"Victory is everything. There's no glory in surrender."
— Silverhawk to Crookedjaw in Crookedstar's Promise, page 391

Silverhawk is a ragged, pale gray tabby tom.[1]


In the Super Editions

Crookedstar's Promise

When Mapleshade leads Crookedjaw into the Dark Forest, Silverhawk brutally trains Thistleclaw, instructing him on how to perform the killing bite. Silverhawk asks if Crookedjaw was the cat with Mapleshade, and is told to get on with his training session. When Silverhawk attacks Thistleclaw, his apprentice dodges the blow. Crookedjaw is shocked at how vicious they are when training.
Thistleclaw taunts Silverhawk, saying that he wouldn't get him that easily. Silverhawk dares him to repeat it, crouching down, and when Thistleclaw does, he attacks him. He sinks his claws into Thistleclaw's shoulders, making Crookedjaw gasp at the sight of Thistleclaw's blood. Thistleclaw tries to escape, but Silverhawk flips him onto his back and lunges at Thistleclaw's neck. Crookedjaw tries to stop them, but Mapleshade blocks his way, and Silverhawk lets go of Thistleclaw.
As Crookedjaw is horrified at the fact Thistleclaw is being taught to kill, Silverhawk pads closer and spits that there is no glory in surrender and victory was everything. He pushes past Thistleclaw and snarls at Crookedjaw when he asks if he is in StarClan. He tells him, to Crookedjaw's shock, that he was in the Place of No Stars, not StarClan, saying it was where a cat went if they were rejected by StarClan.
When Thistleclaw hisses that Crookedjaw was deputy already, and asks Silverhawk if he would do the same for him, he clouts his apprentice, which sends him staggering back. He thrusts his muzzle near Thistleclaw's face and spits that he still had much to learn, and his time would come when he said so.



Silverhawk: "Is this him?"
Mapleshade: "Just get on with your training session, Silverhawk."
Crookedjaw: "Why are they here?"
Mapleshade: "To help you learn, of course! Watch!"
—Silverhawk, Mapleshade, and Crookedjaw Crookedstar's Promise, page 390

Thistleclaw: "Did you think you'd get me that easily?"
Silverhawk: "Say that again."
Thistleclaw: "Did you think-"
Narrator: "Before Thistleclaw could finish, Silverhawk leaped on him and dug his claws into Thistleclaw's shoulders. Crookedjaw gasped when he saw blood welling up in the spiky gray and white fur. Thistleclaw yowled, scrabbling at the ground, trying to get a grip, but Silverhawk heaved him on to his back and kicked his churning hind paws away. Crookedjaw's breath stopped as Silverhawk lunged for Thistleclaw's neck. Opening his jaws wide, he gripped his apprentice's neck in his teeth."
—Silverhawk challenging Thistleclaw Crookedstar's Promise, page 391

"This is the Dark Forest. This is where you go if StarClan won't take you."
―Silverhawk to Crookedjaw Crookedstar's Promise, page 392

Thistleclaw: "He's deputy already? Are you going to do the same for me?"
Silverhawk: "You still have much to learn! Your time will come when I say so, apprentice!"
—Thistleclaw in dismay when Crookedjaw becomes deputy, and Silverhawk's reply Crookedstar's Promise, page 393

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