"But you still haven't answered my question. Why did you make Wind and Gorse go? They saved Jagged Peak's life and probably others! You call yourself our leader, but you don't care what we think. What makes you so special?"
— Shattered Ice questioning Tall Shadow's leadership in Thunder Rising, page 81

Shattered Ice is a gray-and-white tom with green eyes.[2]

Shattered Ice was an ancient RiverClan warrior under Riverstar's leadership in the forest territories. He was a member of the ancient Tribe, but chose to flee the mountains in search of new territory when a harsh leaf-bare led to starvation. He initially remained with the early settlers on the moor, digging tunnels with his friend Jackdaw's Cry and fighting against Clear Sky's group in the First Battle.

However, once the cats decided they must split into five groups like the petals of the blazing star, Shattered Ice and Dappled Pelt chose to join River Ripple's camp, remaining there as members of RiverClan.

Countless moons later, Shattered Ice is remembered in WindClan as the legendary tunneler who first dug into the rabbit warrens to feed his Clan during a dreadful leaf-bare.


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

Shattered Ice: "I don't think it's a good idea. He's a stranger. We're not his kin—"
Gray Wing: "I'm his kin. So is Jagged Peak."
Jagged Peak: "Yeah. He has a right to be here."
Shattered Ice: "But his closest kin is Clear Sky. And how do we know that Clear Sky won't change his mind and demand him back?"
—Shattered Ice arguing whether Thunder should be taken in or not The Sun Trail, pages 311-312
Shattered Ice shoulders his way to the front of the crowd of cats. He asks which cats were going out to hunt, stating that they should be the first ones to eat from the hawk carcass. He, along with Turtle Tail and the rest of the hunters, each take one mouthful from the hawk, and step back for the next cat to take their turn. Shattered Ice later returns from the hunting party, his pelt clotted with snow and his head drooping. He apologizes, and explains that the snow was heavier than ever, and before he can complete his statement, he is interrupted by a cat from the crowd behind Shaded Moss.
He agrees with Tall Shadow's statement to Twisted Branch, springing to his paws to stand beside her, and narrows his eyes. He adds that they were going off into the unknown, into danger, to make a better home for them and the other cats who stayed there. Shattered Ice then says that he didn't have to do anything. He and Rainswept Flower walk beside the younger cats of the group, including Hawk Swoop, Jackdaw's Cry, and Falling Feather. Since they were not fully grown, they have trouble climbing over the larger boulders, and the two cats walk beside them to offer help when they needed it. Later, when Gray Wing comments that he can't manage any more mouthfuls of rabbit, Shattered Ice looks just as shocked as him, and asks what kind of place it was if there was too much food.
He and Hawk Swoop duck back to Gray Wing when they spot a monster. Gray Wing tells them to keep going, and Hawk Swoop freezes in panic as she scrabbles on the Thunderpath. Shattered Ice then leaps towards her, grabs her by the scruff of the neck, and drags her to the far side of the thunderpath before collapsing, panting but not injured. He complains, asking how much farther he had to go. He adds that he had so many thorns in his paws, he thinks he is turning into a gorse bush. Shattered Ice later exclaims that a dog was coming on their way. When the followers of the sun trail come across a Twolegplace, he says that this was a Twolegplace, adding that Misty Water told him about them, but he thought she had made it up. Later, at night, Shattered Ice and Turtle Tail stand guard, but soon scramble out of the den after Shattered Ice says Moon Shadow was being attacked.
Gray Wing later nudges Shattered Ice, asking him what he thought the red-furred creature was. He replies that he had no idea, and Gray Wing adds it looked mean. When Quick Water agrees with Moon Shadow, he adds that there was no smell of dogs. He states that there was a different sort of scent that he didn't recognize, but he adds that if it wasn't dogs or eagles, it couldn't be dangerous. He and Moon Shadow later go out hunting, and vanish immediately into the trees after the leave. They soon return with some prey they had caught.
When Clear Sky is about to tell Rainswept Flower that there was nothing she could do for Shaded Moss, Shattered Ice interrupts him and agrees with her, saying that it was no place to abandon their deceased leader, adding that they could carry him across the Thunderpath. He, Dappled Pelt, and Moon Shadow step up to carry Shaded Moss's body, Gray Wing helping them. After a monster passes by, they set out across the Thunderpath, and all of them anxiously crowd over their dead leader's body.
Shattered Ice pads up to Falling Feather and rests his tail on her back, telling her that they have come far together. He adds that they wouldn't be leaving any cat behind, and that he would promise to look after her. He later comes up with a plan to cross the next Thunderpath, saying that they should split up. He suggests that Clear Sky leads the first group, and that Quick Water, Tall Shadow, Cloud Spots and Jackdaw's Cry to go with him. He goes to to tell Rainswept Flower, Dappled Pelt, Turtle Tail, and Falling Feather to come with him. Shattered Ice finishes his explanation by telling Gray Wing to lead the last group, with Jagged Peak, Hawk Swoop, and Moon Shadow to follow him. Gray Wing thinks that every cat seemed to feel better now that Shattered Ice came up with his plan.
After Clear Sky leads his group across the Thunderpath, Shattered Ice comments that it wasn't so bad, and flicks his tail to wave his group up to the edge. His group waits a long time before another gap in the lines of monsters appear, and tells them to go across after Clear Sky signals to them with his tail. He leaps forward onto the Thunderpath before Clear Sky tells him to go back. His group then retreats, and he grabbing Falling Feather by the scruff, and hauls her out of a monster's way. After it passes, the group approaches the edge of the Thunderpath again, more cautious after their last narrow escape. However, the path clears quickly, so no monsters interrupt them as they race across to the other side.
He is one of the cats to jump up to join Moon Shadow and Tall Shadow hunting, and Tall Shadow agrees to let them come. Some time after that, a fox attacks him, sinking its fangs deep into his shoulder, and shakes him as if he was a piece of prey. Shattered Ice later comments that there would be more mouths to feed after hearing Dappled Pelt's statement, despite having an gleam of approval in his eyes.
When Turtle Tail and Gray Wing argue, Shattered Ice lets out an exaggerated sigh and mutters that Gray Wing had the sense of a rabbit sometimes. He tells him that he didn't know what he meant, and Shattered Ice just rolls his eyes. When Gray Wing arrives at the hollow to look for Dappled Pelt, she and Shattered Ice talk quietly under a patch of weak sunshine. Later, when Hawk Swoop announces that she is expecting kits with Jackdaw's Cry, he murmurs congratulations to her.
He and Jackdaw's Cry pant up beside Gray Wing when Rainswept Flower disappears. Shattered Ice points at some loose soil and asks what it was. After Gray Wing tries to get her out, Shattered Ice reaches to grab Rainswept Flower's shoulder on one side, Jackdaw's Cry grabbing the other, and soon all four cats tumble backward onto solid ground. Shattered Ice tells Jackdaw's Cry to wait a moment, and peers down the hole Rainswept Flower fell in, and experimentally scrapes at the edge with his forepaws. He explains that if they dug out the loose soil, they could get into the tunnels.
He does not reply to Jackdaw's Cry question, and instead plops into the hole. It becomes silent, but it is not long before his voice comes from a little farther away, sand he says that Rainswept Flower was right about the many tunnels. He adds that the soil was soft, and they could easily widen them so they could fit down them. Jackdaw's Cry asks if he meant they could chase rabbits all the way to their nests, and Shattered Ice replies that not only could they do that, and reappears.
After scraping the loose soil at the hole's edge for a moment, he adds that the tunnels stretched out a long way, so that if there was a battle, they could travel in secret to other parts of the moor. Gray Wing fixes his gaze on the tom and asks why was he talking about battles. Shattered Ice gives him a doubtful look, and says the tunnels would be useful for shelter, for hiding from foxes, and Twolegs. After that, he and Jackdaw's Cry begin to dig out some more of the tunnel system.
Shattered Ice is one of the cats to oppose the idea of Thunder being brought to the hollow, stating that it wasn't a good idea, and adds that he was a stranger, and they weren't his kin. Gray Wing points out that he and Jagged Peak were his kin, and he agrees with his older brother, saying that he had a right to be there. Shattered Ice retorts that his closest kin was Clear Sky, and asks how would they know that Clear Sky wouldn't change his mind and demand for the kit back.

Thunder Rising

"Why do you think I came here in the first place? I won't be told what to do—not by Tall Shadow and not by Clear Sky's mange-ridden followers. I'll only listen to cats I respect, and I go where I like."
―Shattered Ice to Thunder Thunder Rising, page 48
Shattered Ice and Jackdaw's Cry dig out a new sleeping tunnel as Gray Wing walks by. Acorn Fur then walks into the tunnels, where Shattered Ice was prior, but heads right back, only for Shattered Ice to stick out his head behind Jackdaw's Cry, annoyed. Jackdaw's Cry scolds her, explaining that he and Shattered Ice were still digging it, and the two then vanish back in. Once they are done, Shattered Ice pops out of the tunnel, dirt over his fur. He halts when he sees Turtle Tail, narrowing his eyes, and inquires why she was present. Turtle Tail greets him, and Shattered Ice doesn't respond, glancing coldly. He remarks that she left them during the cold season, and asks what made her think that she would still be welcome.
Turtle Tail replies that Shattered Ice had no right to tell her that she couldn't come onto the moor, asking him if he was Clear Sky. He mutters that Clear Sky did have some good ideas, and comments that he would take her to Tall Shadow. Turtle Tail responds that she would be pleased to see Tall Shadow, and that she would need no assistance in putting Shattered Ice into his place, before the two depart. Once they arrive, Shattered Ice dashes to Tall Shadow, reporting that they found a cat on their territory, and points to Turtle Tail. Rainswept Flower informs Shattered Ice that Turtle Tail was not merely a cat, but their friend. As the cats greet Turtle Tail, Shattered Ice is still hostile. When Turtle Tail mentions her pregnancy, Shattered Ice remarks that they would have more mouths to feed, and couldn't believe that they would let her back in after she left.
Tall Shadow, in defense, suggests for Shattered Ice to go hunt if he was worried about their food, making the latter open his jaws to protest, but notices Tall Shadow's glance. He mutters something inaudible to others before he leaves the hollow, and Gray Wing notices that Shattered Ice despises being humiliated in public. He notes that Shattered Ice was an important cat in leading them down, and Gray Wing notices that Thunder intently watches Shattered Ice leave. Thunder comments that he wants to hunt, but Gray Wing informs him he cannot, as Shattered Ice would be best left alone at that moment. He thinks that Shattered Ice is somewhat touchy, and it is difficult for him, as he worked hard on the camp. When dogs near the camp, Gray Wing assumes that Thunder must have followed Shattered Ice hunting.
When Thunder finds Shattered Ice, he stands a couple tail-length. Suspicious, he asks if he got permission, and Thunder replies that he did, but Shattered Ice still keeps suspicion, and Thunder cannot tell if he believes him. Shattered Ice, impatient, asks if he was to stand all day, and Thunder attempts to hunt. Once he catches something, he asks Shattered Ice to identify it, and sniffing at it, he reveals that it is a shrew. He adds that it wouldn't feed all of them, and suggests to go deeper into the forest. Thunder hides the shrew before following Shattered Ice, promising to prove himself to Shattered Ice. As he claws at the ground, Shattered Ice stops, glaces over his shoulder, and inquires about Thunder's problems. Thunder speculates over what to tell him, and Shattered Ice waits.
Thunder realizes that they shouldn't be there, and Shattered Ice agrees, explaining that he wouldn't be told what to do by Tall Shadow nor Clear Sky's cats, and would only listen to those who he respected, and would go wherever he desired. He looks disdainfully at Thunder, who struggles to keep up, and suggests for him to go back. Angered, Thunder stalks after him, and informs Shattered Ice that he would display his hunting techniques. He finds a rabbit, but it vanishes, and Shattered Ice lets out a laugh, and pads over, looking down. He offers to help him learn, and instructs him to listen for small animals in the bushes. He moves around Thunder, examining his position, and offers comments to improve his position, before pushing down on certain parts, to his liking.
Before they can continue, Leaf and Petal catch the two. Shattered Ice whips around, glaring at them, before he states their names, and moves protectively in front of Thunder. Leaf and Petal stalk around them, discussing ways to punish them, and Shattered Ice slides out his claws defiantly. He remarks that he would like to see them try, as they were not either thieves nor trespassers, but merely cats trying to survive. Petal shoves up her face to Shattered Ice, and Thunder wonders how he will react, only for Shattered Ice not to attack. Thunder recalls that Shattered Ice would not allow himself to be pushed around, unless he had no option. Petal orders him to leave, and Shattered Ice asks about the consequences, calling her a dungface. Petal draws back a paw to slash across Shattered Ice's muzzle, but before she can do so, Falling Feather and Moon Shadow arrive.
Falling Feather remarks that Shattered Ice saved her life. Petal asks for proof, and Falling Feather explains that when they had traveled from the mountains, Shattered Ice saved her from a red monster. Leaf asks for clarification, which Shattered Ice provides with a nod. Moon Shadow offers to escort them, prompting Shattered Ice to roll his eyes, and remarks that he hadn't changed, as he was still showing off, and refuses his offer. Moon Shadow asks if he wanted a fight, and Falling Feather pushes between them, and mentions that she would never turn her back on a cat who saved her life, looking at Shattered Ice. Thunder believes that they shouldn't have entered the forest, and shares a uncomfortable glance with Shattered Ice, asking what to do. However, before he can reply, Thunder identifies dogs nearby, and Shattered Ice remarks that they had to go for the others, before they depart.
Thunder follows Shattered Ice, hard on his paws. Thunder notices Jagged Peak, and Shattered Ice informs him to ignore him, as they had to go for the dogs. They rush into the valley, and Shattered Ice reaches the bottom to veer, allowing him to come up beside Gray Wing, but is waved off with a tail lash. Shattered Ice and Thunder hurtle along, looking at Gray Wing, and they catch up with Jagged Peak, flanking him on both sides. He then allows Jagged Peak to lean on him, asking him about his purpose of being out there. Jagged Peak replies that he could go where he wanted, and Shattered Ice snorts in reply. Once the dogs near them, Shattered Ice leaves them, making Thunder think in disbelief that Shattered Ice was a coward. When Gray Wing asks for Shattered Ice's location, Thunder replies that he ran back to camp. Jagged Peak notes that he told the others to leave to save their lives, and Shattered Ice listened. Thunder notices Shattered Ice with several other cats, noting that he wasn't a coward, as he went to seek help.
As cats gather around a collapsed burrow, Shattered Ice is one of those cats. When Jagged Peak is brought into camp, Shattered Ice springs to support him on one side. Wind explains that she and Gorse got to the hollow as Shattered Ice came around, and that he was out of breath, merely yowling about Jagged Peak's status on the moor. Shattered Ice then escorts Gorse and Wind to the hollow's bottom. As Gorse and Wind are introduced to the other cats, Shattered Ice introduces himself, bringing up the rear. Cloud Spots asks Thunder and Shattered Ice about their catches while they were out of camp. As they are hunting, Shattered Ice and Jackdaw's Cry listen with intense interest, and look up indignantly. Shattered Ice asks if Wind and Gorse weren't leaving, as most cats wished for them to stay, and suggests for them to spend the night at their camp.
As they are about to leave, Shattered Ice springs to his eyes, and inquires on Tall Shadow's reasoning for making Wind and Gorse leave, flicking his tail in their direction. He notes that Turtle Tail got to stay, and adds that loyalty was important, and that she shouldn't leave only to return as if nothing happened. Turtle Tail glares at him, and Gray Wing notices that she is deeply upset by Shattered Ice's words. Tall Shadow informs Shattered Ice to apologizes, and apologizes before he does so to Turtle Tail. He turns around to face Tall Shadow, remarking that she still didn't reason why she let Wind and Gorse leave, as they saved Jagged Peak's life. Tall Shadow attempts to reply, but Shattered Ice ignores her, and notes of her guarding of her guard of the hollow, which is considered petty to Gray Wing's work, and suggests that he should be their leader, leading to a discussion.
Gray Wing then hushes Shattered Ice, asking the cats if that was what they wanted. He replies that they did, as they needed a leader capable of dealing with problems, recalling his incident with Clear Sky's cats, and that they had the chance of fighting if the dogs weren't present. Gray Wing replies that they needed Tall Shadow as their leader, but Shattered Ice disagrees, making Tall Shadow on the verge of attacking him. Cloud Spots pushes his way between the two, and asks Shattered Ice if he wanted a leader who led dogs into their camp. Shattered Ice replies that he wanted a leader who would do something instead of sitting around, and if he thought otherwise, he would be considered flea-brained. Cloud Spots repeats his statement questioningly, and Shattered Ice leaps at him, and catches a blow over an ear. Cloud Spots rears up, and hurls himself onto Shattered Ice, making Gray Wing disgusted by their act. He informs them to stop, and hauls Cloud Spots off Shattered Ice, before shoving them away.
He asks them why they wanted to fight despite all they been through, and that they must unite. The two calm down, Shattered Ice glaring, but breathing hard. Tall Shadow informs Shattered Ice that he had no right to speak to a cat rudely, even his leader, but before she can continue, Jackdaw's Cry notes that he had a point. She gives another furious look at him, and leaves the area. Gray Wing tells Jackdaw's Cry that there wasn't a need for him to take Shattered Ice's side, but he disagrees. Cloud Spots expresses his opinions on hunting rights, and Shattered Ice suggests to tell it to Clear Sky, as he set boundaries, and made sure all cats in his group were well fed. As they continue to discuss, Gray Wing tries to rebut their statements, not making eye contact at Shattered Ice, and would make sure that he would pay. When they disperse, Jackdaw's Cry still agrees with Shattered Ice.
As Jagged Peak begins to describe how Clear Sky ordered his cats, Shattered Ice remarks that Jackdaw's Cry was best at burrowing. After Jagged Peak is done, Shattered Ice thanks him, but Jackdaw's Cry complains at his possible role, making Shattered Ice disagree that he should be a hunter, as he missed a rabbit the day prior. Thunder speaks of Clear Sky, and Shattered Ice comments that Gray Wing didn't have to be like Clear Sky, and would learn from his mistakes. They are ordered to rest, and Shattered Ice mutters that things needed to change. The next day, Gray Wing apologizes to Shattered Ice for his actions the night prior, and he accepts his apology. When Thunder speaks to Gray Wing about his hunting skills, he notes that he caught a shrew with Shattered Ice. After Turtle Tail has her kits, Jackdaw's Cry and Shattered Ice are on their way to hunt.
After the fire, it is noted that Shattered Ice went on an expedition with Petal and Quick Water to find out the fire's full extent, only to find out that Twolegs dealt with it. Tall Shadow thanks the cats for their support, but Gray Wing thinks otherwise, glancing at Shattered Ice and Jackdaw's Cry, who look at Tall Shadow with interest. Once he is made leader, Gray Wing sees Shattered Ice beside him, and he congratulates him, Jackdaw's Cry standing near Shattered Ice's shoulder. During Gray Wing's rally of support, Shattered Ice is among the cats that support him. When he calls for a meeting, Gray Wing spots Shattered Ice at the top of the hollow with a mouse. He informs the cats to prepare for the dogs, and Shattered Ice agrees to obey him. As Moon Shadow is buried, Shattered Ice piles rocks on top of Moon Shadow's corpse, then standing back.
Shattered Ice's prey is gathered around by many cats. When Wind Runner does a summons, Shattered Ice hesitates to obey it, then joins Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots. The death of Misty is reported, and Shattered Ice gets up to move around, joined by several other cats. When it is noted that she had kits, Shattered Ice inquires on what they would do. When the possibility of Clear Sky killing the kits is brought up, Shattered Ice threatens to rip off his fur. Jackdaw's Cry offers to help him, but Gray Wing informs them that there wouldn't be any pelt ripping, and they wouldn't come. Shattered Ice responds that they knew what was happening, but doesn't challenge his decision. After Bumble's death, Wind Runner asks if they wanted to be considered weak by Clear Sky, which Shattered Ice says no to, echoing Jagged Peak's response with Jackdaw's Cry.

The First Battle

When Wind Runner declares that they must prepare for battle, Shattered Ice and Jackdaw's Cry sit with their ears pricked, as if they were listening for trouble. As the cats discuss of Clear Sky's crimes, Shattered Ice mentions that he had killed Misty. Gray Wing then requests for Jackdaw's Cry to go hunting with Gorse Fur and Shattered Ice, and Turtle Tail informs Sparrow Fur that Shattered Ice was going out hunting. He agrees to go hunt, nodding his head, and as the hunting group leaves, Shattered Ice falls in behind. When Thunder returns, Shattered Ice and his group also arrive, carrying prey. He places a caught lapwing next to Jackdaw's Cry's rabbit, and Hawk Swoop then settles beside Shattered Ice. When Cloud Spots suggests for them to wait, Shattered Ice questions his decision, jerking to look at him.
After Gray Wing slides through a gap, he sees some cats, including Shattered Ice, head for a flat rock where some others have gathered. As more cats some through, Hawk Swoop and Shattered Ice move to let them pass. When Cloud Spots asks about the cold season, Shattered Ice comments that they would hunt in the tunnels Gorse Fur and Wind Runner showed them. Afterwards, Shattered Ice takes a mouse before Gray Wing grabs a rabbit. While Thunder and Jackdaw's Cry go on a expedition, Thunder remarks that he thought Shattered Ice would be with them. As the moor group waits for Thunder to return, Shattered Ice agrees to come with Gorse Fur and Tall Shadow to check the border, worried. Once Thunder arrives, Shattered Ice paces around Gorse Fur.
When Wind Runner begins kitting, Shattered Ice and Gorse Fur pace together beside the long grass, and Thunder watches them. Once Turtle Tail's kits go missing, Shattered Ice leaps to his paws beside the heather. Shattered Ice hen follows after Jagged Peak, and he volunteers to look in the moortop. As they wait for Thunder and Lightning Tail to return, Shattered Ice lies eating a thrush, and points out a vole near the prey heap's bottom, and Gray Wing is grateful that Shattered Ice knew that he enjoyed sweeter flesh. He brings it to Shattered Ice, and settles beside him, asking if he could eat there. Shattered Ice doesn't mind, and continues to eat his thrush. He notes that he and Hawk Swoop had followed the trail to the river, and that Tom had crossed with the kits, as did Lightning Tail, Turtle Tail, and Thunder.
Gray Wing is worried, but Shattered Ice adds that they had made it over safely, as they found crossing stones with cat scent all over, and expects for them to return at sunset, making Gray Wing is relieved to see Shattered Ice happy. Tall Shadow asks about the meeting with Clear Sky, and Shattered Ice remarks to Clear Sky that they would shred him if he moved his borders again. Tall Shadow understands him, but wishes for peace, and he remarks that he didn't want them to be pushed around for several seasons. Gray Wing wishes to make Clear Sky justify his choices, but Shattered Ice mutters that Clear Sky was merely greedy. Tall Shadow points out that all creatures are driven by either greed or fear, and that if there was no greed involved, it was fear, and Shattered Ice asks about Clear Sky's fears.
Tall Shadow speculates about his fears, but Shattered Ice remarks that Clear Sky was a coward. Gray Wing disapproves of his claim, and he asks about his fright, and hooks a feather from his mouth with one claw. Gray Wing and Tall Shadow then head for the four trees, and Shattered Ice then stretches, claiming that sitting under a tree wouldn't change Clear Sky. Gray Wing looks at him, and replies that they should make Clear Sky remember who he was, and not change him. When Emberkit dies, Shattered Ice sits somberly beside Gorse Fur. As they bury him, Shattered Ice stands beside Acorn Fur. He then hurries to help put some earth into the grave along with Lightning Tail. Afterwards, Shattered Ice sits beside Hawk Swoop, a half eaten thrush between them.
As the battle begins, Thunder reports of it to the moor cats, and Shattered Ice remarks that he knew Clear Sky couldn't be trusted. Shattered Ice tries to respond to Thunder, but he is cut off, and Shattered Ice is among the cats planning to go, standing beside Gorse Fur. He then tells them to hurry, and Thunder heads past Shattered Ice. Shattered Ice and other cats streak past Thunder, and Shattered Ice pulls up beside Hawk Swoop, waiting motionlessly. Once they meet Clear Sky, Shattered Ice glares into the hollow, and reminds them that they had to show Clear Sky that he didn't have the right to order them around. In the battle, Shattered Ice struggles beneath a mottled brown-and-white she-cat. When Dew is pulled backwards, he lands clumsily at Shattered Ice's paws, and he glares down at her, and rears to slam his paws hard onto his flank. After the battle, Gray Wing informs Shattered Ice to go with Dappled Pelt.

The Blazing Star

After the first battle, when the survivors dig a grave in which to bury their fallen campmates, Shattered Ice crouches at the side of the hole and looks at the body of his friend Jackdaw's Cry. The gray-and-white cat sadly says that they would never be able to dig tunnels together again, and states that the hollow won't be the same without the black tom. When the two groups meet again at the full trees at the full moon, Shattered Ice is considerably brighter and engages in a conversation with Petal. Petal teases Shattered Ice and his campmates, calling them rabbit-chasers and asking why they don't learn to stalk. The gray-and-white tom responds by questioning why she and Clear Sky's cats don't learn to run, giving the yellow she-cat a friendly nudge.
When Holly demonstrates a battle move to Tall Shadow's cats, Shattered Ice is enthusiastic about learning it, praising what she has shown them so far as fantastic and asking her what the next step is. The cats soon split up into groups to practice the move. Shattered Ice invites Owl Eyes to be his partner, encouraging the gray tom to see if he can outwit him. Owl Eyes flings himself eagerly at Shattered Ice, who is careful to be gentle with the much younger tom.
At a group meeting, Mouse Ear explains that he had found the blazing star in the pine forest, but Shattered Ice is doubtful about using that source of the herb, worried of the dangers of crossing a Thunderpath. However, when Tall Shadow does decide to send a patrol to find it, choosing only a select few cats, the gray-and-white tom is annoyed with the decision and asks why he and the others aren't allowed to come.
Shattered Ice and Lightning Tail go out together one morning on a hunting expedition, catching a rabbit each. Later, the two toms end up sharing a rabbit, and when Tall Shadow calls a meeting, they abandon their prey and rush over to listen to their group leader. At the meeting, Tall Shadow and Clear Sky discuss how to get One Eye out of the forest, but Clear Sky points out that the tom has fierce battle skills and know the area very well. To this comment, Shattered Ice thoughtfully says that the rogue will then not be easy to defeat, and suggests making a careful plan before trying to take One Eye on.
Worried about the threat from One Eye, Tall Shadow's cats try to ensure sure the hollow is carefully guarded, and at one point Shattered Ice keeps watch with Thunder, Mud Paws, and Dappled Pelt. Another patrol is sent to fetch some of the Blazing Star, and Shattered Ice warns them to watch out for One Eye. Later, Shattered Ice and Thunder guard the hollow together again, and they pad down into the hollow when Tall Shadow calls another meeting.
Shattered Ice and the rest of Tall Shadow's cats prepare to face One Eye and his cats in battle. He is assigned to hide in a dip screened by gorse bushes with Tall Shadow and Cloud Spots. When Gray Wing explains his plan to lure One Eye to the tree and to have cats pounce down upon it, Shattered Ice agrees that it's a good idea. After One Eye is defeated, Tall Shadow decides to lead an expedition to the pine forest again to gather some more of the Blazing Star. Shattered Ice points out that some of One Eye's rogues could still be hanging out in the forest, but Tall Shadow argues that they probably fled after their leader was defeated. He then volunteers to go with Clear Sky, Cloud Spots, and Sparrow Fur to the forest, offering to come along in case there is any trouble from the rogues.
As Shattered Ice heads to the forest with Clear Sky, he teases the gray tom, asking him if he'll find life uneventful without One Eye. The gray-and-white tom jokes that he can imagine Clear Sky being bored with hunting and training and wishing he had the tabby rogue back to liven things up. Clear Sky is at first annoyed with the tom for these comments, not finding them amusing. However, Clear Sky adds more calmly that he was really thankful for Shattered Ice and Tall Shadow's cats helping him to get his territory back, even though he hasn't always been kind to them. The gray-and-white tom understands about this, saying that he's known Clear Sky since he was a kit. Shattered Ice adds that although Clear Sky hadn't always made the right decisions, he knows who the gray tom truly is, and finishes that a fresh start might help him remember himself, too.
Shattered Ice soon senses a cat up ahead, and demands that they come out and show themselves. Acorn Fur timidly appears from behind a tree, but when she sees Shattered Ice, she eagerly rushes up to greet them and leads the patrol of cats to where Petal, Alder, and Birch, ill from the forest sickness, are. Shattered Ice, Sparrow Fur, and Acorn Fur rush off to try to find tansy for the queen and her two kits until they can have the blazing star. However, Petal dies within a few moments, so Acorn Fur and Shattered Ice lift the yellow she-cat out of her nest, dig a grave for the yellow she-cat, and bury her in it. Then, Clear Sky sends Shattered Ice back to the moor camp to tell Tall Shadow's cats that they need some of the blazing star for Alder and Birch.
The morning after Gray Wing and Thunder have a dream of the spirit-cats, they watch the rest of their campmates wake up, and they see Shattered Ice come out of the tunnel where he sleeps and sit down outside to scratch his ear.

A Forest Divided

Shattered Ice is sitting in Tall Shadow's camp while Eagle Feather, Dew Nose, and Storm Pelt are playing on the opposite side of the clearing. The kits' mother, Holly, doesn't want the three young cats to be out in the cold, but Shattered Ice encourages her to let them continue to play outside even in the colder weather, as it will make them stronger.
Shattered Ice and Lightning Tail are out of the hollow together, and they return to find Tall Shadow's cats, along with Clear Sky, arguing over whether they should move away from the hollow. At first, the two toms are confused about what is going on, but Jagged Peak and Tall Shadow explain that they are thinking of moving across the Thunderpath to the pine forest. Shattered Ice disfavors the idea, saying that he doesn't want to move to the pine forest since it's as damp as a marsh there.
Tall Shadow's cats decide to cast stones to decide where they are going to live, and create a circle for each camp. Tall Shadow asks if she should include Wind Runner's camp in it, and Shattered Ice agrees that she should, as the brown tabby's group is one of the five petals mentioned by the spirit-cats. However, Gray Wing disagrees with the gray-and-white tom, as Wind Runner has made it clear she wants her family to be away from the other cats. Clear Sky, trying to convince cats to move to his group, says that everyone should be together. Shattered Ice snorts, suggesting that Clear Sky was only encouraging them to move the forest in one group because he wants to be the only leader and therefore have more power.
When it is Shattered Ice's turn to cast his stone, he chooses River Ripple's camp, as does Dappled Pelt. Shattered Ice then stands with Dappled Pelt as the tortoiseshell she-cat paces beside him. The two cats seem excited about their new life by the river. Dappled Pelt comments she wants to learn how to swim and Shattered Ice adds that it can't be harder than tunneling. However, when it is time to depart for the new groups, Dappled Pelt is much more anxious, worrying that River Ripple might turn them away. Shattered Ice points out that even if he does, they can find another group, and asks Tall Shadow if she would take them if they were turned away. The black she-cat responds that she would, and the two cats soon set off together for the river.
River Ripple does decide to accept Shattered Ice and Dappled Pelt into his group. He later comments that the two former mountain cats are welcome there, and that they are settling well into their new life.

Path of Stars

When the five groups meet to discuss attacks by Slash and his rogues, Shattered Ice attends the gathering alongside the rest of River Ripple's group, and he sits in the middle of the clearing beside his leader. River Ripple explains that the rogues had yet to attack their group yet, probably because they don't like to eat fish. Shattered Ice adds that they must not like getting their paws wet either, looking amused. Wind Runner notices his amusement and growls that he shouldn't be joking about the rogues, since cats were going hungry because of their thefts. The gray-and-white tom dips his head, apologizing for poking fun at the serious issue.
The groups meet at Fourtrees again to plan how to take on Slash and his rogues after Clear Sky calls another gathering. Shattered Ice and River Ripple come again and stare calmly at the gray tom, waiting for him to speak. Wind Runner and Gorse Fur thinks of a move to use against Slash's cats, and decide to demonstrate it using Shattered Ice and several others as the rogues. Shattered Ice plays the part, hissing menacingly as he pretends to be a rogue. Gorse Fur begins to circle Shattered Ice, Lightning Tail, and River Ripple, and they all aim clumsy blows at the gray tabby tom, which he dodges.
Later at the gathering, the cats discuss further battle tactics. Jagged Peak comments how his injured leg makes his opponents underestimate him, an idea which could therefore apply to any cat injured in battle. Shattered Ice argues that you should never let a cat see that you're injured because they will think you are vulnerable. Jagged Peak, however, points out to the gray-and-white tom that this will cause your opponent to be overconfident and allow you to take them by surprise.
When Thunder and Violet visit River Ripple's camp to see how Slash's former rogues are settling in, Shattered Ice is watching Drizzle and Pine wade into the river, and their parents Dawn and Moss learning how to swim. Drizzle states that she will be the next to start swimming, but Shattered Ice reminds the gray-and-white she-kit that she will have to wait until she's a little bigger, since the river's currents are strong. Shattered Ice then comments to Thunder that he'd heard Gorse Fur's news about Bee betraying Wind Runner's group, and asks how Ember is settling in to Thunder's group. Thunder uneasily says that Ember still hunts alone, to which Shattered Ice snorts and says he wouldn't trust a cat who wouldn't hunt with him.
When the groups hold a Gathering to formally welcome Slash's former cats, River Ripple leads the way into Fourtrees with Shattered Ice and the rest of the group following.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

"Clear Sky has always caused trouble for the Clans. Without him, we can have peace."
―Shattered Ice to the Clans at a Gathering Moth Flight's Vision, page 348
Shattered Ice is at a Gathering, following River Ripple into the hollow along with Dappled Pelt, Night and Pine Needle. When Moth Flight and Micah visit RiverClan to learn about herbs from Dappled Pelt, Shattered Ice is lounging in the sunlight at the far end of the camp.
Moons later, Shattered Ice again attends a Gathering with the other RiverClan cats. The cats there discuss Clear Sky's renewed hostility, and Shattered Ice comments that he has heard that the pale gray leader is beginning to patrol his borders again. Wind Runner proposes cutting off ties with SkyClan as a result of its leader's actions, and Shattered Ice agrees with the plan. The gray-and-white tom states that Clear Sky has always caused trouble for the five Clans, and that without him, things will be more peaceful.
When Sparrow Fur arrives at that Gathering to inform the Clans that Tiny Branch has been attacked by a fox, Moth Flight decides to go to SkyClan to help treat the tan-and-silver tom's wounds. Shattered Ice moves to the block the medicine cat from leaving, arguing that they can't give assistance to SkyClan when Clear Sky needs to learn he can't push the other Clans around. Thunder tells Shattered Ice to let Moth Flight go to SkyClan, to which the gray-and-white tom growls that Thunder isn't his leader. River Ripple then intervenes and tells Shattered Ice to let Moth Flight leave, as he is the gray-and-white tom's leader. Shattered Ice growls, but backs away from the white she-cat.

Tallstar's Revenge

"He cared more for his Clan than his own safety. And he didn't have any of the training or experience we have now. He had only his courage and strength."
―Sandgorse about Shattered Ice Tallstar's Revenge, page 16
As Sandgorse explains to Tallkit about the uses of tunneling, he mentions that tunnels were a place to hunt, especially during leaf-bare, adding that it was why Shattered Ice first tunneled through the rabbit warrens. Tallkit is noted to have known the legend of Shattered Ice, and it was one of the first nursery stories Palebird had told him. It is said that long ago, the moor was gripped by what was considered to be the worst leaf-bare the Clan had ever knew. There was no prey to be found in the usual hunting areas, which were snow-drowned, so one of WindClan's warriors went into rabbit warrens, and dug deep beyond to search for prey for his Clan.
Sandgorse mentions that he cared more about his Clan than his own safety, and he did not have the training nor experience that they had. Tallkit thinks that he had only his courage and strength, and Sandgorse goes on to repeat Tallpaw's words, and WindClan has tunneled ever since. When tunneling is discontinued, Tallpaw climbs to reach a rabbit warren, and he decides that he would teach himself how to tunnel, like Shattered Ice.

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  • Shattered Ice has been mistakenly called silver.[8]
  • By many generations after Shattered Ice's lifetime, he was known as one of the first tunnelers of WindClan.[9] However, he was a tunneler of Wind Runner's camp[7] when WindClan had not yet been formally established.[10] By the time WindClan had been named, he was a member of RiverClan.[1]


Shattered Ice: "But you still haven't answered my question. Why did you make Wind and Gorse go? They saved Jagged Peak's life and probably others! You call yourself our leader, but you don't care what we think. What makes you so special?"
Tall Shadow: "I—"
Shattered Ice: "All this time, while this was going on. You were guarding the hollow! Some bravery! Some leadership! Gray Wing was out there, saving cats. You should follow his example. In fact, we all should. Gray Wing should be our leader!"
—Shattered Ice challenging Tall Shadow's leadership Thunder Rising, page 81

"That's exactly what we want. Because there are dangers, we need a leader who's capable of dealing with them. Only today, Thunder and I were stopped by some of Clear Sky's cats in the forest. We could have ended up fighting if it wasn't for the dogs."
―Shattered Ice to Gray Wing, arguing Thunder Rising, page 82

"They seem to have made it over [the river] safely. We found crossing stones running from one shore to the other and we could smell cat scent all over them. Just you wait. They'll be back before sunset, full of stories about their exciting adventure."
―Shattered Ice describing his findings The First Battle, page 187

Tall Shadow: "Have you thought about your meeting with Clear Sky?"
Shattered Ice: "Just tell him if he moves his borders again, we'll shred him."
Tall Shadow: "I understand your frustration, Shattered Ice. But talk like that will provoke war. We want peace."
Shattered Ice: "We don't want to be pushed around season after season."
—Shattered Ice and Tall Shadow about the meeting with Clear Sky The First Battle, page 188

Thunder: "Let her go, Shattered Ice."
Shattered Ice: "You're not my leader."
River Ripple: "But I am. Let her pass."
—Shattered Ice not wanting Moth Flight to help Clear Sky Moth Flight's Vision, page 352

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