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Chapter Number: 9 (of 22)
Page Numbers: 109-127

Chapter description

Dovewing, Squirrelflight, Jayfeather and Foxleap are on their way to the mountains. Foxleap is amazed by how much he can see. He can see ShadowClan and RiverClan. WindClan is hidden in a hollow. Dovewing wonders what Foxleap would say if she told him about her powers. She spies on WindClan, during Antpelt's death. Dovewing is horrified at her discovery. Squirrelflight yowls her name and Dovewing jerks back to her surroundings. Foxleap stays beside her and tells Dovewing it was okay to be spooked when she was so far away from home. He also tells her he would look out for her, making her want to snarl at him.
Jayfeather starts tripping over rocks, making Squirrelflight check up on him. He gets angry telling her she doesn't need her help. She tells him to sprain his paw and finish his journey before it had started. That there was nothing to be ashamed of, that even sighted cats trip. As they reach the Thunderpath, all of the noises come rushing into Dovewing's ears at once. She tries to block it out. It takes few attempts for it to work, but she finally does with Jayfeather's help. He comes up to her and asks if she had seen the mountain cats.
Jayfeather and Dovewing settle down together after Dovewing catches herself a thrush and Jayfeather a vole. Jayfeather tells her she must cast her senses and find the mountain cats as soon as possible.
Squirrelflight wakes Dovewing up and the four cats get moving again. The patrol comes across a fat ginger kittypet who hisses at them to get away from his place. Foxleap challenges the cat, but is silenced by Squirrelflight. They leave the kittypet and move on. The patrol runs into two dogs. The older one eventually guides the younger one away from the cats. Leaving Foxleap astonished. The cats continue to the mountains.





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