"But there was a more pressing matter now. A SkyClan cat—Quick Water—had just tried to kill her. Thinking back on the dogs that had tracked her and Sun Shadow through the woods, and the amber eyes that had watched them die, Shadowstar wondered if maybe this hasn't been the first time."
Shadowstar thinking about Quick Water's attack in Shadowstar's Life, chapter 4
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Chapter Number: 4 (of 10)
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Chapter description

Mud Paws complains about the area his Clanmates are in, but Shadowstar reminds him about the plentiful rat population. She notes that Twolegs often drop trash in a big pile behind a shiny fence where rats often live. As the leader continues onward, Raven Pelt asks if they will give up any territory, and Shadowstar replies she hopes not and that Skystar will agree to her plan. She remembers watching the Twolegs the previous day, and thinks that bringing sensible warriors with her is a good idea. Shadowstar whispers to Pebble Heart she forgot how bleak the place is, noting that medicine cats only came this far to Highstones for meetings.
She describes the barren area, making Mud Paws fret about being away from ShadowClan territory. Pebble Heart states SkyClan will have to move, as the Moonstone cannot be on any Clan's land. Shadowstar silently thinks Skystar will not want this as his territory and orders Pebble Heart, Mud Paws, and Raven Pelt to look for herbs in the area, while she examines the land beyond the Thunderpath. The black she-cat reassures them she'll be fine, leaving to search ahead. However, she only finds a monster whizzing by on the Thunderpath and no sign of rogues. Apprehension overtakes Shadowstar, but she calms herself down, knowing there are no cats watching her. Suddenly, a force shoves the she-cat onto the Thunderpath, into the path of a monster.
The leader crouches and prepares to die, but seconds later finds the monster has missed her, and she is not in StarClan. Shadowstar walks off the Thunderpath, realizing she was pushed and the cat tried to murder her. Out of nowhere she is slammed to the ground, and she desperately scratches her attacker to get away. Her Clanmates arrive, and Raven Pelt chases his leader's attacker. Through the rain, Shadowstar sees a gray-and-white pelt and shock runs through her as she realizes it is Quick Water. She is shaken, wondering if the SkyClan warrior betrayed her and if they are now enemies. Raven Pelt returns as Pebble Heart inquires if Shadowstar is in pain, confirming Quick Water was the cat seen by them. She praises the black tom, thinking that he may be her perfect choice for deputy.
However, that thought drifts away as she thinks about Quick Water's attack, remembering the amber eyes that watched her and Sun Shadow die, and she wonders if this hasn't been the first time.





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