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Interesting facts

  • She is the first of the original leaders to lose all their lives.[1]

Author statements

  • Kate stated that she respected Tall Shadow, but her distance as a character held Kate back from feeling fond of her.[blog 1]
  • On her blog, Kate Cary confirmed that Tall Shadow will have a point of view in Dawn of the Clans book five, A Forest Divided.[blog 2]
    • However, Kate's chapter got edited out in the final draft.[blog 3]


  • In an Erin Hunter Chat, Vicky revealed that Thunder, Shadow, River, Wind, and Sky did not take the suffix "-star" on the end of their names, because the tradition had not yet been established in their time.[2]
    • This, however, contradicts information in Secrets of the Clans, which shows the founders of the Clans to have the "-star" suffix.[3]
    • This is proven to be true, however, as at the end of Moth Flight's Vision, all leaders do take "-star" at the end of their names.[4]
  • It has been said in Secrets of the Clans that Shadow got her name from the way she hunted at night,[5] however, Shadowstar had already had the prefix of her name prior to supposedly finding her talent for night hunting.[6]
  • She was mistakenly referred to as a warrior.[7]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, Shadow is the founder and first leader of ShadowClan. She aids the other original leaders, Wind, Thunder, River to create the warrior code, and apparently spends the rest of her life complaining about it. She is described as a strategist, ferociously independent, even to the point of distrusting her own Clanmates, and bold in battle. Her nature is shown when she is the first cat to declare that she can lead all the cats in the forest by reminding the other cats of her natural ability to stalk and hunt in the dead of the night. Shadow is the first of the ancient leaders to lose her ninth life, in a battle she started with the other Clans.[8]

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