"The two surviving kittypets had changed since the battle, when Max had been killed. Their excitement and enthusiasm had drained away, and they seemed to realize that they would never be allowed to leave the Kin. Darktail no longer treated them with fake friendliness, and Violetpaw was their only friend."
Violetpaw's thoughts on Loki and Zelda in Shattered Sky, page 124
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Chapter Number: 11 (of 22)
Page Numbers: 124-132

Chapter description

Violetpaw is in the RiverClan camp, sharing prey with Loki and Zelda, remarking on how they've lost their enthusiam ever since Max died. Meanwhile, Darktail is forcing the starving RiverClan prisoners to stand in a line and recite an oath of loyalty to the Kin in order to be fed. Reedwhisker, the RiverClan deputy, is the only cat left who refuses to say the pledge, but eventually caves in to hunger and says the pledge with his Clanmates in humiliation. 
Darktail calls Violetpaw over to talk with her. He explains that he's noticed some herbs are missing from Puddleshine's den, and he suspects someone may have stolen them. Violetpaw assures Darktail no cat stole them, Mothwing only came by earlier to pick up her herbs. He asks her who said it was all right for Mothwing to take the herbs. Violetpaw tries to hide the fact it was Needletail, fearing that Darktail would hurt her friend, but eventually the white tom threatens Violetpaw into admitting it was Needletail.
Darktail then finds Needletail, throws her onto the ground by the scruff, and screams at her for being a traitor to the Kin, to Violetpaw's horror. He explains to Needletail and Violetpaw that if they aren't loyal, they can just leave like Dawnpelt did. Violetpaw then suspects that maybe Dawnpelt never made it to ThunderClan because Darktail killed her. Both she-cats insist they want to stay with the Kin. 
Darktail then reveals that Violetpaw passed his test, and he already knew all this, as Raven had helpfully told him. However, he forces Needletail to live with the prisoners for her betrayal to the Kin. Violetpaw protests and says to take her instead, but Darktail replies she has proved herself loyal and shall not be punished. Darktail believes Puddleshine is also at fault for letting them take the herbs, and should be punished as well, to the she-cat's horror.






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