"Even apart, the Clans survive. They remember the code, and they look after their Clanmates. And they'll be united again."
Gray Wing to Shadowstar and Quick Water in Shadowstar's Life, chapter 10
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Chapter Number: 10 (of 10)
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Chapter description

Shadowstar opens her eyes, knowing she's died for the last time and that she's in StarClan. She feels content at the thought of Raven Pelt leading her Clan and knowing they'll watch each other. Quick Water is beside her, shivering and wondering if her ancestors will ever forgive her for what she's done. Shadowstar touches her, stating the Clans will go on and she's sure StarClan will forgive her. However Quick Water doubts that'll happen since she killed her twice, along with Sun Shadow, but Shadowstar says the Clans knew she was sorry, but she may owe Sun Shadow an apology. The latter suddenly appears alongside them, with Gray Wing flanking him. Quick Water apologizes to Sun Shadow and Gray Wing, explaining how careless she'd became and how she doesn't deserve their forgiveness.
Instead, Gray Wing tells the two she-cats he wants to show them something, and he leads them to a pool. Shadowstar watches as the pool reflects the forest, and SkyClan's territory being ripped up by Twolegs. The pool then shows a group of cats heading towards new lands. Shadowstar wonders where Skystar is, but instead finds a tom with cloud-shaped white patches. Quick Water states they aren't SkyClan, but Gray Wing corrects her and says they are. He adds that it is a future generation of SkyClan going to another place, and someday the other Clans will follow in their pawsteps. Shadowstar wonders if her efforts to save her Clan were pointless, but Gray Wing says her legacy will be remembered and all the Clans will have faith in the code.
Quick Water is heartbroken at the thought of her Clan leaving, but Gray Wing advises her to look at the pool. The pool has now changed to a territory with a lake, and cats in forests, moors, and rivers going about their daily lives. Shadowstar realizes these cats are Clan cats. Then, the cat who led SkyClan away from the forest arrives at the lake with his Clan, and Shadowstar breathes they're going to return. Gray Wing nods his head, stating the Clans will always be united. Moon Shadow approaches his sister, making all her fear dissolve. Shadowstar is content, knowing her efforts have paid off and the Clans will always survive.





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