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In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

After Stoneteller makes her announcement about the journey and Shaded Moss agrees to lead them, Tall Shadow leaps to her paws, tense with excitement, and says that she'll go. The next morning, Gray Wing wakes to hear the excited chatter of cats. He sees Tall Shadow, Cloud Spots, Dappled Pelt, and Snow Hare sitting together. Tall Shadow rises to her paws and says that she wonders what kind of new hunting techniques they'd need to learn. Snow Hare teases her by telling her she'd always been so good at creeping up on things she'd be able to sneak up on the prey while it's sleeping, and Tall Shadow tells her she might do that.
As Bright Stream and Clear Sky are returning to the waterfall, they see a group of cats made up of Shaded Moss, Clear Sky, Dappled Pelt, Rainswept Flower, and Turtle Tail. They are climbing a ridge to find the best way out of the mountains.
When Moon Shadow and Dewy Leaf argue over Moon Shadow leaving, Twisted Branch mews that Dewy Leaf had a point, and that cats with responsibilities should stay. Tall Shadow snaps at Twisted Branch, asking if she thinks they were irresponsible to leave.
After the cats agree to vote on whether or not the cats wishing to leave the mountains should go, Stoneteller tells Bright Stream and Gray Wing to collect enough pebbles for every cat. When they have collected enough they bring them back to the cave a few at a time, then Shaded Moss and Tall Shadow collect them in a pile at Stoneteller's paws, their gazes solemn.
When Stoneteller is speaking to the cats who are leaving, she touches her nose to each of their shoulders and tells them to each find a place where their strengths blossom, mentioning Tall Shadow's gift for stalking and guile.
When Gray Wing and Jagged Peak catch up to the cats following the sun trail, the traveling cats come up to meet them. Tall Shadow remarks that they did well coming all the way by themselves.
The next morning, as the cats are traveling, Moon Shadow is boasting about scaring of an eagle, and Tall Shadow, loping along behind him, makes no comment on his boasting. Gray Wing remembers that back in the cave she rarely ever spoke, but when she did she was worth listening to. He wonders how one litter could produce one fuzz-brain and one intelligent cat.
When Clear Sky begins to explain his plan to get rid of the eagles he tells the cats that he thought four cats could bring down one eagle. He says that he, Tall Shadow, Quick Water, and Jackdaw's Cry could all jump high and, together, had the strength to pull down a bird. After Bright Stream is taken by the eagle Clear Sky and Tall Shadow come running to meet them, Clear Sky exclaiming that they had killed the eagle. Even Tall Shadow is excited, her green eyes gleaming.
When Clear Sky emerges into the open the next morning he turns away from the eagle's body at first, but Tall Shadow nudges him towards the dead bird until he crouches and eats a few mouthfuls.
She is seen climbing a pine tree in order to get a better view of the path ahead. She tells the group that she can see the way out of the mountains. Moon Shadow asks her which way they are to go, and Tall Shadow replies that they are to go down a slope, and explains triumphantly the directions they will take. She exclaims that it is flat land down there. Later on, Gray Wing offers her fresh-kill, but she turns it down, telling him that they all had eaten well last night.
Later on, when the group is attempting to cross the Thunderpath, Jagged Peak exclaims that the monsters were too much for the cats. Tall Shadow snorts at this, stating that the monsters weren't very intelligent by the looks of things, and says that they must outwit them. Once they have crossed and found shelter, cats complain of hunger, causing Hawk Swoop to pipe up, saying that they should never have entered Twolegplace. Tall Shadow points out that this was their best chance of shelter. They encounter fierce-looking kittypets as Moon Shadow goes off on his own, and Tall Shadow goes with Gray Wing and Clear Sky to fend them off. After the kittypets flee, Tall Shadow snaps at her brother, asking him why he had gone off on his own.
After Shaded Moss is hit by a monster, Tall Shadow is one of the cats Gray Wing blocks from running across the Thunderpath. After looking both ways, Tall Shadow darts onto the Thunderpath and drags Shaded Moss into the long grass. As the cats are saying good-bye to their friend, Tall Shadow mentions that no cat could've led them better and the he was the one who brought them out if the mountains.
As they continue on the journey, Tall Shadow continues to limp on her injured paw but showed no sign of pain.
After spotting trees, Tall Shadow takes the lead, still limping on her injured paw. Dappled Pelt declares that she would find herbs to heal her paw when they get there. When Jagged Peak scurries ahead of her, Tall Shadow snaps at him, saying he didn't know what danger might be waiting. 
When Jackdaw's Cry stops at the mouth of a hole, Tall Shadow says they aren't rabbits. After they move off again, Dappled Pelt tells Tall Shadow she shouldn't walk much farther on her injured paw. Tall Shadow says okay, but insists on going to the stretch of moorland at the edge of the forest. When they come to another Twolegplace and Moon Shadow scents dog, Tall Shadow says they won't go near it, and leads them around in a wide circle. When the cats split into groups to cross the Thunderpath, Tall Shadow goes with Clear Sky's group along with Quick Water, Cloud Spots, and Jackdaw's Cry. Clear Sky runs alongside Tall Shadow, making sure she doesn't lag behind.
When night begins to fall, Tall Shadow says they can rest and explore and decide whether it is the place Stoneteller meant for them to find. A few days later when Gray Wing runs into two rogues, Wind and Gorse, while hunting, Tall Shadow asks if he is having trouble. It is mentioned that her paw had healed, and she looked formidable, her green eyes narrowing as she faced the hostile cats. When Gray Wing begins to argue with them. Tall Shadow tells them to leave or they would make them. Tall Shadow watches the rogues leave until a fold in the mood blocks them from sight. She then lead the way back to the hollow on the moor. Gray Wing is glad that Tall Shadow and Hawk Swoop had shown up before a fight started. Hawk Swoop later tells the story to the rest of the cats and says that Tall Shadow made the rogues leave. Cloud Spots says that if they hadn't turned up, Gray Wing could've been seriously hurt. 
When Moon Shadow brings two squirrels to the hollow and shows them to Tall Shadow, she questions him, asking where he got them. When he tells her he caught them in the woodland, she snaps at him, saying he shouldn't have gone there alone. She then says that from then on they would hunt in groups. When asks who died and put Tall Shadow in charge she replies that Shaded Moss did. Gray Wing wonders if Shaded Moss actually made Tall Shadow his successor, believing the she-cat would not lie. Despite the rising tension, no cat challenges Tall Shadow. 
When Gray Wing and Clear Sky return from hunting, they find Tall Shadow arguing with her brother. He complains about being sick of eating rabbits and getting wet, and Tall Shadow coldly says it's not that easy. Moon Shadow says all Tall Shadow does is order them around. Hawk Swoop steps between them, telling Moon Shadow all he ever does is argue. She says that everyone is tired of hearing them argue. She says they know how to catch birds. Several cats step forward, and Clear Sky asks Tall Shadow if she is ok with this. She shrugs and says they can hunt whatever they like, but they must stay out of the trees. 
After Moon Shadow has a fight with the forest cats, Tall Shadow says that he has been told time and time again and still doesn't listen. When Moon Shadow says it's a flea-brained order, Tall Shadow agrees that they should hunt in the forest more often, but he is not to go off on his own again. The next morning Moon Shadow announced that he is going hunting. Before Tall Shadow can argue, Clear Sky, Jagged Peak, Quick Water, and Shattered Ice offer to go with him. Tall Shadow wishes the luck after a moment's hesitation. 
One morning, Clear Sky and Moon Shadow approach Tall Shadow, saying they have something to say. Tall Shadow looks up from where her and Rainswept Flower are picking thorns out of their pads, and tells them they may speak. When the two say they should go live among the trees for better hunting and shelter, Tall Shadow objects, saying they've always lived in high places. Eventually she decides they will cast stones to decide whether they move to the forest or not. She tells each cat to either put their stone in a bare patch of grass nearby if they wish to stay or in a gorse bush nearby if they want to leave. She starts, putting her stone in the bare patch. After everyone casts their votes, Tall Shadow looks at the piles and announces that they are staying. The cats who casted a vote to leave say they should still get to leave like in the mountains. Tall Shadow sadly tells them to leave, and says they may come back whenever.
When the leaving cats depart, Tall Shadow is one of the cats to come say good-bye. She wishes them good hunting and shelter and says there will always be a place for them on the moor. 
When Wind and Gorse visits the hollow, Tall Shadow asks why they are there. When Gray Wing introduces them, Tall Shadow narrows her eyes and says that they are the cats who accused them of stealing prey. When the rogues announce that they are sorry and have brought prey to share, she welcomes them, Cooley. Eventually the mountain cats grow more friendly towards Wind and Gorse, and even Tall Shadow relaxes to take a few mouthful of prey. 
While Gray Wing is waiting for Storm, Tall Shadow comes and asks for him to walk with her. She says she needs to talk to him. Gray Wing follows her through the forest and along the edge of the moor. She asks him about the new cats living with Clear Sky and Moon Shadow. He explains that he told her all he knew, and that they seemed to have settled in well. Tall Shadow surprises Gray Wing by asking if they should invite Wing and Gorse to live with them in the hollow. Gray Wing thinks that Tall Shadow was the last cat who would want to do that and that she hadn't been particularly welcoming when he had brought the rogues for a visit. When he says that it's not natural for them and that in the mountains, there were no other cats so it is hard to invite strangers in. Tall Shadow agrees and said that they should consider it, and it would be helpful to hunt together and that they would be stronger if dogs or foxes attacked. She adds that she wished Shaded Moss was still with, that he would know what to do. Gray Wing says it would be just as strange with him and that they should trust their instincts like Stoneteller said. She says sharply that her instincts say they shouldn't be hasty about letter other cats live with them yet. Gray Wing says it's fine by him, but asks himself about Storm. 
Gray Wing mentions Tall Shadow to Storm, saying he wanted to invite her to the hollow, but Tall Shadow was being a bit edgy about strangers. Later, when Turtle Tail leaves, Gray Wing remembers that things change and Tall Shadow will understand if Storm is his mate. 
When Jagged Peak comes to the hollow and explains how Clear Sky threw him out, Tall Shadow says that it's terrible that Clear Sky would throw out his own brother. Tall Shadow says that he is welcome in the hollow and Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots could do something to help his leg when they returned from collecting herbs. Jagged Peak thanks her before joining Gray Wing under a gorse bush. After he was sure his brother was okay, Gray Wing tells Tall Shadow he is going to speak with Clear Sky. When he returned, Tall Shadow was waiting for him and asks what Clear Sky said. Gray Wing tells her and says that he can't believe he had to go 'for the good of the group.' Tall Shadow agrees and says family and friends should be put first and that's more important than the good of a larger group. 
When Gray Wing brings Thunder to camp, Tall Shadow asks who he is and where he came from. He explains to her that he was Clear Sky's kit. After hearing his story, Tall Shadow tells everyone that they must decide whether or not Thunder may stay. When Gray Wing says that he will leave if Thunder must leave, Tall Shadow says there is no need for that. He demands that if he is to stay, she must let Thunder stay. Tall Shadow asks if any cat objects. No cat argues when Rainswept Flower asks what sort of cats they would be if they refuse to help him. Tall Shadow announces that it is agreed and Thunder is one of them now. 

Thunder Rising

Hawk Swoop and Tall Shadow are seen by Gray Wing, grooming themselves while talking to each other.
Turtle Tail and Gray Wing return to the camp to find Hawk Swoop, Dappled Pelt, Cloud Spots, and Rainswept Flower gathered in front of Tall Shadow, who is instructing the cats to gather more power in their hind legs so they can deal with an enemy who creeps up behind them. She tells Rainswept Flower to try again. Rainswept Flower kicks against a large piece of bark - propped against a big rock by Tall Shadow - and sends scraps of the bark into the air. Tall Shadow praises Rainswept Flower and tells Cloud Spots that it was his turn to try. Turtle Tail says to Gray Wing that she's surprised to see Tall Shadow teaching fighting techniques. Before Gray Wing has the chance to respond, Shattered Ice runs up to Tall Shadow, shouting that a cat was found on their territory, pointing to Turtle Tail with his tail.
Tall Shadow pads over to Turtle Tail, while the rest of the group gathers around them. Gray Wing, impressed by how noble and dignified she looks, clearly confident in herself as the leader, thinks she could not possibly be welcoming to the Turtle Tail. Tall Shadow dips her head to Turtle Tail, greeting her politely. She notices that Turtle Tail is pregnant, and congratulates her, asking who the father is. Turtle Tail says that there is no father; at least, not a father she wants involved in the kits' lives. Tall Shadow exchanges a glance with Gray Wing, showing she understands Turtle Tail's refusal to tell the group who the father was. She turns to the other cats and tells them that Turtle Tail has returned to them, and that she is expecting kits. She comments on how the kits will strengthen the group. Shattered Ice protests, stating that the kits will only be more mouths to feed. Angered, Tall Shadow turns to him and tells him that if he is so concerned about food, he should go hunt. Shattered Ice begins to protest again, but is silenced by Tall Shadow's warning glance.
After Shattered Ice leaves to go hunt, Tall Shadow beckons Turtle Tail over to a patch of moss, and Gray Wing follows. The three cats watch Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail chase butterflies while they sit together. Jagged Peak limps over to them, and Turtle Tail notices his injury. The pregnant she-cat asks what happened, and states that she thought he was living with Clear Sky. Jagged Peak begins to explain what happened, but cannot finish the story, clearly upset. Tall Shadow says that Clear Sky wants only healthy cats, so Jagged Peak came to the moorland cats. She says that it might take a while, but Jagged Peak will get better. She looks kindly at the injured tom, who nods. Turtle Tail apologizes to Jagged Peak, clearly sympathetic.
Tall Shadow asks Turtle Tail what she thinks of their new home, asking if they'd changed much since she'd left. She goes on to say that it is good to see Turtle Tail back, and that she'd love to hear about what made the queen want to return to them. Turtle Tail avoids Tall Shadow's questions, instead asking if Tall Shadow and Gray Wing if they were glad they left the mountains. The pregnant she-cat continues, recalling what Stoneteller had told the group, and how she had been praised on her speed and sharp eyes. After a moment, Turtle Tail's happiness fades from her face, to which Tall Shadow asks her what's wrong. Turtle Tail says how she isn't sure how she can use her strengths to benefit the group, motioning to her swollen belly. Tall Shadow says that Turtle Tail still has her sharp eyes, and that her skills are needed in the group more than ever. She looks around thoughtfully, saying that she needs a cat to be the ears and eyes of the hollow; someone to watch the horizon and report back to her, asking if Turtle Tail would do that. Confused, the queen asks why the hollow needs to be watched. Tall Shadow tells her that things are not as happy as they seem; even though cats are well fed and cared for, the times had changed. She mentions Clear Sky, and how his cats have made it clear that the forest belongs to them, and if a cat is seen on their territory, they will be driven off.
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The First Battle

Tall Shadow is first seen during the talk about Clear Sky where she growls softly and says that Wind Runner may be right and if they think about making a stand now, Clear Sky will think twice about attacking them. Gray Wing then argues and says that he won't attack. A little bit later, Wind Runner says that we still haven't decided what to do with Clear Sky. Turtle Tail turns to Gray Wing and asks what his plan is. Tall Shadow steps closer to Gray Wing and says that Gray Wing had agreed to stop Clear Sky before more damage is done. Gray Wing then has a flash back about how Tall Shadow had led them from the mountains. Gray Wing remembers that he could hardly believe it when she had asked asked him to be leader, and that with the death of her brother, Moon Shadow, her old energy had returned.
Gray Wing suggests that if Clear Sky's moving boundaries they'll have to know where he'll move to next. Tall Shadow then asks how. Once Gray Wing starts to mark his plan in the dirt it says that Wind Runner and Tall Shadow hopped backward to give him room. Once Gray Wing starts explaining the markings, Tall Shadow nods.
Thunder comes back from the forest with Frost, Tall Shadow is mentioned to have padded near Thunder. Later Gray Wing tells Tall Shadow he must speak to her. Gray Wing tells Tall Shadow that he wants to meet with Clear Sky and see if he can set borders with words instead of claws. Tall Shadow questions if that's safe. Tall Shadow then tells Gray Wing to bring others with him just in case. Gray Wing hesitates the Tall Shadow insisted to bring her and Thunder.
Tall Shadow hides in the shadows as they met Clear Sky and Tall Shadow realizes that Clear Sky's whole camp was there. He threatens to attack and soon does so. Tall Shadow tries to hold Clear Sky and other cats back. Tall Shadow growls that Thunder needs to go and get the camp and tell them that they needed backup. So Tall Shadow and Gray Wing crawl up at the top of the rock and start fighting cats. She eventually kills a cat right in front of Thunder, explaining that he had to fight or die.
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The Blazing Star

Tall Shadow first appears saying that it's time to bury the dead. Thunder later says that there are so many cats to bury and how can they protect them. Tall Shadow stretches her foreleg and slides out her claws. She then says that this is what spilled the blood and this is what will make things right. Thunder wonders how. Tall Shadow continues on and says that no matter how long it takes, they will make a giant hole in the ground so all the fallen cats will be united. She then adds that in life they were torn apart, but in death they will be united.
Holly shows the Clan some moves, and they are excited to be learning them. Gray Wing brings up the Blazing Star and what the riddle means. They eventually decide to make a patrol after Mud Paws claims that it's a flower across the Thunderpath. Clear Sky appears when Thunder, Pebble Heart, Mouse Ear and Tall Shadow are walking to find the plant across the Thunderpath; however, One Eye appears catching a bird and Pebble Heart screeches that it is sick. The cats head off with Clear Sky and find the Blazing Star plant and talk about what it could mean. They grab a few to bring back to their cats and Clear Sky brings up they should bring River Ripple a flower. Tall Shadow thinks it's a good idea.
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A Forest Divided

Tall Shadow is first seen by Clear Sky while the founding leaders are sharing a dream with the spirit cats. Clear Sky mentions that she looked surprised, as though just awakening.
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Path of Stars

Gray Wing notes that Tall Shadow's scent, along with Clear Sky's, are on the moor. She and Clear Sky run into Wind Runner's camp, and Tall Shadow tells Gray Wing that Fern had left her group shortly after Gray Wing did. Gray Wing asks why, and Tall Shadow replies that she had seemed frightened and unsettled. Gray Wing informs Clear Sky that Fern was being used by Slash, which shocks Tall Shadow. At the four trees, Tall Shadow joins Clear Sky along with the other leaders. Slash emerges, asking Clear Sky if the other leaders care if Star Flower never returned. Clear Sky tells him that he brought them due to Slash's commands, and Slash snorts, saying he just wanted to see if they appeared.
When Slash introduces his demands of his share of the prey the mountain cats catch, everyone is horrified by this and they think that they will starve. Slash argues that the mountain cats shouldn't grow fat on the prey from his land. Tall Shadow replies angrily by saying that there is hardly enough prey for themselves and certainly not enough to share with Slash and his rogues.

In the Power of Three arc

Long Shadows

She appears in the prologue, meeting with the other three original leaders, Thunder, Wind, and River. The four leaders argue with the badger, Midnight, who told a loner, Sol, of the Clans. Sol sought out the Clans that Midnight told him of, and has convinced ShadowClan to give up their belief in StarClan. The four leaders are angry and worried for the Clans as Sol now holds much power, and the leaders are angry at Midnight for telling Sol their secrets. Shadow says that she wants to rip Midnight's throat out for what she has done, but knows that it won't change anything.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

River of Fire

In StarClan, as Needletail, Dawnpelt, and Beenose argue with other spirits over the fate of ShadowClan, Shadowstar appears, commanding them to stop. She walks with neat steps, stars flowing through her black pelt, and Needletail asks Blackstar quietly asks who she is, and the former ShadowClan leader replies that she is no ShadowClan cat if he's ever seen one. This causes Shadowstar to introduce herself as ShadowClan's first leader, and the spirits take a step back, some murmuring in astonishment; Yellowfang dips her head, and even Needletail appears awed. Shadowstar looks at Needletail rather sternly as she goes on, informing her that she shouldn't blame others so easily, and the loss of ShadowClan is about more than Rowanclaw's failings or the loss of the territory. She finishes that ShadowClan was always meant to be one of the five Clans since the beginning.
The ShadowClan cats looks uncertainly at each other, and Yellowfang asks why she came to tell them this. Shadowstar explains that she was one of the original leaders of groups that settled in the moors, forests, river, and marshes, becoming the Clans they know today. The black she-cat meows that they survived by working together like the petals of the blazing star, and all the ancestors of the Clans must send a message to the living. Her green eyes burning, Shadowstar adds that there must be five Clans, and ShadowClan must be saved.
Dawnpelt mews that it's too late while Blackstar points out that they've already given them a prophecy, but are being ignored. Lashing her tail Shadowstar growls that worse things than a storm will come if her Clan isn't saved; it will mean the end of all the Clans, and if there are no more living cats, it will mean the end of StarClan itself, leaving the other spirits stunned at her words.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Moth Flight imagines Tall Shadow in her bramble den after Half Moon tells her to bring all the medicine cats to the Moonstone.
Tall Shadow leads Pebble Heart, Raven Pelt, Juniper Branch, Mud Paws, and Mouse Ear to a Gathering. When Moth Flight announces that the spirit cats have told her that each Clan needs a medicine cat, she instantly shows reluctance, wondering why the spirit cats told Moth Flight, and not any of the Clan leaders. Despite Moth Flight trying to convince all of the Clans, Tall Shadow assumes that the spirit cats have nothing to say, since they had only spoken with the Clan leaders before, and are no longer speaking to them.
When the idea of medicine cats is fully established, Tall Shadow acknowledges their status and power, and the ability of the spirit cats to speak to them. She announces Pebble Heart as ShadowClan's new medicine cat.
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In the Novellas

Thunderstar's Echo

Shadowstar and her deputy, Sun Shadow, lead ShadowClan to the Gathering. Shadowstar leaps up to join the other Clan leaders on the Great Rock, when Thunderstar says he wants to be the first to speak. Shadowstar asks with a purr if he wants to start with the news of his kits being born. When the ThunderClan leader announces that his deputy, Lightning Tail, has died, he mentions that he kept vigil over the black tom's body. Shadowstar then suggests that all the Clans could hold vigils for their dead, and show their fallen warriors respect by spending one last night with them before they join StarClan. She also points out that Thunderstar will have to appoint a new deputy because he will need assistance running the Clan.

Shadowstar's Life

Shadowstar speaks with Skystar after a Gathering about the growing problem of Twolegs in SkyClan territory. Skystar wishes for Shadowstar to stand with him at the next meeting to make this threat known to the others. As she and Sun Shadow head back to camp, they are attacked by dogs. As she and her deputy attempt to fight them off, Shadowstar spots amber eyes watching them in the distance. They both die and wake up in StarClan and are greeted by Gray Wing and Moon Shadow. Gray Wing confesses his fears about the future of ShadowClan, and by extension the rest of the Clans, of what would happen after Shadowstar loses her ninth life.
At Sun Shadow's vigil, Shadowstar internally questions some of her warriors' loyalty since some of them have amber eyes. She notices Mouse Ear and Juniper Branch attempting to organize patrols, hoping to impress Shadowstar to be named deputy. She scolds them for fighting, and leads a hunting patrol. They hunt near where Sun Shadow had died and twists her leg while lost in her memories. While stuck in Pebble Heart's den for half a moon, she confesses her worries to her medicine cat. Shadowstar is worried about picking a new deputy because that cat would one day lead ShadowClan. She also tells Pebble Heart she's on her last life having not disclosed two lost lives to him.
At the Gathering, Thunderstar reassures her that he had a difficult time picking a new deputy after Lightning Tail's death. She agrees to witness the Twolegs on SkyClan territory herself before agreeing to anything else. She, Mud Paws, Raven Pelt and Pebble Heart look for a new home for SkyClan by Highstones after observing the Twolegs. Shadowstar muses how unsuitable the territory is, and while observing the Thunderpath, a cat shoves her onto it as a car drives over her. She attempts to fight off her attacker and her Clanmates rush to save her. Shadowstar recognizes the cat as Quick Water, and Raven Pelt chases her away.
The patrol heads to SkyClan's camp to confront Skystar, and Shadowstar wonders if her old friend ordered Quick Water to kill her. She also concludes it was Quick Water who watched her and Sun Shadow die. Skystar eventually agrees with Shadowstar after Quick Water fails to provide an alibi, and exiles her. That night, Shadowstar appoints Raven Pelt as her new deputy. Pebble Heart has a dream of the Clans falling apart, and Shadowstar questions if the threat is neutralized or not.
She and Raven Pelt go to Thunderstar to tell them about SkyClan's situation when they detect Quick Water's scent. They discover Thunderstar is harboring Quick Water and despite Shadowstar and Raven Pelt's outcries, refuses to get rid of her. Shadowstar calls an emergency Gathering to announce Quick Water's treachery, and to her surprise, Skystar allows Quick Water to return. She wonders if SkyClan and ThunderClan were plotting against her, and Windstar agrees to stand with ShadowClan. During the fight, the two she-cats deliver fatal blows to each other and die. Quick Water apologies and Gray Wing and Sun Shadow welcome them in StarClan. Gray Wing shows SkyClan's future to Shadowstar, and confirms the Clan will live on.

In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Shadow is mentioned briefly, along with Thunder, Wind, River, and Sky, after the great battle at the dawn of Clans. The spirits of those killed in the battle compel the remaining cats to be at peace. She, along with the other four new leaders, vow to create their Clans and find ways to stop the fighting.

The Ultimate Guide

It is mentioned on Gray Wing's page that Tall Shadow stepped back from leading the cats on the moor to take care of her injured brother. Gray Wing emerged as leader in her place.
On her own page, the narrator describes Tall Shadow as a thick-furred, black female with green eyes, and explains how she left the mountains and joined the retreating group. She is described as a watchful and a thoughtful cat, rather uneasy and suspicious of strangers, and was always the last one to accept foreign cats into their group. However, this caused a quarrel among Tall Shadow's group, which led to some cats wanting Gray Wing to take Tall Shadow's place. But Tall Shadow's uneasiness wasn't all that caused arguments - it was also her insistence on watching the camp, in which other cats felt she should be taking her duties as a leader more seriously.
When Moon Shadow dies, Tall Shadow's anxiety and grief was too much to bear, and willingly gave Gray Wing leadership over the moor cats, but afterwards, she resumed her authority among the cats and joined Gray Wing as equal leaders. Somewhere along the road, Tall Shadow becomes the first leader of ShadowClan - Shadow, and led her cats to the pine forest across the Thunderpath to live.
It is mentioned on Dappled Pelt's and Cloud Spot's shared page that Dappled Pelt stayed with Tall Shadow's group and stayed loyal, even after being taken care of by Clear Sky's cats. It is also mentioned on Gorse Fur's page that he followed Wind Runner wherever she went, from Tall Shadow's and Gray Wing's group to elsewhere.
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