"We owe it to the cats who have gone not to give up now. We need to find a new way to survive."
— Sharp Hail after the journeying cats have left in The Sun Trail, page 46

Sharp Hail is a dark gray tom[1] with ice-blue eyes.[2]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

After Shattered Ice comments that the cats who stay behind have to do nothing, Sharp Hail lashes his tail and says that they only have to sit there and starve. Right after part of the cats that lived in the mountains leave, Sharp Hail and Silver Frost offer to hunt, saying that they may be old, but their claws were still sharp.
Sharp Hail and Hollow Tree go hunting and return with a scrawny bird, which they offer to Gray Wing, saying that he would need it if he went after Jagged Peak. When Jagged Peak breaks his leg, Dappled Pelt sets it with sticks and comments that she had seen Stoneteller do it to Sharp Hail when he had fallen off a rock.

The Blazing Star

Sharp Hail has now taken Dewy Leaf as his mate. He is mentioned by Sun Shadow, who stated that he must be more strict than he thinks his actual father was.
Sharp Hail is heard by Sun Shadow after his attack by an eagle, calling his name to find the tom. He then leads Sun Shadow back to the cave afterwards. Sharp Hail asked Sun Shadow in a hostile tone what happened to him, and he states that he had run into a hawk. Not buying his lie, he criticizes him, then waits for Sun Shadow to reply.
After Sun Shadow lashes out at Dewy Leaf, stating that nothing had happened when she tried to calm the young tom down by telling him that she and Sharp Hail were just trying to keep him safe. Sharp Hail cuffs Sun Shadow's ear, stating he was too much like his father, too restless to appreciate what he has. He then punishes Sun Shadow for worrying Dewy Leaf by making him care for Stoneteller for the next half moon.
Dewy Leaf mentions him as she explains to Sun Shadow that she only wants to keep him safe. Stoneteller mentions him when Sun Shadow goes back to check on her, stating that it was kind of Sharp Hail to do that.
Finally, Sun Shadow sees him curled besides Dewy Leaf and their kits, laying a little ways off to one side. However, he is woken by Stoneteller's dying cry, and Quiet Rain advises that Sun Shadow and she left quickly, for he was waking up the cats.




Dewy Leaf:[3] Living (As of The Blazing Star)


Melting Ice:[4] Living (As of The Blazing Star)


Falling Dusk:[5] Living (As of The Blazing Star)
Morning Star:[5] Living (As of The Blazing Star)


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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