"Time to show what you're made of, my Kin! Time to tell these Clan cats they can't mess with us! The winner of this battle takes the territory!"
Darktail announcing the beginning of the fight with RiverClan in Shattered Sky, page 101
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Chapter Number: 9 (of 22)
Page Numbers: 92-108

Chapter description

Violetpaw is comforting a sleeping Needletail early one morning, who seems to be having a nightmare about Rain. At first, she is unable to go back to sleep, her mind racing about Rain's death and Needletail. Eventually, Violetpaw drifts to sleep, but is awoken again before the sun has risen by Dawnpelt. She explains she's leaving for ThunderClan, and encourages Violetpaw to come with her and Juniperclaw and Strikestone. Violetpaw wants to, but declines, knowing she has to take care of Needletail, who would never leave the Kin.
Dawnpelt wishes Violetpaw well, then exits the den. Darktail catches her outside before she leaves, and they argue, though Violetpaw cannot make out what they're saying. She picks up on Darktail telling Dawnpelt that if she doesn't want to be here anymore, then she is no longer Kin. This makes Violetpaw relax, knowing that Darktail let Dawnpelt go.
After the sun rises, Raven and Darktail wake up the Kin. They form a line in the camp, and Darktail explains that they will have a huge feast after taking over RiverClan's territory. Darktail requests that the elders, Oakfur and Ratscar, along with the kittypets, Loki, Max, and Zelda, attack first in the battle. Violetpaw protests and Darktail explains that it is the greatest honor to attack first in a battle. However, Darktail wants Violetpaw to have the greatest honor, which is to fight alongside him.
The Kin begin their assault on RiverClan immediately. They meet a patrol by the border who are pushed back to their camp by the sheer number of rogues. In the middle of the battle, Violetpaw notices that Max has been killed. The Kin wins the battle and takes over RiverClan's camp and territory. Petalfur, Heronwing, Foxnose, and Shadepelt have all been killed, along with Max. Darktail prevents RiverClan from burying their dead, as well as declaring that all heavily wounded RiverClan cats are now his prisoners.
Mistystar has no choice, and calls for her Clan to leave. The beaten RiverClan cats start to then trek to ThunderClan. Darktail calls for his followers to collect the prisoners and find a place to hold them.





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