"No cat expected to see you here again. Are the Clans in trouble? Do you need help?"
— Sheer to Squirrelflight in Sign of the Moon, page 142

Sheer Path Beside Waterfall, more commonly known as Sheer, is a small,[2] dark brown tabby tom.[3]


In the The New Prophecy arc


Sheer is a cave-guard of the Tribe of Rushing Water.

In the Power of Three arc


When a group of Tribe cats are out of the cave, they meet a group of intruders. Crag accuses the intruders of stealing prey, as one of them is holding a dead rabbit, however the invaders deny stealing as there are no border markings. When a lot more invaders come, Sheer is told by Crag to run to the cave and tell the rest of the Tribe that the invaders are back and that the Tribe cats on patrol are outnumbered. Sheer protests the first time, not wanting to leave his friends, but Crag insists that he goes for the safety of the Tribe. He finally reluctantly agrees, and is last seen running along the path towards the waterfall.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Sign of the Moon

Sheer is now the mate of Night and she is carrying his kits. He is on a patrol with Wing, Dark, and Rain, when they meet the group of Clan cats. At first the Tribe cats are hostile towards the other cats, but Wing quickly recognizes Squirrelflight, who introduces the cats with her. Sheer asks Squirrelflight if the Clan are in trouble and if they need the Tribe's help, but she dispels his worries. The patrol of Tribe cats escorts Squirrelflight, Dovewing, Jayfeather, and Foxleap back to the cave before it gets dark. The patrol helps them through the rocky terrain of the Tribe's territory before they reach the waterfall blocking the cave's entrance. Dovewing is impressed with the Tribe's home and Sheer boasts about their home, enjoying the sense of pride he has. He then guides them down the rocky slope and into the cave where he welcomes them to the Tribe of Rushing Water.

In the Novellas

Tawnypelt's Clan

When Tawnypelt, Dovewing, and Shadowkit arrive at the Tribe's cave, Dovewing recognizes him among his fellow Tribemates.




Night of No Stars:[4] Living (As of Tawnypelt's Clan)



Crag: "Sheer. Go back to the cave, quickly. Tell them the invaders are back."
Sheer: "But-"
Crag: "Now!"
—Crag ordering Sheer to warn the Tribe about the intruders Outcast, page 2

"Sheer was obviously reluctant to leave his friends when they where already outnumbered."
—Narrator Outcast, page 2

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