"I've seen Red around a lot lately. Next time, it might be a tuft of her fur that's left beside a dead Twoleg pet."
— Skipper threatening Stick in SkyClan's Destiny, page 157

Skipper is a ginger-and-white tom[2] with massive shoulders.[1]


In the Super Editions

SkyClan's Destiny

Skipper is first seen with Dodge and Misha, attempting to steal food from Percy and Coal by fighting them. The following night, he is seen with Misha trying to catch a Twoleg rabbit. Skipper challenges Stick to help them catch the rabbit, but he refuses. He attacks the rabbit with Misha, but they do not kill it cleanly, so Stick tries to make its death brief. Skipper and Misha let out yowls to make the Twolegs come, although they are able to hide before the Twoleg sees them. After Stick is chased away, Skipper mocks Stick and threatens to kill Red.
Later, he is seen in Dodge's camp with Misha, and he asks Harley how they can trust Red. However, he and Misha eat the squirrel that Red brings. In the battle between Stick's gang and Dodge's gang, he fights Stick, but when he is pinned down, Stick calls to Cora to continue the fight, because he wants to fight Dodge instead.

Hawkwing's Journey

After Hawkwing kills Dodge in battle, Harley stops the other cats in Dodge's group from attacking the SkyClan cats, saying they must honour the agreement he had made. Skipper asks if they would just let the Clan cats leave, disbelief in his eyes. Harley retorts back to him, saying it'll be exactly like that.



Misha: "You'd hunt it fast enough if you weren't scared of the Twolegs."
Stick: "I'm not scared!"
Skipper: "Prove it! Help us catch this rabbit."
—Misha and Skipper taunting Stick SkyClan's Destiny, page 154

Skipper: "Enjoy your fresh-kill, loser?"
Stick: "I didn't hurt that rabbit, and you know it. You set me up."
Misha: "You set yourself up."
Skipper: "Maybe it'll teach you not to interfere in the future."
—Skipper, Misha, and Stick SkyClan's Destiny, page 156

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