"We can’t let these rats get strong enough to attack us again."
Sharpclaw to Stick in SkyClan's Destiny, chapter 9
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Chapter Number: 9 (of 35)
Page Numbers: 114-131

Chapter description

Patchfoot reminds his Clanmates of the dangers around their territory, despite not having any Clans around them. Leafstar watches as Billystorm, Ebonyclaw, and Frecklepaw help the tom remark the borders. Leafstar looks at the newcomers and asks them if they would like to join them. Cora and Shorty hesitate before agreeing. Leafstar walks up to Patchfoot and asks the tom if he'd be willing to let her join them. Patchfoot gladly accepts.
Shorty asks Patchfoot what they should do if they encounter rogue animals, such as a fox. He tells him regular battle moves should work fine. Frecklepaw perks up and says they would work on badgers. Billystorm quickly shuts her down and reminds the patrol that they should ask a more experienced warrior if they see a badger.
Shorty asks the patrol what they would do if they encountered a strange scent on their borders. Leafstar responds by saying they would protect the camp first. However, Ebonyclaw replies that they would track down the intruder. Leafstar glares at her Clanmate and tells the tom that they are both right. They continue on the patrol as if nothing had happened.
The patrol reaches one of the borders, and Patchfoot raises his fur as he smells the air. Leafstar recognizes the smell of rats and freezes. Shorty asks the Clan leader if they were allowed to hunt, stunning Leafstar. The loner asks the group of Clan cats if they ate rats. Leafstar remembers how the rodents had attacked their camp and killed many of their Clanmates.
The group of cats inspect where the stench may be coming from and find a dump full of Twoleg furniture. Rats begin to poke their heads out of the rubbish and the group runs back to camp to warn their Clanmates. Leafstar asks Sharpclaw to round up all of the cats who were there at the time of the battle against the rats. Shorty asks if he could join, and Sharpclaw agrees, annoying Leafstar.
As the Clan gathers, they begin to wail as they realize the issue. Cora and Shorty ask why they are so afraid of the rats. The Clan tells the loners their issues with the vicious rodents, continuing their cries. The loners ask if they can help, and before Leafstar could answer, Sharpclaw replies for her, annoying her once again. The SkyClan cats ask Shorty if they eat rats. He confidently says yes and wonders why the cats are so picky with their food.
Sharpclaw takes charge and asks the loners to set up patrols in front of Leafstar. Leafstar towers over her deputy, asking him if he doubts Firestar's motives and plans. Sharpclaw lashes his tail at his leader and tells her he respects her, but they need a new plan to fend off the rats. Leafstar glares at him and reluctantly agrees.
Echosong tries to comfort her leader after Sharpclaw disrespected her in front of the new cats. Leafstar begins to backtrack on her decisions, but Echosong reminds her that StarClan has chosen her as the leader of SkyClan. Leafstar thanks her medicine cat and notices apprentices bounding across the clearing with sticks and twigs.
Leafstar follows them into the training clearing where a large mound of sticks, twigs, and branches have formed. The loners and the apprentices continue to place and shift bracken to make the pile larger. As they continue, Petalnose overhears the apprentices speaking poorly of her late mate, Rainfur. She begins to feel hurt and confides in Leafstar.
Leafstar orders some of the cats to go hunt for the Clan. Sharpclaw objects, but Leafstar deflects his demand. Billystorm offers and asks Ebonyclaw to join him, along with their apprentices. Leafstar thanks him and turns her head toward the cats preparing for battle. She looks around her Clan camp as the cats around her anticipate the rats and wonder if StarClan had sent them to her.





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