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"You're obsessed with Clan loyalty. If you could see beyond your nose, you'd realize...there's a lot more to life than what we've got in one little Clan. Graystripe is a great and worthy warrior. If the warrior code can't deal with this...then maybe the warrior code needs to change. I know you're worried because you love me. And I love you too. I'll always be your daughter. But you have to let me choose my own future."
— Silverstream to Crookedstar in Crookedstar's Promise, page 495

Silverstream is a silver[5]-and-black[7] tabby she-cat[5] with blue eyes.[8]

Silverstream was a RiverClan queen under Crookedstar's leadership in the forest territories. Silverkit was born to Crookedstar and Willowbreeze alongside her sisters, Minnowkit and Willowkit, though she was the only kit to survive after her mother and sisters died due to greencough. Sunfish took her in as if she were her own, and she gained two adopted sisters: Vixenkit and Grasskit. After becoming a warrior, Silverstream fell in love with a ThunderClan warrior, Graystripe, after she saved him from nearly drowning in an icy river. The two often met in secret, much to Mistyfoot, Leopardfur, and Fireheart's displeasure; however, Silverstream died of blood loss during the birth of their kits, Stormfur and Feathertail, which devastated Graystripe. She ascended to StarClan and gave Firestar and Leopardstar one of their nine lives. She soon reunited with Feathertail after her daughter gave her life to save the Tribe. Silverstream was proud when Graystripe found a new mate, Millie, and reunited with him during the battle against the Dark Forest. She also appeared at Mistystar's nine lives ceremony and gave her a life for finding happiness. She later ventured into the Dark Forest to defeat Ashfur and reunited with Graystripe in StarClan, though appeared bitter with his affection towards Millie.


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The Prophecies Begin

"I can't stop seeing him. I love him."
―Silverstream to Fireheart about Graystripe Fire and Ice, page 163
Silverstream rescues Graystripe when he accidentally falls into the river, and the two begin meeting in secret, having fallen in love. During a battle, Graystripe's friend Fireheart refuses to attack Silverstream, causing Tigerclaw to suspect he is a traitor. Despite Mistyfoot and Fireheart pressuring them to stop meeting, they are soon expecting kits, and Silverstream is confident that the kits will be accepted as her father is Clan leader. However, the kits come early, and Silverstream does not survive. RiverClan demands ThunderClan give them kits, and Graystripe prevents a battle by allowing this, but he joins RiverClan to raise them. Moons later, Silverstream appears in StarClan, giving Firestar one of his nine lives, the gift of loyalty and to know what is right.

The New Prophecy

"Don't you know? I am your mother, Silverstream. And as for what you must do — Stormfur, remember that a question can have many answers..."
―Silverstream to Stormfur Moonrise, page 240
Silverstream visits Stormfur in his dreams, encouraging him to return to the Tribe and to fulfill their prophecy. She mourns for her daughter's death and guides her to StarClan. Leafpaw spots her and Feathertail watching Crowfeather's warrior ceremony, and later at the Moonpool.

Omen of the Stars

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The Broken Code

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Super Editions

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"How can I love her when every cat I love dies?"
―Crookedstar to Oakheart about Silverkit Crookedstar's Promise, page 490
In Crookedstar's Promise, Silverkit is born to Crookedstar and Willowbreeze alongside her sisters, Minnowkit and Willowkit. Unfortunately, her mother and sisters die from greencough and her father distances himself from Silverkit. Sunfish, another queen, fosters her with her kits, and Oakheart encourages his brother to act like a proper father to Silverkit. The two form a close relationship, and he grieves for her death, but finds comfort in her kits.

Detailed description

Silverstream is a sleek,[9] soft,[8] and thick-furred,[9] slender,[5] silver[5]-and-black[7] tabby she-cat[5] with a finely shaped head,[9] and piercing,[10] bright blue eyes.[8]

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Silverstream's parents are Willowbreeze and Crookedstar. Her former mate is Graystripe, and Feathertail and Stormfur are their children. For more of Silverstream's family, click here!



Did you know that Kate believes Graystripe will choose Silverstream in StarClan? For more trivia about Silverstream, click here!


"Silverkit is quite a pawful, but so cute!"
―Beetlenose about Silverkit Crookedstar's Promise, page 487

Silverkit: "You're really just training? Do you promise?"
Crookedstar: "I promise. I'm your father, Silverkit, and that means I will always keep my promises."
—Crookedstar making a promise to his daughter Crookedstar's Promise, page 491

Graystripe: "Thanks."
Silverstream: "You idiot! What are you doing on my territory?"
Graystripe: "Ummm...Drowning?"
Silverstream: "Can't you drown yourself in your own territory?"
Graystripe: "Ah, but who would rescue me there?"
—Silverstream after saving Graystripe from drowning in the river Fire and Ice, page 129

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Graystripe: "Silverstream!"
Silverstream: "Good-bye, Graystripe. I love you. Take care of our kits."
Cinderpaw: "Silverstream!"
Graystripe: "No, Silverstream, no. Don't go. Don't leave me!"
—Silverstream to Graystripe right before she dies Forest of Secrets, page 222

Silverstream: "Hello, beloved."
Graystripe: "Silverstream! It's so good to see you...I've missed you so much."
Silverstream: "I've missed you, too, Graystripe. I watch over you, every day and every night."
Graystripe: "Oh, Silverstream. I never thought I'd get to speak with you again... are you all right? Are you...are you happy...where you are?"
Silverstream: "My sweet warrior...you don't have to worry. Joining StarClan is nothing to fear. Our kits grew into fine warriors. I was so proud of them when they went on the quest to find a new home for the Clans. You should know, too, that I have a companion. Someone I never had to privilege to meet while I walked with you."
Graystripe: "Feathertail...! My daughter... our daughter..."
Feathertail: "Hello, father. It's good to see you again."
Graystripe: "I heard about...I mean to say, they told me you had...you're at peace, then...? You're with your mother?"
Silverstream: "Yes, Graystripe. I joined StarClan even as our kits were born...but now my daughter and I are reunited."
Graystripe: "Feathertail...your brother, Stormfur...did he...he hasn't...already joined StarClan, too?"
Feathertail: "No, father. Stormfur is alive and well. But now we must leave you."
Graystripe: "What? You just got here!"
Silverstream: "Don't fret, beloved. Rest assured, we will always be with you...and you will see us here again."
—Silverstream, Graystripe and Feathertail The Lost Warrior, pages 52-53

"It's so like Silverstream to care."
―Graystripe to Jaypaw about Silverstream Long Shadows, page 149

Graystripe: "Silverstream!"
Silverstream: "I'll be waiting."
—Silverstream to Graystripe, shortly after Firestar's death The Last Hope, page 326

"Silverstream was a feisty, headstrong young cat who could bend her father to her will with little effort. But her impulsive nature was tempered by gentleness inherited from her mother, and she was loved by all her Clanmates. Silverstream was a RiverClan warrior through and through, with freshwater running through her veins, and she never intended to fall in love with a ThunderClan warrior."
―Narrator describing Silverstream The Ultimate Guide, page 123

"It is hard to know if Silverstream would have been happy to live in ThunderClan, closed in beneath trees and out of sight and sound of her beloved river. But if love could give her courage to break the warrior code, it might have given her a chance of happiness with Graystripe."
―Narrator The Ultimate Guide, page 123

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  1. Silverstream's apprentice name, Silverpaw, has only ever been revealed on the Warrior Cats website.

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