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"The stars have looked down on this place for countless seasons. The stone beneath my paws has stood for endless moons. This great rock did not rise from the ground for me to sit on it. These trees did not grow to give you shelter. The grass did not cover the moor to soften our paw steps. The rabbits didn't hollow burrows for us to shelter in. The forest did not burn to destroy your home. This land isn't ours. We live here for a few short moons then disappear. But the land lives on. It isn't ours to claw into morsels and share like prey. We must honor it and protect it. It feeds us and shelters us. Can we be united in that?"
— Tall Shadow speaking to Clear Sky and his cats at Fourtrees in The First Battle, pages 234-235

Shadowstar, also known as Tall Shadow, is a lithe,[14] sleek and thick-furred,[3] night[15]-black she-cat[3] with vivid,[16] dark[15] green eyes,[3] the color of sunlight on fresh leaves.[17]

Shadowstar was the first leader of ShadowClan in the forest territories. Originally known as Tall Shadow, she was born in the Ancient Tribe and had a brother, Moon Shadow. She was one of the first to agree to leave the mountains, and after Shaded Moss' death on the journey, she took over as leader of the group. Tall Shadow made her camp on the moor and was distrustful of strangers, turning away those who wished to join. After Moon Shadow's death, she willingly stepped down from leadership, handing it to Gray Wing; however, she and Gray Wing later became co-leaders of the group.

During a deadly battle against Clear Sky's group, Tall Shadow wasn't hesitant to kill in order to survive, which resulted her in killing Fircone. Once the groups began to split, she chose to live in the pines, and her group was renamed ShadowClan. Tall Shadow received her nine lives and became Shadowstar; however, after becoming suspicious of Quick Water and her attempts to kill her, Shadowstar started a battle between the Clans. Shadowstar and Quick Water killed each other, making her the first leader to lose her nine lives and ascended to StarClan. She later gave Blackstar a life for leadership, and urged her Clan's independence following its absorption into SkyClan.


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Dawn of the Clans

"Two things drive all creatures. Fear and greed."
―Tall Shadow speaking about Clear Sky to Shattered Ice and Gray Wing The First Battle, page 188
Tall Shadow is a member of the Ancient Tribe and participates on the journey to follow the Sun Trail. When the group's leader, Shaded Moss, dies, she takes over and helps them settle in their new home. She becomes bitter and doubtful towards loners and rogues and disagrees with Clear Sky's decision to move to the forest with half of their cats. Soon after, Moon Shadow, Tall Shadow's brother, dies after he is severely burned by a forest fire, causing Tall Shadow to fall into a deep depression and gives up her leadership duties to Gray Wing.
As she heals from Moon Shadow's death, she assists Gray Wing with the leadership as his health declines and leads the battle against Clear Sky with Thunder and Gray Wing. The battle is stopped when spirit cats of their fallen friends appeared and demand the leaders to unify. Afterwards, Tall Shadow decides she wants to move to the pines across the Thunderpath and meets her nephew, Sun Shadow, Moon Shadow's son, soon after. She helps lead her new group to find the blazing star and against One Eye and Slash. Her group is named ShadowClan, and herself appointed leader of it.

Super Editions

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In Moth Flight's Vision, Tall Shadow accepts Pebble Heart when Moth Flight announces him to be ShadowClan's medicine cat. She allows Moth Flight to stay in ShadowClan's camp as she grieved for Micah's death. Tall Shadow later gains her nine lives and the name of Shadowstar. She also allows one of Moth Flight's kits, Bubbling Stream, to join the Clan when her mother separates her and her littermates.


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"I did everything I could, and it meant something: ShadowClan will go on. My lives have been truly worthwhile."
―Shadowstar in StarClan Shadowstar's Life, page 300
In Shadowstar's Life, Shadowstar and her deputy, Sun Shadow, are attacked by dogs, and the latter dies. She recalls a pair of amber eyes watching them die and becomes increasingly paranoid at the thought of someone wanting her dead and avoids picking Sun Shadow's successor. Shadowstar admits to Pebble Heart that she is on her ninth life, and ShadowClan might crumble if she dies. A cat pushes Shadowstar onto the Thunderpath, but she narrowly avoids death, and Raven Pelt reveals it was Quick Water. Skystar exiles her, and Shadowstar appoints Raven Pelt as the new deputy, grateful for his loyalty to her and his devotion to ShadowClan. ShadowClan and WindClan go to war with SkyClan and ThunderClan over Quick Water, and Shadowstar and Quick Water kill each other. Shadowstar forgives Quick Water in StarClan, leaving Raven Pelt to lead ShadowClan in her place.

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Shadowstar is intelligent and reserved. She has a strong bond with her brother Moon Shadow, and her friend Gray Wing. For more information, click here!




Unnamed tom:[20] Status unknown


Moon Shadow:[7] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Dancing Leaf:[21] Deceased, residence unknown
Sun Shadow:[21] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Crow Muzzle:[21] Deceased, residence unknown


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



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"My name is Shadow. How should we unite, unless we have a leader? I can hunt in the depths of the darkest night. Let Shadow rule the forest!"
―Shadow, suggesting that she should rule the forest Secrets of the Clans, page 4

Moon Shadow: "Who died and put you in charge?"
Tall Shadow: "Shaded Moss, actually. And it's not a position I ever asked for."
—Moon Shadow and Tall Shadow arguing The Sun Trail, page 191

"You should always put your own family and friends first—every cat knows that! It's far more important than the good of the larger group."
―Tall Shadow, commenting on Clear Sky's reasoning for exiling Jagged Peak from his group The Sun Trail, page 288

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"In life, they were torn apart; in death, they will be united."
―Tall Shadow as the dead are buried The Blazing Star, page 7

"She did it because she's a Clan cat. You've all been so worried about the Twolegs taking your territory. Form the lives she knows I've lost, maybe she decided I could be close to my last. Perhaps she thought the opportunity was worth breaking our new code. If Sun Shadow and I had both died, ShadowClan would have been without a leader. It would have been easy to move in and take our territory."
―Shadowstar to SkyClan about Quick Water's treachery Shadowstar's Life, page 261

Shadowstar: "We are prepared. But I have to tell you something. This is my last life. I want you to know that you are the right cat to lead this Clan."
Raven Pelt: "No. I'll do everything I can to protect you. You can survive this battle!"
Shadowstar: "Whether I survive or not doesn't really matter anymore. I appreciate your loyalty, but you can't let that affect your ability to lead ShadowClan. You have to be ready to become leader if you must."
Raven Pelt: "I'll try to be ready. But I don't know that I'm strong enough to take your place."
Shadowstar: "You are ready. And you will be a strong leader. Just never forget to follow what you know is right. Never put anything—not even your own life—above your Clan. StarClan will guide you."
Raven Pelt: "I hope that this last life of yours is a long one and I don't have to lead for many moons. But, even if it happens tomorrow, I promise to do my best. I will guide and protect ShadowClan and follow the code."
Shadowstar: "I know you will."
—Raven Pelt and Shadowstar before the fight Shadowstar's Life, page 286

"The warrior code is what keeps us from being rogues. It makes us Clan cats. If we don't follow the code, the Clans will be more lost than we would be without our territory."
―Shadowstar's thoughts as she dies Shadowstar's Life, page 294

"The other first leaders and I led groups of cats, each group finding the place; moor, forest, river, or marsh best suited to those cats’ characters and abilities. These groups, which would become the five Clans, then united in purpose for all our survival. Only by working together, five separate but connected groups, like the petals of the blazing star, could we survive. Now you, not just ShadowClan, but the ancestors of all the Clans, must send a message to the living cats. There must be five Clans! ShadowClan must be saved!"
―Shadowstar to the StarClan spirits River of Fire, page 4

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  1. Gray Wing became co-leaders with Tall Shadow, and she willingly stepped down to lead with him.[12]

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