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Chapter Number: Prologue (of 35)
Page Numbers: 1-10

Chapter description

A patrol of SkyClan cats return, broken and bruised, from their battle with the rats. Spiderstar, their leader, calls to the medicine cat, Brackenheart, and asks if his den is ready, as there are many injured cats. Nightfur, one of the Clan elders, asks if they won the battle, to which Spiderstar asks what he thinks. Annoyed, Swallowflight confronts his leader, although he is stopped by Honeyleaf, SkyClan's deputy. She says that they had to fight, and SkyClan still has their pride.
As her, Frostclaw, and the others are discussing their Clan, Rowanfur, a young tom, asks if they are going to have ceremonies for Fallensnow and Sunpelt. An elder, Oakstep overhears this and asks where the bodies are. Spiderstar sadly replies that they had to leave the bodies behind, and Swallowflight says because they were too busy saving their own lives. Both Brackenheart and Frostclaw tell Swallowflight that their Clanmates would understand, and that they are with StarClan now. Oakstep tries to go and get his fallen Clanmates' bodies, but is stopped by Spiderstar, who says that SkyClan is no more. This causes a major rift within SkyClan, or what used to be, and it upsets Mousefang and the other elders. Infuriated, Honeyleaf exclaims that she's worked her paws off for SkyClan, to which Spiderstar tells her she would have made a great leader.
Nightfur asks how they are to live as loners, if they cannot live as a Clan, and this causes Frostclaw and Rowanfur to admit they have been taking food from Twolegs. Honeyleaf and Swallowflight are disgusted at the thought of their Clanmates becoming kittypets, and the two are joined by other SkyClan cats looking for an easier life. Honeyleaf and Swallowflight leave as well, but not to become kittypets. Spiderstar, Brackenheart, and the elders decide to stay in what is left of SkyClan's camp, and they wish the departing SkyClan cats good-luck, and ask StarClan to watch over them.
After they leave, Spiderstar and Brackenheart wonder if there will be another Clan to settle in the gorge, and Brackenheart thinks so. Although he says that SkyClan will need deeper roots if they are to survive, and greenleaf will only come after a storm.





Important events


  • Fallensnow (killed by rats)[2]
  • Sunpelt (killed by rats)[2]


Ancient SkyClan is driven to disbandment, leaving only the former medicine cat, leader, and elders to live out their lives. The deputy, and many warriors left the Clan because they felt they would not survive.[5]

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