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"He would always be a tough, challenging presence at her shoulder, with ideas of his own, and he would never be afraid to argue."
Leafstar's thoughts about Sharpclaw in SkyClan's Destiny, page 461

Sharpclaw is a dark ginger[13] tabby tom[14] with broad shoulders,[15] powerful haunches[16] and hind legs,[17] and green eyes.[18]

Sharpclaw was a deputy of SkyClan under Leafstar's leadership at the gorge. Scratch was born to Jessamy alongside his sister, Flower, as kittypets. After his family was abandoned by their original Twoleg and treated very harshly by their new ones, Jessamy took her kits and fled their abusive household, where she raised her kits in the wild. As rogues, she taught Scratch and Flower how to survive their unforgiving environment until they were not afraid to challenge anyone who threatened their survival.

As an adult, Scratch joined SkyClan while it was being rebuilt by Firestar, and was given his warrior name, Sharpclaw, along with an apprentice, Cherrypaw. After the battles with the rats, Leafdapple was chosen as the new leader by StarClan. She named Sharpclaw as her deputy, and together with Echosong, the medicine cat, the three of them were trusted with the future of SkyClan. Sharpclaw became mates with Cherrytail, and the two of them had four kits: Blossomheart, Cloudmist, Hawkwing, and Duskpaw. He was wary of Darktail when the rogue arrived at the gorge, and later, Darktail's group of rogues invaded SkyClan’s camp. Sharpclaw died at the claws of Darktail, a cat his son had trusted, and SkyClan was forced to flee their home. Sharpclaw ascended to StarClan afterward.


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Super Editions

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"Sharpclaw has pushed hard for the post of leader when he hadn’t completely understood the full meaning of the warrior code. He could make Leafstar’s life difficult if he had refused to accept her authority. But his fiery courage and fighting skills would balance well with Leafstar’s more thoughtful personality. And one day, when he had lived enough moons by the warrior code, he would make a good leader."
―Firestar’s thoughts after Sharpclaw is made deputy Firestar's Quest, page 502
In Firestar's Quest, Scratch is a rogue living near the gorge when he discovers Firestar and Sandstorm. After helping them save Clover and her kits from a fox, he questions the two ThunderClan cats' motives. He is enticed enough by learning the advanced battle moves the Clan cats demonstrated to join the refurbished SkyClan. Sky is hesitant about Scratch joining, insisting he is ruthless, but Firestar believes SkyClan needs a fighter. Scratch introduces Firestar to other rogues who might be interested in joining. He is given the warrior name Sharpclaw and the former kittypet, Cherrypaw, as an apprentice. At first, Sharpclaw struggles to adapt to the warrior code and constantly questions Firestar about who would be SkyClan's leader, implying he was interested in taking command and gaining nine lives. He, Firestar, and Cherrypaw discover the hoard of rats living nearby, and he is eager to engage in battle. During the battle, Sharpclaw lures the rats out of their nest to draw out the rat leader, and they emerge victorious. After receiving her nine lives, Leafstar names Sharpclaw her deputy, and Firestar and Sandstorm return home.
"But I've never doubted you should be our leader, I've always believed that, ever since Firestar took you to the Skyrock to receive your nine lives. I challenged you, yes, so I could be sure of your conviction that you were doing the right thing."
―Sharpclaw to Leafstar SkyClan's Destiny, page 459

Sharpclaw advising Leafstar about the dogs terrorizing the daylight-warriors

In SkyClan's Destiny, some moons later, Sharpclaw and Leafstar have several differing opinions about what is best for SkyClan. He disagrees about allowing daylight warriors, cats who participated in the Clan during the day but returned to their Twolegs at night, to join. He even goes as far as to convince Leafstar to commence important events without them, and mocking their names and collars. He is impressed when Stick, Cora, Shorty and Coal travel to find SkyClan after learning much from Firestar and frequently oversteps his leader's opinion, much to Leafstar's ire. In secret, Sharpclaw and Stick lead patrols into the Twolegplace to prepare the warriors to aid Stick and his group in their home. He and Echosong argue about whether or not Frecklepaw, a kittypet, should train as a medicine cat apprentice, continuing his prejudice against the daylight warriors. He mentors Egg, and participates in the battle in Stick's Twolegplace. After, he confides in Leafstar that he only wants best for SkyClan despite what she may think.
"I'm not happy about it, but maybe not for the reason you think. One day, Hawkwing, when you have kits of your own, you'll know what it feels to almost lose them."
―Sharpclaw arguing with Hawkwing Hawkwing's Journey, page 115
In Hawkwing's Journey, he and Cherrytail have had four kits, Blossompaw, Cloudpaw, Hawkpaw and Duskpaw. Duskpaw dies from smoke inhalation, and Sharpclaw is hardened by his grief. He non-verbally blames Hawkpaw for Duskpaw's death, as Hawkpaw chose to save Pebblepaw over his brother during the fire, and creates an icy wedge between father and son. When Hawkwing accuses Darktail of leading their journeying patrol to the badgers that killed Billystorm, Sharpclaw sharply reprimands his son for his outburst. While Hawkwing decides to trust Darktail, Sharpclaw remains cautious about him. Darktail and his rogues launch a brutal assault on SkyClan's camp. While trying to defend his Clan, Sharpclaw is killed by Darktail and Rain.

SkyClan and the Stranger

"You've seen what SkyClan will do to defend our home. This is our territory. Stay out of it, or we'll trash you again. But our warrior code is clear: victory does not require death."
―Sharpclaw to the rogues SkyClan and the Stranger, page 236

Sharpclaw vowing to Leafstar that he'll find her missing kits

Sharpclaw assists with managing the Clan while Leafstar is expecting kits. After he and Cherrytail express feelings for each other, Leafstar briefly doubts his commitment to his duties, but Echosong and Clovertail quickly vanquish her concerns. When he prohibits her from patrols, Leafstar angrily refutes his concerns, but Echosong insists Sharpclaw means well. He leads a rescue patrol to save Leafstar and her kits from an elderly Twoleg. During a period of a long dry heat, temperaments flare between the daylight warriors and the Clan-born ones, and Sharpclaw offers to control the quarrel so Leafstar can tend to her wailing kits. He and Leafstar agree to switch the patrols to dusk and dawn to avoid the heat in hopes of catching more prey, but they are quickly confronted with badgers. Instead, he and Leafstar decide to send patrols of eight cats for protection. When Sol, SkyClan's newest visitor, and his patrol steal prey from foxes, Sharpclaw accuses him of putting the whole Clan into danger. He takes command when foxes raid the gorge, and carries Stormkit when the gorge floods.
While the Clan cleans up the gorge, he frets over Cherrytail overexerting herself as she is expecting his kits. He questions if the flood was a sign from StarClan about their place in the gorge, and continues to criticize Sol's lack of contributions to the Clan. When Leafstar's kits go missing, Sharpclaw vows to find them, going as far as to lead a patrol to the Twolegplace to accuse Billystorm of taking them. After chasing off rogues, Sharpclaw reaffirms his belief in the warrior code and SkyClan. Shrewtooth runs back to camp for reinforcements when he discovers Sol had kidnapped Leafstar's kits, and Sharpclaw runs to her aid, pleased that she exiled Sol for kidnapping her kits.

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Sharpclaw's mother is Jessamy and his sister is Flower. He and Cherrytail had four kits, Hawkwing, Cloudmist, Blossomheart and Duskpaw. For more of Sharpclaw's family, click here!




  • He was mistakenly depicted in Cats of the Clans as ginger-tabby-and-white with blue eyes.[19]
  • Sharpclaw was seen in The Rescue, Beyond the Code, and in After the Flood as a solid-colored cat instead of a tabby.[20][21][22]
  • He has been mistakenly shown with blue eyes.[23]
  • He was called a rogue despite being a warrior at that time.[24]
  • He was mistakenly called 'Sky'.[25]


"Sharpclaw is my deputy. My second-in-command. His dedication to his duty is rock solid."
―Leafstar thinking about Sharpclaw The Rescue, page 13

"Sharpclaw will never neglect his duties, whatever he feels for Cherrytail."
―Echosong talking to Leafstar about Sharpclaw The Rescue, page 23

"Sharpclaw is a fantastic deputy. I'm not sure how I would manage without him."
―Leafstar about Sharpclaw and her duties as leader and queen. Beyond the Code, page 22

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Cherrytail: "Would you relax, Sharpclaw?"
Sharpclaw: "I could if we didn't...If you weren't..."
Cherrytail: "You can say it out loud, you know. It's not as if it's a secret I'm carrying your kits."
Sharpclaw: "Shhh!"
—Sharpclaw and Cherrytail After the Flood, page 17

Sharpclaw: "No! I'm against that. What if the vision isn't telling us to go anywhere to find sparks to dispel darkness, but rather warning us to be alert? What if a danger is coming to SkyClan? If you ask me, we should strengthen our borders as much as we can, before it's too late. (to Hawkwing who growled) Show some respect!"
Hawkwing: "I do respect you! But I disagree with you over this. We have to go out and find our destiny."
Sharpclaw: "You make me wonder if we made you a warrior too soon. You're showing all the maturity of a kit."
Hawkwing: "I'm not a kit! I survived a quest Billystorm couldn't!"
—Sharpclaw and Hawkwing arguing during a Clan meeting Hawkwing's Journey, pages 105-106

Hawkwing: "Don't start complaining or arguing! Leafstar has decided, and I'm going, whether you're happy about it or not."
Sharpclaw: "I'm not happy about it, but maybe not for the reason you think. One day, Hawkwing, when you have kits of your own, you'll know what it feels to almost lose them."
Hawkwing: "Don't you think I can look after myself? You're talking like a queen in the nursery—but I'm not a kit anymore. I'm a warrior!"
Sharpclaw: "I know that. But I can still worry about you, Hawkwing. I've been talking to Cherrytail about this. Do you think you might have become too reckless since Duskpaw died?"
Hawkwing: "I don't want to hear about Duskpaw anymore!"
Sharpclaw: "How can you want to forget your own brother?"
Hawkwing: "That's not what I meant—"
—Sharpclaw and Hawkwing arguing before the second journey to find the Clans Hawkwing's Journey, pages 115-116

"Then, as Hawkwing felt himself begin to spiral away into darkness, he imagined his father's brilliant green gaze fixed on him. "My son is not a coward!" Sharpclaw meowed. The memory of his father's faith in him filled Hawkwing with new energy and determination."
―Hawkwing's thoughts as he almost drowns Hawkwing's Journey, pages 198-199

"Sharpclaw used to be a rogue called Scratch, with the SkyClan ability to jump and the courage of a fully trained Clan warrior. He will make a strong leader one day, but he has much to learn from Leafdapple, who might spill less blood as she builds her Clan."
―Rock about Sharpclaw Cats of the Clans, page 88

"Leafstar didn't hesitate to ask him to be her deputy; in his heart, Sharpclaw thought he deserved to be leader just as much, but his loyalty to the newly formed SkyClan made him equally committed to this supporting role."
―Narrator The Ultimate Guide, page 149

"[Jessamy, Scratch, and Flower] became rogues, proud of their ability to survive without Twolegs and hostile to any cat that challenged their fragile survival."
―Narrator Warriors App, page Leafstar, Echosong, and Sharpclaw's section

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