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"Your luck is going to run out if you go on tempting fate like this."
This article contains major spoilers for the recently released, The Place of No Stars. This also includes the reveal of the identity of the impostor. Please proceed at your own discretion.
"As a medicine cat, I'll never understand a parent's feelings for their kits, but I have many cats that I care for, and worry about, and I'd do anything for them. Rootspring saved my life once, and I feel such a strong sense of duty and loyalty to him because of that. But what I feel even more is a sense that all of this—everything that's happened—is vital for the Clans' survival. All five of them. I could not turn my back, even if I wanted to."
— Shadowsight to his father about his duty to save his friend and the trapped spirits in The Place of No Stars, page 252

Shadowsight is a scrawny, little,[11] dark[12] gray tabby tom with wide, dark stripes along his flanks,[2] amber eyes,[13] and a shredded ear[14] that he is unable to move.[15]

Shadowsight is a ShadowClan medicine cat under Tigerstar's leadership in the lake territories. He was born as Shadowkit to Dovewing and Tigerheart alongside Pouncekit and Lightkit in the guardian cats' territory. Shadowkit experienced violent seizures followed by visions usually warning him of something to happen, and they progressed throughout his apprenticeship. He became a medicine cat apprentice named Shadowpaw under Puddleshine. When contact with StarClan was severed, Shadowpaw began hearing a voice, and after following his orders to save Bramblestar, became the sole remaining connection to StarClan. He later earned his full name, Shadowsight, and learned of Bramblestar's impostor, realizing the voice he heard was using him. After the impostor attempted to kill him, Shadowsight became a ghost and freed Bramblestar's spirit from the Dark Forest. After returning to his body, Shadowsight was demoted to a medicine cat apprentice since he was believed to be too inexperienced and was forced to take care of Ashfur, the imprisoned impostor. Ashfur manipulated Shadowsight into believing he must be spared from execution in order to save Bramblestar's body, and Shadowsight helped him escape ShadowClan's camp. Determined to right his wrong, Shadowsight used his connection to Ashfur to dream his way to the Dark Forest. He attacked Ashfur so Bramblestar and Squirrelflight could escape, and later re-entered the Dark Forest with Bristlefrost to save Rootspring.


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A Vision of Shadows

"I did it! I did what my vision told me and I brought the Clans together!"
―Shadowkit The Raging Storm, page 314
While staying in ShadowClan temporarily, Alderheart treats Shadowkit during his seizure, which usually signifies him receiving a vision. Alderheart interprets the kit's vision of him drowning. After he heals, Shadowkit spends time in the medicine cat's den which solidifies his ambitions to become a medicine cat. In order to fulfill his vision, Shadowkit throws himself into the flood so the Clans could work together to rescue him. Juniperclaw sacrifices himself to save Shadowkit, and the young kit excitedly exclaims he did what his visions told him to do.

The Broken Code

"I always knew you were special. We don't know yet what your destiny is among the five Clans, but what I do know is that you will change things."
―Tigerstar to his son Lost Stars, page 259
Shadowpaw is now a medicine cat apprentice mentored by Puddleshine. During a harsh leaf-bare, StarClan's connection is severed, and Shadowpaw believes his unusual visions are to blame. He receives a vision of Tigerstar and Bramblestar viciously fighting in a blaze. An unidentified spirit warns Shadowpaw about codebreakers and provides Shadowpaw instructions to heal Bramblestar's illness. However, Bramblestar dies, and Shadowpaw blames himself. Luckily, the ThunderClan leader is revived, and ShadowClan begins to trust Shadowpaw. He earns his full name, Shadowsight. After ShadowClan is plagued by numerous injuries, Shadowsight decides to tell the other Clans about his vision of the codebreakers. Bramblestar, whose body is now inhabited by an impostor, uses this knowledge to severely punish the codebreakers. Shadowsight realizes that the voice he heard before tricked him, and Rootpaw and Tree reveal the true Bramblestar's spirit to ShadowClan.
Shadowsight is attacked by the impostor while on the way to the Moonpool, and is on the brink of death. Spiresight's ghost fetches Rootpaw to save Shadowsight, and Shadowsight's ghost confronts the impostor in ThunderClan's camp where he is threatened by the his true form. After he regains consciousness, Shadowsight uses deathberries to travel to the Dark Forest and rescue Bramblestar's ghost. He recovers and the impostor is taken prisoner following a battle between the Clans. However, the impostor warns Shadowsight that his plans aren't foiled yet. Shadowsight is demoted to a medicine cat apprentice since Mothwing believes he is too inexperienced and he became a full medicine cat because he saved Bramblestar. He is entrusted to take care of Ashfur, the real identity of the impostor, who weaves doubts of Shadowsight's place in ShadowClan, and praises his special abilities. Shadowsight protects Ashfur from Tigerstar, Lionblaze and others who wish to kill him because he wishes to protect Bramblestar's body, wanting to prove he's not a murderer. When the Clan leaders decide to execute Ashfur for the good of the Clans, Ashfur pressures Shadowsight to help him escape in order to save Bramblestar, warning about his power over spirit cats.
Several cats wish for Shadowsight to see justice after he lets Ashfur escape, and Shadowsight, having realized his mistake in letting the dark warrior go, voltuneers to go into the Dark Forest to atone, an idea which is heavily debated amongst the leaders. After Willowshine is killed by Ashfur, Shadowsight convinces Mothwing to let him venture into the Dark Forest, which she agrees to. In the Place of No Stars, Shadowsight meets a Dark Forest cat named Snowtuft, who reveals to Shadowsight that the Dark Forest is shrinking because of Ashfur's interference, and asks for his help in saving his home. Shadowsight is able to help the ghost of Bramblestar escape Ashfur's grasp, eventually allowing the former leader and Squirrelflight to escape the Dark Forest later on.

Super Editions

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"This one will see into the shadows."
―Spire's thoughts on Shadowkit Tigerheart's Shadow, page 360
In Tigerheart's Shadow, Shadowkit is born to Tigerheart and Dovewing along with Pouncekit and Lightkit in a large Twolegplace with the guardian cats. Once he and his littermates are old enough, he and his family travel back to the Clans. During the journey, Shadowkit dreams of the way to lake. His parents are unsure of how he knows this, but trusts him to lead the way after Tigerheart is mortally injured. He witnesses his father's revival as Tigerstar, and joins ShadowClan.


This section summarizes Shadowsight's significant Novellas appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

"I believe you will show us the way to a new ShadowClan, little one."
―Tawnypelt to Shadowkit Tawnypelt's Clan, page 194
In Tawnypelt's Clan, Shadowkit continues to suffer violent seizures. When his vision depicts a tree destroying a cave, Tawnypelt believes he is meant to go to the Tribe of Rushing Water. Tigerstar disagrees sending his young son on a journey to the mountains, but Dovewing and Tawnypelt do so anyway. When they reach the Tribe, Stoneteller teaches Shadowkit how to control his seizures, and is impressed that Shadowkit's powers can reach both the Tribe of Endless Hunting and StarClan, and beyond. After Shadowkit successfully saves the Tribe's home, the three head back home.

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Shadowsight's medicine cat ceremony
Puddleshine: I, Puddleshine of ShadowClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. Shadowpaw has trained hard to understand the ways of a medicine cat, and with your help he will serve his Clan for many moons. Do you promise to uphold the ways of a medicine cat, to stand apart from rivalry between Clan and Clan...
Shadowpaw: I do!
Puddleshine: Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your true name as a medicine cat. Shadowpaw, from this moment you will be known as Shadowsight. StarClan honors your insight, your courage, and your kindness, and we welcome you as a full medicine cat of ShadowClan.
Everyone: Shadowsight! Shadowsight!
Reference: The Silent Thaw, pages 36-37

Personality and traits

Shadowsight is a nervous tom with little faith in himself. He just wants to be normal, like his littermates.[17] He often wonders whether he is the reason for StarClan's silence, and doesn't understand his visions or the seizures that accompany them.[18]



Tigerstar is proud and protective of his son.[17] He often does everything he can to make things comfortable for Shadowsight and doesn't hesitate to help him when he is worried.[19]


"Dovewing can be really embarrassing at times, treating me like I'm still a kit, but I can't imagine how much it would hurt to lose her."
―Shadowpaw's thoughts about Dovewing Lost Stars, page 51
Dovewing is supportive and proud of her son.[17] She can be protective of her littlest kit, especially since he is prone to seizures.[20] Shadowsight feels like he can confide in her, and often does. Dovewing always tries to comfort Shadowsight when he comes to her, as she knows all about his tendency to worry.[21] When Dovewing is outed as a codebreaker, Shadowsight is reluctant to share his vision, as he doesn't want his mother to be put in danger.[22]


"I'm still getting to know you, but I do love you, little one. I will protect you."
―Tawnypelt thinking about Shadowkit Tawnypelt's Clan, page 15
Tawnypelt harbors affection for Shadowsight and his siblings, as they are her kin.[23] Even though she didn't know them very well as kits due to the fact that they were born in a Twolegplace, she loves them unconditionally.[24] When she sees one of Shadowsight's seizures, she promises to protect him and do what she thinks is best for him.[24]

Lightleap and Pouncestep

"Hey, Shadowpaw! Come and play with us!"
―Lightleap to Shadowpaw Lost Stars, page 44
Shadowsight often compares himself to his sisters, Lightleap and Pouncestep, thinking that they seem much more comfortable and confident in their warrior positions.[25] They are often more cool-headed than their brother, and don't worry nearly as much as he does.[26] However, they are still supportive, and try to comfort Shadowsight when he is anxious.[26] As kits, they often played together with Shadowsight, and still like to roughhouse together sometimes, even as warriors and medicine cat.[27]


"[Shadowpaw] always enjoyed working with Puddleshine to find, sort, and store the herbs. Treating cats with herbs made him feel calm and in control...the opposite of how he felt during his seizures and the accompanying visions."
―Shadowpaw thinking about training with Puddleshine Lost Stars, page 13
Shadowsight enjoys training as a medicine cat under Puddleshine.[28] The scent of herbs make him feel calm and in control, the opposite of how he feels during his visions.[28] Puddleshine is supportive of Shadowsight[29] and straightforward with his apprentice, comforting him when the Moonpool freezes over.[30] However, when Shadowsight reveals that his visions didn't come from StarClan, Puddleshine begins to wonder if the dark gray tom was ever meant to be a medicine cat.[31]


Ashfur first appears to Shadowsight posing as a member of StarClan and leads the apprentice to believe that he must heal Bramblestar by leaving him out in the freezing cold.[32] After Ashfur takes over Bramblestar's body, he attacks and leaves Shadowsight in a ravine to die.[33]
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Shadowsight's parents are Tigerstar and Dovewing, and his sisters are Lightleap and Pouncestep. For more of Shadowsight's family, click here!



Interesting facts

Author statements

  • Shadowkit was named after his father's Clan, thought of by Dovewing who was trying to celebrate hers and Tigerstar's differences.[blog 1]
  • Kate believes Shadowsight to be short-furred.[blog 2]


"I dreamed it. I dreamed about the Twolegplace Spiresight said was at the end of the Thunderpath, and then I saw beyond. There was a valley with birch trees edging a small stretch of water and then a hill rising to the moorland."
―Shadowkit Tigerheart's Shadow, page 378

Shadowkit: "I had a dream. I was playing with my father, in a place not far from here, and I know it was a true dream."
Violetshine: "What makes you think so, little one?"
Shadowkit: "I just do. We were in this big hollow, with boulders and bushes at the top and pine trees all around. Their branches hung really low. At the bottom of the hollow there were ferns and bramble thickets, and I lived in one of them with Dovewing and Pouncekit and Lightkit. We all played mossball with Tigerheart."
—Shadowkit and Violetshine River of Fire, pages 254-255

"The young tom had always been aware that there was something different about him. Since he was a kit, before he was apprenticed to Puddleshine, he had received odd, unusually strong visions, ones even medicine cats couldn't explain. Often these visions were accompanied by seizures. And sometimes they were about cats who had nothing to do with ShadowClan. It wasn't a bad thing...but it was strange. It wasn't how medicine cats' visions usually worked. Did that make him somehow unsuitable to follow the ways of a medicine cat? And worse...was it upsetting StarClan enough to turn them away?"
―Shadowpaw's thoughts about his visions Lost Stars, page 41

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"I don't want to hurt any of you. Even I don't know if my visions are real. I wish I did."
―Shadowpaw Lost Stars, page 227

"What if the voice I've been hearing was wrong? What if the older medicine cats were right to doubt me this whole time? What if I don't have a connection to StarClan at all, but am just a foolish, strange cat...a foolish cat who has led darkness into the Clans?"
―Shadowpaw's thoughts after Bramblestar dies Lost Stars, page 244

Cloverfoot: "Do you think Shadowsight is behind this?"
Frecklewish: "He's very young. I was surprised that StarClan put so much trust in him. But if he is involved, I don't think he realizes what he's doing. It's strange that he's the only medicine cat StarClan has shared with all leaf-bare. There might be more to their messages than he thinks. Can you ask him about his vision?"
Cloverfoot: "He's Tigerstar's son. How would it look if the ShadowClan deputy questioned him? ShadowClan is still fragile after Darktail. I don't want to cause doubt. Besides, it might scare him into trying to cover his tracks."
Stemleaf: "So you think he has been up to something?"
Cloverfoot: "I don't think Shadowsight is capable of doing anything dishonest, but he might have made a mistake."
—Cats discussing Bramblestar's behavior and Shadowsight The Silent Thaw, pages 231-232

"I felt it. Tonight I realized—I haven't seen any StarClan cats in my visions. I haven't been to their hunting grounds. I just hear a voice. And see shadows. I can't really explain, but I felt a presence while I was at the Moonpool. It was watching me. It made my fur crawl. I don't know what it was, but it felt too...Too evil to be StarClan. And I've let it guide me. It's been guiding me all along."
―Shadowsight to his father and Puddleshine The Silent Thaw, page 250

"I think [Bramblestar's impostor] chose me to pass on their messages because I’m not as experienced as the other medicine cats. I shouldn't have been so eager to listen."
―Shadowsight to Tigerstar The Silent Thaw, page 252

The impostor: "Wouldn't you agree, Shadowsight? That's right...I can see you. I knew you were trespassing in our territory the minute you appeared in camp."
Shadowsight: "But how?"
The impostor: "Maybe it's because I've been to StarClan and come back more powerful than you can imagine. Maybe it's because I have a connection to those I've killed. Or maybe, it's because spirits can always recognize other spirits."
Shadowsight: "What have you done to Bramblestar?"
The impostor: "All I did was take advantage of an opportunity. You would think Bramblestar would be grateful. I'm living his life so much better than he ever could. But all he could do was moan about wanting his body back."
Shadowsight: "Do you mean you've seen Bramblestar? Have you spoken to him?"
The impostor: "I don't want to give myself away by letting the Clan cats know I can speak to to the dead. So I just ignore Bramblestar and all his bitter muttering. Well, I used to. Before Bramblestar..."
Shadowsight: "What did you do to him? Where is Bramblestar?"
The impostor: "You shouldn't ask what became of Bramblestar. Not unless you want the same thing to happen to you. That cat won't ruin my plans again...and neither will you."
—The impostor threatening Shadowsight Veil of Shadows, pages 166-168

Shadowsight: "Are you saying that my Clan doesn't need me because you're here now?"
Mothwing: "No. But you remember why you were given your medicine-cat name, don't you? Puddleshine made you a full medicine cat because you saved Bramblestar's life. But you didn't save it, didn't you? We know that now. You told Jayfeather and Alderheart to leave him on the moor to freeze the fever out of him."
Shadowsight: "I thought it was the right thing to do. StarClan told me to do it."
Mothwing: ""Ashfur" told you to do it. And you were too inexperienced to know any better."
Tigerstar: "No cat is blaming you. You didn't realize what you were doing."
—Mothwing explaining Shadowsight's demotion Darkness Within, pages 85-86

Shadowsight: "Why?"
Ashfur: "Why what?"
Shadowsight: "Why did you choose me?"
Ashfur: "You were young and impressionable. And you could already share with StarClan. It helped that you were Tigerstar's son. Anyone who questioned you would have had to answer to him. And Tigerstar is so stubborn and loyal, he'd defend you no matter how crazy your visions sounded."
Shadowsight: "Didn't you care what would happen to me?"
Ashfur: "Not at the time."
Shadowsight: "And now? Don't you feel guilty that you've ruined my life?"
Ashfur: "I never feel guilty. And I don't think I've ruined your life."
Shadowsight: ""I" feel like you have."
Ashfur: "Maybe you should stop feeling sorry for yourself. You're still a medicine cat, aren't you? And you're a natural."
Shadowsight: "I am?"
Ashfur: "You've had visions from StarClan since you were a kit. And you were perceptive enough to hear my messages. I may have been smarter than I thought in choosing you. I'm beginning to see that there may be something about you after all. Something very special indeed."
—Shadowsight and Ashfur Darkness Within, pages 92-94

"Please! For so long, I thought I had murdered Bramblestar, because I told the ThunderClan cats to let him freeze in that snow cave on the moor. If I don't do my best to protect Bramblestar's body now, I'll never be able to change that. Yes, I got it wrong that day: I thought I was speaking for StarClan, but all I did was give Ashfur the chance to come back and terrorize all the Clans. Now I have to put it right."
―Shadowsight to his parents The Place of No Stars (book), page 25

"Yes, but he hadn't truly revealed himself then. You know the cat he was pretending to be, but I know the evil cat he is. He deceived me and made me believe he was giving me messages from StarClan. And even when we found out how evil he was, I had to listen to him the whole time I was his healer. Every word was poison, like snake venom dripping into a pool, but it's helped me understand him."
―Shadowsight about his connection to Ashfur The Place of No Stars (book), page 71

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