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Short Stories

Spottedleaf's Honest Answer

Spottedleaf's Honest Answer is narrated by Spottedleaf to a young cat[1]. It features Spottedleaf telling her audience the truth about how she felt for Firestar.

The Elders' Concern

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After Sunset: The Right Choice?

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The Death of Bright Stream

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The Clans Decide

The Clans Decide is a short story set in an alternate universe. It is narrated by Firestar. It is set in a hard leaf-bare. At a Gathering, the Clans must decide on whether they want to be led by Firestar or their individual leaders through the leaf-bare after violent border disputes over prey.


Brightspirit's Mercy

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After Sunset: We Need to Talk

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Why is Jaypaw Blind?

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Tigerstar: Heart of Evil?

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