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Shadowsight is a nervous tom with little faith in himself. He just wants to be normal, like his littermates.[1] He often wonders wether he is the reason for StarClan’s silence, and doesn't understand his visions or the seizures that accompany them.[2]



Tigerstar is proud and protective of his son.[1] He often does everything he can to make things comfortable for Shadowsight, and doesn’t hesitate to help him when he is worried.[3]


"Dovewing can be really embarrassing at times, treating me like I’m still a kit, but I can’t imagine how much it would hurt to lose her."
—Shadowpaw’s thoughts about Dovewing Lost Stars, page 51
Dovewing is supportive and proud of her son.[1]She can be protective of her littlest kit, especially since he is prone to seizures.[4]Shadowsight feels like he can confide in her, and often does. Dovewing always tries to comfort Shadowsight when he comes to her, as she knows all about his tendency to worry.[5]When Dovewing is outed as a codebreaker, Shadowsight is reluctant to share his vision, as he doesn’t want his mother to be put in danger.[6]


"I’m still getting to know you, but I do love you, little one. I will protect you."
—Tawnypelt thinking about Shadowkit Tawnypelt's Clan, page 15
Tawnypelt harbors affection for Shadowsight and his siblings, as they are her kin.[7]Even though she didn’t know them very well as kits due to the fact that they were born in a Twolegplace, she loves them unconditionally.[8]When she sees one of Shadowsight’s seizures, she promises to protect him and do what she thinks is best for him.[8]

Lightleap and Pouncestep

"Hey, Shadowpaw! Come and play with us!"
—Lightleap to Shadowpaw Lost Stars, page 44
Shadowsight often compares himself to his sisters, thinking that they seem much more comfortable and confident in their warrior positions.[9]They are often more cool-headed than their brother, and don’t worry nearly as much as he does.[10]However, they are still supportive, and try to comfort Shadowsight when he is anxious.[10]As kits, they often played together with Shadowsight, and still like to roughhouse together sometimes, even as warriors and medicine cat.[11]


"[Shadowpaw] always enjoyed working with Puddleshine to find, sort, and store the herbs. Treating cats with herbs made him feel calm and in control . . . the opposite of how he felt during his seizures and the accompanying visions."
—Shadowpaw thinking about training with Puddleshine Lost Stars, page 13
Shadowsight enjoys training as a medicine cat under Puddleshine.[12]The scent of herbs make him feel calm and in control, the opposite of how he feels during his visions.[12]Puddleshine is supportive of Shadowsight[13] and straightforward with his apprentice, comforting him when the Moonpool freezes over.[14]However, when Shadowsight reveals that his visions didn’t come from StarClan, Puddleshine begins to wonder if the dark gray tom was ever meant to be a medicine cat.[15]


Shadowsight looked up to Spire when the loner was alive. They both had a connection to StarClan, and Shadowsight was eager to learn from the healer.[16] Shadowsight’s suffix is named after Spiresight.[17]


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