Sharptooth is the name that cats use to refer to mountain lions. These creatures are savage and dangerous, and they are enemies to cats.


Mountain lions, or cougars, are large members of the feline family. They have round heads, powerful limbs and shoulders, large clawed feet, and slender bodies. Coloring varies very little among the species, and the coat color is usually tawny and unmarked.
The mountain lion is a predatory animal and typically feasts on a wide range of animals, which can be as large as deer or as small as rodents. They are territorial and prefer to survive alone. These animals are powerfully built for climbing, leaping and short distance speed.

Relation to cats

In the Warriors series, Sharptooths are shown to be an enemy to cats, and even the mere mention of their name invokes strong fear. The Sharptooth in Moonrise preyed upon the Tribe of Rushing Water and picked off cats one by one.


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