"Few are welcome here, in our world of secrets and darkness. We are a Clan of cunning and cleverness, a Clan well suited to the shadows of the cold north wind. No other Clan can walk the paths of night like we do. Other Clans may be faster or stronger, but we are the most dangerous warriors: fierce, proud, and independent. We are ruthlessly willing to do what it takes to protect our great Clan. There won't be any softhearted alliances here! ShadowClan will always be the dark heart of the forest."
Blackstar about ShadowClan in Secrets of the Clans, page 55

ShadowClan is a group of cats that live in the marshlands and pines of the forest.[1] Their founding leader, Shadowstar, was the first ever leader prior to the group being named. By extension, the prefix "Shadow" was thought to be given to the Clan.[2]


They are proud, loyal, defensive, and slightly arrogant; often seem to be misunderstood and portrayed by the other Clans as battle-hungry, aggressive, ambitious, and greedy for more territory. It was often said when the Clans were in the forest, that the cold north wind of the mountains chilled the ShadowClan warriors' hearts.[1] However, as Rock states in Cats of the Clans, ShadowClan has the smallest amount of territory and prey, which may justify their willingness to add anything to the fresh-kill pile.[3] Even though their fierce warriors and hostile leaders earned ShadowClan its reputation, the leader Dawnstar led Firestar to believe ShadowClan was not always as unfair and cruel as they seem now.[4] Their main prey is reptiles and amphibians, such as lizards and frogs. A secret food source is the carrionplace, though they are careful not to eat crow-food.[1] They also hunt rats from this area when prey is scarce.[5] ShadowClan cats hunt best at night and are better than others at sneaking through undergrowth. In battle, ShadowClan cats use shadows as an advantage to fighting.[1]


In the forest territories

The ShadowClan forest territory is located in an area that Twolegs have no specific name for. The territory also includes Twoleg places such as Windover Road, and the North Allerton Amenity Tip, and the North Allerton Road.[6] Landmarks in this territory include:

  • Camp - A dark, well-concealed hollow hidden deep in shadows. It is surrounded by prickly and fierce brambles.[7]
  • Carrionplace - The cats' name for a landfill, an evil place where numerous rats and diseases lurk.[7]
  • Thunderpath tunnel - ShadowClan cats move freely under the most feared part of the Thunderpath. This has enhanced their reputation for mysterious strength and invincibility.[7] The tunnel goes into ThunderClan and WindClan territory.
  • Burnt sycamore - An ancient tree struck by lightning many moons ago. Apprentices are trained here to hunt at night and stalk through undergrowth.[7]

The forest is quite different on ShadowClan's side of the Thunderpath. Instead of thick trees, there are more pine needles. The camp is protected by brambles, and the entrance is through a tiny path. There is hardly any grass, but the ground is muddy and cool. The leader's den is beneath the roots of a big oak tree. The warriors' den is under a bramble bush. The den looks prickly on the outside, but on the inside, it is lined with pine needles and moss.[8] There is a smooth boulder at the edge of the clearing, known as Clanrock,[9] which serves as a higher place for the leader to address the camp. Propped up next to this large rock is another rock, and it creates a sheltered cave underneath. It is the medicine cat's den. Sick cats can rest in the ferns surrounding the boulder. There is another hollow shielded by a thorn bush. This is the nursery, and the thorn bush provides protection.[10]

In the lake territories

The ShadowClan forest territory is located in an area that Twolegs call the Sadler Woods. The territory also includes Twoleg places such as the Hareview Campsite, the Sanctuary Cottage, and borders called Littlepine Road and the Littlepine Sailing Center.[11] Landmarks in this territory include:

  • Camp - Closer to Twolegs than in the old forest territory, but it is well hidden and difficult for attacking enemies.[12]
  • Twoleg nest - Home to two aggressive kittypets: Susan and Jacques. If they catch Clan cats out alone, they attack immediately.[12]
  • Twoleg path - During greenleaf, Twolegs tramp along these paths all season.[12]
  • Greenleaf Twolegplace - Another place Twolegs inhabit during greenleaf. The Twolegs put up small dens and light terrifying fires. However, they also leave behind food much like the food found at the old Carrionplace.[12]

The camp has a small pool nearby, so the cats don't have to go all the way to the bottom of the lake to fetch water for elders or the medicine cats.[13] The actual camp is in a tangle of brambles, with low-hanging branches all around and above it. These brambles and branches help protect against badgers and other big creatures. Many trees surround the camp, enabling cats to climb up them and see the activities of the Twolegs on water. From these trees, the cats can see all the Twolegs and their water-monsters in the water. The entrance of the camp is through a thorn tunnel, and brambles. At the camp entrance is a large boulder, which cats have to slip past to enter the camp clearing. There is a clear progression of dens from one side of the clearing to the other which are all in bramble thickets. The nursery is first, then the apprentices, then warriors,[14] then the leader, and finally the elders at the end of the circle. This structure enables the kits and elders closest to the low-hanging branches and the warriors facing the entrance, if any kind of trouble.[15] The medicine den is in a far corner, beyond the leader's den. It is a sandy, hollowed-out floor covered in dried pine needles.[16] There, the branches are not so bunched together, letting the medicine cats examine the skies for omens.[15] Above the leader's den, there is a hazel branch that hangs over.[17] This serves as a kind of vantage point for the leader to address their Clan.[15]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

Path of Stars

After Gray Wing coins the term Clans for the groups the cats live in, White Tail names Tall Shadow's group ShadowClan.

In the The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

During Firepaw's first meeting with Graypaw, Graypaw mentions that ShadowClan is so fierce that they would have ripped a kittypet to shreds.
When Brokenstar first opened this sincere Clan of the marshes to a stricter rule, his corrupted mind slowly lead the Clan into devastation as kits were forced to train too early – many of them dying in the process of early training, as Brokenstar trained them to fight as warriors, not apprentices. Brokenstar was training two kits and fought them hard enough to kill them. He brought the dead apprentices, Volepaw and Mosspaw, to Yellowfang, when Brightflower, the apprentices' mother walks by and shouts out that they are dead, making it look like Yellowfang had killed them. He framed the medicine cat of ShadowClan at the time, Yellowfang, of killing two kits when he had taken them out at four moons and fought them like warriors with claws unsheathed, causing their untimely deaths. Yellowfang was exiled from ShadowClan. Yellowfang becomes very weak and vulnerable living on her own. While looking for prey on ThunderClan territory, she is seen by a young ThunderClan apprentice named Firepaw. He attacks the old cat and almost kills her. Yellowfang insisted that he finish her off, but Firepaw shows mercy and gives her some fresh-kill. A ThunderClan patrol comes by, taking Yellowfang hostage into the Clan.
Soon, Bluestar leads a patrol into WindClan territory, and discovers that there were no WindClan members there. Their scent is covered by the strong stench of ShadowClan, making it seem as if they had driven them out.
At a Gathering, Brokenstar continues by telling them about the needs of ShadowClan. The ShadowClan leader says that his Clan is growing, and the other Clans must surrender hunting rights to them. Crookedstar is the first leader to allow Brokenstar to have hunting rights in the river. He is most likely afraid that if he refuses, Brokenstar and his Clan will drive him and RiverClan out of the forest, like they had done with WindClan, although he does show some resignation with agreeing. He continues by asking ThunderClan, but they refuse. Brokenstar narrows his eyes and tells the other Clans that he had exiled a dangerous cat who attacked ShadowClan apprentices. Some ThunderClan cats believe this to be Yellowfang, who is currently a prisoner of ThunderClan, and was ShadowClan's former medicine cat. He also adds that as long as any Clan was sheltering this rogue, their kits would be in danger. Meanwhile, it is confirmed that ShadowClan had driven WindClan out, and ThunderClan starts to prepare for battle with ShadowClan.
Ravenpaw crosses onto ShadowClan land to hunt, framed by Tigerclaw. However, while he is gone, Brokenstar sends a group of warriors under Blackfoot to kidnap their kits. Clawface kills Spottedleaf, and steals the kits to go back to ShadowClan. During this, Yellowfang escapes to track down Spottedleaf's killer, and the Clan blames her for the loss of the kits and the murder of Spottedleaf. Later, Bluestar sends Firepaw and Graypaw into ShadowClan territory to find and question Yellowfang, and attempt to recover the stolen ThunderClan kits. It is later realized that Yellowfang didn't murder Spottedleaf like expected, but Clawface, one of Brokenstar's followers, did. The patrol attacks ShadowClan territory and the other ShadowClan cats in a rebellion against Brokenstar. He reveals in a fight with Yellowfang that he killed his father Raggedstar, and blamed it on a patrol from a rival Clan. Yellowfang is devastated, for she loved Raggedstar and was his mate. He tells Yellowfang that Raggedstar was soft, and that she was soft like him. The rebelling cats drive Brokenstar and his loyal warriors out, leaving them to live as rogues. Nightstar takes his place.

Fire and Ice

Once ThunderClan succeeded in driving off Brokenstar, the Clan slowly started to recover. Nightpelt stepped up in the midst of his Clan's turmoil. He starts his leadership by arguing with Crookedstar at a Gathering about hunting rights to the river. Crookedstar takes back ShadowClan's rights, and Nightpelt finally agrees. He also argues against bringing WindClan back from exile. Crookedstar argues as well, and Bluestar says that WindClan must come back. Nightpelt agrees.
Nightpelt then goes to the Moonstone to receive his nine lives. However, when he goes to receive his nine lives, StarClan rejects him for the mere fact that Brokenstar is still alive, despite the fact that he was banned from ShadowClan. Nightpelt lies to his Clan and announces he had received his nine lives. He takes the name Nightstar, and only his current medicine cat, Runningnose, knows of this lie. As leader, he names Cinderfur his deputy. ShadowClan has his full support.
When Fireheart and Graystripe go to bring WindClan back, they can still scent ShadowClan everywhere from the attack. After they bring WindClan back, ThunderClan starts scenting ShadowClan scent all over their territory, especially near the Owl Tree. Tigerclaw brings this up at the next Gathering, saying that ShadowClan and RiverClan have been in their territory. It hasn't been just one cat either, but a whole patrol made up of the same cats. Nightstar angrily rejects this, saying that ThunderClan can't tell the difference between ShadowClan and rogue cats. The same rogue cats have been stealing prey from ShadowClan, too. Tallstar then speaks, saying that he has found RiverClan and ShadowClan scents on WindClan territory as well. The two leaders retort angrily, and the Gathering is broken.
The greatest threat now seems to be that ShadowClan and RiverClan have united against ThunderClan and WindClan. The two latter Clans prepare for any assault. Later, ThunderClan scents ShadowClan on their territory again, so Tigerclaw takes a patrol into the camp to attack. However, due to greed for more territory and prey, or perhaps due to a legitimate lack of food, Nightstar allies his Clan with RiverClan and together they attack the WindClan camp. Unwilling to be forced out a second time, WindClan fight back ferociously and the timely arrival of a large patrol of ThunderClan warriors, summoned by Onewhisker, turn the tide of battle. ShadowClan and RiverClan are defeated.

Forest of Secrets

When Fireheart and Graystripe leave the Gathering to go talk to Ravenpaw, they get caught on WindClan territory. Deadfoot asks what they are doing, and Fireheart lies that they caught a ShadowClan scent and it leads to WindClan territory. Deadfoot gets increasingly hostile, and Graystripe remarks that it was an extremely faint scent so they shouldn't worry about it.
At the next Gathering, it is revealed that ThunderClan is sheltering Brokentail. Tallstar and Nightstar become hostile and froth with fury, saying that if Brokentail is not gone from the ThunderClan camp, WindClan and ShadowClan will take care of it for them. After Brokentail is still in the camp, WindClan and ShadowClan invade the camp. RiverClan comes to help ThunderClan, and intervene at the last moment to help ThunderClan. Secretly, Nightstar wishes for Brokentail to die so that he can become the true leader of ShadowClan. ShadowClan and WindClan are forced to retreat.
Yellowfang comes to the sad realization that as long as her son is alive, ThunderClan will never be safe. Telling him that she is giving him medicinal herbs for his pain, Yellowfang feeds Brokentail deathberries. She tells him to have more respect for his kin, and he laughs and says he has no kin. Yellowfang tells him she is his mother when he is eating the deathberries. When he receives this news, Brokentail panics and within moments dies. It is hinted that he may have felt regret at the time of his death for his actions.

Rising Storm

There is an unknown sickness in the ShadowClan camp, and Nightstar, the ShadowClan leader, is very sick. Runningnose, the medicine cat, is very worried about the Clan's future. He looks up at the skies, wondering if StarClan had abandoned ShadowClan. Suddenly, a single star sends a frail beam of light, and Nightstar draws in a long, steady breath. Runningnose concludes this is an omen from StarClan that they are with them after all. Suddenly an owl swoops down into the camp, smelling the sickness and trying to find easy prey. Runningnose steps outside to the wails of the Clan. The members ask if Nightstar is okay, and that he had only gotten his lives six moons ago. Runningnose replies that there is only so much strength StarClan give. He tells them he had heard from StarClan, and some cats ask if he heard of rain. Runningnose shakes his head, saying that a great new dawn awaits ShadowClan. In that star, StarClan had shown him their glorious future. The Clan shall do more than survive, they'll control the forest. The Clan rejoices, and Runningnose quietly hopes that don't ask about the owl, for the owl was to be interpreted as a dreadful warning StarClan had added: that the Clan must pay the highest possible price for their new dawn.
At a Gathering, Nightstar looks very thin and ill, even scrawnier than a WindClan cat. Later, ThunderClan catches two ShadowClan cats on their territory: Whitethroat and Littlecloud. They are sick from the diseased rats in the Carrionplace near ShadowClan. Whitethroat and Littlecloud are found sleeping by the Owl Tree in ThunderClan's territory. Whitestorm then tells Fireheart that when the patrol woke the ShadowClan cats, the ShadowClan cats begged the patrol to bring them to the ThunderClan camp. Littlecloud stammers after being questioned that he and Whitethroat came to ThunderClan's territory hoping to get food and herbs. Cinderpelt sticks up for Littlecloud and Whitethroat saying that the two ShadowClan cats are no threat to ThunderClan. Whitethroat then speaks up saying that they came to ThunderClan's territory because they helped ShadowClan get rid of Brokentail.
Bluestar protests against having ShadowClan cats in ThunderClan, and sends them back. They use a secret tunnel, and Fireheart finds it. However, after Fireheart sends them off, Cinderpelt sneaks them into a safe tree-hollow near the RiverClan border and nurses them back to health. Fireheart finds them and asks Cinderpelt to tell the two ShadowClan cats to leave. When Whitethroat asks how they are going to get back after being sick and not eating properly for days, Fireheart offers to catch some fresh-kill for the two. However, the pair says they must leave. Littlecloud then gives Fireheart an idea of what ShadowClan is going through saying that the deputy has already died, and it looks as though their leader, Nightstar, will die as well. Whitethroat adds that the Clan is scared because if Nightstar does die, there is no cat ready to take his place. Reluctantly Fireheart lets the Whitethroat and Littlecloud stay hidden and allows Cinderpelt to continue giving them healing herbs.
Later, Whitethroat is found beside Runningwind's body, looking sickened, and at first analysis, Fireheart thinks that Whitethroat had killed Runningwind. Whitethroat has no inclination to fight and flees the scene. Fireheart then chases him onto the Thunderpath, where he is hit by a monster. Fireheart watches him die, horrified. As his eyes glaze over, Whitethroat sees Tigerclaw approaching and stiffens, terrified. Fireheart then realizes that Tigerclaw had actually killed Runningwind, and that Whitethroat was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. After a ThunderClan patrol fights off Tigerclaw's rogues, Fireheart drags Whitethroat's body to the edge of ShadowClan's territory, hoping that a patrol would find him, which they do.
When a fatal illness strikes ShadowClan, Nightstar dies, along with his deputy, Cinderfur. His Clan is left without any sense of authority and deeply frightened, because they believed that all of Nightstar's (nonexistent) nine lives have been destroyed by the sickness. Tigerclaw, having recently been exiled from ThunderClan, becomes the new leader. His mind can even be considered more cunning than that of Brokenstar's, as he had fabricated attempts to overthrow ThunderClan's leader many times over. When Yellowfang murdered Brokenstar, StarClan accepted Tigerstar as ShadowClan's new leader, but now, with a fresh Clan so weak, he opened them to a new sense of thinking.

A Dangerous Path

At the start of the Gathering, Tigerstar announces himself as the new leader of ShadowClan. He says that Nightstar had dies of the terrible sickness, and StarClan has granted him authority. He says that the rogues that worked for Brokenstar are now willing to serve in a Clan. Tallstar speaks of his concern. He asks that they all trust him as leader and he vows to make ShadowClan well again.
ThunderClan is shocked at their traitorous former deputy ruling a Clan, and the Clan is very worried. They put more patrols out toward the ShadowClan border. Littlecloud, travels with the other medicine cats to the Moonstone, and he greets Cinderpelt, the ThunderClan medicine cat apprentice, sharing the news that he is Runningnose's apprentice now. He enthusiastically goes on to say that when he and Whitethroat, another ShadowClan warrior, were ill, Cinderpelt knew just what to do; she gave them healing herbs to take back to the Clan, and they worked. The ShadowClan medicine cat apprentice also explains that Whitethroat would not come back with him to camp because he was scared of catching the sickness again, even though they had the healing herbs with them. He concludes by saying that he found Whitethroat's body beside the Thunderpath a few days later.
Tigerstar meets the RiverClan elder, Graypool, during a trip to RiverClan territory to speak with Leopardstar. Graypool, mistaking him for Oakheart, tells him about ThunderClan giving up two kits, and that she cared for them. Tigerstar then demands who the two ThunderClan cats are and who their mother is. She suddenly realizes that he is not Oakheart and, startled, slips back down the slope, hitting her head on a rock, killing her instantly, and Tigerstar flees the scene.
Tigerstar asks Darkstripe to bring his kits, Bramblekit and Tawnykit, to Fourtrees so that they can meet him. He is followed by Fireheart, and is ordered to take the kits back to the ThunderClan camp. Fireheart then tells the kits about their father and how the Clan knows they'll be loyal to ThunderClan instead of ShadowClan. At the next Gathering, Tigerstar demands his kits to join ShadowClan, saying that ThunderClan hasn't had a history of taking good care of the kits. From this, Fireheart discovers that Darkstripe is a traitor to ThunderClan.
Tigerstar feeds a pack of dogs that have escaped into the forest, and takes refuge at Snakerocks. He continuously feeds the dogs dead rabbits, and eventually sets a trail of dead rabbits leading to ThunderClan's camp. At the end of the trail, he kills Brindleface to give the dogs a taste of a cat blood. He asks Darkstripe to bring his kits to him before the pack got to the camp, but Darkstripe is stopped by Fireheart. When Fireheart is about to lead the dogs off of the cliff, Tigerstar pins him down, letting the dogs get closer. The pack leader attacks Fireheart, but Bluestar cannons into the dog's side, making him drop Fireheart. The cliff then crumbles and they fall off. They both plunge into a river below. Bluestar is pulled out of the river by her kits, Mistyfoot and Stonefur. She and her kits then share tongues with Bluestar for the last time while Graystripe keeps Tigerstar away.

The Darkest Hour

Tigerstar makes a proposition with BloodClan to come to the forest. Mistyfoot comes to visit Firestar, and tells him of Leopardstar, her leader, and Tigerstar, ShadowClan's leader, who have been meeting frequently. There are lots of ShadowClan warriors stationed permanently in the camp. Firestar is shocked about this, and says it must be against the warrior code.
At the next Gathering, Tigerstar comes with ShadowClan and Leopardstar. He announces that great change is coming to the forest. He says that ShadowClan has the favor of StarClan, because his Clan has survived and been thriving again since after the sickness. Many Clans have suffered, and StarClan has shown him that the way to overcome these hardships is to unite all four Clans into one Clan. He says Leopardstar has already given consent for RiverClan to be taken and they will be joint leaders of TigerClan. He invites the other Clans to join. Tallstar refuses, saying Tigerstar has no right to choose the name of one of the Great Clans, but Tigerstar objects. Although he claims that he shares the power equally with Leopardstar, he actually has all of the power within the Clan. Firestar tries to tell the Clans of Tigerstar's brutal past, but a sign from StarClan appears, and the Gathering is broken.
At a Clan meeting, Tigerstar tries to kill Stonefur, Mistyfoot, Featherpaw, and Stormpaw because they are half-Clan. Stonefur is killed by Blackfoot and Darkstripe, but Featherpaw and Stormpaw escape into ThunderClan territory with Featherpaw's mentor, Mistyfoot. Tigerstar tries to get WindClan to join TigerClan, and brutally kills Gorsepaw in front of the entire Clan to show them what would happen if WindClan did not join TigerClan. He gives them one more day to make their decision.
On the day of the decision, ThunderClan and WindClan refuse again, and ShadowClan reveals BloodClan to the other Clans. However, Tigerstar's plan backfires when BloodClan's leader, Scourge, refuses to obey his orders and brutally murders him. Blackfoot becomes the new leader of ShadowClan, and all four Clans unite against Scourge and BloodClan, who want to take over the forest. The four Clans fight against BloodClan and eventually defeat them after Scourge is killed by Firestar. ShadowClan still lives in a drape of darkness, stirring up tension between the Clans. The twisted thoughts still arouse familiar suspicion from the other Clans, although now, Blackstar, is starting to turn the Clan back to its original self.

In The New Prophecy arc


In the prologue, Tawnypelt of ShadowClan is chosen to go on the journey to the sun-drown-place by Nightstar. She and the other cats make the journey to the sun-drown-place.
At the Gathering, Blackstar is the last to reach the Great Rock. He reports that ShadowClan's prey and water are plentiful despite the drought, and Leafpaw notes that he would say this even if there was no water at all. Blackstar opposes the fact that Mothwing, the kit of a rogue, is becoming a medicine cat apprentice. He makes this well known to the other leaders, saying he didn't know if StarClan would even accept her.
Leafpaw and the other medicine cats spot Littlecloud sitting alone at the base of the Great Rock, and the ThunderClan medicine cat apprentice notes that he is alone, as he has no apprentice. Later, when he joins the other medicine cats at the Moonstone, he asks his warrior ancestors to show the medicine cats the destiny of their Clans.
At the next Gathering, Blackstar seems to enjoy the fact that the other Clans are having disagreements with each other. He reports that his warrior Tawnypelt has gone missing when the other Clans report missing warriors, though at first, he had thought she returned to ThunderClan. He seems to think that hoping for their return is pointless and that they have seen the last of them. He then goes on to report further Twoleg activity around the Thunderpath. They otherwise make no formal appearances besides at Gatherings.


Tawnypelt is seen doing much better; her shoulder healed from Midnight's burdock root. The root cures the infection, but she starts to limp again when they enter the mountains, and is barely able to leap over the gap in their trail. Her shoulder gets worse and worse, and after her plunge over the waterfall, she is barely able to walk.
Firestar leads a patrol to ShadowClan territory so he can speak with Blackstar. Russetfur finds Firestar and his patrol when they go to ShadowClan to talk to Blackstar, and she attacks them, but then she lets them see Blackstar in the end. Blackstar denies that they are in trouble of any sort and that the Twolegs will leave soon. When Firestar asks him how his Clan will survive leaf-bare, he responds by saying that ShadowClan can always eat food from the Carrionplace. Cinderpelt then reminds Blackstar that the last time ShadowClan tried that, half the Clan died of sickness. He silences Littlecloud when he tries to speak up, and glares at Cinderpelt when she rebukes him for not listening to his medicine cat. Blackstar refuses to discuss any problems with Firestar until the Gathering, and the patrol leaves. Littlecloud later tells Cinderpelt that Blackstar has sent his warriors to Carrionplace to gather rats and crow-food. During this, a small skirmish is started, but ended just as soon.
Later, at a half-moon Gathering, when the RiverClan and WindClan medicine cats are late, he assures Leafpaw and Cinderpelt that they will be along soon. Littlecloud also shoots Leafpaw a sympathetic glance when her belly rumbles loudly due to hunger. He tells Cinderpelt that Blackstar has been sending warriors to fetch crowfood from the Carrionplace and how they haven't had any sickness yet, but it's only a matter of time. He also mentions that he has tried telling his Clan not to touch any carrion, but that it's hard since Blackstar gives all the orders and most of his Clanmates are too hungry to care about what they're eating, anyway.


Tawnypelt returns after the Great Journey, with the rest of the cats. Tawnypelt convinces him to go to Fourtrees and meet with the other Clan leaders to wait for the sign from StarClan. He eventually leaves when it is clear there is no sign coming. Later, Blackstar tells Firestar they shouldn't wait any longer for the sign for StarClan because he believes it is never coming. Blackstar then announces that ShadowClan will be traveling to Twolegplace to live where BloodClan did. He says that the Clans should survive on their own.
Later, Tawnypelt runs to the ThunderClan camp, and begs them to help her when the Twolegs are attacking ShadowClan. WindClan is there, and both ThunderClan and WindClan agree to help. During the devastating attack on the ShadowClan camp, Twolegs start tearing down trees in ShadowClan territory. Firestar loses a life from being crushed by a tree. Blackstar is seen protecting the apprentice Smokepaw, who was trying to escape from the Twoleg monsters. Then Blackstar runs back to grab a ShadowClan kit during the escape. ShadowClan eventually shelters with ThunderClan at Sunningrocks since their camp is destroyed.
Finally, all Clans decide to leave, and they all ally, including ShadowClan to go through the Great Journey. They stop at the Tribe of Rushing Water to rest, and then continue. Since the RiverClan cat, Feathertail, killed Sharptooth, the Tribe of Rushing Water greeted them warmly.


When the Clans first reach the new territory, Blackstar agrees with Leopardstar that they should all move somewhere less exposed, and he is the first to start acting competitively about territory when they near the lake. He speaks for the leaders from atop a tree stump, and tells the Clans that they have reached the right place, but that they will camp where they were for the night and hunt in the morning.
During the meeting the next day, Blackstar silences the dispute between Mudclaw and Onewhisker over the leadership in WindClan, saying they should work it out in private. Tawnypelt of ShadowClan gets chosen to patrol the whole lake along with the other Clan warriors to decide which land would be best suitable for which Clan. Despite difficulties finding a good home for ShadowClan, she eventually found one.
Rowanclaw attacks Brambleclaw, after the ThunderClan warrior accidentally crosses the new scent markers for ShadowClan. He is stopped by Tawnypelt, who says they shouldn't be fighting so soon. After the Clans have settled into the territories, he begins the Gathering at the place they had previously been at, and sits on the tree stump. He confirms that the new boundaries have been set in place as discussed previously, and checks with Leopardstar and Firestar that the new borders are suitable. He agrees with Firestar that Leopardstar shouldn't claim their Gathering place as her territory, as they need to gather somewhere. After an attack by a pair of foxes at the site, Blackstar ends the Gathering quickly.
Two ShadowClan warriors die on ThunderClan territory by falling into the stone hollow while fighting on Mudclaw's side for his leadership. However, they lost fully, as Mudclaw never got to be leader either.


Earlier, before this book takes place, ShadowClan warriors leave their territory to support Mudclaw in his rebellion against Onewhisker. Two ShadowClan warriors flee into ThunderClan territory, but fall into the camp and break their necks. At the start of the book, Firestar hopes that Blackstar will not blame ThunderClan for the death of his warriors. The bodies of the warriors are returned to ShadowClan, and Blackstar tells the patrol that he knew nothing about his warriors supporting Mudclaw, which may or may not be true.
ThunderClan chases a badger onto the ShadowClan side without warning them. At the Gathering, he is the second to join Firestar at the great oak tree, where they decide to sit. As the Gathering progresses, he eventually agrees that RiverClan should take the marshy ground that they had previously used for Gatherings. He reports that prey is plentiful in his territory, and that they'd found an old abandoned badger set.
Brambleclaw gathers a patrol and heads for the ShadowClan border, where they head towards the Twoleg place. Tawnypelt being attacked by a hostile kittypet, Jacques, that lives in their territory. She explains to Squirrelflight how Jacques and his tabby friend, Susan, gave an apprentice, Talonpaw, such severe injuries that he died soon after managing to drag himself back to camp. The kittypets' Twolegs also threw something at Cedarheart, badly injuring his leg. Later, a patrol of ThunderClan cats come to his camp offering help against two aggressive kittypets, he at first refuses their help and questions Tawnypelt's loyalty at bringing the patrol there. Cedarheart persuades him, and he tells the patrol that they should trap and warn the kittypets that ShadowClan will kill them if there is more trouble. He stays behind to guard the camp, suspicious of ThunderClan's motives. Together, ThunderClan and ShadowClan come up with a plan to stop the kittypets from attacking ShadowClan without their Twolegs interfering. Tawnypelt volunteers to use herself as bait to lure the kittypets away from the Twoleg nest so the others could ambush them. When their plan is successful, Blackstar thanks ThunderClan on their return, he thanks them coolly and dismisses them.


After trouble with the badgers, Dustpelt reminds ThunderClan that ShadowClan might help themselves past their borders, knowing ThunderClan is vulnerable. Later, the Clans see "water-monsters", otherwise boats. This increased amount of Twolegs could easily become a problem for ShadowClan.
Berrykit wanders away from the ThunderClan camp to hunt. Instead, his tail gets caught in a fox trap. When he's finally found by a ThunderClan patrol, it is revealed that Cedarheart, Oakfur, Rowanclaw, and Russetfur of ShadowClan were watching the helpless kit, making no attempt to help him. When the patrol found Berrykit and asked why the ShadowClan cats didn't help him, they said that they didn't have to since he wasn't Clanborn. They were not entitled to help him, since Berrykit had been born at the Horseplace. Berrykit is eventually freed when the patrol digs up the stick holding the fox trap.
At the Half-moon, Littlecloud gives his thanks to StarClan that ShadowClan haven't seen the badgers in their territory and he offers Leafpool his help, which she refuses. Birchpaw is sent out on a patrol by Ashfur, his mentor. During the patrol, they recognize ShadowClan's scent markers on their side of the border. Squirrelflight tells Birchpaw to rush back to camp and tell Firestar. The patrol meets up with a ShadowClan patrol. There are four: Russetfur, Oakfur, Cedarheart, the same three that watched Berrykit struggle, and Rowanclaw. The cats confront each other, and ShadowClan reveals that they knew ThunderClan had trouble with the badgers. A fight starts, and ThunderClan brings reinforcements so that ShadowClan retreats.
After the battle, Brambleclaw blames Leafpool for telling Littlecloud about the badgers. However, later it is revealed that Hawkfrost had learned about the badger attack on ThunderClan when he meets Brambleclaw in the Dark Forest, and he passed on the news to ShadowClan. Later, Firestar confronts ShadowClan about this at the next Gathering. Blackstar says that since the weather has grown warmer, Twolegs have brought boats along their side of the lake. The kits play in the woods and frighten their prey. They ride their monsters in the forest and leave reek everywhere. RiverClan agrees, and both Clans ask for more territory for starving. The other Clans disagree, and Hawkfrost demands more land. Mistyfoot stops him, and the Gathering ends.
When Brambleclaw explores the lake on Firestar's command, he sees Brook chasing a squirrel across the ShadowClan border. Hawkfrost spots her and takes her back to RiverClan's camp. However, no ShadowClan cats had seen this. Tigerstar plots in the Dark Forest that when Brambleclaw becomes leader, he will take control of ThunderClan and WindClan, and when Hawkfrost does, he will take control of RiverClan and ShadowClan.
Hawkfrost suggests that once they are in charge, they should kill the other two leaders at a Gathering when they are all trapped on the island, and take over their Clans. He also suggests that they should continue the discussion when they are awake, and Brambleclaw agrees to meet him in two days, at sunrise, near the ShadowClan border. Before they meet, Hawkfrost lures Firestar into a fox trap, so that Brambleclaw can finish him off easily and become leader in his place. However, Brambleclaw saves Firestar and kills Hawkfrost.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

ThunderClan chases a set of fox cubs onto ShadowClan territory.
At a Gathering, Firestar announces that he gave a portion of land to ShadowClan. Many ThunderClan cats are outraged at this decision since ShadowClan may take this as an opportunity to take more land. However, Firestar had made it clear that he was doing ShadowClan a favor by taking the land. Later, ShadowClan, along with WindClan, start marking everything along the border. Brambleclaw says they are just provoking ThunderClan, and it's nothing to worry about yet.
At the next Gathering, Blackstar poisonously thanks ThunderClan for giving up their land. Graystripe and Millie accidentally stumble upon this Gathering, and when Firestar asked whether any other Clan has anything to report, Blackstar replies no. ShadowClan keeps marking every tree along the border to try to intimidate ThunderClan.
Later, after it's announced that Brambleclaw would remain deputy, he, Graystripe, Ashfur, Brightheart, Jaypaw, Lionpaw, Hollypaw, and Berrypaw go hunting. Birchfall bursts out and finds Brambleclaw and exclaims that ShadowClan had moved the border. A fight breaks out and Lionpaw is sent back for help and is chased by two ShadowClan warriors, which are defeated by Squirrelflight near to camp. Firestar forms a patrol and storms the battle. Graystripe calls for the ThunderClan cats to drive ShadowClan into the brambles, since their territory has no undergrowth. A ShadowClan apprentice, Owlpaw is defeated by Jaypaw and Lionpaw. ShadowClan is driven into a retreat.
At the next Gathering, Blackstar accuses Firestar of ThunderClan not really being a real Clan anymore since he'd accepted so many kittypets and loners into the Clan. Squirrelflight suggests a Daylight Gathering on ThunderClan territory to remember that Great Journey. The other Clans agree with her.
Littlecloud is shown at the half-moon meeting at the Moonpool, greeted by Leafpool cordially, to Jaypaw's surprise. He asks Leafpool if her Clanmates have recovered from the injuries from the battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan, and though Jaypaw searches his voice for a hint of triumph, he only finds concern. He confesses that Oakfur, one of his Clanmates, is still limping, and when Leafpool advises a remedy with comfrey, he says that he's run out and Blackstar wouldn't let him go to any of the other Clan medicine cats for more. Leafpool answers by promising that she will leave some comfrey at the ThunderClan and ShadowClan border the next day. He joins Leafpool and Barkface when they go to RiverClan to ask Mothwing for catmint. ShadowClan has lost an elder from greencough.
At the daylight Gathering, Ivypaw, and ShadowClan apprentice challenges Hollypaw to a battle after she defeats Heatherpaw, a WindClan apprentice. Later, the leaders decide that the contest is a draw, but Blackstar remains arrogant, believing that his Clan was best. The Gathering breaks up and all the clans go home.

Dark River

At a Gathering, Blackstar announces that ShadowClan has happy news: Tawnypelt has given birth to Flamekit, Tigerkit, and Dawnkit. Most of the Clans are shocked at Tigerkit's name because it lives on the horrible legacy of Tigerstar.
When Ashfur asks what ShadowClan's strengths and weaknesses are, Hollypaw replies that they are just evil and you never know what they are going to do. That makes them unpredictable. However, they think they are braver than they actually are, so that is a weakness.
When RiverClan has trouble with the Twolegs, ShadowClan wants to drive them out, but Blackstar says no, and reports that all is well with ShadowClan.


Icekit and Foxkit pretend ShadowClan are invading the ThunderClan camp. A few warriors start to bristle, but relax when they notice the kits are only playing.
Later, Firestar leads a patrol near the ShadowClan border to renew the scent markings. When the patrol gets there, they see Birchfall and Berrynose being outmatched by three hefty ShadowClan warriors. Hollypaw starts to help, but Firestar says that they are on ShadowClan territory. Firestar yells at the fighting cats to stop. Firestar asks why this is happening, and Russetfur says that ThunderClan warriors trespassed onto ShadowClan territory. Oakfur adds that ThunderClan never cared about boundaries. Firestar turns his furious gaze onto Berrynose who replies that they didn't know they crossed the borders, and that he should tell ShadowClan to mark their borders better. Firestar says that he doesn't tell warriors of another Clan to do anything. Russetfur bristles with rage while Firestar continues that if they had checked carefully, they would have noticed the border markings. The markers are faint, but ShadowClan contradicts that they are the evening patrol there to renew the markings. When they had gotten there, they saw ThunderClan warriors stealing prey. Birchfall admits that it is true. Blackstar then arrives, and Firestar explains what happened. Blackstar says this shouldn't happen again, and ThunderClan leaves while ShadowClan renews their scent markings.
When Stormfur and Brook are ready to return to the mountains, a patrol is assembled to come and ask whether Tawnypelt would like to join them, since she had been part of the first patrol who found Midnight. ThunderClan is full of excitement, and Birchfall remembers his three good friends from the Great Journey: Toadkit, Marshkit, and Applekit. The ThunderClan patrol waits at the end of their border to wait for a ShadowClan patrol to escort them in. Lionpaw is mad that they can't just walk in, but Brambleclaw responds that Blackstar might see it as a threat to take one of his warriors away. It is also against the warrior code. Soon a patrol of Russetfur, Toadfoot and Ivytail appear, saying they scented intruders. They say they must speak with Blackstar, and Russetfur asks what is so important that it can't wait until the next Gathering. Brambleclaw responds by saying it is a decision he must make now. Russetfur sends Ivytail ahead to warn Blackstar, and keeps Toadfoot at the back to make sure no other ThunderClan cats are lurking around. On the way there, Lionpaw asks Toadfoot if he remembers Birchkit, and although Toadfoot has a glint of sadness, he responds that he's a ShadowClan warrior now.
They soon arrive at the ShadowClan camp. Lionpaw comments that it is very open, and Brambleclaw says ThunderClan is lucky to have the hollow to shelter them. Blackstar then arrives, and ThunderClan relays their request to take Tawnypelt away to the mountains. Blackstar says that the decision is up to her, thinking that she'll say no. It surprises him when Tawnypelt says yes, and Brambleclaw has to remind Blackstar that he said it was her decision. He lets her go, but reluctantly. Russetfur calls her a traitor, but Rowanclaw defends her by stating he is proud of his mate, and how he hadn't forgotten how much help the Tribe gave to them on the Great Journey. Blackstar agrees and Tawnypelt leaves with the patrol while her kits would be cared for by Snowbird, another ShadowClan queen. They thank Blackstar, and then leave.


Littlecloud is seen at the half-moon meeting at the Moonpool with the other medicine cats. He states that it has been a fine greenleaf, but that the halfbridge has been crowded with noisy Twolegs. He agrees with Mothwing, the RiverClan medicine cat, that one comfort of the cold seasons is that the Twolegs will be leaving due to leaf-fall. When Jayfeather enters his dream, Runningnose, his mentor and the previous ShadowClan medicine cat, is seen approaching him and asking him questions. Littlecloud blurts out that Blackstar, his leader, asks Russetfur, the ShadowClan deputy, to do everything for him, and is saying that he wonders if StarClan meant to bring them to the lake at all. Runningnose warns Littlecloud that Blackstar is losing his faith in StarClan and Littlecloud must help him regain his faith.
At ThunderClan patrol is lead along the ShadowClan border, and there is no sign of trouble.
When WindClan attacks ThunderClan's cats, Hollypaw is sent to the ShadowClan camp after RiverClan had begun to help WindClan. Ivytail finds her and questions why Hollypaw came to ShadowClan. When Hollypaw says that she needs to chat with Blackstar, Ivytail suspects that she is supposed to keep the leader distracted while ThunderClan attacks the camp. Hollypaw pushes her aside while she runs for help. Tawnypelt finds Hollypaw, and Hollypaw explains the situation to Tawnypelt. Tawnypelt quickly takes her to Blackstar and Russetfur. Blackstar consents, and Russetfur organizes the ShadowClan cats who will fight alongside ThunderClan. The battle ends when Sol's prediction of a big, black disc covers the sun, leaving the stunned cats in horror, as they flee back to their camp.
Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw try to find Sol, and catch up to him near the ShaodwClan border. After they have gone a little ways, a patrol captures them and takes them to ShadowClan camp. Sol seems eager to go with them, and when they arrive he starts asking Blackstar questions. Blackstar admits that he was having second thoughts about living at the lake. Sol talks him into not believing in StarClan, telling Blackstar that they are just a bunch of dead cats, and using the eclipse as evidence. Littlecloud is shocked at this new theory. Sol accompanies Blackstar to a Gathering, where they tell the rest of the Clans that ShadowClan has given up on StarClan as well as the warrior code and won't be attending the Gatherings from now on. All Clans are shocked, and wonder is ShadowClan can really be part of the four Clans anymore. They even wonder if ShadowClan are warriors any longer.

Long Shadows

A ThunderClan patrol goes hunting near the ShadowClan. Hazeltail, Hollyleaf, Brambleclaw, Sandstorm, and Birchfall are on this patrol. While Hazeltail is stalking a squirrel, she almost crosses the ShadowClan border when Hollyleaf tells her to watch out and three ShadowClan cats arrive: Ivytail, Snaketail, and Scorchpaw. They show open aggression to the cats. Hazeltail almost crosses the ShadowClan border while stalking a squirrel. Hollyleaf stops her, but she is spotted by a ShadowClan patrol consisting of Ivytail, Snaketail, and Scorchpaw. The ShadowClan cats show open aggression towards Hazeltail, Hollyleaf, Brambleclaw, Sandstorm, and Birchfall, the other members of the patrol. Snaketail retorts that it's typical of ThunderClan to think every Clan is their friend and Scorchfur says no cat can trust ThunderClan. Birchfall accuses them of listening to a cat that no one's ever met before, and he says they're crazier than a fox in a fit. Snaketail spits out a barbed insult at the ThunderClan patrol, and Birchfall leaps on him and wrestles with him. Scorchpaw then jumps on Birchfall and Hazeltail drags the apprentice away. She is badly injured trying to stop him.
ShadowClan continues believing that Sol holds the answers for a better future. Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jaypaw snoop into ShadowClan to see what Sol is doing. They see Sol on top of a rock with the whole Clan listening to him, even Blackstar. Sol is saying that no cat should accept what has gone before, and StarClan's time is over. Those cats are dead, and they have no power over ShadowClan. Littlecloud speaks out that he's shared tongues with StarClan, and he can't believe that their warrior ancestors are powerless. Sol coolly responds that StarClan is very good at deceiving. Blackstar agrees, and forbids Littlecloud from going to the Moonpool anymore
When Jaypaw visits the Moonpool, Raggedstar and Runningnose, former leader and medicine cat, visit him. Jaypaw asks why they have come to visit, and Raggedstar answers that he must help for the sake of ShadowClan. If no cat can help them, Sol will tear them apart so that they scatter and become rogues. All their honor and pride will be gone. Runningnose adds on that he has spoken to Littlecloud in his dreams. He keeps faith, but few cats will listen to him, and Blackstar has gone so far as to forbid him to speak of StarClan. Jaypaw says he doesn't know what to do about it, and Raggedstar responds that he doesn't know either. Jaypaw promises he will help.
One day, Tawnypelt comes into ThunderClan with her kits. She says that Sol is making ShadowClan lose most of Clan faiths and traditions, and she doesn't want her kits to grow up there. Ashfur asks how things are in ShadowClan beside that, and she replies that prey is running well. However, Blackstar has changed his name back to Blackfoot because he believes that he is not the rightful leader of ShadowClan anymore.
Jaypaw talks to Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Tawnypelt's kits and they all agree to pitch in and help create fake a sign from StarClan to get ShadowClan to get rid of Sol. Tigerpaw lures Littlecloud and Blackfoot to the brink of ShadowClan territory while the others knock down three pine trees. Tigerpaw pretends to have been captured by a StarClan cat and would not be let out until ShadowClan started believing in their warrior ancestors again, and every cat there is surprised, even the perpetrators of the sign, when Raggedstar and Runningnose come down, telling Blackfoot and Littlecloud that Tigerpaw is safe but they must restore faith to StarClan. They agree and drive Sol out of the Clan.
Soon ShadowClan starts keeping to the warrior code once more.


After Sol is brought back to the Clan territories by ThunderClan, Blackstar and Rowanclaw come to ThunderClan with Reedwhisker and Leopardstar of RiverClan, and Tornear and Onestar of WindClan. They demand that ThunderClan gets rid of Sol right away. Lionblaze thinks to himself that Blackstar would be much too proud to admit that he had believed Sol's words and had nearly destroyed ShadowClan by not believing in the Warrior Code. The three leaders threaten ThunderClan that Sol had better be gone by the next Gathering otherwise they'd unite their three clans and get rid of him themselves. That night is half-moon and Jayfeather travels to the Moonpool alone, since Leafpool had to stay behind at Honeyfern's vigil. He meets Flamepaw, who is now training under Littlecloud as his apprentice.
When they get to the hollow, Littlecloud introduces Flamepaw to StarClan as his new apprentice. Jayfeather meets Flamepaw in a dream, who says that he wants to meet Tigerstar. Once the other medicine cats awake from their dreams, Littlecloud says that he thinks that Flamepaw had done very well for his first time, saying that he'd met Nightstar, who was ShadowClan's leader back in the old forest. Jayfeather asks about the mystery herb that had been mixed into Mousefur's tansy last Leaf-bare and Littlecloud replies that he thinks it sounds like parsley and says that it doesn't do much, but it stops queens' milk from coming if their kits die. The medicine cats return to their own territories.
Lionblaze allows Sol to escape for the name of his, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf's father. When Sol gets out of his prison, he says that they aren't ready to know yet and says that he'd be in the abandoned twoleg nest in ShadowClan territory. When the three go and visit him, Sol says nothing and the three leave. They see a ShadowClan patrol and hide. When they get back to camp, the same patrol of ShadowClan come to camp, Ivytail points out the three intruders, and demand to know why they were so far into ShadowClan territory. Jayfeather replies that they were looking for herbs.
At the next Gathering, Blackstar says that Firestar has seen sense since Sol was no longer with ThunderClan and presumably, the leaders believe that ThunderClan drove him out but in reality, Lionblaze let him escape. Hollyleaf tries to speak, but Firestar tries to stop her. But Blackstar eggs her on, saying that he was curious to know what ThunderClan secrets Firestar doesn't want anyone to know about. However, Hollyleaf chooses this moment to announce to the Clans who her real mother and father are.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Along with ThunderClan and WindClan, ShadowClan protests at a Gathering when Leopardstar says that the other Clans are stealing their fish, and that the lake belongs to RiverClan. When a ThunderClan patrol is collecting water, Lionblaze sees a ShadowClan patrol fighting with a RiverClan patrol. Later, a ShadowClan patrol investigates the scent of fox near the border. Firestar finds it easy to convince Blackstar to send ShadowClan cats on the quest to free the water, mainly because the cats would have to go through ShadowClan land to accomplish it. On the day of the trip, Blackstar and Russetfur arrive, choosing Tigerheart and Toadfoot to go with the patrol. When a group of dogs come to catch the patrol, the ShadowClan and ThunderClan cats have to show WindClan and RiverClan how to climb trees.
The cats become skeptical that their journey is hopeless, and they won't be able to succeed in finding whatever is blocking the stream. But after Whitetail convinces them to keep going, Lionblaze takes the lead before Toadfoot can argue. As they continue to travel up into ShadowClan territory, he remains hostile and defensive of the prey, commenting that if Whitetail and Sedgewhisker hunted on their own, they would be prey stealing.
As they travel upstream, Toadfoot halts, and smells a dead deer farther upstream. He tries to lead the cats in a different direction, but without success. When the other cats discover it, Toadfoot tells them he had scented it faintly, and had been trying to get them to steer clear of it. They continue on with their journey. After they finally find the beavers and plan their battle strategy, all cats fights bravely. When Lionblaze is trapped, with a beaver boring down on him, Toadfoot distracts the beaver so Lionblaze can escape. After Rippletail passes away, Toadfoot grieves with his friends, and attempts to comfort Petalfur. At a second attempt to stop the beavers, they get help from three kittypets: Seville, Snowdrop, and Jigsaw, and the loner Woody. After they successfully dislodge the dam, they travel back home to the lake. When they say goodbye, Toadfoot acts very formal, but there is a hint of regret in his voice.
When the cats return from the journey to free the water, Tawnypelt is the first cat to greet them when she is on a patrol with Owlclaw, Redwillow and Starlingpaw. She calls out to them and touches noses with Toadfoot and licks Tigerheart all over, inviting them to come back to the ShadowClan camp and tell them everything. She sends her apprentice back to tell Blackstar, and is overjoyed at seeing all of them. Blackstar is seen as friendlier than his normal grumpy self, and actually invites the cats into the ShadowClan camp. He invites the cats to rest and have some prey before the go back to their Clans. This shows how desperate the Clans were to get water and how grateful they were to have it returned. Commenting on his personality, Lionblaze mutters to Dovepaw, "Who are you, and what have you done with Blackstar?"

Fading Echoes

When Jayfeather is out for a walk at night near the ThunderClan and ShadowClan border, he runs into Tigerheart, literally, as Tigerheart had attacked him at first, not knowing who he was. When Jayfeather asks him why he is out, he dodges the questions, not offering a direct answer.
Later, a ThunderClan patrol finds ShadowClan scent of a single warrior on their side of the border. They examine the scent trail, trying to find out what warrior it was, and none of them can tell who it was except Dovepaw, who recognizes it as Tigerheart's, but doesn't tell anyone. Soon a ShadowClan border patrol containing Tigerheart sees them and asks what they are doing. When ThunderClan tells them, they grow angry and say that ThunderClan is falsely accusing them. Tigerheart acts quite defiant towards the ThunderClan warriors, refusing to admit that a ShadowClan warrior would have crossed the border. Thornclaw tells them to smell the scent trail to see for themselves, but the warriors point out that if they walk over to ThunderClan's side to smell it, they would leave a new ShadowClan scent trail. However, Tigerheart steps up and declares he will go over to search for ShadowClan scent. Dovepaw realizes that he is cleverly doing this so that his old scent will be covered up by his new scent before anyone knows it was him. He then declares that he can't smell anything other than ThunderClan, and while the rest of the warriors continue to argue, Dovepaw takes him aside and asks him why he was on their side of the border. He desperately pleads her not to tell anyone that it was him, and that he can't tell her why he was there until the next Gathering. She hesitates, but agrees to keep his secret.
He shows sympathy towards Mistystar after she announces the death of Leopardstar and then he gives ThunderClan a very long lecture about when to accuse cats crossing borders, after the trouble on the ShadowClan-ThunderClan border.
Hawkfrost shows Ivypaw a few of her new Clanmates, but then sets a new challenge for her - to get past a line drawn on the ground. She makes her first attempt, but Hawkfrost holds her off. Before she can try again, Tigerstar appears before them. Tigerstar entices her, saying that he was still loyal to ThunderClan, but that ShadowClan had needed a leader, so he led them. He gives her a quick test, then reveals to her that ShadowClan was going to invade ThunderClan. He tells her that she must convince Firestar to take back the territory that he gave to ShadowClan many moons ago.
Ivypaw wakes up then, and goes straight to Firestar's den, where he, Brambleclaw, and Graystripe were in the middle of an argument. Ivypaw thinks quickly and then slowly tells all three warriors about a dream she had from StarClan. She tells them she was standing on a strip of ThunderClan territory that had been given to ShadowClan, when she saw a river flowing with ThunderClan blood. She ran back to the hollow, but could only see ShadowClan cats everywhere. She finishes, leaving the three captivated. The three discuss the dream and agree that giving the territory away might have been a sign of weakness, not kindness.
The next day, a battle is agreed on, and Ivypaw stands very still waiting for ShadowClan, while Dovepaw shakes nervously. Ivypaw is very concerned for her sister because she knows that her training from Hawkfrost will help her in the battle, but Dovepaw has no such training. Blackstar brings his warriors then and a fight ensues. Ivypaw takes on Ratscar when Blossomfall arrives to help her. Ivypaw then looks around for Dovepaw, knowing she must need help since she wasn't trained by Hawkfrost. She finds her sister then but starts battling Starlingpaw, before quickly beating him.
Soon, Russetfur dies, and both Clans stop fighting, shocked. Blackstar is enraged and gathers his Clan to go back.

Night Whispers

In the beginning of the book, Fernshade, Yellowfang, and Sagewhisker are arguing about the past battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan and the death of Russetfur. Fernshade blames Yellowfang for her apprentice's death and then leaves to guide Russetfur to StarClan.
When Lionblaze and Cinderheart are on an early patrol, they meet Flametail at the border that hasn't been marked, indicating that ShadowClan hasn't accepted the border change. Flametail blames Lionblaze for Russetfur's death and leaves. It is revealed that ShadowClan train their Medicine cats as warriors too, therefore, Flametail knows how to fight.
Flametail is later shown going through his herb store and that Littlecloud is showing signs of being ill. Flametail urges him to rest and then attends a clan meeting where the new deputy, Rowanclaw is going over the battle and what they need to work on. The warriors and apprentices begin their training. Later, Flametail travels to the Moonpool where he receives a dream where he is surrounded by walls of flames and Runningnose, Nightstar, Russetfur, and Fernshade come to him and explain that the past battle had been unjust. Raggedstar and Sagewhisker appear to him and warn him that something terrible is coming and that ShadowClan must stand alone to survive. The dream fades and Flametail leaves the Moonpool. Flametail tells Blackstar and Littlecloud about his dream, but Littlecloud refuses to cut the ties between ShadowClan and ThunderClan because a ThunderClan cat, Cinderpelt had saved his life. Flametail reminds him that Cinderpelt is dead and the two quarrel.
The night that Dovepaw meets Tigerheart at the border, they are followed by Ivypaw who is furious with Dovepaw. The two quarrel until Tigerheart hears a patrol coming. He pushes Dovepaw under a bush, but Ivypaw is unable to hide and the ShadowClan patrol captures her and takes her to camp and Tigerheart leaves with the patrol. Ivypaw is guarded by Starlingpaw and pestered by Kinkfur's kits. Blackstar tells her that she will be free to go home soon because they are going to trade her for some of the catmint that Jayfeather grows in the Abandoned Twoleg nest. Later, Starlingpaw is relieved of her guard duty by her mentor Tawnypelt, who allows Ivypaw to stretch her legs and use the dirtplace. She requests to go and see Kinkfur's kits since she'd snapped at them earlier. She apologies to them for scaring them, at which Sparrowkit replies that he wasn't scared. Later, a ThunderClan patrol is assembled to fetch her and brings catmint for the trade.
Later, Kinkfur asked Flametail to check on Mistkit, who'd lost her voice. She gives her some herbs to eat and tells her to rest. Her brother and sister, Sparrowkit and Dewkit are shown making facing at the herbs.
While playing a game on the frozen lake Flametail fall in. Jayfeather goes in to save him, but Rock appears and tells Jayfeather that it is Flametail's time to die, causing Jayfeather to swim back out and causing Flametail to drown. Flametail wanders into the dark forest and Brokenstar tells Ivypaw to kill him. At first Ivypaw refuses, but then she hurls herself at him, only to be stopped by Flametail's brother Tigerheart, who refuses to let Ivypaw to destroy what is left of his brother.

Sign of the Moon

At a Gathering Blackstar says that they got through the small outbreak of whitecough, though ThunderClan knows that they really had greencough. ThunderClan also got mad that he said it was only whitecough when they knew that Littlecloud was dying.

The Forgotten Warrior

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The Last Hope

Lionblaze gets in to a fight with Ratscar, a ShadowClan warrior, and purposely loses.
In the battle with the Dark Forest, Lionblaze and Graystripe go to help ShadowClan. Blackstar loses a life in the battle while Redwillow is killed by Blackstar since he is on the Dark Forest's side.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

ShadowClan is not as feared as it used to be, due to Rowanstar wanting peace and no battles. As a result, many ShadowClan apprentices grow arrogant and rebellious, ignoring many of the rules of the warrior code. Also, some of the older ShadowClan warriors are displeased with Rowanstar's more non-violent approach to problems, instead wanting to fight for their Clan.

Thunder and Shadow

Leafpool and Alderheart are worried about how chaotic ShadowClan has become. The apprentices continue to grow more arrogant and rebellious, showing their elders no respect and breaking small rules of the warrior code, such as the rule that all prey goes on the fresh-kill pile, instead eating it themselves. Eventually, the ShadowClan apprentice known as Needlepaw speaks out against Rowanstar, claiming that the rules of the warrior code are stupid and too numerous. Her fellow apprentices agree with her and complain that the warriors are not showing them enough respect. Annoyed, Rowanstar asserts that respect has to be earned, to which Beepaw retorts by disrespecting the elder cats, arguing that they don't earn any respect, since all they do is eat and sleep, which shocks her mother Snowbird. Rowanstar eventually manages to silence the apprentices, and punishes Needlepaw by sending her to take of the elders for a while.
When Darktail's group arrives and asks to join ShadowClan, even bringing prey as gifts, Rowanstar denies their request and sends them away. Needlepaw and the other apprentices question their leader's decision, arguing that the rogues would give them a chance to make ShadowClan the most powerful and feared Clan once more. Several of the warriors seem to agree with them, though most don't. Rowanstar tries to silence the apprentices again, telling them that they are foolish to want war with the other Clans, as it will only bring pain and loss, and acknowledges that he has been too lenient with them. This time, however, Needlepaw refuses to be silenced and declares that she no longer wants to live in a Clan that "only cares about peace". She, Juniperpaw and Sleekpaw, and later Beepaw, Berryheart, and Cloverfoot, switch sides and join the rogues, essentially becoming traitors to their own Clan.
A sickness known as yellowcough spreads through ShadowClan. Due to the refusal of Onestar to allow ShadowClan to gather the only cure, lungwort, the sickness claims the lives of several ShadowClan cats, including Wasptail, Kinkfur and Crowfrost, who is replaced as deputy by Tigerheart. Eventually, however, Kestelflight and Harespring allow ShadowClan to gather the cure without Onestar's knowledge. Soon afterwards, Darktail and his rogues come back to ShadowClan and Darktail challenges Rowanstar for leadership. In the end, only Tawnypelt, Tigerheart and Dawnpelt come to their leader's defence: The other ShadowClan cats choose to be taken over by Darktail and his rogues, partly because they are fed up with Rowanstar's "weakness" and partly because they feel betrayed by the other Clans. Rowanstar, Tawnypelt, Tigerheart and Dawnpelt prepare leave the territory, but Dawnpelt is stopped by her daughter Sleekwhisker and her son Juniperclaw, who have joined the rogues. They tell her that they are all she has left of her deceased mate Crowfrost, so she reluctantly agrees to stay. Forced out of their own Clan, Rowanstar, Tawnypelt, and Tigerheart seek refuge in ThunderClan.

Shattered Sky

All of the ShadowClan cats, with the exceptions of Rowanstar, Tawnypelt and Tigerheart, are now part of Darktail's "Kin". However, the majority of the deserters grow to regret their decision to join Darktail after seeing how cruel and dishonourable he and his followers truly are. Dawnpelt, who admits that she should never have stayed in the first place, decides to seek refuge in ThunderClan, and sends her sons Juniperclaw and Strikestone on ahead in the middle of the night so Darktail won't notice them leaving until its too late. However, she does not tell her daughter Sleekwhisker, who is now fanatically devoted to Darktail. After unsuccessfully trying to convince her apprentice Violetpaw to leave with her, Dawnpelt tries to sneak away to follow her sons, but is caught by Darktail. After a heated argument between the two cats, Darktail offers to escort Dawnpelt off the territory personally. However, while Juniperclaw and Strikestone make it to ThunderClan, Dawnpelt does not, and is later believed by Violetpaw to have been murdered by Darktail, along with several other ShadowClan cats who decided to leave.
After the battle between the Kin and RiverClan, in which the Kin emerges victorious and takes several prisoners, more former ShadowClan cats, including Berryheart, mysteriously disappear. Eventually, the RiverClan prisoners rise up against the rogues and so do the former ShadowClan cats, driving the Kin out of RiverClan territory. The remaining ShadowClan cats apologize to Rowanstar for abandoning him, saying that they've wanted to come back to him for a long time, but Darktail wouldn't allow them to leave. With some persuasion from his mate Tawnypelt, Rowanstar allows them to return, and the ShadowClan cats are extremely relieved, showing that they were unsure whether they would be allowed to return after they betrayed their own Clan leader. They promise to be loyal again and thank Rowanstar for giving them a second chance.
Out of all the remaining ShadowClan cats, only Spikefur, Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf choose to remain loyal to Darktail rather than rejoin their Clan.

Darkest Night

ShadowClan is struggling to rebuild, as there are now very few of them, many having disappeared during Darktail's reign. Some Clan cats continue to blame ShadowClan for the damage caused by Darktail, as Rowanstar failed to deal with Darktail and the majority of ShadowClan chose to join the rogues, which strengthened their forces. The ShadowClan cats are shown to be deeply ashamed of their decision to follow Darktail, as it nearly destroyed their Clan, as well as the other Clans. Rowanstar tries to rebuild ShadowClan, but fails to retain the respect of most of his Clanmates and eventually decides to disband ShadowClan, giving up his leadership status and name permanently.

River of Fire

ShadowClan has officially been dissolved, and the remaining ShadowClan cats have become SkyClan.
Some time later, Violetshine, Sandynose and Tree discover Sleekwhisker and a heavily pregnant Yarrowleaf in the old ShadowClan camp. The two she-cats claim that they've realized following Darktail was a mistake and they want to rejoin ShadowClan. They are both shocked to learn that ShadowClan has disbanded and its remaining members have joined SkyClan. After some consideration, they declare they want to join their Clanmates in SkyClan. The SkyClan cats take them to camp to relay their request to Leafstar. They get turned away, however, on account of crimes they committed during their time with Darktail. Many of the former ShadowClan cats are outraged at this decision, pointing out that they also followed Darktail, but came around in time. Tawnypelt unexpectedly defends Leafstar's decision, as she still holds her Clanmates responsible for ShadowClan's demise for betraying Rowanclaw.
Later, Violetshine and Tree spot Juniperclaw while out huting and follow him to ShadowClan's former camp, discovering that Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker are being given shelter there by their kin. They are taken to SkyClan camp to be reported to Leafstar. With some persuasion from Tree, the SkyClan leader reluctantly agrees to let them stay temporarily, to many of the cats' disapproval.
It later turns out that while Yarrowleaf's repentance is genuine, Sleekwhisker only wants "revenge" on Rowanclaw for making her kithood "miserable" and for causing ShadowClan's downfall with his "weakness". With the aid of Raven and Nettle, two of Darktail's closest followers, and ShadowClan's old enemies Jacques and Susan, Sleekwhisker kidnaps Tawnypelt and Yarrowleaf's kits as tools for her "revenge". In the confrontation that follows, Nettle is killed while the rest of the gang are driven off and warned to never come back. However, Rowanclaw is mortally wounded and dies, but not before taking responsibility for ShadowClan's demise.
Eventually, with the return and newly made leader of Tigerstar, ShadowClan is reformed and the ShadowClan cats leave SkyClan.

The Raging Storm

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In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

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Yellowfang's Secret

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Crookedstar's Promise

At one of the Gatherings that happen, Leopardfoot of ThunderClan tells Bluefur that a new ShadowClan apprentice, Brokenpaw got into a fight with another cat, and Oakheart had to break it up.
Cedarstar, leader of ShadowClan, announces that newleaf has brought warmth and prey, but kittypets have been straying across the borders more frequently. When Pinestar starts to threaten the rest of the Clans, ShadowClan responds that they haven't been anywhere near the ThunderClan border in moons.

Bluestar's Prophecy

After ThunderClan's battle with WindClan, ShadowClan suggests that they pay for the damage done to the camp.
At a Gathering, ShadowClan announces a new deputy, Raggedpelt, after Stonetooth retired to the elders' den. Also, Sagewhisker, the ShadowClan medicine cat has a new apprentice, though not mentioned at the gathering, is assumed to be Yellowfang because of her flattened face and thick gray fur.
At the next Gathering, ShadowClan announces the new medicine cat, Yellowfang, who was the cat Bluefur saw at one of the previous gatherings. When Pinestar doesn't launch an attack on RiverClan, ThunderClan is angry, and Adderfang says that because of this weakness, ShadowClan will be helping themselves to Snakerocks next.
Snowfur of ThunderClan scents ShadowClan, and it turns out three ShadowClan warriors are hunting on ThunderClan territory. There is a black tom, a tortoiseshell, and a mottled tabby tom. The three are arguing, one of them saying they should have never chased the squirrel across the Thunderpath. Two of them want to go back, but the tortoiseshell insists she can scent squirrel. She says that they shouldn't be worried about ThunderClan since they'll be busy patrolling the RiverClan border. However, Snowfur then jumps out, and the three ShadowClan cats start to run. She chases them on the Thunderpath, causing her to get hit by a monster and die instantly. The ShadowClan cats watch in horror, and quickly run away after the incident is over. When a ThunderClan patrol see the two ThunderClan warriors, Thrushpelt is sent to check for leftovers of ShadowClan.

Firestar's Quest

The ancient ShadowClan leader Dawnstar refuses to support SkyClan, saying that her Clan is the largest and they need much more land than any other.
At a Gathering, Blackstar notes that there are more Twolegs and monsters than usual in ShadowClan's territory. He also reveals that he has made a new warrior, Tawnypelt.
Dawnstar gives Leafstar a life, the life for determination, to use to set her paws on the path of what she knows to be right. Dawnstar tells Firestar that her and the other leaders thought they had to drive SkyClan away for the sake of their own Clans, but admits that it was a mistake.

Bramblestar's Storm

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Tigerheart's Shadow

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In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

Blackstar speaks of what he thinks about ShadowClan and says that ShadowClan will always be the dark heart of the forest.
ShadowClan cats are said to be battle-hungry, aggressive, ambitious, and greedy for more land. It is also said that the cold wind that blows across the ShadowClan territory chills their hearts, making them suspicious and distrusting.
ShadowClan cats eat mostly frogs, lizards, and snakes that live in their boggy, peaty land. A secret food source is the Twoleg garbage dump, although eating the wrong infected pieces will make them sick. ShadowClan cats hunt by night better than others, and are skilled at skulking unseen in the undergrowth.
The books explains ShadowClan's forest territory, and Boulder takes the reader through ShadowClan's forest camp. ShadowClan's lake territory is explained, and Tawnypelt takes the reader through the ShadowClan land. The book then lists all the significant ShadowClan leaders and medicine cats.
In Yellowfang Speaks: A Thankless Kit, Yellowfang gives birth to three kits in a hollow tree. The two she-kits die, but Brokenkit survives. She buries her two daughters and brings Brokenkit back to the ShadowClan camp. She gives Brokenkit to Lizardstripe to nurse but is unsure about his future because of Lizardstripe's ambitious nature. She finishes off by telling the reader that she realized what a monster she had brought into the Clan, and how she wished that Firestar had been her son instead.
In Tawnypelt Speaks: Journey's End, Tawnypelt describes how she was tired as they reached the Sun-Drown-Place. She heard a roaring, smelt salt, and saw a great expanse of water. Brambleclaw began leading them down the cliffs but she, Brambleclaw, and Squirrelpaw fell into the water and swam to the ground eventually. Feathertail found a better way down the cliffs, to the cave. They met Midnight and knew it was the end of their journey.

Cats of the Clans

Tigerstar, Brokenstar, Blackstar, Tawnypelt, Boulder, and Littlecloud & Runningnose are all featured in this book.

Code of the Clans

At the beginning, the story of Shadow and the other new leaders is being told. In Finders Keepers of Code Two, it is three seasons after the first Gathering and the beginning of the Warrior Code the five Clans have gathered at Fourtrees once again. There is an argument between Whitestar, leader of ThunderClan and Brindlestar, leader of ShadowClan. Leaf-bare has resulted in so little food in ShadowClan territory that the warriors have resorted to hunting in ThunderClan territory. The ThunderClan cats have driven the intruders away as there is little enough prey for themselves. As the argument becomes more and more heated there is creaking noise overhead. A massive tree branch crashes to ground between the ThunderClan and ShadowClan factions. To the amazement of the leaders, not a single cat is injured. Stonestar, leader of WindClan states that the tree branch is a sign from StarClan and proposes the second law of the Warrior Code, that trespassing in another Clan's territory is forbidden. This is accepted by the other Clan leaders and despite an insulting remark from Brindlestar the meeting ends peacefully.
In Mouse Games of Code Four, two ShadowClan kits, Driftkit and his sister Fallowkit, are playing with a dead mouse one leaf-bare when they are scolded by the Clan deputy Sunnytail. The mouse was the last piece of fresh-kill in the camp. The kit's mother, Splashnose, tries to defend their actions but the kits receive a second, less harsh scolding from the Clan leader Lilystar. Suddenly an owl swoops down on them. The other cats flee but Driftkit is too scared to move. Amazingly, the owl takes the mouse he was playing with instead of him. Lilystar interprets this as a sign from StarClan, that they give prey and can take it away. She decides that at the next gathering she will make the rule that all prey is to be eaten the fourth law of the Warrior Code.
In The Queens Unite of Code Five, a WindClan queen Daisytail is watching her son Specklepaw training as an apprentice. There is a conflict between WindClan and ShadowClan and every cat is preparing for battle. Daisytail cannot bear to watch her son, who is barely out of kittenhood, fight and possibly die in battle, so she makes a plan to prevent this from happening. Some time later both the WindClan and ShadowClan cats are about to fight each other when Daisytail, her friend Hawkfoot, and a ShadowClan queen named Oakleaf step in to stop the battle. The queens argue that it is wrong to have kits go into battle before they are ready. Hazelstar of WindClan and Blizzardstar of ShadowClan agree to implement Daisytail's proposal, that all kits should be six moons to be made apprentices. This proposal is later included as the fifth law of the Warrior Code. In The Smallest Warrior, there is a battle to drive WindClan out of the forest, and the young ShadowClan apprentice Badgerpaw, who is only three moons old, is mortally wounded. This is because Brokenstar, ShadowClan's leader has begun his brutal practice of training kits like Badgerpaw as apprentices before they are ready. His mentor Flintfang drags him away from the battle and comforts the dying apprentice, assuring him that StarClan will welcome him as a warrior and that his mother would be proud of him. With his dying breath Badgerpaw asks that his warrior name be Badgerfang in honor of his mentor, then he passes on. A guilt-ridden Flintfang vows to honor the Warrior Code and never again train an apprentice that is too young.
In A Sign From StarClan of Code Nine, ShadowClan has recently lost it's leader Snowstar and his deputy Brightwhisker is sick with whitecough and unable to journey to the Moonstone. Redscar, the Clan medicine cat insists that an uncooperative Brightwhisker needs to rest and get better before she can become the leader or appoint a new deputy. Tragedy strikes the next day, Brightwhisker's whitecough had developed into greencough during the night causing her to die in her sleep. Redscar, the sole remaining authority, calls the Clan together to select a new deputy. Two candidates are chosen, the brave and aggressive warrior Jumpfoot, who has the support of the other warriors, and the more passive but equally brave Mossfire, who is voted in by the queens. Neither cat is willing to back down so Jumpfoot declares that the two rivals will fight, and the winner will be the leader. The battle rages out of control with the result that both Jumpfoot and Mossfire die from their wounds. Mossfire's sister Flowerstem is stunned by what has just happened but she swiftly takes control, organizing hunting patrols while Redscar retires to his den. That night the old ShadowClan leader Snowstar appears to Redscar in a dream, stating that he must pick ShadowClan's new leader, and that a new deputy must be selected as soon as possible so that tragedies similar to that of Jumpfoot and Mossfire can be avoided. Redscar selects Flowerstem and in order to convince the Clan, he places the stem of a snowdrop flower in the camp, proclaiming it to be an omen from StarClan. Flowerstem accepts leadership of the Clan and Redscar tells her to make a new addition to the Warrior Code: that a new deputy must be selected at moonhigh, at the next Gathering.
In The Vanishing Moon of Code Ten, it is leaf-bare and the five Clans are coming together at the Gathering. Finchstar of ThunderClan is the first to notice that the ShadowClan cats are still missing. Dovestar of WindClan and Reedstar of RiverClan are unconcerned by this but Hawkstar of SkyClan complains that his pelt itches, a sign of trouble to come which Reedstar dismisses as fleas. Suddenly the ShadowClan cats arrive and attack the other Clans at the Gathering, taking them by surprise. The other leaders leap down to help their Clanmates and Finchstar is suddenly confronted by the ShadowClan leader Ripplestar. Ripplestar refuses to call off what Finchstar calls an unjust and cowardly attack. Suddenly the clearing is illuminated by a blinding flash of lightning, the moon is obscured by the clouds and before Finchstar can do anything, Ripplestar falls to his death from the Great Rock. Finchstar declares to the stunned cats that StarClan punished ShadowClan and Ripplestar for attacking the other Clans at the Gathering. Finchstar then instates the tenth law of the Warrior Code: the Clans are forbidden from fighting each other during the full moon.
In A Kit in Trouble of Code Twelve, three ShadowClan warriors, Brackenfoot, Hollyflower and Archeye are patrolling near the Thunderpath when Hollyflower spots a fox hunting a kit on the ThunderClan side of the Thunderpath. Brackenfoot and Archeye are hesitant to aid a kit from another Clan and wish they could wait for a ThunderClan patrol, but Hollyflower does not hesitate, charging across the Thunderpath and attacking the fox. Her two friends come to her aid and they drive the fox off. The ThunderClan kit thanks them for saving him, introducing himself as Tigerkit. Brackenfoot scolds him for leaving the safety of his Clan's camp and leaves with his friends. Tigerkit calls after them, declaring that the three ShadowClan cats are his friends and that if he can he will help them someday.
In The Medicine Cats Decide of Code Fourteen, there is once again conflict between ShadowClan and WindClan. Mossheart, the ShadowClan medicine cat, who possesses a low opinion of the constant fighting, is tending yet another wounded warrior when she is informed of yet another battle not far from the Thunderpath. Mossheart has a vision of seeing her limbs and paws dripping blood. Mossheart comes to the horrifying realization that the vision that the Clans are in danger of drowning in blood. She arrives on the battlefield and manages to put a stop to it with the help of WindClan's medicine cat Swiftfoot. As their respective Clans of disgruntled warriors return to their homes, Swiftfoot and Mossheart share one-another's thoughts and both agree that the bloodshed has to stop. Swiftfoot suggests that they go to the Moonstone with the other medicine cats and ask StarClan for an answer to the problem. The following night Mossheart and Swiftfoot journey to Highstones in the company of the other medicine cats, Kinktail of RiverClan, Quailfeather of SkyClan and Prickleface of ThunderClan. In her dream Mossheart sees the battle from yesterday and sees the spirit of Spottedpaw, an apprentice who died that day. Spottedpaw says that while Mossheart cannot stop the fighting, she can stop the killing, stating that the WindClan cat who killed him didn't have to. Mossheart awakens and speaks with the other medicine cats, all of them have had similar visions, all delivering the same message: warriors don't have to kill to win. Kinktail questions this, mentioning when a cat has to fight off rogues or predators. Swiftfoot agrees that there are extenuating circumstances but in Clan battles, warriors should not have to kill to win. The five cats agree to take this idea to their leaders so that it can be incorporated as the fourteenth law of the Warrior Code. Swiftfoot also suggests that the medicine cats meet at the Moonstone every half-moon to share news and to speak with StarClan, to which the others agree.

Battles of the Clans

Rowanclaw greets the reader, and Tigerheart teaches the Night Ambush. Blackstar remembers the time they had ambushed RiverClan and used their authority over theirs. Nightwhisper speaks of how he got recruited as a warrior to fight for ShadowClan and there is nothing better than being a warrior. Cedarheart speaks of Morningstar, and how he had sought peace among the Clans but it didn't work. Cedarheart says goodbye to the reader.

In the Tigerstar and Sasha arc

Into the Woods

Sasha meets a rogue named Pine. At first he is hostile, but eventually, he shares the mouse he caught. He helps to remove her collar as he tells her how she can’t be a kittypet now she’s in the woods. He also tells her of the Clans, showing her scars he’d received. He then leaves. Sasha keeps her collar, not wanting to let go of it yet. She then travels to the crooked tree, the border of one of the Clans, and waits out the night in a tree to see some. In the morning, she is doubting the existence of Clan cats, but she suddenly sees a patrol of three cats.
Sasha notices the one the two other cats call Tigerstar, and thinks he looks at her as they leave after detecting a faint scent of fox. Sasha comes back the next day, and the same patrol comes back. Rowanpaw dashes after a frog, and Sasha catches it for him, revealing herself. The other two cats are immediately hostile, but Tigerstar dismisses them and talks with Sasha. Later, Sasha is hunting a rabbit; Tigerstar appears and catches it for her. They talk for a while, and Sasha tells him where she lives, not that she’s a kittypet. They meet again night after night, spending time hunting and talking. One night, he tells her of ShadowClan, and then, eventually, StarClan.
On a different night, a fox attacks, and Tigerstar fights it off. Sasha is impressed. Later, Tigerstar doesn’t meet Sasha at the usual place, and she waits for a while before heading home. He is at her den, and he asks her when she’ll be going back to her Twolegs. Sasha realizes he’s seen her collar, and he tells her to bury it and treat it like filth. She refuses. He says insulting things about kittypets, and she asks him why he’s still here if she’s so offensive. He walks away. After a dream of her old life, Sasha catches a pigeon and takes it to the crooked tree to show Tigerstar a kittypet can hunt. She leaves after she realizes the patrol coming doesn’t have Tigerstar in it. Later, she catches a rabbit, but two foxes suddenly appear. Tigerstar suddenly comes, and fights to protect her. Ultimately, Sasha joins him, even though she is frightened. She nurses him back at her den, and he tells her he came back to thank her for the pigeon, and that she’s not like any kittypet he’s ever met. The next morning, when he leaves, he tells her to tell any Clan cat who asks that she’s a rogue. The next night, Tigerstar comes back.
Sasha shows him the house she grew up in, but he loses interest and tells her it shouldn’t be important to her any more. They turn back, and Sasha spots Shnuky, who greets her warmly but is afraid of Tigerstar. He jumps up onto a fence. Shnuky can tell Sasha loves him, and she tells her to stay away from him. Sasha doesn’t listen, and leaves with Tigerstar to the forest. The next day, Tigerstar shows her ShadowClan, pointing out landmarks on their way to the camp. As they enter the camp, he shows her the different places, like the nursery and the warriors’ den. Sasha eats with them, and then joins a hunting party out. At first, she is nervous, but Russetfur tells her some of the cats used to be rogues like her. Russetfur talks about how much ShadowClan is lucky to have Tigerstar on the way, and Sasha catches a squirrel, her experience of climbing fences helping. She spends the night in the warriors’ den, and the next day joins a patrol. They catch ThunderClan warriors on their territory, and Tigerstar warns them off. As they leave, they call him a traitor. Sasha asks why, and he tells her he used to be deputy, and was driven out by the former leader because she was envious of his strength. He tells her that the current leader Firestar may have ambitions to rule the entire forest. On the way home, Tigerstar asks her to join ShadowClan. He tells him she’ll consider it, and he says he’ll come back tomorrow for her answer.
On the way back, she meets Pine, who has a cough, and he tells her to take care as he tries to find a warmer place to sleep. Sasha makes up her mind, and goes back to tell Tigerstar she’ll join. Then she stumbles upon a group of cats talking, Tigerstar among them. She hears him talking of taking over with Scourge of BloodClan’s help, and that he has a plan to lead a pack of dogs into the ThunderClan camp to get rid of Firestar. Sasha is horrified, and races back to her den, realizing Tigerstar is the enemy of the forest, not Firestar. The book ends with Tigerstar appearing, asking her if she’ll join ShadowClan.

Escape from the Forest

Sasha refuses Tigerstar's offer to join ShadowClan and he leaves her.

In the Ravenpaw's Path arc

A Clan in Need

When Ravenpaw and Barley meet WindClan cats on the way to ThunderClan, they tell them all the Clan have been jumpy lately. Rogues have been causing trouble on ShadowClan and ThunderClan territories ever since the battle with BloodClan.

In the Graystripe's Adventure arc

The Lost Warrior

When Graystripe is being kept as a kittypet, one day he suddenly remembers everything about being a warrior. These precious memories include the fights with ShadowClan and BloodClan.

Warrior's Return

ShadowClan cats are among those at the Gathering when Graystripe comes back.

In The Rise of Scourge

The Rise of Scourge

Tigerstar, as leader of ShadowClan, appears when he and Boulder go to Scourge about his enemies and the deal which leads into The Darkest Hour.

In the Novellas

Tigerclaw's Fury

Tigerclaw was exiled from ThunderClan after orchestrating a plot to attack the camp and kill Bluestar. After this, he went to ShadowClan, taking some of Brokentail's rogues with him. He finds out that there is sickness spreading in ShadowClan territory. After a few sunrises settling in ShadowClan's territory, he leads the rogues into ShadowClan's camp, offering to Runningnose to lead ShadowClan, as Nightstar, the leader at that time, has died.

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In the Short Stories and Plays

Brightspirit's Mercy

It is a cold winter night at the Gathering. Onestar and Leopardstar start the Gathering, and Leopardstar comments that they should all start before freezing to death. Blackstar then asks if that would be quicker than starving to death since that's what they're all doing right now. All the cats give out startled meows, as the leader of ShadowClan has admitted severe weakness. Russetfur whispers furiously that if the other Clans know how weak they are, they'll be crossing borders before sunrise. Blackstar tells her not to be silly, and that any cat can see how weak they are. He then asks all the Clans if they have enough to eat. Onestar and Leopardstar admit this has veen an extremely hard winter, and Blackstar notes that Firestar isn't saying anything, as he is probably too scared to admit ThunderClan is suffering, too.
When Brightspirit, Shiningheart, and Braveheart come to tell Jaypaw to share food, Lionblaze finds it hard to believe, saying that they're probably from ShadowClan trying to weaken ThunderClan so ShadowClan can have more territory. Jaypaw replies that they are not from ShadowClan.

Spottedleaf's Honest Answer

Spottedleaf talks about Firestar when he met Yellowfang, and how he saw past the grumpy personality of the ShadowClan medicine cat. She also says that when she had the time, she would talk to Firestar about the rising threat of ShadowClan. She also remembers when ShadowClan invaded the ravine they sent her to StarClan too soon.

Ultimate Leader Election: Firestar

Pouncetail and Otterheart are found half-dead on ThunderClan territory. Pouncetail explains that they were on ShadowClan territory. Their patrol split up, and they were chased all the way onto ThunderClan territory. Firestar tries to help them, but Russetfur appears, telling him to stop. Firestar asks when ShadowClan has felt threatened by two injured cats. Russetfur replies that a whole RiverClan patrol deliberately crossed the ShadowClan border to steal prey. ShadowClan should have the right to deal with its own trespassers. Firestar growls that they've been punished enough already, and Rowanclaw and Smokefoot arrive, Rowanclaw saying that ShadowClan should decide how much they've been punished. Firestar disagrees, and takes them away. Russetfur says they can't take away ShadowClan prisoners, and Firestar says they're on ThunderClan territory, and thus ThunderClan prisoners. Russetfur adds that they know what'll happen if they set foot on ShadowClan territory again, and then they leave.
When voting for who will lead the Clans through the hard times, Blackstar votes first, voting for individual Clan leaders. The rest of ShadowClan follows suit, until Rowanclaw, Snowbird, and Tawnypelt vote for Firestar. Blackstar narrows his eyes but says nothing. In the end, Firestar leads all four Clans.

In the Warriors App

It is revealed that even though that ShadowClan mocks ThunderClan's many kittypets, they have far more kittypets in their Clan. With ShadowClan's many victories, they draw kittypets to a change of lifestyle.

History of ranks


Name Gained rank in... Left rank in... Deputy(s)
Shadowstar Path of Stars Shadowstar's Life Sun Shadow, Raven Pelt
Raven Pelt Shadowstar's Life Before "The Beginning of the Warrior Code" Unknown
Hollystar Before "The Beginning of the Warrior Code" Before "Finders Keepers" Unknown
Brindlestar Before "Finders Keepers" Before "Mouse Games" Lakestorm
Lilystar Before "Mouse Games" Before "The Queens Unite" Sunnytail
Blizzardstar Before "The Queens Unite" Before "A Sign from StarClan" Unknown
Snowstar Before "A Sign from StarClan" Before "A Sign from StarClan" Brightwhisker
Brightwhisker Before "A Sign from StarClan" "A Sign from StarClan" None
Flowerstar "A Sign from StarClan" Before "The Vanishing Moon" Unknown
Ripplestar Before "The Vanishing Moon" "The Vanishing Moon" Marshscar
Marshscar "The Vanishing Moon" Before "Darkstar's Law" Unknown
Yellowstar Before "Darkstar's Law" Before "The Leader Who Sought Peace" Unknown
Sedgestar Before "The Leader Who Sought Peace" Before Mapleshade's Vengeance Unknown
Dawnstar Before Cloudstar's Journey Before Yellowfang's Secret Snaketail
Houndstar Before Goosefeather's Curse Before Tallstar's Revenge Cedarpelt
Cedarstar Before Yellowfang's Secret Yellowfang's Secret Stonetooth, Raggedpelt
Raggedstar Yellowfang's Secret Yellowfang's Secret Foxheart, Cloudpelt, Brokentail
Brokenstar Yellowfang's Secret Into the Wild Blackfoot
Nightstar Fire and Ice Rising Storm Cinderfur
Tigerstar Rising Storm The Darkest Hour Blackfoot
Blackstar The Darkest Hour Bramblestar's Storm Russetfur, Rowanclaw
Rowanstar Bramblestar's Storm Darkest Night Crowfrost, Tigerheart, Tawnypelt
Tigerstar Tigerheart's Shadow --- Tawnypelt, Juniperclaw, Cloverfoot


Name Gained rank in... Left rank in...
Sun Shadow Thunderstar's Echo Shadowstar's Life
Raven Pelt Shadowstar's Life Shadowstar's Life
Lakestorm Before "Finders Keepers" Before "Mouse Games"
Sunnytail Before "Mouse Games" Before "A Sign from StarClan"
Brightwhisker Before "A Sign from StarClan" Before "A Sign from StarClan"
Marshscar Before "The Vanishing Moon" Before Cloudstar's Journey
Marshscar Before Mapleshade's Vengeance Before Mapleshade's Vengeance
Snaketail Before Cloudstar's Journey Before Tallstar's Revenge
Cedarpelt Before Goosefeather's Curse Before Tallstar's Revenge
Stonetooth Before Yellowfang's Secret Yellowfang's Secret
Raggedpelt Yellowfang's Secret Yellowfang's Secret
Foxheart Yellowfang's Secret Yellowfang's Secret
Cloudpelt Yellowfang's Secret Yellowfang's Secret
Brokentail Yellowfang's Secret Yellowfang's Secret
Blackfoot Yellowfang's Secret Into the Wild
Cinderfur Fire and Ice Rising Storm
Blackfoot Rising Storm The Darkest Hour
Russetfur Before Firestar's Quest Fading Echoes
Rowanclaw Night Whispers Bramblestar's Storm
Crowfrost Bramblestar's Storm Thunder and Shadow
Tigerheart Thunder and Shadow Darkest Night
Tawnypelt Darkest Night Darkest Night
Tawnypelt River of Fire The Raging Storm
Juniperclaw The Raging Storm The Raging Storm
Cloverfoot The Raging Storm ---

Medicine cat

Name Gained rank in... Left rank in...
Pebble Heart Moth Flight's Vision Before "A Sign from StarClan"
Redscar Before "A Sign from StarClan" Before "The Medicine Cats Decide"
Mossheart Before "The Medicine Cats Decide" Before Mapleshade's Vengeance
Molepelt Before Mapleshade's Vengeance Before Mapleshade's Vengeance
Sloefur Before Mapleshade's Vengeance Before Goosefeather's Curse
Redthistle Before Goosefeather's Curse Before Mapleshade's Vengeance
Sagewhisker Before Mapleshade's Vengeance Bluestar's Prophecy
Yellowfang Bluestar's Prophecy Into the Wild
Runningnose Into the Wild Before Firestar's Quest
Littlecloud Before Firestar's Quest Thunder and Shadow
Flametail Sunrise Night Whispers
Leafpool (Temporarily) Thunder and Shadow Thunder and Shadow

[note 1]

Thunder and Shadow Darkest Night

[note 2]

River of Fire ---


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  • Although Vicky doesn't think that ShadowClan has a particular regional accent, she imagines several of them to sound like the British actor Alan Rickman.[21]

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  1. Following Rowanstar's disbandment of ShadowClan, Puddleshine became part of SkyClan and became one of the Medicine cats.[18]
  2. After Tigerstar reunites ShadowClan, Puddleshine returns to his position as ShadowClan's Medicine cat.[19]