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Chapter Number: 1 (of 22)
Page Numbers: 8-17

Chapter description

Dovepaw and Ivypaw are getting ready for their warrior assessment. Spiderleg and Lionblaze were to be assessing Dovepaw, and Cinderheart and Millie were to be assessing Ivypaw. Spiderleg suggests they go to the abandoned Twoleg nest. As they start heading over to the Twoleg nest, Dovepaw and Lionblaze start fighting over if it was Lionblaze's fault that Ivypaw was tired from spying on the Dark Forest. As they reach the Twoleg nest, Lionblaze tells Dovepaw she needs to concentrate on her assessment. Cinderheart and Ivypaw go for mice, but aren't allowed in the Twoleg nest, seeing as it would be quite easy. Spiderleg tells Dovepaw she is to go for a squirrel.
Dovepaw has a poor start, missing her first squirrel, while her sister, Ivypaw catches a mouse. Spiderleg scolds her telling her a kit out of the nursery could have caught the squirrel. He presses her to tell him what she did wrong, she asks if she had failed her assessment, and Spiderleg leaves to see how Ivypaw and Cinderheart were doing. Lionblaze tells her to cheer up, because her assessment wasn't over yet. Icecloud comes over to help with the part where they must hunt in pairs, and they go for a blackbird. Icecloud starts running on top of the tunnels and falls into the ground after she goes after the blackbird. Using her special power, Dovepaw hears her fall and goes after her.




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