"It was clear that, no matter where SkyClan found its warriors, this was a well-trained and deeply loyal Clan."
— Narrator on SkyClan in Ravenpaw's Farewell, chapter 10

SkyClan is a group of cats that live by the lake along with the other four Clans.[1] Their founding leader, Skystar, was the first ever leader prior to the group being named, so by extension the suffix "Sky" was thought to be given to the Clan as its prefix.[2]


SkyClan was the fifth Clan,[3] but was forced to leave the forest because Twolegs had invaded and taken over their territory,[4] turning it into the Twolegplace cats see now.[5] Their current leader at that time, Cloudstar, appealed to the other Clan leaders at a Gathering and asked for them each to give up some of their territory for SkyClan.[3] However, each Clan gave reasons to refuse to let SkyClan stay,[6] and in the end, the Clan was driven out.[7] Because of this, Cloudstar swore that SkyClan would never look to their warrior ancestors again.[8] Cloudstar's mate, Birdflight, was offered a place in ThunderClan by Kestrelwing, the ThunderClan medicine cat with her kits, since she had just given birth to them and that were too young to make the journey to SkyClan's new home.[9] With much sorrow, Birdflight accepted and promised Cloudstar that they would someday meet again.[9]
Later, SkyClan was brought back by Firestar in Firestar's Quest, a journey in which the ThunderClan leader, Firestar, and his mate, Sandstorm, traveled to the gorge to bring back the Clan.[10]
The modern SkyClan is a Clan of cats with strongly built hind legs which allow them to jump great heights or distances[11] inherited from their ancestors,[12] ancient SkyClan.[13] They have rough, hard gray pads which help them to jump and walk long distances on hard, rough surfaces without breaking skin, which makes them infected.[11] This feature allows them to climb and hunt in the trees, hence the name SkyClan.[12] They are very powerful cats, who are a bit like ThunderClan, eating mainly squirrels, mice, and many kinds of birds.[14]


In the forest territories

Ancient SkyClan lived in the area in which there are now Twolegplaces and the Treecut Place.[15] Their territory lay downriver from ThunderClan, It consists of mainly oaks. Their territory was destroyed a long time ago, and little is known about it. Their camp was in a hollow,[16] and a Twoleg Nest was built on it, where now the kittypet Smudge lives. Surrounded by deep banks of fern and bramble, the entrance is through a gap in the brambles. The warriors den is under a bramble bush and the elders' den lies in gap in the ferns. The vantage point for the leader was a branch on a thorn tree,[17] and the fresh-kill pile was under an elderflower bush.[18] The apprentice's den was under some ferns,[16] and the nursery lies under a holly bush.[source?]
The journey to the new territory was especially hard.[19] They followed the river upstream,[20] and lots of dangers befell them. One kit fell into the river, and the Clan couldn't do anything while it got swept away.[21] An apprentice strayed away from the main group and got picked by a fox who outran the warriors trying to chase it.[21] An elder lagged behind the Clan, slowing down considerably, leaving stains of blood pawed on the ground.[21] Another halted suddenly, and didn't get up again.[21] It is sure that more dangers had killed them as well.[21]

In the gorge

Modern SkyClan were located in a gorge, known to Twolegs as Deepsands Gorge.[22] Twolegs also call other places in this territory the River Chell, High Dene Woods, and Deepsands Pool.[22] Landmarks in this territory include:
  • Camp - The camp is located at the base of a steep gorge, making it a tad difficult to be attacked.[23]
  • Skyrock - is where the leader makes announcements to the Clan. It's at the top of the gorge, so the Clan has a full view of the leader.[24] It is also where Clan leaders receive their new name and nine lives[25], although the Whispering Cave is where the medicine cat goes to share tongues with their warrior ancestors instead.[26]
  • Sandy Gorge - is the hunting territory of SkyClan, and is located around the gorge.[23]
  • Rockpile - is a pile of rocks where the warriors place the prey that they have caught.[27] It is also used, as well as the Skyrock, when the leader makes their announcements.[28]
Modern SkyClan lived in a gorge located north of The forest territories at the end of the river but were pushed out by rogues in Hawkwing's Journey.[30] The dens are small caves in the cliffs of the gorge that used to have tiny rat clawmarks, but Leafstar then covered them up as a sign of their victory.[31] They jump high into the trees with their powerful limbs to catch their prey, and have some attack moves dealing with the trees.[32] The Whispering Cave is a cave near the gorge where the medicine cat goes to share tongues with their warrior ancestors, but unlike the other Clans, the place where the deputy goes with their medicine cat to become the next leader is different; they go to the Skyrock.

In the lake territories

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Lake Map.SkyClan


In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Red Claw encounters Moth Flight on SkyClan territory while she is trying to retrieve lost WindClan cats, and he drives her off.
Micah, a farm cat, becomes SkyClan's first medicine cat. While he climbs a tree to retrieve sap to treat an injured cat, Willow Tail climbs up as well, to drive Red Claw off. However, the branch splits, and Micah is killed. Later on, Acorn Fur is named as his successor as the new medicine cat of SkyClan.
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Yellowfang's Secret

Although not by name, SkyClan is briefly mentioned by Molepelt to Featherpaw when Molepelt says that the Clans' punishment for driving SkyClan out is that Brokenstar will nearly destroy the forest, and that Yellowfang will give birth to Brokenstar.

Firestar's Quest

Firestar is starting to see visions of a group of cats running away, and begins to think he is going crazy. Eventually Smudge, Firestar's kittypet friend, visits him and tells him he is having the same dreams. Firestar then finds out that Smudge's house is built on the old SkyClan camp. He then sleeps in Smudge's backyard, and the leader of ancient SkyClan visits him more clearly in his dreams. He explains to Firestar that it is his destiny to follow the river upstream, where he would find a place where SkyClan could once again live.
Firestar later talks to Bluestar about it and is shocked that she kept something from him; when she says, "There were five Clans in the forest," he thinks she is talking about StarClan, but she literally means five Clans. Firestar gets mad at her and StarClan and resolves to try to put things right, therefore making the dangerous journey. Firestar brings Sandstorm along with him. Firestar and Sandstorm then travel there, where they meet a cat named Sky, a descendant of SkyClan, who they ask about old SkyClan. They seek out cats to once again make SkyClan great. In one cave where SkyClan will settle, Firestar and Sandstorm think that the scratch marks on the wall of the cave are from kits, so they make that cave the nursery. As it turns out, those were actually rat claw marks, showing that rats actually attacked the Ancient SkyClan.
Two kittypets, Cherry and Boris, decide to join the new Clan and are eventually renamed Cherrypaw and Sparrowpaw, respectively. Firestar also finds a queen, Clover, defending her kits from a fox and tries to drive it off. Firestar and Sandstorm are wounded, and a rogue named Scratch comes and helps them to chase it away. Clover and her kits Rock, Tiny, and Bounce decide to join SkyClan, becoming Clovertail, Rockkit, Tinykit, and Bouncekit. At first, Clovertail only joins the Clan for the protection of her kits, but once one of her kits falls in the river, she jumps in and saves it. Only then does she realize that she can protect her kits and fight for them. Scratch also decides to try out the Clan and goes back to camp with them.
Later, Sparrowpaw takes Firestar to the cats he knows around the Twolegplace, and they ask them to come to a meeting in the gorge to tell the local cats about the new SkyClan. When they get back to camp, Scratch, whose Clan name becomes Sharpclaw, takes Firestar to talk to the rogues and loners. That night, a small group of cats come to the gorge, and three of them, Leaf, Hutch, and Patch, join the Clan. They are given the warrior names Leafdapple, Shortwhisker, and Patchfoot respectively. When Firestar talks about the Clan leaders receiving nine lives from StarClan, Sharpclaw's eyes brighten and Firestar is worried that he might have the same ambition as Tigerstar once had.
Rainfur, another loner, attends the meeting, but does not want to join the Clan and taunts the cats who do. To honor his devotion to SkyClan's memory, Sky is given the name Skywatcher, as he always watched the moon every full moon. Clovertail's kits venture into the Shining Cave and say that they heard voices whispering to them. Firestar realizes that the Shining Cave is like the Clan's Moonstone, a way to share tongues and communicate with their ancestors.
Rainfur later returns to ask Firestar to rescue his mate Petal and their kits Mint and Sage from Petal's Twoleg who is neglecting them and hurting his family. Firestar leads a rescue mission and brings Rainfur and his family back to the Clan. They later join the Clan, when Petal is renamed Petalnose and Mint and Sage become Mintkit and Sagekit. Since Rainfur's name already sounds like a Clan name, Firestar decides to leave it as it is.
SkyClan also receives trouble from the rat army that scattered the first SkyClan. The rats actually left the scratches in the place Firestar and Sandstorm thought was the nursery. They had scratched over the cat's claw marks to show that the cats were defeated and they had won. Sky admits that he didn't tell Firestar about the rats because he might not have decided to help rebuild the Clan. Firestar leads a patrol of cats to attack the rats in the old Twoleg barn, their home.
The attack goes wrong when the rats cut off their escape route and they are trapped in a tree. Rainfur is lost in the turmoil and Sandstorm pulls Firestar up the tree to save him. Firestar knows that the only way to defeat the rats was to kill their leader. After studying the movement of the rats, he pinpoints the leader and swiftly kills him. Confused, and without a leader, the rats scatter and Firestar leads his patrol home. Rainfur is reported dead and is the only cat that dies. However, Shortwhisker decides that the dangerous life of a Clan cat is not for him, and goes back to being a kittypet.
The first leader of modern SkyClan turns out to be Leafdapple, which Echosong realizes after she gets a sign from StarClan- a dappled leaf. Firestar and Echosong witness Leafdapple's leader ceremony, and the newly-named Leafstar chooses Sharpclaw to be her deputy. Leafstar also makes Cherrypaw and Sparrowpaw into warriors, for their brave actions during the fight with the rats, naming them Cherrytail and Sparrowpelt. Cherrytail becomes mentor to Rockpaw; Sparrowpelt becomes mentor to Tinypaw; and Patchfoot becomes the mentor of Bouncepaw. Firestar, with much regret, leaves SkyClan to fend for itself and returns home to ThunderClan.

SkyClan's Destiny

In the prologue, the remains of SkyClan are coming back to camp after the battle with the rats, exhasuted. Nightfur asks Spiderstar, who is the leader of the battle patrol that attacked the rats, if they won. Spiderstar doesn't directly answer, and tells Brackenheart that his den better be stocked with herbs, due to the wounds he would have to treat.
Swallowflight tells the Clan they had lost the battle, and Honeyleaf retorts that he can't say that, that SkyClan still has its pride. Frostclaw asks if they will hold vigils for Sunpelt and Fallensnow, which are two cats that had died in the battle with the rats, and Oakstep reacts with disbelief and asks where the bodies are. Swallowflight tells Oakstep they had to leave them behind.
Spiderstar slowly confesses to his Clan's weakness, and the Clan slowly departs, breaking into groups of rogues, kittypets, and loners. Honeyleaf, Spiderstar, Nightfur, Mousefang, Swallowflight, and Brackenheart are some of the cats who stay in the gorge and don't become kittypets or rogues, just loners.
Spiderstar tells the remaining cats that they still live on, but SkyClan has died. Brackenheart tells Spiderstar he has to look at his injuries.
Spiderstar sighs and wonders if a Clan will ever live in the gorge again. Brackenheart says that he thinks he will, and reveals the mysterious prophecy: "This is the leaf-bare of our Clan. Greenleaf will come, but it will bring even greater storms than these. SkyClan will need deeper roots if it is to survive."
Leafstar wakes from a dream about the gorge flooding and SkyClan being washed away by the waters. SkyClan is thriving however with new kits and warriors. Bouncepaw, Rockpaw, and Tinypaw have their warrior ceremony, taking the names Bouncefire, Rockshade and Tinycloud. Although Tinycloud is very unhappy with her name, Leafstar assures her that it doesn't matter what her name is, it's what she does that counts. Leafstar reflects upon Skywatcher and all he did for the Clan that is now thriving, having survived leaf-bare.
Soon enough, we are introduced to the daylight warriors, kittypets that chose to be part of SkyClan, but spend their nights at home in their Twoleg nests. Most of the SkyClan cats disapprove of the daylight-warriors, most notably Cherrytail and SkyClan's own deputy, Sharpclaw. Leafstar doesn't like that her warriors disapprove of the daylight warriors, and she tries her best to avoid conflict between the two groups. This doesn't work, because more then enough times, Sharpclaw excludes the daylight-warriors from the basic warrior duties, like patrols.
Not all of the Clan cats disapprove of the daylight-warriors, however. Fallowfern's kits, Nettlekit, Plumkit, Rabbitkit, and Creekkit, take a liking to Billystorm, one of the daylight-warriors and Snookpaw's mentor. Billystorm teaches the young kits defensive moves, saying that a hawk or another animal won't leave them alone because they are kits. At first Fallowfern is reluctant, but, decides to let Billystorm teach the kits, provided that they stay away from the water.
Spottedleaf visits Leafstar in a dream, warning her that there will be storms to come and showing her a vision of the ancient SkyClan. Leafstar suspects this is a prophecy: "This is the leaf-bare of my Clan. Greenleaf will come, but it will bring even greater storms than these. SkyClan will need deeper roots if it is to survive." Speaking to Echosong about it, she discovers that the medicine cat had the same dream she did. Leafstar refuses to tell the Clan when the two she-cats cannot work out what the dreams mean - especially when they decide Leafstar's floodwater dream is connected, but decides they will talk again if they have more dreams.
Leafstar faces more trouble when she is forced to banish two daylight-warriors, Harveymoon and Macgyver, from the Clan for behaving badly and not honoring what it means to be a warrior. Feeling troubled by her decision, she talks with the elders and finds support from Tangle.
Sagepaw falls off the cliff, despite Sharpclaw's attempt to help him. Echosong works out that he has dislocated his leg and puts it back in to place, earning respect from her Clanmates. Patchfoot reveals that Sagepaw's fall was his fault for teasing him about his ancestry and Leafstar worries that the Clan are too concerned with being descended from SkyClan cats. She calls a meeting and talks to the Clan about every cat having an equal claim to be part of SkyClan. The meeting is interrupted by intruders who turn out to be the rogues, Stick, Cora, Shorty, and Coal whom Firestar and Sandstorm met when they were trying to rebuild SkyClan. They ask to learn from the SkyClan cats and after pressure from her deputy, Leafstar agrees.
Sharpclaw leads a training session with many of the cats alongside the newcomers. This helps to bring the Clan closer together and Leafstar is pleased. Later, when the daylight-warriors return home, the visitors question them and Leafstar shares a suspicion with Sharpclaw that they are there for reasons other than learning how to take care of themselves. She assigns some SkyClan cats to sleep with them in the new dens.
In the morning, Leafstar invites the visitors to join the patrols and they agree, joining Patchfoot's border patrol. Leafstar joins the patrol, and scents rats.
Leafstar decides to check it out instead of going back to camp. They spot a whole pile of Twoleg waste, which horrifies the patrol. They discover that the heap of waste is infested with rats.
When they get back to camp, Sharpclaw explains the battle with the rats to the rogues. They ask Sharpclaw if they can help, informing him that they had hunted rats in their past. They come up with a plan to drive the rats out of SkyClan territory. Leafstar goes to Echosong and informs her of her misgivings towards Sharpclaw, but Echosong's advice doesn't seem to help.
The attack patrol is getting ready to attack the rats. The cats battle the rats, and SkyClan turns out to be victorious. However, Waspwhisker and Cora are injured badly.
When they get back to camp, the daylight-warriors seem to be affronted since they battled the rats without them. Billystorm isn't as infuriated as the others, however.
It is shown that Frecklepaw continuously helps Echosong with her duties, and that Echosong wants her as an apprentice, but there is some conflict as that Frecklepaw is a daylight warrior. Leafstar talks with Billystorm, and Billystorm tells Leafstar that he had seen SkyClan warriors with Stick in Twolegplace, but Leafstar is sure it is nothing serious. Harveymoon and Macgyver are back from their one-moon exile, and the Gathering takes place.
Leafstar and Cora go out hunting together. Stick, Shorty, Cora, and Coal would like to become full warriors of SkyClan, and Leafstar agrees. She performs the ceremony, but it is interrupted three times, which was a bit disruptive. Harveymoon is annoyed that they are now warriors. When Leafstar goes to sleep, she is introduced to Bluestar, Snowfur, and Whitestorm. The whole of StarClan had gathered to celebrate SkyClan's survival. Spottedleaf tells Leafstar to "seize the moment. Destiny will arrive."
Leafstar agrees to go with Billystorm to Twolegplace and to find Snookpaw. They come across Hutch, who had used to be a SkyClan warrior. Billystorm and Leafstar get inside Snookpaw's house, and are able to see Snookpaw, but not retrieve him. His Twolegs come, and the two visiting cats leave quickly. The patrol discovers a loner hunting in SkyClan's territory. Leafstar thinks he is a descendant of SkyClan, and offers him a position in the Clan. The loner rejects it.
Ebonyclaw points out to Leafstar that she suspects that Shrewtooth feels left out. Trying to coax him, Leafstar goes hunting with him. They come across a Twoleg nest and Shrewtooth panics. When Leafstar brings him back to camp, Shrewtooth tells her that he had been captured and abused by the old Twoleg who mistreated Petalnose. Petalnose hears this, and determined to get back at the Twoleg, she suggests that they scare him. Leafstar agrees. Leafstar organizes a patrol, and gives the attack cry. The SkyClan cats again are victorious, succeeding in frightening the Twoleg.
When the daylight warriors come to camp the next day, the Clan is excitedly talking about the Twoleg's defeat. The daylight warriors are furious that they are left out of another attack. Concerned, Leafstar goes and talks to Echosong. The medicine cat tells her to beware her own feelings. On another note, Snookpaw still hasn't returned.
Snookpaw finally comes back to SkyClan. The other daylight warriors are overjoyed to see him. Leafstar joins a patrol with Cherrytail, Snookpaw, and Billystorm. While on the patrol, Billystorm comes to the point where he reveals his hidden feelings for Leafstar. Leafstar does the same. The loner we've seen when Leafstar and Billystorm had traveled back to camp appears again. His name is revealed to be Egg and with some persuasion, he joins SkyClan as Sharpclaw's apprentice.
Egg is made an official SkyClan cat, however he keeps his name, which is a shock to the Clan since daylight warriors usually keep their first name as their prefix and a new name as the suffix, but Egg stays as Egg. It is revealed that Sharpclaw had lied to Egg, to get him to join SkyClan. It is revealed that Egg had confided in Sharpclaw about a fox that was living in his territory, and Sharpclaw lies to him, saying that the fox will live there forever and he will be much safer if he lives in SkyClan. Leafstar scolds Sharpclaw, saying that he can't recruit other members with lies.
Leafstar and Echosong's argument continues. When Leafstar offers to get Shrewtooth to help Echosong, Echosong bitterly retorts that he never wanted to become a medicine cat, but Frecklepaw obviously wanted to change her apprenticeship. Leafstar reminds her that they can't have a daylight warrior for their medicine cat. Echosong reminds Leafstar not to show favoritism towards the daylight warriors. Leafstar confesses that she wants to be mates with Billystorm. Echosong tells her she must cope without a mate, as she must walk this path of her destiny alone.
Angry about her argument with Echosong, Leafstar silently hates Firestar for a moment, wondering why he didn't tell her that leaders couldn't have mates. Billystorm asks Leafstar if they can go into Twolegplace, to see if they can spot one of Sharpclaw's patrols. Leafstar realizes that she can't, and harsher than she sounds, she refuses. Billystorm is in astonishment, wondering why Leafstar is so rude to him. Leafstar tells him that her Clanmates need her, but Billystorm points out that he's her Clanmate, too, and that Leafstar doesn't want to get close to him because he's a kittypet. Leafstar tells him he doesn't know everything, and Billystorm leaves the den.
Leafstar sees a vision of ancient SkyClan, seeing what happened when they first came to the gorge, the lack of prey, their lack of belief in StarClan. She sees the pale brown tom say the same words he had stated in the prophecy: This is the leaf-bare of my Clan. Greenleaf will come, but it will bring even greater storms than these. SkyClan will need deeper roots if it is to survive. Leafstar realizes that she must be one of those roots.
Leafstar takes a hunting patrol that consists of Macgyver, Harveymoon, and Egg. They come back to camp, Macgyver and Harveymoon catching one small sparrow, but Egg managing to catch two squirrels and a pigeon. Leafstar compliments him on how he is picking up SkyClan hunting techniques quickly. When they reach camp, the Clan is gathered. Fallowfern tells Leafstar that Plumkit and Nettlekit had heard a weird sound, and now the entire Clan had heard it.
Leafstar takes a patrol to the gorge, past the training area, to investigate. They discover that it is a Twoleg kit, lying among the rocks with her hind leg splayed at an awkward angle. Leafstar reveals to the patrol that the Twoleg she-kit had fell over the cliff. Echosong comforts the kit by purring and acting like a kittypet. She tells Leafstar that she doesn't want to frighten her. Echosong tells Leafstar that her leg is broken, and Echosong comes up with the idea to lure the Twolegs to the Twoleg kit so that they can treat her. Leafstar agrees.
Leafstar asks Billystorm and Snookpaw if they know where the Twoleg had come from, considering that they live in the Twolegplace. Snookpaw answers Leafstar, telling her exactly where the Twoleg had come from. Snookpaw leads the way to the Twoleg kit's nest. Snookpaw gets lost a couple times, but they eventually reach the Twoleg nest. When Snookpaw tries to convince the Twoleg that they know where their kit is, the Twoleg doesn't understand, often screeching back in reply. The Twoleg throws a flowerpot at Snookpaw, and the patrol ends up having to leave. Leafstar consults in Echosong.
Echosong tells Leafstar that the Twoleg had fell asleep. Leafstar decides that they have to use the way cats think instead of the way Twolegs think, and announces that the Twoleg were hunting for the kit, and that the cats will just have to help them.
Frecklepaw finds some stuff that belongs to the Twoleg kit. She points out a backpack, a hanky, and a hairband. There is another object, but Frecklepaw cannot detect it. Leafstar decides that they use the objects to lay out a trail for the Twoleg adults towards their kit. The Twolegs follow the trail, and the patrol is overjoyed. The Twolegs find their kit.
Leafstar is thinking that she had done the wrong thing that day, of bringing Twolegs and Clan cats too close to each other. Echosong insists that she had done the right thing, but Leafstar can tell that Echosong is not convinced in her own choice.
Noticing that the cats of SkyClan are subdued towards the entire Twoleg incident, Leafstar decides to cheer them up by making Snookpaw a warrior. He is given the name of Snookthorn, but almost right after the ceremony is finished, he confesses that he can't stay in SkyClan, that the incident with the flowerpot throwing Twoleg the other day made him know he didn't want to be an enemy of Twolegs - therefore, a warrior of SkyClan.
Leafstar sees the kits, Plumkit, Nettlekit, Rabbitkit, and Creekkit, play a game. Plumkit is giving Nettlekit his warrior name, Nettlewhiskers. Obviously Nettlekit doesn't like that, so he attacks Plumkit, telling her he would like to become a kittypet. Leafstar comes in, and tells them that's fine, if they don't want to learn how to climb, or hunt, or border patrols. They turn to Leafstar and beg her, telling her they want to be apprentices, and that it was just a game. Leafstar lets them off the hook.
Leafstar suddenly sees Sharpclaw, Stick, Shorty, Cora, and several other of her warriors, with Coal, on guard duty, in Twolegplace. Leafstar realizes that Billystorm was right. Leafstar eavesdrops on them. Stick is teaching them about techniques and other stuff, but Leafstar isn't sure what it's for.
Billystorm appears and asks Leafstar if she believes him now. Leafstar silently thinks that Billystorm doesn't have the right to interrogate her. Leafstar decides to do more eavesdropping, and maybe confront them. Billystorm deems that he's coming. Leafstar disagrees, but they don't argue. Leafstar follows them, then appears and asks what they were doing. Leafstar and Sharpclaw quarrel. Stick suddenly reveals why they came to the Gorge.
Stick describes the betrayals and the battles that he encountered in Twolegplace. Stick brings his story to a close and asks Leafstar if she can help them. Leafstar tells Stick that she'll think about it. Sharpclaw argues with Leafstar, but Leafstar makes it clear that it is her choice.
In a dream, Leafstar sees Skywatcher. Skywatcher tells Leafstar that she is troubled, and he helps Leafstar decide. Swallowflight appears, and argues, saying that SkyClan cannot leave the gorge. He tells Skywatcher that it isn't a real Clan, and Skywatcher and Swallowflight battle. Leafstar wakes up, and realizes it was just a dream.
Leafstar goes on patrol with Shrewtooth, Sharpclaw, Ebonyclaw, and Frecklepaw. Frecklepaw spots honey and bees, and Frecklepaw decides to collect some. Suddenly the bees come out and attack the cats. The cats make a dash for the camp. While Echosong is tending to Leafstar, she tells Leafstar that the swarm of bees was not just a bee attack, but a sign. Echosong tells her it's a battle they need to fight before it comes to them.
Leafstar is shown to agree with the attack on Dodge. Egg comes, but Leafstar forbids apprentices to come. Egg tells Leafstar he wants to prove his loyalty to SkyClan, and Leafstar lets him come. Billystorm apologizes to Leafstar, and asks to come, too. Leafstar agrees but hesitantly.
They come to Twolegplace, arriving in Dodge's camp. Percy is back, and it is revealed that he might have been taken to the Cutter. Leafstar questions the group of cats, to get to know more about Dodge and what their mission is. Billystorm catches a squirrel, and Leafstar and Billystorm share it together.
Stick leads them into Twolegplace. Sharpclaw organizes an attack plan. Snowy steps back in fear, and tells Leafstar she can't do this, but the Clan attacks the camp as planned. Leafstar sees Coal and Shorty getting ready to attack a queen with her kits. Leafstar stops them, and Coal asks Leafstar if she is betraying them. Leafstar doesn't answer, but gets the kits to safety. A cream colored she-cat pounces on Leafstar and the entire world goes black.
Leafstar sees her body, with the cream colored she-cat crouched over her. Spottedleaf tells her that she is losing a life, but she will return to her body soon. Leafstar does. She sees Stick quarrel with Red, and he snaps at Harley, telling him that he tricked Red. He attacks Harley, but Red gets in his way, resulting in her death. The battle is ended, with SkyClan and Stick's friends victorious, once more. Cora runs up to them as they are going home, and thanks them.
In the manga, Billystorm is seen training Rabbitpaw. Leafstar organizes a patrol to take out the dog that had been terrorizing the cats in Twolegplace. A kittypet suddenly asks why they're there, and Leafstar introduces herself. When Leafstar tells her about the dog, the kittypet tells her where the dog lives. They follow her directions, but the barking is behind Leafstar and the patrol. They run back to the kittypet and are furious. The rest of the patrol run to Billystorm, and ask if he will join them. Leafstar and Rabbitpaw are trapped. The patrol comes, and attacks the dogs.
Out of the Twolegplace, Leafstar gives Plumpaw, Creekpaw, Nettlepaw, and Rabbitpaw their warrior names. Nettlepaw becomes Nettlesplash, Creekpaw becomes Creekfeather, Plumpaw becomes Plumwillow, and Rabbitpaw becomes Rabbitleap. The whole Clan cheers, and Leafstar tells Rabbitpaw he had proven himself to be a worthy warrior of SkyClan, beyond any doubt, and that she is proud to be his leader.

Hawkwing's Journey

SkyClan is well and thriving. One day their medicine cat, Echosong, tells the cats of SkyClan that they must find "the spark that remains" and many of the cats think that it means to find the dead Firestar's kin. But, since there was just a fire that claimed Duskpaw's life some for the SkyClan cats think that it is the fire.
Some days later Hawkwing brings a loner named Darktail into camp, who claims that he needs herbs because he got caught in the fire as well. After a while the camp begins to accept Darktail, and he says he knows where the other Clans are and sends them on useless journeys. Later, he leads raccoons into the camp in secret while the others are gone in his ultimate goal of weakening SkyClan enough that he can easily take over.
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Tigerheart's Shadow

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In the Dawn of the Clans arc

Path of Stars

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In The New Prophecy arc


SkyClan is not mentioned by name, although Firestar's quest to rebuild SkyClan is mentioned by him when talking to Brambleclaw about Graystripe.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Forgotten Warrior

SkyClan is mentioned briefly, though not by name, by Sol when he is fighting Hollyleaf and Ivypool. The rogue cat mentions another Clan in a gorge that he once belonged to that had treated him poorly, leading him to wanting to prove that the warrior code means nothing.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Alderpaw begins receiving dreams about SkyClan, and starts journeying there with Molewhisker, Cherryfall, Sparkpaw, Sandstorm, as well as Needlepaw. When they arrive at the SkyClan camp, they discover that a group of rogues took over their territory.
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Shattered Sky

Alderheart has a vision of a dying medicine cat where she tells her Clanmates to "follow the blood trail in the sky" before she dies. He hears one of her mourning Clanmates call the medicine cat Echosong which Alderheart realizes these cats are SkyClan, and he knows that the lost Clan needs to be helped soon.
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Darkest Night

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River of Fire

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The Raging Storm

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In the SkyClan and the Stranger arc

The Rescue

Leafstar explains about her duty as leader of the modern SkyClan and the instability of the Clan in the past, though it being stable now. Leafstar then introduces her mate, Billystorm. She describes his role as a daylight warrior, coming during the daytime but leaves for his Twoleg nest at night. The territory of SkyClan is shown and Leafstar describes it as a secure, peaceful home.
Rabbitleap is teaching three cats about jumping high, demonstrating how high a cat can go with practice. Lichenfur, a modern SkyClan elder, comments that he must plan on squashing his prey to death with his leap. Birdpaw, Honeypaw, and Sandypaw, all apprentices, are eager to try leaping like Rabbitleap. Clovertail, the mother of Birdpaw, Honeypaw, and Sandypaw, is then introduced as a member of SkyClan who chose not to become a warrior, but instead take care of the kits.
Clovertail warns the three apprentices to be careful on top of a rock, though Birdpaw slips and tumbles down to the ground. Clovertail then scolds Rabbitleap about how young the apprentices are still. Hearing all the commotion, Echosong, the modern SkyClan's medicine cat, comes out and tends to the small scratch Birdpaw received during his tumble. With the two apprentices remaining, Honeypaw and Sandypaw, Sharpclaw decides that they've had enough jumping for one day.
As a patrol returns to camp, Mintfur, Ebonyclaw, and Shrewtooth bring news of an old fox scent from the beginning of newleaf. Shrewtooth shares their tactic of bending small tree branches to mark how far the fox came into SkyClan's territory giving the credit of the idea to Ebonyclaw. Lichenfur remarks that it's is not a bad idea for a daylight warrior, though another cat says it's a brilliant idea no matter who it came from.
After escorting Birdpaw back to his mother and fellow siblings, Echosong spots Leafstar and Billystorm coming back into camp. Echosong confronts the pair and scolds Leafstar for hunting while she's expecting kits and chastises Billystorm for letting Leafstar hunt. To make Echosong feel better, Leafstar decides to lay in the sun for awhile, though not for long as Clovertail comes over to give Leafstar advice from already having two litters of her own.
While eating with Clovertail and Echosong, Leafstar sees Sharpclaw and Cherrytail about to leave camp. Stopping them, she asks if he was going to check on the fox Mintfur's patrol had scented earlier. Sharpclaw uncomfortably says he and Cherrytail had wanted go go on a walk, but Cherrytail says it wouldn't be a problem to pass through that area. Upon the two's departure, Leafstar asks if something's peculiar with them. Clovertail tells Leafstar that it was obvious Cherrytail and Sharpclaw had taken a liking to one another, suggesting that there might be more kits coming soon.
Leafstar, Echosong, and Clovertail then discuss whether other Clan leaders or deputies have had kits and how they cope with it. Leafstar starts raising doubts about her Clan and her kits and if SkyClan will become vulnerable if her attention is divided.
In the morning, Leafstar turns down a dawn patrol to rest in order to care for her kits. Becoming restless, Leafstar accepts Harveymoon's offer to go for a walk. On their walk, they encounter the dawn patrol Sharpclaw sent out consisting of Waspwhisker, Tinycloud, Nettlesplash, and Sandypaw. Waspwhisker reports that Nettlesplash and Sandypaw strayed over the border when the patrol split up.
Upon finding Nettlesplash and Sandypaw, Leafstar discovers that the apprentices have been straying over the border to receive food and medical help from an elderly, female Twoleg. Leafstar confronts the two, outraged, and sends them back to camp to later be punished. However, the Twoleg arrives, and upon seeing Leafstar, the Twoleg attempts to catch her. She and her Clanmates run away back towards the SkyClan camp.
Soon after arriving at camp, Leafstar starts to feel intense pain in her belly, and starts to give birth to her kits. Echosong and Clovertail aide her in her kitting, and after the ordeal, she shows her mate, Billystorm the two she-cats and the one tom she gave birth to.
Returning to SkyClan's territory, the Twoleg comes back in search for Leafstar worrying for her safety. Giving orders to the cats in her Clan to stay hidden, one of her kits falls out of the confines of the nursery. Going by her motherly instinct, Leafstar goes to retrieve her kit revealing herself to the Twoleg. Upon viewing Leafstar and her kit, the Twoleg grabs the both of them and then picks up the other two kits when seeing that Leafstar has more kits.
Trapping Leafstar inside a Twoleg nest, Leafstar meets the elderly female's kittypet, named Harry. A patrol of her Clanmates go to rescue her and the kittypet, Harry, helps with the rescue as well by carrying one of her kits. Leafstar then names her kits in honor of Firestar, Sandstorm, and a newly-met friend, Harry. Harry denounces his name claiming that his real name is Sol, and joins SkyClan.

Beyond the Code

While watching her three kits play, Firekit, Stormkit, and Harrykit, Leafstar worries about their destinies as warriors. Clovertail approaches Leafstar and voices her concerns as well. Clovertail points out, though, that they can't be kept in the nursery all there lives and it would be an honor to see them warriors of SkyClan one day. Leafstar thanks Clovertail for her support and advice throughout the new experience she's received.
Meanwhile, Sol enters the camp bringing fresh-kill. Leafstar views Sol as a good addition to SkyClan, quickly learning to hunt and patrol the borders. Birdpaw and Honeypaw also come back into camp from removing the ticks off of the elders' pelts. Birdpaw and Honeypaw complain that they never see Sol doing any apprentice duties nor have they seen him receive any warrior training, but Leafstar argues that though Sol may have just joined SkyClan recently, he's still a full grown cat with much experience already. Honeypaw and Birdpaw respond that he should at least have a warrior name then. Leafstar reassures the apprentices that Sol will have a warrior's name soon.
As the heat rises in SkyClan's territory, the prey becomes scarce. With scarce prey, a problem arises with the daylight-warriors as it seems that they'd rather bask in the sun all day rather than help out with the dwindling supply of food since the daylight-warriors have a guaranteed source of food. Rockshade brings this problem to attention when he confronts Billystorm about it.
Rockshade points out that just because the daylight-warriors always have their bellies full doesn't mean the Clan should starve. Several other cats become involved in the argument. Leafstar intervenes into the argument, making it clear that the daylight-warriors are an essential part of SkyClan. She dictates that they are allowed to eat the fresh-kill, but they must make a contribution to the fresh-kill pile first. Leafstar also suggests that perhaps they should change the patrols to dawn and dusk and sleep when the heat is most intense. Shrewtooth argues that those patrols would open SkyClan up to attacks, but Sharpclaw remarks that the whole of SkyClan wouldn't be asleep as some would stay awake on guard duty.
Harrykit, after scratching his nose, crys out as Billystorm is having a hard time taking care of them all. Sharpclaw takes over allaying the concerns about the new patrol system while Leafstar goes to tend to her kits. Sol approaches and offers something soothing to Harrykit, aiding one of his Clanmates.
As the sun sets, Ebonyclaw and Billystorm offer to hunt for the Clan, but they'll take no fresh-kill for themselves reasoning that they know they will be fed. Sharpclaw then orders the SkyClan cats into three patrols. When one patrol comes back screeching for help because of an injured patrol, Leafstar immediately gets Echosong and goes to investigate what happened.
While Leafstar and Echosong meet up with Ebonyclaw, Honeypaw goes to calm Leafstar's kits, awoken by the commotion. Sharpclaw explains what happened to the patrol saying that they met a badger. He describes that the patrol was able to drive it farther into the woods, but every cat on the patrol received injuries. Echosong steps in after analyzing Ebonyclaw's front leg and dictates that she has a nasty bite that will keep her in camp all night. Ebonyclaw, worried, asks if the medicine cat is sure nervous that her Twolegs might worry for her.
Sharpclaw and Leafstar talk about the risk of the new patrol patters. Sharpclaw explains that the badger attack was probably due to the patrols at dusk putting them in competition for territory against badgers and foxes. Sharpclaw states that he thinks that the new hunting patterns won't work, and Leafstar argues that prey is too well hidden in the day time. He asks what they should do, and Leafstar puts it off so that she can think about it.
Later, a patrol consisting of eight cats goes out hunting. Sol convinces the patrol that they should split up in order to find more prey. When half of the patrol of eight come back, Leafstar demands to know where the other half went and Patchfoot claims that he doesn't know. Sol and the other three cats return soon with much prey that could feed that Clan for many days. Leafstar invites every cat in the Clan to come eat and celebrate the profuse amount of prey found that day.
Sharpclaw suspects something wrong with the amount of prey Sol and his patrol gathered and brings his suspicions to Leafstar. She dismisses the accusations warily, but resolves to find out try to assuage Sharpclaw's suspicions. Leafstar tags on a patrol led by sol while Clovertail and Honeypaw take care of her kits.
As the patrol venture into the forest, she notices that none of the cats have stopped to check for a scent. Sol leads the patrol to a fox's den and starts to wait. Leafstar, suspicious, wants to leave, though the others say that it's safe. Leafstar waits and watches with the others and soon a group of foxes return to their den. The foxes leave their prey outside their den and Sol and the rest of the patrol steal the foxes' fresh-kill.
Once back at the camp, Leafstar protests against Sol's way of hunting. She is told by Sol that his way is like a hunting strategy, however Leafstar continues to dismiss it as an act of thievery, ordering them not to do it again. Sharpclaw is even more appalled by this discovery, and Leafstar allays his anger before a onslaught of bickering starts. During a training session, she views Sol's poor performance, prepared to start training himself reasoning that since he was adamant on becoming a warrior that he deserves good training.
Soon, the foxes invade SkyClan's camp in revenge for their stolen prey. She starts giving orders to her Clanmates imagining how easily it could be for the foxes to kill her warriors. When she hears her kits begin to prepare for the fight, she asks Sol to push them back in the den so she could go help her Clanmates. Sol, however, is frozen in place so instead, Lichenfur helps. She puts the kits back into the nursery and looks over them for the duration of the attack. Once they successfully drive out the foxes, Leafstar immediately thanks Lichenfur and chastises her kits saying that they're too small to have done much against the foxes. She then faces Sol and tells him that it wasn't his fault that he didn't react like a warrior would've. He insists though that he must become a warrior as it was all he has wanted. Surprised, Leafstar yearns to learn more about this sudden realization. Sol explains upon request about his mother and the hyperbolic stories she would tell about SkyClan cats.
After Sol's story, Leafstar feels saddened for him and Sol asks her if she sees why becoming a warrior was so important. She comforts him by acknowledging his story and encouraging him that she was glad she and him crossed paths. Leafstar then turns to Billystorm for advice about this new revelation. Billystorm responds that Sol tends to be lazy and is not a good hunter or fighter nor was he very brave. He defends himself by quickly saying that he's only being honest and Leafstar understands. She leaves for a training session with Sol and Billystorm bids her good luck.
During the training session with Sol, she notices that it takes him a long to to grasp the moves and techniques that come to fighting. He shows little improvement at the end of the session, but improvement no less.
At the time of the Gathering, Leafstar announces the improvement and achievements SkyClan has done. She praises them for surviving the drought and the attack with the foxes. She concludes that the Clan is safe and strong. Before the Gathering can terminate though, Sol emerges and claims that he is ready to become a full warrior. Leafstar, uncomfortable, denounces that Sol still has a to come a long way in his training before he can even have a proper assessment and receive his warrior name. Humiliated, Sol protests that he has come a long way, but before Leafstar could respond, Sol runs off asking why things like this had to happen to him. A storm breaks out then and Leafstar orders the Clan to go back to the gorge.
The storm steadily gets worse and Sharpclaw reports to Leafstar that they need to evacuate to the lower dens. As they evacuate, Leafstar sees an immense wave about to bare down on the gorge. The wave momentarily floods the gorge leaving all the SkyClan cats to run for their lives.
Once out of the immediate danger, SkyClan waits out the storm and allows the water to clear from the gorge. Once SkyClan returns to the gorge, Cherrytail finds Lichenfur's limp body. They sit vigil for Lichenfur and Leafstar expresses her doubts about how SkyClan can recover from the damages made.

After the Flood

Once the Clan returns to the gorge, the find the camp as a disaster. The flood has left SkyClan vulnerable to threats such as foxes, rats, Twolegs, and even rogues as well as leaving SkyClan with no clean water to drink and no fresh-kill. The cats within the Clan are picking up debris, clearing areas, and rebuilding the camp. Leafstar states what happened concerning the flood, how Lichenfur died, and how they need to be strong in order to overcome this set back. Clovertail supervises the making of new nests and the first nest being made is Tangle's. Leafstar notices odd behavior of Tangle since Lichenfur is gone as he would always be snapping about how he can make his own nest. Meanwhile, Sharpclaw is attending to the heavy lifting of tree branches with Waspwhisker, Sparrowpelt, and Harveymoon helping. Leafstar's kits worry about if there would be another flood. This sparks Leafstar's thoughts on whether SkyClan would always be at the mercy of flood waters.
As more minor concerns fill SkyClan such as Cherrytail and Sharpclaw's relationship, and the loss of Lichenfur effecting Tangle, Sharpclaw wonders if the flood was a sign from StarClan. Before the thought is contemplated much, someone gets injured from lifting a branch. Echosong, however, wastes no time in tending to the wound.
Another problem has been Sol, the newest Clan member. In lieu of helping clear the stream as Sharpclaw ordered, Sol went to fetch ivy leaves claiming that they would be a great addition to the new nests. Leafstar hesitantly explains that ivy leaves can be poisonous and not ideal to put in nests. Sol grudgingly accepts her reasoning in denying the ivy leaves. Sharpclaw mutters that Sol doesn't seem to be getting the big idea as Sol walks away. Leafstar catches up to Sol and suggests that he'd be a great help in clearing the stream. Sol tries to back out of it by reasoning that he was going to help Echosong find herbs, but Leafstar counters that clearing the stream is much more suited for him. Sol accepts but tosses back that she just seems to need brute strength.
At night, Leafstar is visited by Spottedleaf. Leafstar asks Spottedleaf is the flood was a punishment in which Spottedleaf denies. Spottedleaf goes on to say that SkyClan may have more troubles, especially with one particular cat. Leafstar guesses Sol and Spottedleaf confirms it. The SkyClan leader is confused reasoning that she can't banish Sol when all he wants is to be a good warrior. Spottedleaf responds that perhaps being a warrior isn't his destiny.
When Leafstar sees her kits playing with bits of moss and asking if they're pretending it's a mouse, her kits reply that they're pretending it's a toy Billystorm's Twolegs gave him. They also reveal to Leafstar that Billystorm had offered to take them away from the dangers of Clan life and to live with him. This sends Leafstar in a rage, banishing Billystorm and calling him by his kittypet name.
After Billystorm is banished, Leafstar's kits go missing. Leafstar believes that Billystorm had taken his kits back with him, but when she visits him, he tells her that he doesn't have the kits. On her way back, she sees Sol and he admits that he had taken away the kits due to Leafstar being "distracted". Leafstar, outraged, banishes Sol from SkyClan, and Billystorm then becomes a full-time member of SkyClan. When he asks if Sol will come back, Leafstar tells him that he can try.

In the Field Guides

Cats of the Clans

The SkyClan cats, Cloudstar and Skywatcher, appear. Rock tells the kits Mosskit, Adderkit, and Blossomkit that he could not believe that SkyClan was driven out of the forest. He had watched with disbelief as each Clan gave their reason that they cannot share their territories. Cloudstar was the leader at the time, and he stayed with them, leading them all the way to the gorge, where they made a new home in the sandy cliffs, he lost everything when he left his home: his home, the borders he had patrolled for so many moons, his faith in StarClan, and worst of all, his mate, Birdflight, and their kits. They had promised each other that they would wait for each other, but it was not until Firestar and Sandstorm rebuilt the scattered Clan that they were able to keep their promise. Rock tells the kits that Skywatcher was the last descendant of SkyClan living in the gorge, when Firestar and Sandstorm survived. The cats around him scorned him for being mad, but his madness became reality when SkyClan arose from the dust.
The next SkyClan cats are Leafdapple, Echosong, and Sharpclaw. Rock tells the kits that these were the cats who became the leader, medicine cat, and deputy of SkyClan. Leafdapple was a rogue (it had mistakenly said kittypet) with the SkyClan talent for leaping into trees. She was also wise enough to realize that cats without her bloodline would need to be welcomed to swell the ranks, and strong enough to win their respect.
Rock tells the kits that Echosong was pure kittypet, with no hint of SkyClan in her long, fluffy coat and delicate paws. But she was mentioned of dreaming of starry cats, and knew that someday, strange cats would need her help. SkyClan's warrior ancestors had called to Echosong, this and her quick learning when it came to herbs made her the clear choice for medicine cat for this Clan.
Sharpclaw had used to be a rogue called Scratch, with the SkyClan ability to jump and the courage of a fully trained Clan leader. Rock tells the cats that he will make a strong leader one day, but he has much to learn from Leafdapple.

Code of the Clans

In "Dawn of the Clans", Sky is one of the cats who vow to protect their new Clanmates from endless bloodshed and unneeded battles.
In "Follow my Leader", Beechstar, leader of SkyClan, is dying. He appoints his son, Mothpelt, as leader, and requests him to attack RiverClan. He believes that SkyClan must restore their strength in this conflict, and that RiverClan will not be satisfied with this death. Mothpelt, a brave and reckless warrior, deems to attack, even though the river is swollen twice its usual size. Robinwing, a senior warrior, tries to stop Mothpelt from his rambunctious plan, but half of the Clan had already followed him through the river. Robinwing and Maplewhisker, the SkyClan deputy, work out a plan to save the Clan from drowning. Afterwards, Robinwing convinces Maplewhisker to take over the leadership of SkyClan. Hesitant, yes, but Maplewhisker agrees. Later, Robinwing adds to the Warrior Code: The deputy must succeed the old leader.
In "Poppycloud's Rule", Poppycloud and her apprentice, Mottlepaw, cross into ThunderClan territory unknowingly. Two SkyClan cats are challenged by the ThunderClan warriors, one of them being Greeneyes, ThunderClan's deputy. Poppycloud and Mottlepaw return to camp and tell Rowanstar of the incident. The next day, Lionstar, Greeneyes, and an unknown warrior come into camp to protest to Rowanstar. Poppycloud suggests that marking and patrolling should be part of the warrior code. Rowanstar is intrigued by the idea but Lionstar and Greeneyes are dismissive and turn to leave. Rowanstar decides to put Poppycloud's idea to the other Clan leaders at the next Gathering and let them decide. Lionstar leaves, warning the SkyClan leader that if the idea is accepted then he will have to right to attack any SkyClan cat that crosses the border with impunity. It is not stated in the story but Poppycloud's idea is instated as the eleventh law of the Warrior Code.
Raincloud, the SkyClan deputy, watches as her old and very frail leader, Darkstar, climbs the Great Rock. Vinestar of ThunderClan announces that they have many more mouth to feeds and that they must expand their territory. To the dismay of SkyClan warriors, Darkstar announces that they will give a sizable chunk of territory to ThunderClan in order to support their new kits. When Raincloud refutes with Darkstar's word, Darkstar also suggests that there should be a new law to the Warrior Code - that the word of the Clan leader is law. As SkyClan leaves the Gathering, Darkstar warns Raincloud not to challenge him like that again.
In "Cloudstar Speaks: An Empty Prayer", Cloudstar talks about the gorge - SkyClan's new home, and how much he misses his mate, Birdflight.
In "The Medicine Cats Decide", Quailfeather, SkyClan's medicine cat, goes to the Moonstone with Swiftfoot, Mossheart, Kinktail, and Prickleface. They visit StarClan as an suggestion to put a stop to endless bloodshed. Instead, Swiftfoot suggests that there shall be a new additon to the Warrior Code - that the medicine cats should meet every half-moon. The others agree, and it becomes part of the Warrior Code.
In "Rules that Did Not Become Apart of the Code", Robinstar of SkyClan suggests that the Clan cats eat prey suited for them - fish for RiverClan, birds for SkyClan, rabbits for WindClan, etc. That did not become part of the law.

Battles of the Clans

Buzzardstar welcomes the cats - two kittypets who are endlessly curious about the Clans' battle tactics - to SkyClan. He tells the reader that SkyClan earned their name because their warriors were the happiest in trees, hunting birds, and they could jump higher than any cat. He explains why they were driven out of the forest, after their territory was destroyed by Twolegs and the Clan refused to share territory.
Sparrowpelt, in the time period Sparrowpaw, is in the nursery with Clovertail, telling her about the Sky-drop. He tells her that first, he had to climb this big tree, then wait on a branch. He tells Clovertail that he needed to be very quiet, and he comments that he is not as deaf as an old badger, as what Sharpclaw thinks. Whitewater was pretending to be his enemy, and Sparrowpaw jumps on him, his belly landing on his back so that he toppled over. After finishing up his explanation, Sparrowpaw says bye to Clovertail and her kits.
Some battle moves in the "Aboveground Battle Moves" section are "The Sky-Crusher": Landing with all four feet on top of an opponent, flattening him like a leaf. More battle moves are listed here.
In another story, Cloudstar, then Cloudstorm, comes up with an idea who attack the kittypets who had been stealing their prey. He makes up a battle plan - to use the Sky-drop on the fence. Nightfur deems that it will be the greatest battle in SkyClan's history. It is revealed that Flystar, the Clan leader at the time, was at the Moonstone while Petalfall, the deputy, was back at camp. The SkyClan cats invade the Twolegplace, and Cloudstorm beats off a tabby tom and warns them this is SkyClan territory. Of course, they won, and Cloudstorm tells the kittypets that SkyClan's survival laid in their power, in the strength and swiftness in their paws, the thrust of their hind legs as they leaped higher than any other cat, and not in any dreams of the warriors' past.
In "The Victorious Clan", Redstar comes into the camp and announces that they've won a battle with SkyClan. The kits ask about the SkyClan cats - such as if they were large and scary looking and information about the battle. More cats ask about the battle, and it is revealed that they fought over territory that now belongs to ThunderClan.
In "The Defeated Clan", Cloudstar sadly tells his Clanmate they lost against a battle with ThunderClan - the same one in "The Victorious Clan". Cloudstar, regaining confidence, announces to his Clan that they will take back what is rightfully theirs - they will seize back the territory from the ThunderClan thieves. Fawnstep tells Cloudstar that she had a dream - that they were at the Gathering, and other cats were watching them leave. Cloudstar, bewildered, tells her that's absurd, but Fawnstep gently tells him that there was no territory left, and that the Twolegs took it all. Fawnstep finishes off by apologizing to Cloudstar saying that he should not have lost that battle as it's a defeat that they cannot recover from.

In the Novellas

Cloudstar's Journey

Cloudstar and Buzzardtail are on patrol near the ThunderClan border and encounter Seedpelt, the ThunderClan deputy. She remarks that having both the Clan leader and deputy in their own patrol is risky as they would make a tempting target for an enemy patrol. Cloudstar smoothly deflects her subtle threats and he and Buzzardtail return to camp, Cloudstar informing his deputy that Seedpelt was guilty at finding them because her patrol was too close to the border. When they get back Hazelwing's kits pester Cloudstar to teach them a battle move and she apologizes, saying that promising them he would was the only way she could make them settle down. Cloudstar sends the kits off to warm up while he and his mate Birdflight discuss their soon to be born kits. A hunting patrol returns to camp with only a single squirrel, saying that the noise made by Twoleg monsters on the edge of SkyClan's territory has scared off all the prey, but Cloudstar dismisses their poor catch as bad luck.
Cloudstar has a dream where he walks with StarClan, talking with past SkyClan leaders Maplestar, Rowanstar and Darkstar, who reassure him that SkyClan will always be strong. He wakes to find Fawnstep concerned about omens of half-bodied prey that have been appearing, believing it to be a sign of the damage the Twolegs will do. Cloudstar is unwilling to believe that the Twolegs will come into the territory and dismisses the omens.      
Cloudstar is out with three apprentices, TansypawSnailpaw and Mintpaw, teaching them how to leap from branch to branch. They near the edge of the territory when a Twoleg monster uproots the tree they are in. Cloudstar presses the apprentices against the trunk to try and save them as the tree falls. He, Snailpaw and Tansypaw come off with bruises but Mintpaw is badly stunned. Cloudstar picks her up to carry her back to camp when a second tree crashes down, nearly killing them. Back at the camp Fawnstep treats Mintpaw while the Clan worries about the Twoleg destruction. Cloudstar announces that they will not leave and is supported by Petalfall, an elder who was deputy before him. He takes a patrol to the edge of the Twoleg incursion and finds that they have uprooted more trees while he was gone. Some of the patrol question the Clan's ability to survive it but Cloudstar talks them down. He spends the night on the edge of the forest and is woken by Twolegs dragging away fallen trees. He returns to camp and talks with Fawnstep before going to sleep in his den, but is woken by Stoatfur who needs him for a patrol with three apprentices still recovering. The patrol is challenged on the ThunderClan border by Redstar, who questions the noise coming from SkyClan territory, but Cloudstar bluffs a show of strength and later orders extra patrols along that border. Back in camp he is shocked by the dismal fresh-kill pile and goes hunting, catching a small squirrel and a thrush. When he returns Birdflight says she is worried about him, and that their kits will need them both to be strong. 
At a Gathering Cloudstar mentions the Twoleg activity to the other Clans but downplays the damage it has caused. Returning home the Clan find Petalfall dying in Fawnstep's den, and Cloudstar comforts her after which she manages to sleep. He sleeps beside her and leaves early the next morning to survey the Twoleg destruction, discovering that Twolegs are building nests on the cleared land. Returning to camp he finds that Petalfall has died and the Clan sit vigil for her. Nightfur returns from hunting with his apprentice Oakpaw, who has damaged a paw falling into a Twoleg-dug trench. Cloudstar begins to think of other ways for SkyClan to find prey.
The next day Cloudstar interupts Buzzardtail as he assigns hunting patrols and makes every cat do battle training instead, to prepare for an invasion of ThunderClan territory to take back the land given to them by Darkstar. The attack fails, the starving SkyClan cats no match for well-fed ThunderClan, and all the warriors return to camp wounded, Mousefang with a broken leg. Cloudstar tries to rally the Clan but Fawnstep believes the defeat to signal the end of SkyClan in the forest. 
Birdflight gives birth to her and Cloudstar's kits, Spottedkit and Gorsekit. By this point Twoleg monsters surround the SkyClan camp. Cloudstar challenges StarClan for letting this happen and receives no answer. He talks with Clan elder Starlingfeather, giving in and telling him that next Gathering he will beg the other Clans for territory. Cloudstar brings the whole of SkyClan to the Gathering, shocking the other Clans, and asks for territory, but the other Clan leaders refuse and tell SkyClan to leave. With no other choice, Cloudstar leads the Clan away from the forest to find a new home, forced to leave Birdflight and his newborn kits behind with ThunderClan as they are too young to make the journey. Cloudstar turns his back on StarClan, announcing that they have betrayed his Clan.     

Ravenpaw's Farewell

In the morning, Ravenpaw, Barley, Riley, and Bella meet a SkyClan patrol. They request to see Leafstar. Then they ask to join SkyClan, expecting peace, but are treated with hostility. They have a brief conversation, discussing Firestar and Sandstorm.
That night, at a cave, they see some rogues(ones they met on their journey) threaten SkyClan. Ravenpaw and Barley almost give up hope, but Ravenpaw can't forget the image of those warriors shrieking in dismay.
In Ravenpaw's dream, Silverstream, Skywatcher, and Cloudstar help by motivating him to give SkyClan the chance to see who Riley and Bella really are. When he and the others wake up, they are surprised when Ravenpaw tells them they will go back to SkyClan. He then leads the cats upstream, meeting another patrol.
The patrol tells them they are not welcome, but Echosong, the medicine cat, comes forward, halting the two cats on the patrol. Ravenpaw tells her that he needs to see Leafstar urgently, and Echosong leads them, but then pauses, telling Barley, Riley, and Bella that they need to stay because there is not enough room in Leafstar's den.
Ravenpaw then reveals his plan to defeat the rogues nervously. Sharpclaw accuses him of trespassing, but Leafstar and Ravenpaw deny it. Ravenpaw then makes a diagram in the sand of what to do. They have a long conversation, and at the end, Ravenpaw's belly is gripped by a spasm. However, he does not show it.
He then announces the plan on the bottom of the gorge; some cats cheer, some hiss. Eventually, all the cats come to an agreement.
They go back to their makeshift den, and Barley tells Ravenpaw to get some rest. Ravenpaw reluctantly agrees. Soon after that, Echosong invites him for a walk. They climb up a path, at which Echosong tells a panting Ravenpaw that it gets easier. They talk about the beautiful scenery, and then Echosong goes away, leaving Ravenpaw by himself.
Then he meets Bluestar, Whitestorm, and Lionheart, who have come down from StarClan to give Ravenpaw his warrior name. Ravenpaw declines, saying that he sees no reason to chane his name now, after all this time. After that, Bluestar invites him to join StarClan, but he says that he cannot join; there is someone he needs to wait for. Finally, Lionheart touches his muzzle to Ravenpaw's head, and he falls asleep.
Once he wakes up, he sees Echosong again. She tells him that the plan is in place, and the boundaries have been set. Riley and Bella bound up and tell Ravenpaw what they did today. Then they see Rabbitleap, and proceed to go on a patrol with him.
Barley comes up the path to tell Ravenpaw he is too weak to fight. However, Ravenpaw insists he is a true warrior and must fight alongside SkyClan. Barley says to Ravenpaw that he can't stop him. But Ravenpaw replies that Barley can be by his side. Then Ravenpaw stands up with Barley helping him.
When they get back to the camp, the Clan is battle-ready. Sharpclaw gives out some orders, and then yells at them to fight. The cats start fighting, and at once, Ravenpaw meets one of the lead rogues. She kicks Ravenpaw's belly, and he is thrown backwards. He is aware of the rogues running away, being chased by the angry SkyClan warriors.
Just after that, Leafstar announces the apprentice ceremonies of Riley and Bella, naming them Rileypaw and Bellapaw. They thank Ravenpaw for everything he has done for them, but then Ravenpaw falls sicker from his injuries. They bring him under the trees at his wish. Barley tells him that it will be alright.
Ravenpaw then lets the shadows fill his mind. Leafstar says that he will get a warrior's farewell. Then Ravenpaw's spirit walks away into the woods, painless.

In the Warriors App

Buzzardstar is mentioned to be telling about the ancient hierarchy on SkyClan. He tells that SkyClan earned their name by how their warriors were the happiest in the trees, hunting birds and eggs. He says that they could jump higher then any other cat, and climb more confidently. SkyClan warriors could launch into battle from the branches of trees, catching warriors by surprise.
He says that that SkyClan were driven out many moons ago, when Buzzardstar was deputy. They tried to make a new home by the river source but faced too many enemies to deal with. He states that before long, the Clan had disappeared.

History of ranks


Name Gained rank in... Left rank in... Deputy(s)
Skystar Moth Flight's Vision Before "Finders Keepers" Sparrow Fur
Birchstar Before "Finders Keepers" Before "Follow My Leader" Rainsplash
Beechstar Before "Follow My Leader" "Follow My Leader" Maplewhisker
Mothpelt "Follow My Leader" "Follow My Leader" Unknown
Maplestar "Follow My Leader" Before "The Vanishing Moon" Unknown
Dewstar Before "The Vanishing Moon" Before "The Vanishing Moon" Unknown
Hawkstar Before "The Vanishing Moon" Before "Poppycloud's Rule" Robinstar
Robinstar Before "Poppycloud's Rule" Before "Poppycloud's Rule" Unknown
Rowanstar Before "Poppycloud's Rule" Before "Darkstar's Law" Unknown
Darkstar Before "Darkstar's Law" Before "The Leader Who Sought Peace" Raincloud
Fennelstar Before "The Leader Who Sought Peace" Before "A Lesson to Kittypet Thieves" Unknown
Flystar Before "A Lesson to Kittypet Thieves" Before Cloudstar's Journey Petalfall, Cloudstorm
Cloudstar Before Cloudstar's Journey Before Firestar's Quest Buzzardtail
Buzzardstar Before Firestar's Quest Before Firestar's Quest Unknown
Spiderstar Before Firestar's Quest Before Firestar's Quest Honeyleaf
Firestar (unofficially) Firestar's Quest Firestar's Quest N/A
Leafstar Firestar's Quest --- Sharpclaw, Waspwhisker, Hawkwing


Name Gained rank in... Left rank in...
Sparrow Fur Thunderstar's Echo Before "Finders Keepers"
Rainsplash Before "Finders Keepers" Before "Follow My Leader"
Maplewhisker Before "Follow My Leader" "Follow My Leader"
Nightmask Before "Poppycloud's Rule" Before "Darkstar's Rule
Raincloud Before "Darkstar's Law" Before "A Lesson to Kittypet Thieves"
Petalfall Before "A Lesson to Kittypet Thieves" Before Cloudstar's Journey
Cloudstorm Before Cloudstar's Journey Before Cloudstar's Journey
Buzzardtail Before Cloudstar's Journey Before Firestar's Quest
Honeyleaf Before Firestar's Quest Before Firestar's Quest
Sharpclaw Firestar's Quest Hawkwing's Journey
Waspwhisker Hawkwing's Journey Hawkwing's Journey
Hawkwing Hawkwing's Journey ---

Medicine cat

Name Gained Rank In... Left Rank In...
Micah Moth Flight's Vision Moth Flight's Vision
Acorn Fur Moth Flight's Vision Before "The Medicine Cats Decide"
Quailfeather Before "The Medicine Cats Decide" Before "The Defeated Clan"
Fawnstep Before Cloudstar's Journey Before Firestar's Quest
Brackenheart Before Firestar's Quest Before Firestar's Quest
Sandstorm (unofficially) Firestar's Quest Firestar's Quest
Echosong Firestar's Quest Hawkwing's Journey
Leafpool (Temporarily) Darkest Night River of Fire
Frecklewish The Rescue ---
Fidgetflake Hawkwing's Journey ---

[note 1]

Darkest Night River of Fire


Name Gained rank in... Left rank in...
Tree River of Fire -


In SkyClan's Destiny, Leafstar decides to welcome visitors, but there shall be conditions - thus, making her expand the warrior code to fit these conditions in which SkyClan had to live.[34] However, with SkyClan moving to the lake, these no longer apply as SkyClan does not require the need for visitors.

  • Visiting cats must hunt every day.[34]
  • SkyClan will not train visiting cats for fighting until they have spent one moon with them.[34]
  • If they bring danger to the gorge, they must leave.[34]
  • SkyClan does not offer itself to the highest bidder as a fighting force.[34]


Interesting facts

  • In the Warriors App, it was revealed that long before the Twolegs started building their nests on SkyClan territory, all the SkyClan medicine cats kept a terrible secret; their Clan would lose their home one day. The medicine cats thought if they did not tell their Clanmates, the prophecy would not come true.[23]
  • SkyClan was named by Gray Wing.[35]

Author statements

  • In Erin Hunter Chat 4, it was mentioned that SkyClan's symbol was a mountain with a half-moon over it.[36] However, in Battles of the Clans, it was changed to a tree instead.[37]
  • According to a post made by Vicky on her Facebook page, SkyClan left the forest about 20 human years before Bluestar was born.[38]

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  1. Puddleshine became one of the SkyClan medicine cats following ShadowClan's merge with SkyClan, and left the position following ShadowClan's revival.[33]