quick Water protests they’ll get wet. Shaded Moss looks both ways, seeing that the boggy area stretches very far. He decides they need to cross it, adding that cats won’t be killed by wet paws. Shaded Moss leads the group to a different looking Twoleg den, trotting to it and cautiously stopping at its entrance. Gray Wing peers over his shoulder to take a look. Moon Shadow shoulders past Shaded Moss and exclaims it’s filled with prey. Shaded Moss nods and says it seems safe and there are no Twolegs. When Rainswept Flower suggests that the den is what they're looking for, Shaded Moss looks thoughtful as he says that it could work and that they were close enough to the mountains to visit the Tribe. The cats bed down for the night, but the arrival of sheep interrupts them and Shaded Moss flees at Gray Wing’s tail. When they make it out into the open, he asks if they all made it. Hawk Swoop is injured so Shaded Moss asks if she can walk. He praises Cloud Spots when the tom wrenches Hawk Swoop's leg back in place, touching his tail to the tom’s shoulder. Due to Hawk Swoop's injury, he has the cats stay for the day. Quiet Water complains about the weather and Shaded Moss gives her a stern look, telling her she can go back with the sheep if she wants.
A rogue comes up to them when the cats set off again, and Shaded Moss tells him that they are just passing through. He tells the stranger they need a new home, giving him a distrustful look. When the stranger leaves, the journeying cats wonder about what the tom said about cats living on the other side of Highstones. Shaded Moss nods and wonders if they are hostile. Despite his suspicion, the group’s mood is still good. They travel a little more and when they stop, Shaded Moss suggests for them to rest and hunt. He calls after Moon Shadow and Shattered Ice to not go too far and stay away from trouble. Rainswept Flower once again wonders if they are in the place where they could live, but Shaded Moss replies no, saying that they are going to climb Highstones, since they are at the end of the sun trail Stoneteller had promised them. He says they will make any decisions about where they will live afterward. Rainswept Flower accepts her father’s word.
While the cats are relaxing and playing around, a dog appears. Shaded Moss jumps to his paws and directs them which way to go. They reach a thorny barrier, and Shaded Moss shouts for them to not go that way. He swerves into the dogs' path and rushes for shelter at some bushes. Gray Wing realizes on the other side is a Thunderpath and tries to warn his leader, but he is too late. Shaded Moss bursts from the bushes, runs the short patch of grass beside the Thunderpath and rushes straight towards it, into the path of a monster. He is flung into the air as the monster hits him. Gray Wing yowls that he is hurt, and Tall Shadow grabs the black and white tom by the scruff and drags him to long grass. Gray Wing shoves the panicked group to where Shaded Moss and Tall Shadow are. Clear Sky is last, widening his eyes at the sight of the body. He and Jagged Peak follow Gray Wing to the body, where Cloud Spots is bending over. He prods Shaded Moss gently before declaring that their leader is dead. Rainswept Flower flings herself on her father's body, pushing her muzzle into his fur. Gray Wing rests his nose on Shaded Moss’s head, still warm but dusty and ruffled. There is a little trail of blood running from his nose to his mouth, but other than that he appears to be asleep. Gray Wing thinks Shaded Moss has lead the group so far and wonders how he can leave them.
Rainswept Flower tells Clear Sky she will not leave her father's body to monsters. Shattered Ice agrees they cannot abandon him so will carry him across the Thunderpath. As they cross, Gray Wing feels more grief as he sees Shaded Moss’s limp tail drag on the ground. He thinks of him as his poor Tribemate. They carry his body to deep grass under the some bushes. Rainswept Flower points out they don't have stones and cannot bury him like they would at the mountains. Dappled Pelt suggests using sticks and grass as it’s good enough for Shaded Moss now. Rainswept Flower agrees and Dappled Pelt and her stays with Shaded Moss's body while the rest search. Gray Wing gathers what he has found and carries them to the sturdy tom’s body, beginning to lay it out on him. Rainswept Flower stops Gray Wing, asking to stay with her father for a little longer. The rest sit around the deceased tom's body, saying their goodbyes. Rainswept Flower mentions he was the best father and she'll never forget him. Tall Shadow mentions no cat could have led them better as he lead them out of the mountains. Other cats mentioned he taught them to hunt; he was resilient even when others gave up and he believed in the journey and made everyone else believe too. Gray Wing touches Shaded Moss’s head with his nose, thanking for his courage and promising continue the journey in his memory. They stay clustered around his body until dawn.
Rainswept Flower lays the first twig, and the rest of the group follow. They cover him in silence before continuing their journey, carrying their grief. Turtle Tail asks if there is any point going on without Shaded Moss, if they should just stop and return to the mountains. Gray Wing asks if that would be fair for Shaded Moss and Bright Stream if it was all for nothing. They stop to rest, but Rainswept Flower calls her father's name while she sleeps. Gray Wing soothes her until her whimpers stop. They soon finally reach the pointed stones and marvel at the land in front of them. There’s still an air of sadness and grief, and Gray Wing wishes that Shaded Moss and Bright Stream could have made it. When they reach a new Thunderpath, they are scared since the death of Shaded Moss is still fresh in their minds. Turtle Tail says it’s too soon after his death, but Gray Wing urges her on. Later, Moon Shadow asks Tall Shadow who died and made her leader. Tall Shadow replies that Shaded Moss did. Gray Wing wonders if Shaded Moss actually made the she-cat his successor, and does recall they talked a lot before his death. The group wonders how different it would be if Shaded Moss is still with them.

Thunder Rising

When Turtle Tail returns from her kittypet life, Gray Wing recalls that Tall Shadow had been leading the moor group since Shaded Moss died. After the fire, Gray Wing remarks that Tall Shadow was the obvious choice to lead them when Shaded Moss was killed. As Gray Wing encounters dogs, he remembers that Shaded Moss said that dogs were animals one didn't want to see. When they meet a badger, Tall Shadow remembers Shaded Moss informing her of them, and that they lived in groups.

The First Battle

Shaded Moss appears as a spirit-cat after the Great Battle, and Tall Shadow recognizes the tom. Shaded Moss meets her gaze and asks if he died in vain. Tall Shadow asks what he means, and the black and white tom says he thought she could lead the cats after him, but asks lead them into a battle as his gaze darkens. Tall Shadow protests she had no choice, but Shaded Moss nods to Fircone's body and asks if she had to kill him. Tall Shadow says he was going to kill Thunder, and Shaded Moss asks how she would know. He states she doesn’t decide who lives and who doesn’t. Tall Shadow repeats she didn’t have a choice. Shaded Moss explains all cats have a choice, and says one that follows one path and never questions where it leads is as dumb as the prey they hunt. Shaded Moss gazes fondly at Tall Shadow as he explains that he and the other spirit-cats came to tell them something: To unite or die. The spirit-cats soon vanish, disappearing as one.

The Blazing Star

Shaded Moss is one of many cats present after Clear Sky, Gray Wing, River Ripple, and their respective groups all promise to have one moon of peace and quiet after the Great Battle. He is joined by Rainswept Flower, Turtle Tail, Moon Shadow, and Bright Stream, and all four cats praise the groups' attempts at keeping peace. Shaded Moss praises River Ripple, calling the gray cat clever, and that Gray Wing and the others should listen and heed River Ripple's words. Later, Shattered Ice is doubtful when he hears some cats need to cross a Thunderpath to find the Blazing Star, and Gray Wing remembers how Shaded Moss was killed by a monster.
Shaded Moss is one of the cats to visit Stoneteller before she dies. The Tribe healer tells Shaded Moss, Fluttering Bird, and the others that she will be joining them soon. Sun Shadow, Moon Shadow's son, overhears this and comes to the conclusion that it won't be long before their Tribe is in need of a new healer.

A Forest Divided

The leaders' dream of the spirit-cats and Gray Wing is seen talking to Shaded Moss and Turtle Tail. When Quiet Rain comes to the forest, Jagged Peak explains that Shaded Moss was killed by a monster. Quiet Rain soon looks at Clear Sky and says it’s good to see Shaded Moss, and Clear Sky thinks she thinks he is Shaded Moss. He tells this to his brothers, and Quiet Rain says Shaded Moss’s name again. Shaded Moss tells Quiet Rain something, and she snaps she cannot forgive Clear Sky as he killed a Tribemate and drove his family away. Quiet Rain closes her eyes again and when she opens them, Clear Sky says he is her son, hoping she doesn’t think he is Shaded Moss again. Quiet Rain does, and manages to explain that Shaded Moss told her it was foretold what Clear Sky has done and could not have been avoided. Shaded Moss has convinced Quiet Rain to forgive her son, and when Quiet Rain dies, he welcomes the she-cat, dipping his head in respect.

Path of Stars

As Gray Wing slowly dies, he sees Shaded Moss, among other cats welcoming him among their ranks.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

It is mentioned on Tall Shadow's page that Tall Shadow became the leader of the group after the death of Shaded Moss.

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Unnamed she-cat:[5] Status unknown


Rainswept Flower:[10] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Unnamed ♀
Shaded Moss ♂
Rainswept Flower ♀

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



"This has been my home all my life. I always expected to die here. But if Stoneteller believes that some of us must leave to find the place of her dream, then I will go, and do my best to keep you safe."
―Shaded Moss to the Tribe cats who want to leave The Sun Trail, page 15

"I trust you with my life. If you have seen a better place for some of us to live, I promise I will find it."
―Shaded Moss to Stoneteller The Sun Trail, page 36

"We trust the Teller of the Pointed Stones to know where our future lies. We will follow the path of the rising sun, but we will always carry the mountains, and all of you, in our hearts."
―Shaded Moss's departing speech The Sun Trail, page 43

"We will learn as we travel. We have trusted you to send us toward the sun; now trust us to travel safely and to find this new place to live."
―Shaded Moss to Stoneteller The Sun Trail, page 45

Shaded Moss: "How is Stoneteller? It seems as if we've been away from the caves for moons already."
Gray Wing: "She's okay. But she's desperately worried about all you cats who have left; she's afraid she made the wrong decision."
Shaded Moss: "We were the ones who decided. Each cat who came on the journey. Stoneteller just pointed out the opportunity."
—Shaded Moss on their decision to leave The Sun Trail, page 92

"Bright Stream gave her life so that we could escape from the eagles. Honor her by carrying her in your heart, always."
―Shaded Moss to Clear Sky about Bright Stream The Sun Trail, page 113

Shaded Moss: "You shouldn't blame yourself for Bright Stream's death. Every cat knew the dangers when they chose to come on the journey."
Gray Wing: "But it was my fault. She was trying to help me instead of taking care of herself."
Shaded Moss: "You would have done exactly the same thing in her position. If she were still alive, she wouldn't blame you."
—Shaded Moss to Gray Wing about Bright Stream The Sun Trail, page 119

"We have to get out of this place as soon as we can. We can't afford more fighting."
―Shaded Moss after the fight with some kittypets The Sun Trail, page 148

Rainswept Flower: "Good-bye. You were the best father any cat could have. I’ll never forget you."
Tall Shadow: "And no cat could have led us better. You brought us out of the mountains."
Cat: "You taught me how to stalk prey."
Cat: "You kept going when any other cat would have given up."
Cat: "You believed in this journey, and made the rest of us believe, too."
Gray Wing: "Thank you for your courage. We will carry on our journey in your memory."
—The cats grieving for Shaded Moss The Sun Trail, pages 172-173

Shaded Moss: "Did I die in vain?"
Tall Shadow: "What do you mean?"
Shaded Moss: "I thought you could lead the cats when I'd gone. But where did you lead them? To this?"
Tall Shadow: "I had no choice!"
Shaded Moss: "You had to kill [Fircone]?"
Tall Shadow: "He was going to kill Thunder!"
Shaded Moss: "How did you know? And who are you to decide whose life is more important?"
Tall Shadow: "I had no choice."
Shaded Moss: "All cats have a choice. A cat who follows only one path, never stopping to question where it leads, is as dumb as the prey she hunts."
—Shaded Moss and Tall Shadow The First Battle, page 287

"River Ripple is clever. You should listen to him."
―Shaded Moss to the Early Settler leaders The Blazing Star (book), page 34

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