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*[[Eaglepaw|Eaglekit]] (Unnamed){{r|vs3|59}}
*[[Eaglepaw|Eaglekit]] (Unnamed){{r|vs3|59}}
*[[Stempaw|Stemkit]] (Unnamed){{r|vs3|59}}
*[[Stempaw|Stemkit]] (Unnamed){{r|vs3|59}}
*[[Plumpaw (TC)|Plumkit]] (Unnamed){{r|vs3|59}}
*[[Plumstone|Plumkit]] (Unnamed){{r|vs3|59}}

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"But what about me? Don't I have the right to find my kin, if they're out there?"
Twigpaw about the decision to not look for SkyClan in Shattered Sky, page 60
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Chapter Number: 5 (of 22)
Page Numbers: 54-61

Chapter description

Twigpaw lays in the apprentices' den, daylight filtering through the screen of ferns. Even with the light, her leg is aching and she feels like going to sleep. The apprentice says to herself that she has nothing better to do, since she has been excused from duties till her leg feels better. She doesn't feel enthusiastic enough to eat or talk, and the only cat she wants to talk to is Violetpaw. Twigpaw loves the cats she has grown up with, but her sister has always been the most important cat in her life.
Bramblestar calls a Clan meeting, and the apprentice's interest is piqued. She pads out into clearing where cats have begun to gather, wondering what this is about. Twigpaw sits with Lilyheart, and the she-cat asks if she's doing okay. The apprentice responds that her should will be fine, but decides not to share her other worries. Bramblestar starts the meeting, calling Alderheart forward so he can explain his vision. He tells the Clan of his dreams of SkyClan, who are sheltering in a barn and need help. The medicine cat suggests that another quest be started to find them, but is met with protests that they should be focusing on their own Clans and the rogues taking over ShadowClan. Whitewing brings up that SkyClan is what they need to clear the sky, but few cats agree with her.
Alderheart reveals that his vision showed a cat that looked like kin to Twigpaw, and states that the the prophecy could include reuniting them. Twigpaw gets excited, not having thought about having kin other than Violetpaw. To her dismay, the announcement doesn't make much of a ripple and most cats aren't overly convinced. A small group of cats volunteer for this quest, but Ivypool speaks up, saying that they shouldn't. She insists that they need to focus on their own Clan, and Twigpaw feels betrayed by her mentor.
More and more cats agree with Ivypool, but Twigpaw blurts it a question, asking if she should have the right to find her kin. Lilyheart comforts the she-cat, saying that sometimes the Clan's needs take precedence over personal wishes. Twigpaw is embarrassed, staring down at the ground. Bramblestar announces that he's heard both sides, but will not be sending any cats to look for SkyClan right now. He ends the meeting, and the Clan begins to disperse. Twigpaw feels miserable and betrayed, spotting Ivypool coming towards her with a look of apology. The apprentice turns away, thinking that she can't expect any cat to be on her side.





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