"What have you done? This will mean war. LionClan will not rest until they rescue this kit. They will slaughter us all if they have to."
— Shadestar in Secrets of the Clans, page 164

Shadestar is a tigress[1] and an ancient leader of TigerClan.


In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

At a Gathering, she explains to Goldenstar about the dangerous wild boar, Rage. She says a TigerClan hunting party met him in the woods, but he ran off. Shadestar tells the cats that he fights with the strength of ten warriors, and can kill with a single blow from his tusks.
When Fleetfoot boasts that she can kill it, Shadestar snarls out that she should do as she claims and kill Rage. After the Gathering ends and Fleetfoot agrees to kill Rage, Shadestar turns to Goldenstar, telling him that they did not warn Fleetfoot of something—Rage's mate, Fury, who Fleetfoot kills as well. Ashamed of their treachery, Shadestar agrees with Goldenstar that LeopardClan should keep the river for good.
At a later time, Shadestar's warrior, Thorntooth, begins stealing kits from other Clans and raiding their fresh-kill piles, angry that TigerClan cats had no distinctive traits or markings. Shadestar knows of his crimes, but does nothing to stop it because she herself is bitter for the same reasons. However, when Thorntooth steals the LionClan leader's kit, Petalkit, Shadestar becomes furious. She knows that LionClan would fly into war and slaughter all of TigerClan to get Goldenstar's daughter back. She doesn't want her warriors dying for nothing, so she calls a Gathering and returns Petalkit. The other leaders demand that Shadestar stop the dishonorable behavior, and so, TigerClan only walks at night for a moon, and this leads to their pelts becoming striped.



"I know of this boar too. We call him Rage. A TigerClan hunting party met him in the woods two days ago, but he escaped us. He fights with the strength of ten warriors and can kill with a single blow of his fierce tusks."
—Shadestar talking to the Clans about her knowledge of Rage Secrets of the Clans, page 160

"And let TigerClan warriors die? For what? For nothing. We are giving Goldenstar's daughter back immediately."
—Shadestar talking to Thorntooth Secrets of the Clans, page 165

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