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Chapter Number: 18 (of 22)
Page Numbers: 243-255

Chapter description

Ivypool and Blossomfall are still trapped in the tunnels. As they wander around, Ivypool yelps that they were lost. They keep walking, and Ivypool hears rocks fall from above their heads. She asks Blossomfall what had happened. She doesn't reply. Ivypool forces her legs to carry herself to where Blossomfall is lying in the dirt. She awakens and asks Ivypool what had happened. She tells her that a rock might have fell on her head. Blossomfall asks her if they died in the tunnels and if Millie would miss her. She tells Blossomfall Millie loved her just as much as she loved Briarlight.
A scrawny ginger tom steps out of the shadows and tells them how to get out of the tunnels. They follow his directions and come to a dead end. A black cat comes from behind them and leads them to an exit, before they have the chance to thank the stranger, they are gone.
They agree to tell their Clanmates they got lost instead of purposely infiltrating. As the senior warriors pester them about their explanation, but Whitewing stop them, telling them they were safe and that was all that matters. Millie comes over and starts scolding Blossomfall for being so irresponsible. She tells Blossomfall to grow up and start acting like a warrior, because Briarlight would gladly take her place. Ivypool can tell that Blossomfall is very annoyed by this.





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