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Chapter Number: 11 (of 22)
Page Numbers: 138-158

Chapter description

Dovewing, Foxleap, Squirrelflight, and Jayfeather reach the edge of the mountains. Dovewing wonders how the Tribe can live up in the mountains and if there was any prey. Squirrelflight warns them that they needed to look out for eagles, because they can lift away full grown cats. Coming up to a small pool, Foxleap exclaims that he was glad they had found water due to his tongue being dry as Dovewing follows.
Squirrelflight tells the patrol they were on the Tribe's territory. Dark goes to attack Squirrelflight, but is stopped by Wing. Wing introduces Sheer, Dark and Rain. The Tribe cats lead the cats to the waterfall. Dovewing asks what the noise she heard was coming from, and Jayfeather tells her it was the waterfall. Sheer tells Dovewing with pride that the Tribe lived behind the waterfall. The cats follow Sheer into the cave.
Almost immediately after they enter the cave, Crag comes up and greets them. Talon than comes up, talking to Squirrelflight about the first time they had met. Squirrelflight asks him where Brook is. Brook pads up to her with Lark and Pine. Squirrelflight admires Brook's kits. Stoneteller comes out of his cave, asking them what they were doing in the mountains, again.
Jayfeather steps forward, and tells Stoneteller that they had came in peace, as friends. The medicine cat adds as an afterthought that he thinks it would be a good experience for two of ThunderClan's younger warriors, Dovewing and Foxleap, to learn how the Tribe functions. Stoneteller grants the Clan cats permission to share that day's meal. Foxleap asks if they ever get hungry, with only one meal a day, and a she-cat retorts asking if they ever got fat, while looking him up and down. After seeing the nests they were to sleep on, Dovewing longs for her bracken and moss-filled nest. Dovewing can hear strange cats crossing the border. She gets up and sits by Jayfeather, and Stormfur comes into the cave. Stormfur tells them about the Tribe. He tells them that Stoneteller needs to pick a successor.





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