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Chapter Number: 3 (of 22)
Page Numbers: 37-48

Chapter description

Jayfeather is checking Briarlight's hindquarters. She can't feel anything when he pokes her with his claw, and even though she believes she isn't getting better, he contradicts her by saying she was getting better every day. She offers to teach Icecloud some of her exercises. Icecloud’s leg is still stiff, so Jayfeather declines her offer. Icecloud complains that she wanted to hunt, instead of just being another mouth to feed but is scolded by Brightheart. Jayfeather’s mind starts to wander during his conversation, and he remembers how he had to give ShadowClan herbs for Ivypool. Icecloud is scolded yet again for playing with Briarlight. She is asked if she wanted to stay inside the medicine den until greenleaf.
Jayfeather wanders over to Lionblaze and demands him to take him to the hole where Icecloud fell in. Lionblaze asks him if he was sure, and they get moving. Jayfeather tells him he had to get into the tunnels, but his littermate tells him he was completely mouse-brained. They make their way into the tunnels to explore. When they both reach the bottom of the hole, they start walking towards the way they came in. Jayfeather can hear Fallen Leaves yowl for help when he nears the tunnel. They decide to look for clues as to where their sister could be. Jayfeather expects to run into Hollyleaf’s lifeless body, but much to his surprise Lionblaze guides him to where they find a tuft of black fur.
Leading them to believe that it was Hollyleaf’s fur, which must have been tugged from her skin when she was hit by the rockfall. Jayfeather notices she was not in the tunnel they were in. They realize that if they were the stones that struck her the did not trap her, and she had stumbled off into the other sets of tunnels. They begin to walk towards the exit, when Lionblaze stops in his tracks, and tells him it must mean Hollyleaf was alive.





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