"Sasha, I am...I am so sorry. I-I don't know what to say...would you like to come with me? My housefolk would uh...probably like to meet you...get the kittens some good food..."
— Shnuky to Sasha in Return to the Clans, page 51

Shnuky is a mid-colored she-cat with a dark-colored collar.[1]


In the Tigerstar and Sasha arc

Into the Woods

"Cats like us and forest cats don't mix! Everybody knows that!"
―Shnuky Into the Woods, page 61
Shnuky is a kittypet, and also a friend of Sasha. Her housefolk live in the Twoleg nest right next to Ken and Jean's old nest. She offers Sasha to stay with her after her old owners move away, but Sasha refuses, hoping that her owners will come back.
Shnuky is later seen in a Twolegplace with Sasha, and her new companion, Tigerstar. She is shocked to see Sasha with him and is clearly terrified of the ShadowClan leader. She is also shocked when she infers that Sasha is in love with him. Sasha reveals that Shnuky is right about her feelings for the large tabby.

Return to the Clans

When Sasha's three kits, Hawk, Moth, and Tadpole, wander off to find Ken, Shnuky greets them in a friendly manner. The kits, not knowing Shnuky is a friend of their mother, say they aren't allowed to talk to strangers, and walk off.
Later, Shnuky finds Sasha searching for her kits. Shnuky then decides to help Sasha look for them, but gets very fearful when Sasha asks some BloodClan cats if they'd seen her kits. Later, after Sasha finds her kits and experiences Tadpole's death, Shnuky expresses sympathy, and offers her housefolk to Sasha, yet is denied again.

Official art

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  • She was mistakenly described as a tom.[2]


Shnuky: "Hi, Sasha! How are you today?"
Sasha: "Not so great, Shnuky. My...the...my last housefolk is gone now."
Shnuky: "Sasha, I'm so sorry! Oh! You know what you could do? You could live with us! My housefolk already love you, y'know!"
Sasha: "Thanks...but no thanks. I want my own housefolk back. I'm not ready to have new ones. I'd rather just be on my own for a while."
Shnuky: "Oh. O-Okay. Well, come back and visit, all right?"
—Shnuky offering her home to Sasha Into the Woods, page 9

Shnuky: "Sasha, are you crazy? What are you doing with him?"
Sasha: "There's no need to be scared. His name is Tigerstar. He saved my life."
Shnuky: "Oh, Sasha...you love him, don't you? You love that wild cat! I can tell!"
—Shnuky and Sasha about Tigerstar Into the Woods, page 61

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