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Chapter Number: 22 (of 22)
Page Numbers: 289-297

Chapter description

Jayfeather tells Stoneteller that the Tribe will always be loyal to the Teller of the Pointed Stones. He tells the healer he must return their loyalty by choosing his successor, that his descendants would survive if they were given hope now. Stoneteller tries to tell him that it was too late, that his ancestors were no longer watching over them. Some of the Tribemates are confused at their healer, not knowing what he meant. Bird tells them all to calm down, and that Stoneteller was very troubled.
Jayfeather travels to the Tribe of Endless Hunting, seeing Fall, Slant, Rain, Owl Feather, Stone Song, and Rising Moon. They dip their heads to him. Making him wonder if Half Moon was there or if she had faded. He didn't see Jay's Wing, Dove's Wing or Lion's Roar. Jayfeather then realizes that that is because they live on in their reincarnations, Dovewing and Lionblaze, back in ThunderClan. He meets Cloud, telling Jayfeather that she was the mother of the current Stoneteller, and that it was his turn to join the Tribe of Endless Hunting. Jayfeather is told to name the new Stoneteller because he had named the first one.
Jayfeather wakes up in Stoneteller's den when he is dying. Wing comes in and finds Jayfeather beside Stoneteller's body. He tells her he named a successor before he had died. Bird comes in and wishes him farewell. Jayfeather names Crag the new Stoneteller. After everyone is done greeting the new Stoneteller. Half-Moon tells Jayfeather he had chosen well. She tells him she would wait forever for him and refers to him by his Ancient name, Jay's Wing.




Important events



The end of the stars draw near, three will become four, to challenge, the darkness that lasts forever.[source?]


  • Half Moon's name is mistakenly spelled as 'Half-Moon'.[5]

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