"Jagged Peak is a strong young kit. And he's not stupid. He knows how to keep himself out of danger."
— Silver Frost comforting Quiet Rain in The Sun Trail, page 56

Silver Frost is a gray-and-white she-cat.[1]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

When some kits are arguing over an old eagle carcass, saying that they all needed it, Silver Frost comes over and grabs a bone they were arguing over, saying that after their moons of hunting, the elders deserved it. She offers it to Misty Water, who refuses it, saying that she had no appetite.
Silver Frost overhears Bright Stream complimenting Clear Sky on a hawk that he and his brother caught. The elder cat mews that Clear Sky and Bright Stream will make a good couple. She also tells Gray Wing that Turtle Tail is quite a beautiful cat, embarrassing Gray Wing in the process.
She suggests that Stoneteller could be making Shaded Moss her replacement, when the old cat notices that Shaded Moss was yowling to the cats in the cave, not Stoneteller. But Stoneteller instead tells the cats that she has seen a place in her dreams that would better suit them, with sunlight, where there was not limited space and prey. Silver Frost yowls at Stoneteller that it was not Stoneteller's fault, and not to give up.
After the rest of the cats leave the mountains, Silver Frost and Sharp Hail offer to hunt with some of the cats that stayed behind, saying that they might not be as young as they used to be, but their claws were still sharp. After Jagged Peak leaves the cave, Silver Frost comforts Quiet Rain, telling her that Jagged Peak was a strong cat who knew how to get out of danger.



"I caught prey for season after season. Don't you think I deserve one measly bone?"
—Silver Frost taking a bone from a kit to give to Misty Water The Sun Trail, page 1

"It's not your fault! Don't give up!"
—Silver Frost to Stoneteller The Sun Trail, page 14

"We'll hunt too. We might not be as young as you, but our claws are still sharp."
—Silver Frost after the journeying cats left The Sun Trail, page 46

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