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Violetpaw is in the RiverClan camp, currently controlled by the Kin, eating a pigeon. She thinks about how beautiful RiverClan's camp must have been before the Kin. Scorchfur takes a squirrel to his mate, Snowbird, and asks Darktail if the RiverClan prisoners could have some of the extra prey since they were getting skinny. Darktail challenges Scorchfur, asking if he thought that the prisoners weren't being treated well. He pushes forward, asking if Scorchfur thinks he isn't really part of the Kin. Scorchfur replies that he is a loyal member of the Kin, out of fear for what Darktail would do to him.
Violetpaw feels sorry for Scorchfur, remembering that Darktail leaves all the worst jobs for cats who anger him. Sleekwhisker remarks to Darktail that she hasn't thought of herself as a ShadowClan cat for a long time, and is loyal to the Kin through and through. The Kin finish their food, and leave whatever they couldn't finish to rot, which disgusts Violetpaw.
Violetpaw walks over to where the prisoners are being held, and offers to Zelda to take over guard duty for her so she could go eat. Violetpaw retrieves a vole, and sneaks it inside to the prisoners. Needletail greets her, and exclaims she shouldn't be taking these risks to feed her. All of the prisoners walk over and thank Violetpaw.
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