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Interesting facts

  • She is the first of the original leaders to lose all their lives.[1]

Author statements

  • Kate stated that she respected Tall Shadow, but her distance as a character held Kate back from feeling fond of her.[blog 1]
  • On her blog, Kate Cary confirmed that Tall Shadow will have a point of view in Dawn of the Clans book five, A Forest Divided.[blog 2]
    • However, Kate's chapter got edited out in the final draft.[blog 3]


  • In an Erin Hunter Chat, Vicky revealed that Thunder, Shadow, River, Wind, and Sky did not take the suffix "-star" on the end of their names, because the tradition had not yet been established in their time.[2]
    • This, however, contradicts information in Secrets of the Clans, which shows the founders of the Clans to have the "-star" suffix.[3]
    • This is proven to be true, however, as at the end of Moth Flight's Vision, all leaders do take "-star" at the end of their names.[4]
  • It has been said in Secrets of the Clans that Shadow got her name from the way she hunted at night,[5] however, Shadowstar had already had the prefix of her name prior to supposedly finding her talent for night hunting.[6]
  • She was mistakenly referred to as a warrior.[7]

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Author references

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