"They've been through so much. And losing their medicine cat will only make things more difficult."
Alderheart's thoughts on SkyClan and their dying medicine cat, Echosong in Shattered Sky, page 3
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Chapter Number: Prologue (of 22)
Page Numbers: 1-4

Chapter description

Alderheart finds himself standing in a grassy hollow, wondering if he had managed to wander out of ThunderClan territory without noticing. He notices a group of cats huddled around a pool. Upon looking closer, Alderheart notices a tabby she-cat stretched out on the ground, but he doesn't recognize any of the other cats. He calls a greeting, and when none of the cats notice him, Alderheart realizes with excitement that he's having a vision.
He gets closer to the cats and notices a gash running down the tabby's flank, her pelt dull, her eyes glassy with fever. Alderheart feels as if he should recognize her, but doesn't He thinks that he would be able to help the injured cat, but watches, helpless.
The group of cats try to help her, but to no avail. She closes her eyes, and Alderheart thinks she's dead, but the injured tabby begins to speak. She wishes she could protect the group. Startled, she thinks she sees Frecklewish, but the other cats comfort her, telling her that she is most likely dead, and that they looked everywhere for her. Alderheart realizes the dying tabby is their medicine cat, and feels a stab of pity.
Alderheart feels as if it's very important he remembers her name, but is still unable to. The silver tabby sits up suddenly with a gasp and stares at the horizon. She relaxes and tells the cats that they're coming, and to follow the blood trail. The last of her energy gone, she collapses, her breathing stopping. The cats wail her name, Echosong, and Alderheart realizes that he had a vision about her before, and that Sandstorm told him about her, confirming his suspcions of the group being SkyClan.
His vision fades, and he feels a burning need to help the lost Clan, especially now that they were without a medicine cat. He awakens in the apprentice's den, realizing that this vision confirms that SkyClan is part of the prophecy. Alderheart comes to a conclusion that he needs to speak to Bramblestar about this.

Important events


  • Echosong dies of fever and infections.[1]





Notes and references

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