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In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

Gray Wing remembers happily playing with Clear Sky outside the cave where the Tribe lives in the last sunny season as the two are hunting. Clear Sky tells Gray Wing there wasn't any prey, and a hawk attacks them shortly after, which they kill. Clear Sky tears off a chunk of meat, but Gray Wing says that they should bring it back to the cave. They retrieve the prey, with Clear Sky grumbling about dragging it around, with its floppy twig-like wings getting stuck in everything, and he hoped that the other cats would appreciate it. When they return to the cave, the cats about to go out hunting eat the hawk, while Jagged Peak complains that he can't have any. Clear Sky tells Gray Wing that he still wished they could eat it. Bright Stream trots over to the brothers to compliment their catch. Bright Stream's eyes are all for Clear Sky, and when Gray Wing backs off, Silver Frost comments that there will be kits when the weather gets warmer, maybe even two or three.
After Shaded Moss and Stoneteller announce that some of the cats would leave to find a new home, Clear Sky wishes to go instantly, eager for the adventure. He asks Bright Stream if she would go, and the she-cat asks him if he would go without her, although Jagged Peak interrupts his reply.
Clear Sky and Bright Stream are talking as Gray Wing goes hunting, Clear Sky trying to convince Bright Stream to come with him. He says it would be an adventure and more that just surviving, but Bright Stream is still uncertain and goes down to hunt with Gray Wing. He calls down that he wishes them poor hunting for once, so that they'll realize they need to leave. Bright Stream reveals that she has feelings for Clear Sky and Gray Wing is jealous of her loyalty to him and feels torn in two over leaving his brother.
Clear Sky goes with Shaded Moss, Tall Shadow, Dappled Pelt, Rainswept Flower, and Turtle Tail to climb the ridge to scout a route out of the mountains, and into the new land. When they come back after Fluttering Bird's death, Clear Sky says that it was great and they had found a path. Clear Sky rushes over to Quiet Rain's side when Gray Wing tells him, and tells his sister that he is sorry and will miss her. He straightens and looks to his mother, adding that this wouldn't happen when they reach their new home, asking her to join them. Quiet Rain tells him that she wouldn't leave her daughter alone in the mountains. He helps Gray Wing scrape out a hole to bury their sister in. They cover her small body with stones. Jagged Peak mentions how big the mountains are and Quiet Rain ushers him inside.
The next morning, Clear Sky is huddled with Shaded Moss and the other leaving cats, eagerly asking if Gray Wing is going when he appears. When Stoneteller holds the vote as to whether the cats should leave or not, Clear Sky takes his stone to the leaving side of the cave. When Bright Stream casts her vote to leave, he is surprised and thanks her.
When the leaving cats are waiting for Stoneteller to speak, Clear Sky breaks away from Shaded Moss's group to say goodbye to Quiet Rain, Gray Wing, and Jagged Peak. He wishes them well, saying that they might see each other again someday. He asks Gray Wing again if he'll come, and Gray Wing responds that he's sorry Clear Sky will have to go without him, but that his place is here. Clear Sky says he's glad that Gray Wing will care for them.
Clear Sky is one of the voices Gray Wing hears as he and Jagged Peak approach the journeying cats. When the two reach the sun trail cats, Clear Sky exclaims that he could not believe it and thought that he’d never see them again. He asks if Quiet Rain is okay and Gray Wing tells them that every cat is fine. When Jagged Peak explains that he had come himself, Clear Sky is not surprised and tells him that it was lucky Gray Wing found him.
When they set off the next day, it is noted that Clear Sky does not hesitate to give his opinion, even though Shaded Moss is clearly in charge. Clear Sky is not fond of the taste of the fish that Dappled Pelt catches, but tells Bright Stream he'd give in if their kits liked it. Gray Wing asks him if Bright Stream is expecting kits, and he nods in confirmation. Despite the pragmatic timing, Clear Sky notes that he can’t wait to be a father.
Clear Sky is the one to suggest that they catch and kill one of the eagles that are trapping them under a rock. Shaded Moss doesn't like the plan, but when Gray Wing asks Shaded Moss to hear what Clear Sky has to say, and Shaded Moss allows him to continue. Clear Sky explains that four cats will bring down one of the eagles, while Gray Wing and three others will lead the others away. Shaded Moss has him explain exactly what they should do, and Clear Sky uses pebbles to show his plan. Turtle Tail suggests waiting for dark and sneaking out, but Clear Sky replies that the eagles would just keep following them. When Shaded Moss puts Bright Stream in Gray Wing’s group, Clear Sky objects that she is not fast enough, worrying about their kits. Shaded Moss tells him that Bright Stream is nearly as fast as Gray Wing, and the she-cat flicks Clear Sky’s ear, telling him that she would be fine.
Clear Sky is helping to finish off one of the eagles with bites to the neck when Bright Stream is carried away. He returns triumphantly after killing it, but then realizes that Bright Stream is gone. Turtle Tail tells him that an eagle took her and he rasps that that was impossible, since she was too fast. He turns to Gray Wing, asking him why he did not help her. Gray Wing stammers that he had hurt his leg and she was helping him, and Clear Sky asks in horror why he left her outside. Cloud Spots murmurs that it was not anybody’s fault, and Clear Sky straightens and turns to ask which way the eagle went. Shaded Moss tells him that they would not be able to find her, and Clear Sky protest that she was going to have his kits. Shaded Moss coaxes Clear Sky back to the overhang and the others try to comfort him.
The next morning, Shaded Moss approaches Clear Sky, asking him if he would like to go back to the cave, since Bright Stream died in the mountains. Clear Sky shakes his head, saying that he had promised to find a better place for them to live for the sake of her and their kits. Shaded Moss tells him to honor her by carrying her in his heart, but the tom does not respond. Gray Wing tries to walk with Clear Sky, but Moon Shadow steps forward to walk with him. At dawn the next day, Clear Sky walks up to Shaded Moss, announcing that they would leave to mountains today and he would come for Bright Stream’s sake.
The cats are out of the mountains when they reach a Thunderpath. Clear Sky and Gray Wing go to investigate, and it is noted that the brothers aren't as close anymore. The two take turns investigating the black stone, warning each other when monsters appear. Clear Sky responds to Gray Wing’s doubts about crossing that they did not seem to be able to see very well and they should be able to cross safely. Gray Wing tells him that that could have been an old, slow monster, and that younger ones could catch them quicker. Clear Sky responds that the journey would not be easy and they report back.
They describe the monsters and Shaded Moss has the group cross in twos, Clear Sky and Gray Wing supervising. Clear Sky goes to keep watch on the other side of the Thunderpath. After all of the sun trail cats cross safely, Clear Sky and Tall Shadow climb into an oak tree to see what lies ahead. When they return to the ground, Clear Sky says that the trees end soon, but when Shaded Moss asks what is beyond the trees, he says it was just misty, exchanging a glance with Tall Shadow. Gray Wing wants to press him for answers, but he realizes that their closeness was gone.
They reach a Twolegplace and Gray Wing realizes that it had been what Clear Sky had seen. When they are attacked by a pair of kittypets, Clear Sky helps to fight off the ginger she-cat. The ginger kittypet warns that rogues aren't welcome, and Clear Sky wonders what rogues meant, and if that’s their name for cats that don’t live with Twolegs. When Rainswept Flower suggests that they should have talked to them, Clear Sky rolls his eyes and responds that they hadn’t been in the mood for conversation.
When the sheep are led into the barn the cats are staying in, Clear Sky grabs Hawk Swoop as the she-cat is trampled by a sheep. Gray Wing spots Clear Sky walking away afterward, and goes up to ask him if everything is okay. Clear Sky responds that he is just going to stretch his legs and would be fine on his own. When Gray Wing returns, Turtle Tail tells him to let Clear Sky grieve and everything would be all right.
Clear Sky snaps at Jagged Peak when the young tom complains about the rain and that he is hungry, saying that he should have stayed home where he belongs. As Jagged Peak and Gray Wing are talking to the stranger, Clear Sky asks what is going on and leads the rest of the cats to them. He is suspicious of the stranger and the news he brought about the cats beyond Highstones. When the cats are attacked by a dog, he helps Jagged Peak to safety.
After Shaded Moss’s death, Clear Sky tries to urge Rainswept Flower away from her father’s body, suggesting that they keep moving. She shrieks that she isn't leaving him to the monsters, and Clear Sky tries to tell her that she can’t do anything, but Shattered Ice interrupts him, saying that they should carry him across the Thunderpath. As they are burying their leader, Gray Wing spots Clear Sky staring at nothing, likely thinking of Bright Stream, and when they say their goodbyes, Clear Sky adds her name to the reasons to continue their journey.
When the cats see the forest territories from Highstones, Clear Sky comments on the trees, that would have plenty of prey. After the cats climb down from the peaks and come up to a Thunderpath, Clear Sky points out to Falling Feather and Hawk Swoop that there was no prey on Highstones, and that they needed trees, bushes, and long grass to feed them. He goes to check the Thunderpath, and Shattered Ice has him lead the first group across. When Gray Wing’s group is crossing, Jagged Peak stops in the path of an oncoming monster and Clear Sky rushes out to rescue him. Clear Sky snarls that he is a stupid kit when they are safely across, saying that he should know by now not to stop in the middle. Gray Wing tells Clear Sky it was his fault, too, for not keeping track of him, but Quick Water interrupts to calm them down before Clear Sky can respond.
The cats find a hollow on the open moorland to rest in, and Clear Sky, Dappled Pelt, Falling Feather, and Moon Shadow are the first to go explore. He reports a massive waterfall thundering into a gorge.
Gray Wing sees Clear Sky heading across the moor several days later, and follows him to the waterfall gorge. Clear Sky nearly falls into the gorge when Gray Wing startles him, but Gray Wing grabs his scruff before Clear Sky can fall in, and hisses that he won’t let him die. Clear Sky is confused for a moment, and Gray Wing heaves him back onto the path. Clear Sky shakes himself and snarls at his brother, saying that he was an idiot for creeping up on him. Gray Wing apologizes, and Clear Sky calms down after a moment. He asked him what he meant by not letting him die, and Gray Wing apologizes for Bright Stream’s death. Clear Sky chokes out that it wasn't Gray Wing's fault. He reveals that he believes it was his fault for suggesting the plan with the eagles in the first place. Gray Wing steps forward and murmurs that it probably wasn't anybody’s fault, and that they can’t live feeling guilty. He adds that Bright Streams loved Clear Sky too much to want him to be unhappy.
The two brothers explore further downriver, Gray Wing feeling that he and Clear Sky had recovered some closeness. The two cross stepping stones that would be great for sunning and catching prey. They are interrupted by a black she-cat, who tells them to get off her rocks. Clear Sky asks who said they were hers, and the she-cat says that they are not welcome. When the she-cat jumps into the river and swims to the other bank, Clear Sky exclaims in surprise. The brothers make it back over the stepping-stones and into the forest, Clear Sky murmuring that he could live there. Clear Sky is not concerned about being watched, saying that they must be scared of them if they are not going to show themselves, and that he does not want to be challenged for prey. They make it to the hollow with four oaks, and Clear Sky climbs up one. He wonders if kittypets often come to the woods when they accidentally scare one away.
Clear Sky takes a hunting party into the trees, and when a loud screech echoes through the trees, he recognizes Moon Shadow, springing forward to help him. He helps fight off the cats, letting the yellow tabby go off with the squirrel before leading them back to the moor. The next day Clear Sky and others go hunting once more, and he seems proud of a squirrel he caught. Gray Wing wonders if he is finally starting to deal with Bright Stream’s death.
When foxes attack the hollow, Gray Wing blocks Clear Sky when he tries to help the other cats. Gray Wing suggests that Clear Sky and Turtle Tail attack a fox from the side, since if they split up they’ll be torn apart. The three manage to drive one fox off and move on to the other, Clear Sky insisting that he take Gray Wing’s place of leaping on it and clawing at its head. They drive the second fox off and the third one soon flees, leaving the cats in peace. He notes once they are gone that fighting together had worked well, and that they should practice it.
Clear Sky and Moon Shadow come up to Tall Shadow ask if they can leave. The cats cast a vote to see if they should leave the moors, and Clear Sky immediately opts to leave, without hesitation. After all the cats have voted, Tall Shadow announces that more cats opted to stay, but Clear Sky protests that they should be allowed to go if they want, Moon Shadow backing him. Tall Shadow allows them to leave and Clear Sky asks Gray Wing if he wants to come, but Gray Wing replies that he doesn't.
A few sunrises later, Gray Wing goes to see his brothers, and they challenge him to hunt in the trees. Gray Wing gets stuck and Jagged Peak and Clear Sky have to help him down the tree. Clear Sky has Gray Wing follow him to their new home and he expresses that he believes that he is in the place he's meant to be.
When Gray Wing tries to bring Storm to meet Clear Sky, a large tom stops them, saying that it is Clear Sky's place. When Gray Wing explains that Clear Sky is his brother, the tom takes them to meet him, asking Clear Sky if Gray Wing is his brother. Clear Sky says he is, introducing the large tom as Fox as Falling Feather introduces Petal and explains they are living with them. Gray Wing is shocked and turns to Clear Sky, who explains since that they were rogues, too, and asks why he is here. Gray Wing introduces him to Storm and the two stare at each other for a long moment, before Storm disappears. Several days later, Storm reveals she had been seeing Clear Sky and was going to live with him. Gray Wing is dismayed but feels that Clear Sky deserves to be happy after what happened with Bright Stream.
After Jackdaw's Cry is turned away from seeing his sister by Clear Sky's rogues, Gray Wing goes to talk to him. He learns from several of the rogues that Clear Sky is marking out territory and claiming prey for himself, much to Gray Wing's shock. He is shown to be overly protective of Storm, who is pregnant, sending her off to take a nap. When Gray Wing asks about him turning away Jackdaw's Cry, Clear Sky explains that Fox and Frost were a bit keen about it, but that they needed to protect their boundaries. When Jagged Peak is injured, Clear Sky lets Dappled Pelt treat him, although insisting that she needs to stay to look after him as his leg heals. Dappled Pelt comes back nearly half a moon later, commenting that she felt as though she was his prisoner.
Clear Sky has Frost take Jagged Peak back to the rest of the sun trail cats. Jagged Peak explains that Clear Sky has sent him back since his leg wasn't healing well, and Gray Wing helps him settle before going out to talk to Clear Sky. Clear Sky is expecting him, but expresses no regret over his mistreatment of Jagged Peak, saying that the good of the group is more important, and that he can't go any easier on his own kin. Horrified and disgusted, Gray Wing attacks him, and the two brothers fight before Clear Sky pins Gray Wing down. He growls at him to leave and not come back.
When Fox attacks Gray Wing, Clear Sky is present, although he does nothing to stop Fox from trying to kill Gray Wing. When Gray Wing accidentally kills Fox in self-defense, Clear Sky snarls at him to leave, saying he has no brother anymore. Storm sees Fox's body and confronts Clear Sky, telling him that she is leaving. Clear Sky protests that he needs to look after her, and Storm retorts that that isn't what she needs, and Fox would be alive if Clear Sky hadn't "been throwing his weight around". She leaves and Gray Wing begs Clear Sky to go after her, but the tom refuses, saying that the community comes first and he and Storm cannot be together if she can't accept his decisions. Before Gray Wing leaves, Clear Sky asks how Jagged Peak is doing, and Gray Wing offers to let them visit. Clear Sky says that the past is the past and he needs to let Storm and Jagged Peak go.
After Storm's death, Gray Wing tries to bring Thunder to Clear Sky, but the tom turns his son away, saying that he hadn't protected Storm and that the kit needs a father that could. Gray Wing realizes that Clear Sky didn't want the kit as a reminder of Storm, and tells Clear Sky that they are no longer brothers, and that Clear Sky isn't the cat he had grew up and journeyed with. Clear Sky tells him that if he can't accept him as leader of the cats, they have no relationship left.
Thunder is accepted by the rest of the cats that followed the sun trail, with Hawk Swoop becoming his adopted mother and Gray Wing his adopted father.

Thunder Rising

Clear Sky is first mentioned by Thunder in a dream when he is talking to Storm about why his father didn't want him. Thunder states that Clear Sky isn't acknowledging him and asks Storm why. After this, Gray Wing notes after seeing Lightning Tail, Acorn Fur, and Thunder playing together that he and Clear Sky used to be just like that, and wonders why they never even seemed to talk to each other anymore.
A little bit later when Gray Wing is mentoring Acorn Fur, Lightning Tail, and Thunder, Thunder catches a bird out of mid air. Gray Wing hesitates to praise Thunder, because the leap reminded him of Clear Sky when he killed the hawk before they left the mountains, and how now he didn't even visit him since he gave up his own kit, Thunder.
When Turtle Tail returns home from the Twolegplace, she is seen hissing at Shattered Ice an insult, asking him if he thinks he is Clear Sky. Shattered Ice says that Clear Sky has some good ideas. After Turtle Tail is accepted back, she noticed Jagged Peak limping to settle down a little ways away. Jagged Peak unhappily explains how he fell out of a tree and how Clear Sky had decided that he wanted only healthy cats in his group. When Gray Wing wakes up and sees fire burning the forest, he wakes the others to try to help Clear Sky and his group. Once into the burning forest Gray Wing looks for Clear Sky but doesn't see him. When the group crosses the river to safety, Gray Wing and the others calls to Clear Sky. They finally spot him and his group and rescues them. Clear Sky and Thunder see each other and start becoming close.
Back at the hollow, Clear Sky sees Jagged Peak and accuses him of being lazy and weak. Gray Wing defends Jagged Peak and tells Clear Sky that he was watching over the hollow and greeted Clear Sky's group very well. After a brief moment of silence, Clear Sky apologizes, but Jagged Peak refuses to forgive him and snaps at him. Clear Sky is confused and tells Gray Wing that he didn't mean to offend Jagged Peak. Gray Wing scoffs, asking if Clear Sky really means anything. Clear Sky defensively says that he is trying to do his best, and Gray Wing asks if the best he can do is humiliate his own brother. Clear Sky tells Gray Wing that he can't help it, as it wasn't his fault that Jagged Peak fell out of the tree. He asserts that weak cats can't contribute to survival, and Gray Wing states that they're all doing a good job of surviving, trying to relax his brother. Eventually, during their time in the moor, Clear Sky starts to praise Thunder more and more, leading to the fact that he asks his son to join him in the woods. Thunder tells Clear Sky how he left him on the moor, and if it weren't for Gray Wing, he wouldn't be alive. Clear Sky tells him that he passed the test, much to Gray Wing's disgust that his brother is twisting his lies around to show that he "loved" Thunder. Clear Sky tells Thunder that he wanted to see how he could survive without him, and flashes Gray Wing a scorching look with a challenge. Gray Wing realizes that it isn't a challenge that he is prepared to face yet. As the forest cats get ready to leave, Clear Sky witnesses Tall Shadow passing her leadership to Gray Wing. Clear Sky meekly congratulates his brother, and Gray Wing suggests that their groups should work together. Clear Sky says maybe, and tells Gray Wing that he doubts he will see more of each other. He comments that it is hard to tell who is leading the moor cat these days, and dryly suggests the Gray Wing should organize his group better. Clear Sky takes Thunder with him to the forest. Prior to his departure, he asks Gray Wing if he would really interfere with the bond between father and son.
Thunder goes on a patrol in the forest, and misses a piece of prey. Clear Sky grumbles that he should've taken Thunder to the forest earlier. He orders Leaf to take care of the patrol, as he has work to do. He scolds Thunder, saying that he needs to pay attention if he ever wanted to become leader. Thunder is confused, wondering if Clear Sky only brought him in so Thunder could be the heir to the throne. Thunder is able to catch a squirrel, and when they go back to camp, Clear Sky praises him in front of all the cats. Clear Sky tells Thunder that he will train him in the ways of the forest. The next day, Clear Sky takes Thunder out to practice jumping in trees. He tells Thunder that fear is merely a feeling to avoid. Clear Sky explains to Thunder that he brought him back because he wanted to do the best for him. The two travel back to camp, and Thunder is determined to show Clear Sky that he will survive in the forest. Thunder runs into River Ripple and a strange tom. Thunder is attacked by the strange tom, and Clear Sky comes to his aid, beating the tom. He declares that any cat who hurt his son would be punished, and River Ripple tells him that he cannot keep ordering cats around. Clear Sky is irritated by River Ripple's defiance, and threatens him to say it to his face, stating that he can do what he likes. Thunder starts to say something, but Clear Sky silences him with a vicious look. River Ripple speaks up, saying he would like to hear what Thunder had to say. Clear Sky states that Thunder doesn't have an opinion, leaving both River Ripple and Thunder shocked. River Ripple leaves, and Clear Sky congratulates Thunder on expanding their territory. Thunder asks Clear Sky if he doesn't have an opinion, and Clear Sky reassures him that he was just putting the rogue in his place. 
Pebble Heart tells Gray Wing that he had had a dream, with battling, yowling cats in a clearing with trees. He tells Gray Wing that he think he saw Clear Sky in that dream.
Back at the forest, Clear Sky had called a meeting. Both Frost and Petal wonder what Clear Sky would say, suggesting that Clear Sky gives certain cats duties, while leaving others out. Thunder is shocked at how they treat their denmates, and Frost tells him that in the forest, every cat's status depends on how much Clear Sky likes them, and Clear Sky's word is law. Thunder is still confused, and Petal tells him that he doesn't need more explaining, sourly adding that he got to the top due to his relationship with Clear Sky. When the meeting begins, Clear Sky announces that he will be expanding his territory, stating that if cats go hungry, he will never forgive himself. Clear Sky calls Thunder on a patrol to expand their territory. On the patrol, Petal meets a cat called Misty, and the two she-cats battle as Misty had turned away Petal in her time of need. Clear Sky is unsympathetic, stating that Misty was a "stupid furball". He tells Thunder that he saw so much of himself in him, and Thunder sees Misty's kits, realizing that it was why Misty had fought so hard. Clear Sky suggests killing them so they won't suffer, much to Thunder's dismay. He rejects the idea, and Petal suggests that she takes care of them. Clear Sky reminds Petal that Misty was the cat who made her suffer, but Petal insists on taking the kits regardless. As they leave, Thunder looks back at Misty's body, thinking this would've never happened if Clear Sky hadn't been so greedy in taking territory. He wonders if Clear Sky would've really killed helpless kits. Thunder feels horror as he realizes he cannot answer that question. 
Gray Wing and a few other cats hear a cry of pain from Clear Sky's territory. It is Bumble, who is dying from severe wounds. They smell fox, but they also realize that there is a stench of Clear Sky as well. They wonder if Clear Sky had anything to do with Bumble's death. Clear Sky jumps from the bushes, calmly stating that he only tried to warn Bumble. He is a tad horrified by the sights around him, but meets Gray Wing's gaze clearly. Gray Wing wonders if his eyes are accusing him of betrayal. Clear Sky asks the moor cats if they really thought he was capable of doing such a horrendous thing to Bumble. Gray Wing doesn't think so, but Turtle Tail, furious at Bumble's death, berates Clear Sky, calling him power-mad and an excuse for a cat. Gray Wing tells Clear Sky to leave, but Clear Sky asks if he believes they he was responsible for her death. Gray Wing asks that if he hadn't harmed Bumble, who did? Clear Sky tells Gray Wing that he cuffed her over the ear, and she had fainted due to hunger. He explains that he was going to leave, but heard a fox bark in the distance. He explains that he was going to get help, but Turtle Tail accuses him of lying. Clear Sky states that he won't be spoken to like that, and looks at Gray Wing, wondering if his brother would defend him. When Gray Wing stays silent, Clear Sky angrily states that he knows where he stands now, and leaves the cats. 
At the moor camp, the cats discuss Clear Sky. Gray Wing states that some cat has to get to the bottom of what is happening with Clear Sky, and Turtle Tail asks if it has to be him. Gray Wing asks her who else it could be.
Fircone and Nettle ask Thunder if he can speak to his father about how he treats intruders, referring to the way as he shows no mercy when he attacks them. Thunder explains to Clear Sky what the rogues think, and Clear Sky asks if he speaks for them all. Thunder asks if they can look after what they have and forget about expanding their territory. Clear Sky tells him that it is too late to stop what had already begun, and explains that the forest fire still showed signs of destruction in the woods. Clear Sky signals for Fox to come over, and shows every cat the wound he had received in the fire. He declares that Frost is too injured to carry out his duties, and Thunder comes to his defense, saying that he still helps. Clear Sky states that if he cares so much, he should lick his wound clean. Thunder, annoyed by his father's cruelty, asks his father why he is doing this, stating that he just wanted to act in the best interests of all of them. Quick Water comes to his defense, asking Clear Sky if Quiet Rain would want to see him behave like this. Clear Sky snarls at Quick Water, telling her to keep his mother out of this. Clear Sky tells his cats that he owes them an apology, as they clearly cannot comprehend what he is trying to say. He states that Frost must leave the cats so he does not spread his disease around. He orders Thunder to leave Frost somewhere in the woods, where the maggots will find him.
Thunder asks Clear Sky if he is telling him to abandon Frost in the woods to die alone, where no cat would take care of him. He realizes that is exactly what Clear Sky wanted him to do. Frost begs Clear Sky not to do this to him, and Thunder comes to the conclusion that this is not what being in a group is like. Thunder is scorned by Clear Sky, and he tells the forest cats that he and Frost are leaving, and they are not returning. A fox prowls into the clearing, and Thunder thinks Clear Sky had deliberately brought it in. Clear Sky himself accuses Thunder of bringing it in, and Thunder is able to attack the fox and drive it off. Clear Sky praises him, saying that some cat taught him well. Thunder retorts that it wasn't him, and Clear Sky warns Thunder that if he leaves, he will not be able to come back. Thunder tells him that he doesn't want to come back. Thunder leaves the camp with Frost, and realizes that his father had come to watch him leave. He thinks that hunger had sown a rotten seed in Clear Sky's heart, hoping that his father wasn't born bad. He knows that whatever bond he had shared with his father was gone, and looks to the moor, thinking that other cats are out there.

The First Battle

Clear Sky is mentioned when Gray Wing is taken to the mountains in his dream. He meets with Stoneteller and sees his mother, Quiet Rain, and wishes he could tell her that Clear Sky and Jagged Peak were all right. He pauses, and realizes that it was only half true, as he had changed so much that Gray Wing wondered if Quiet Rain would even recognize her first born son. He recounts on how Clear Sky had taken control of the forest, and Gray Wing describes him as brutal when it came to him protecting the woods. Stoneteller refers to Clear Sky when she tells Gray Wing that having little makes cats share, but having much makes cats greedy. Gray Wing wonders if she knew what she was thinking, as he painfully touches on how Clear Sky had been his closest friend, and now they faced each other like rivals. Stoneteller warns Gray Wing that there will be war with Clear Sky, and not to be frightened. She tells him that although both of them are divided - they still have Jagged Peak. 
Clear Sky is noted watching Thunder and Frost leave the woods, and he regrets allowing his son to leave. He doesn't mind Frost leaving - as he was hurt and was unlikely to recover. Clear Sky struggles, hoping Thunder will understand that injured cats weaken the tribe, and must leave or they will be a burden that weigh heavily on the cats' shoulders. He comes to terms that Thunder should leave, and that it's better, for he does not understand Clear Sky. He touches upon how he called him a monster for caring about his cats, and insists that he won't have his authority undermined. He keeps telling himself this - for if he continues, maybe the pain in his stomach would ebb. Clear Sky catches himself referring to his band of cats as a tribe and reminds himself that it isn't the mountains anymore, so there is no need to refer to them as a tribe. 
Falling Feather is heard talking to Thunder, telling him that she almost wishes she was coming with him. Clear Sky is irritated at this, and confronts Falling Feather. She strongly tells her leader off - saying that she can go anywhere she likes. Clear Sky insists that if he can't rely on her loyalty, she can leave. Falling Feather argues with Clear Sky, telling him that they aren't a tribe and Clear Sky will be nothing like Stoneteller. Clear Sky is infuriated, and brings up how Stoneteller stayed in the mountains to starve. Falling Feather counters that she was protecting her cats, and Clear Sky replies with the fact that he was doing the same thing. Falling Feather tells him that all he cares about is boundaries, and Clear Sky reminds her about the kits that he has. Falling Feather has had enough - and tells Clear Sky to cut off the act - that he is just pretending to care about his cats. Angered, Clear Sky lashes out, raking Falling Feather's muzzle with his claws. Falling Feather stares at him like she hardly knows him, and Clear Sky again asserts that he does everything for his cats. He apologizes for hurting her, but quickly reminds her that any cat who questions his loyalty puts all their cats in danger
When Falling Feather is talking to Quick Water, Clear Sky is anxious that they are gossiping about him. He turns to inspect the two new arrivals - Fircone and Nettle, being suspicious of them as they had convinced Thunder to question Clear Sky about the territory expansion. Clear Sky calls a meeting - and as the cats gather, he sees the orphans, Birch and Alder, currently being taken care of by Petal, which gives him a reminder as to how he killed their mother. He tries to tell himself that he was just defending his cats, but guilt still remains in his heart. He starts the meeting off with a direct reference to Falling Feather - talking about how there is no room in his group for disloyal cats. Clear Sky humiliates Falling Feather by revealing how she considered leaving the group, and decides to punish her. He decrees that any cat can give her orders, take her prey, and demoted her status to that lower than a snake until they can trust her again. He also refers to Fircone and Nettle, saying that cats had been questioning his decision to expand territory.
Directly giving them more reasons to question him, he decides to claim more territory, and says that they'll take care of it by constantly patrolling them, and that they'd attack anyone who crossed. Quick Water brings up Gray Wing - his brother. Clear Sky is angered, and tells Quick Water that Gray Wing attacked him and accused him of murdering Bumble. He declares that he rescues cats, and doesn't kill them. He tells his cats that they will work together in the cold season, and all his cats chant in agreement - even Falling Feather and Quick Water, although not to his surprise they are reluctant and lower than the others. Clear Sky decides to start battle training, and tell Fircone and Nettle to attack each other. Although - for this training, he reminds them to keep their claws sheathed, as he didn't want any injuries. As they fight, Nettle becomes increasingly more vicious, and Clear Sky is forced to pull him back. Clear Sky is impressed, knowing that they'd be fiercer in a battle with enemies than as fierce as they were in a battle with their own companions. As he watches his cats question Fircone and Nettle about their blows and how to perform them, he knows that with proper training, they would be deadly warriors - enough to fend off Gray Wing's cats.
Back in Gray Wing's camp, all his cats are working out ways to fend off Clear Sky if he dares to attack. However, some of the cats are more focused on attacking Clear Sky before he can do anymore damage to any other cat. When Thunder and Frost return to Gray Wing, Thunder brings up an idea of talking to Clear Sky as a way to achieve peace. When Thunder confirms that he really thinks this would work, Gray Wing actively engages in the idea. When Thunder and Jackdaw's Cry go to tell Clear Sky about the meeting, Clear Sky is briefly confused, then enraged at seeing his son again, and tells them he will meet with his brother, but he keeps Jackdaw's Cry as a hostage in his camp. Thunder reluctantly leaves Jackdaw's Cry in his father's camp, and returns to Gray Wing's camp. When Tom kidnaps Turtle Tail's kits, Clear Sky encounters them and softens toward his kittypet scent, though he does not recognize Owl Eyes, Sparrow Fur, and Pebble Heart, and lets them go in peace, though he warns them it will not happen again if they happen to pass through again. He returns to camp and fiercely trains his cats in battling and matches Falling Feather with Snake first, ordering her to get on her back and attack Snake from there, trying to knock undivided loyalty into her. Jackdaw's Cry protests against this, but Clear Sky refuses to listen to the black tom and orders him not to eat any of the fresh-kill, despite the bounty of it.
Time passes and he meets Gray Wing, Thunder, and Tall Shadow at the rock, with his warriors surrounding him. Clear Sky demands Gray Wing to show himself, as they came there to talk. Thunder quarrels with his father, telling Clear Sky that he wanted him to be cruel, just like him.. Gray Wing apologizes for Thunder, and prompts Clear Sky to remember what it was like in the mountains - how they had felt full-fed, warm, content. Tall Shadow starts to talk, saying that the forest did not grow for him to claim it, and the forest did not burn for cats to die. She asks if they can be united in the fact that the land lives on, no matter what, and they must honor and protect it. Clear Sky almost seems to agree, but is interrupted by Jackdaw's Cry catching and eating a bat. Cats from Clear Sky's camp are furious, stating that it was their prey. Jackdaw's Cry protests, saying that they hadn't let him eat ever since he went to Clear Sky's camp. Thunder is shocked, reminding Clear Sky that he had promised to feed Jackdaw's Cry. Clear Sky silences him, stating that he is disloyal, ungrateful, and he shouldn't even exist. He calls the signal for attack, and Thunder fetches help from the moor camp.
Clear Sky traps Gray Wing and Tall Shadow on the Great Rock, and he tells Thunder to come and save them when he arrives with back up from the moor camp. Clear Sky's camp and Tall Shadow's camp battle, and Rainswept Flower accuses Clear Sky of being greedy. Enraged, Clear Sky kills her, stating that he's not greedy, just strong. Thunder is shocked, realizing that his father was glad he killed another cat. Clear Sky pins his brother down, ready to deliver the killing blow when Gray Wing states that he will not give in. Gray Wing challenges him to kill him, to live with the memory and to tell the stars that he had won. Clear Sky begs him to not make him do this, saying all he wants is to make sure every cat is safe. Gray Wing disagrees, telling his brother that he just wants power. Unable to kill his own brother, Clear Sky calls the battle to a halt when he realizes how close he was to killing Gray Wing. 
The battle is instantly stopped when spirit cats start to rise from the sky and on the ground. One of them is Storm, and Turtle Tail is among them as well. Turtle Tail scolds Clear Sky, calling him a fool and to learn from his mistakes. Storm asks Clear Sky if killing Rainswept Flower was courageous, and Clear Sky confesses that he was scared. Storm tells him that fear is a powerful instinct, but there is no need to be afraid anymore. She states that death is nothing to fear, and it is not the end. Storm declares that it is time to make things right. River Ripple appears, stating that the fighting needs to end. Clear Sky spins towards him, snarling that he doesn't belong here. Storm scolds Clear Sky, telling him to stop bossing everyone around for once. A falling star appears, and the spirit cats acknowledge it as a sign, telling them to unite or die. Clear Sky promises them that from now on, they would live as one. The spirit cats tell them to meet them at the four trees again next moon, and they disappear. The cats wonder what they should do now, and Tall Shadow says that it is time to bury the bodies.

The Blazing Star

The Great Battle is over, and the aftermath is haunting. Tall Shadow declares that it is time to bury the bodies, but Clear Sky is hesitant to join. He explains that this is all his fault, and his anger led to these cats' deaths. Thunder convinces him to join regardless. He reflects on how Clear Sky and Rainswept Flower knew each other since they were kits, and hears Clear Sky apologizing to her body. He realizes that he is truly mourning his dead friend. Tall Shadow announces that this must never happen again, and asks the leaders if they can all live in peace. Clear Sky agrees, alongside River Ripple, Thunder, and Wind Runner. The cats start to split into their respective groups, but Acorn Fur chooses to live with Clear Sky. They gather at the four trees due to the spirit cats' request last moon. Gray Wing notices that Clear Sky seems much more at ease with the other groups. Clear Sky wonders if the spirit cats would be pleased with them, and Gray Wing thinks they will. The spirit cats do appear, with another message: to grow and spread like the Blazing Star.
Clear Sky runs into Tom, the cat who had tried to take Turtle Tail's kits. Tom asks Clear Sky if he can join his group, and Clear Sky, hesitant at first, eventually accepts him. Unbeknownst to the silver-furred tom, he had also taken in One Eye, a friend of Tom's. Tom describes One Eye as the perfect addition to his group. One Eye leaps on Tom, scratching him, much to Clear Sky's shock. One Eye spits that he can speak for himself, and One Eye tells Clear Sky he is offering his services to the group and it is an offer he does not want to turn down. Clear Sky asks One Eye if he knows what the Blazing Star might be, and One Eye replies thoughtfully that it might be some sort of plant. Clear Sky allows the two cats to join his group, but he is weary of their actual motives.
Gray Wing visits Clear Sky's camp, hearing about his decision to allow Tom into the group. Gray Wing notifies Clear Sky that he was the one who had taken Turtle Tail's kits, and Clear Sky is shocked, not knowing it was Turtle Tail's kits he was trying to take. Clear Sky is furious that Gray Wing is humiliating him in front of Tom and One Eye, and reminds his brother that all the grudges were put behind after the battle. He tells Gray Wing that Thunder was fully in his rights to drive Gray Wing out of his camp, due to how ill he was and he should be able to fend for himself. Gray Wing stops, obviously hurt. Clear Sky regrets saying this to his brother, and tells him that it would never come to that and he would always give him a home. As his brother leaves with a few of the cats from his camp, Mouse Ear tells Clear Sky that he will regret taking One Eye in. Clear Sky declares that no ex-rogue would tell him what to do.
Tall Shadow leads a patrol across the Thunderpath in order to fetch the Blazing Star, which they think is a five-petaled plant which can cure the sickness going around in the forest. Clear Sky comes across them, and Tall Shadow explains what they think The Blazing Star is. Clear Sky offers to join them in their search. After they cross the Thunderpath, they come across the Blazing Star. It is indeed what they think - a five-petaled yellow flower with spiky leaves. They pick a few flowers, and Clear Sky bids the cats farewell, promising that he will share any information he finds out.
At Clear Sky's camp, he supervises training programs led by One Eye. Sparrow Fur makes a visit to his camp, insistent on seeing her father, Tom. One Eye feels the need to demonstrate his new battle moves, but Sparrow Fur declares that she will not leave until she gets a chance to talk with Tom. Tom breaks up the vicious fight, and Clear Sky tries to treat the severely injured Sparrow Fur with Acorn Fur. As they finish, they turn around to find Tom dead. Clear Sky is furious with One Eye, who slyly comments that Tom should've known better than to attack him. Clear Sky asks if Sparrow Fur had been a tougher opponent. One Eye tells him that she had learned a valuable lesson, and he was trying to defend his honor. He snarls at Clear Sky that his rules were a joke, and no cat really cares about anything but themselves, and pretending otherwise causes sickness. Clear Sky asks him what he knows about the sickness, and One Eye gives nothing away, except that some of his cats are good as dead. Clear Sky realizes that One Eye is starting to claw a picture of an eye in all of his cats' skin, despite the fact that there is sickness in the forest. He calls it his "mark", much to Clear Sky's disgust.
One Eye exiles Clear Sky from his camp, which leaves Clear Sky utterly humiliated and defeated. Clear Sky goes to the moor camp and explains to the cats about One Eye's present, which leads to Shattered Ice musing that they need a plan to defeat One Eye once and for all. Jagged Peak leads a patrol to get the Blazing Star, but they are ambushed by One Eye in the process. When they come back to the camp without the plant, Gray Wing explains that he wanted something like this to happen. He suggests that they attack One Eye in a completely open space, and Clear Sky prompts that he would be the one to fight One Eye one-on-one, as One Eye hated him more than anything else. 
It is time to ambush One Eye, and Clear Sky tries to lure him into a barren clearing to fight. As he tries to go through with the plan Gray Wing had developed, it goes wrong, as One Eye had brought backup. He reveals that he had known of the plan all along, due to Star Flower, his daughter, telling him. Thunder had reported their plan to Star Flower, thinking she might've helped. One Eye's rogues corner Clear Sky and insult him, while attacking him as well. He is separated by Gray Wing and the others, and River Ripple leads them onto the moor in which to rescue Clear Sky. Eventually, the plan works, and One Eye is killed, much to Star Flower's dismay. They are able to pick the Blazing Star, and Clear Sky goes back to his camp, only to find out that Petal is sick. Petal tries to tell Clear Sky that she needs to get better, to repay him for all he had done for her. But it is too late, as the sickness gets the best of Petal, and she passes. Clear Sky buries her, grief-stricken, and gives tansy to her kits who had been infected - Birch and Alder. Clear Sky apologizes to his cats for leaving, and all of them forgive him, except Snake, who snarls that they all have been scarred by One Eye's mark. Snake attacks Clear Sky, but Clear Sky, with the help of his followers, is able to defeat him. Clear Sky gives Snake an option - to stay with the group and accept him as leader, or to leave. Snake leaves, and Tall Shadow comes to Clear Sky's camp with some of the Blazing Star.
In a dream being shared by all of the leaders - Thunder, Gray Wing, Clear Sky, River Ripple, Wind Runner, and Tall Shadow - the spirit cats meet them, such as Turtle Tail and Rainswept Flower. They ask what they did the last time they had met them, and Thunder says that they had united against One Eye and got the Blazing Star, which he thinks is what they meant by "unite or die". Turtle Tail explains that the Blazing Star has five petals, just as a cat has five claws. They repeat "unite or die", and Thunder cries out, calling the dream to a halt. The leaders meet at the four trees in order to discuss the message. Clear Sky comments that they can work together, even if they didn't live in the same place. The leaders are still confused what "growing and spreading like the Blazing Star" means, but Clear Sky's brother, Gray Wing, thinks he might understand.

A Forest Divided

The bodies of the cats whom had died in the Great Battle surround Clear Sky at the four trees in a dream, realizing that the dead outnumber the living. A pale tabby comes over to him, commenting that he came. Clear Sky tells Storm that he did, and Storm tells him that she is tired of waiting. Clear Sky wonders if the spirit cats are the only thing that unite them now, and Storm reminds him that they told them to spread and grow like the Blazing Star, but they hadn't yet. Clear Sky tells her that he doesn't know how far they can spread, and they had been recruiting new cats lately. A voice behind him states that it isn't enough, and Clear Sky sees Fluttering Bird, his younger sister who had died in the mountains. She tells him that what he had done isn't enough, and tells him to follow his heart, as it will guide him home. Clear Sky sadly remarks on how they traveled together from the mountains, but now they didn't even share prey. Fluttering Bird confronts Clear Sky once more, reminding him to follow his heart. Clear Sky suddenly realizes that he thinks he understands, promising Fluttering Bird that he will unite the cats together so they can grow and spread like the Blazing Star.
Clear Sky pays Thunder's group a visit, bringing a rabbit for Jagged Peak and Holly's kits to share. He looks at Thunder, wondering if he would ever forgive him for throwing him out, noting that Gray Wing raised another tom's kits when he couldn't even raise his own. Clear Sky tries to convince Tall Shadow, Gray Wing, and Thunder to come together and unite in order to grow and spread like the Blazing Star. Tall Shadow sounds uncertain, and Clear Sky realizes that they are rejecting his offer. Gray Wing tells Clear Sky that he thought they should separate into five different groups, as the Blazing Star had five petals. Clear Sky states that they didn't agree on that, and they should work together. Tall Shadow comments that it is lovely that they are getting into another argument, and says that when the time comes, she will establish her own camp in the pine forest. Clear Sky continues to try to persuade the leaders to unite, but Thunder points out that they can't simply pretend the borders Clear Sky created never existed because cats have died over them. Clear Sky leaves the moor, upset that he hadn't been able to convince the leaders. Thunder, feeling guilty about what he said, comes to help Clear Sky get back to the forest. Clear Sky tells Thunder that he doesn't want cats to boss around. Thunder reflects that for a cat who says he doesn't want to boss a cat around, he is very controlling. The two get attacked by a badger, and despite Clear Sky's protests, Thunder brings him back to camp as he is severely injured.
Eventually, they do decide to pick different homes. Tall Shadow cuts circles in the ground with her claws, signaling groups - the moor, the pines, River Ripple's camp, and Clear Sky's camp. Lightning Tail joins Clear Sky's group, along with Sparrow Fur and Thunder. At the forest, Clear Sky shows Thunder around his territory, heading for Twolegplace. Clear Sky explains that he wants to look for new kittypet recruits. They come across Star Flower, who is still hurt after One Eye's death. She tries to blame Thunder on it, and Clear Sky interferes, saying that if anyone wants to blame a cat for One Eye's death, he should be blamed. Star Flower asks if he was the one to take One Eye in, and Clear Sky confirms. Star Flower asks if she can join his group, and Clear Sky denies, stating that he cannot let her in after what her father had done. Star Flower begs Thunder, saying that since One Eye is gone, she has no cat to help her hunt. Thunder asks Clear Sky if they should give her a chance, reminding him that Fluttering Bird had told them to unite. Clear Sky twitches his tail, saying that they can bring her along, but Thunder has to be the one to explain her to his campmates.
Clear Sky brings prey back to camp, seeing Thunder gaze wistfully at Star Flower. He realizes that he still cares about her, despite how she had betrayed him. Clear Sky patrols his borders, missing a piece of prey he was intent on hunting. Star Flower runs into him, teasing him about his missed catch. Star Flower tells Clear Sky how her littermates and mother had died, and One Eye had refused to speak of them. Clear Sky tells her that every cat holds tragedy in their hearts. Star Flower says that they are more alike than they think, and Clear Sky retorts that he hasn't betrayed anyone. Star Flower tells him that Thunder, Gray Wing, Jagged Peak, and Rainswept Flower would disagree. She tells Clear Sky that she would take some of the things she did back, and assures him that she will do whatever she can to make him trust her. She tells him that if he trusts her, she will never betray him. Star Flower goes back to camp, and Clear Sky realizes that maybe he was wrong about her. He thinks that there is more to her than what meets the eye.
Thunder joins a patrol with Clear Sky to flatter him. Thunder lies, saying he doesn't know where the markers are, and Clear Sky scorns him. He tells Thunder that every cat needs solitude, and he wants to patrol alone. Thunder is surprised, thinking that his father never needed solitude. Thunder orders Lightning Tail to guard the camp so he can follow Clear Sky and see what he is up to. He finds Clear Sky meeting with Star Flower, and feels an ache at the affection Star Flower shows for Clear Sky. Thunder realizes that Star Flower never loved him, and tells Lightning Tail that she is using Clear Sky for her own advantages.
At camp, Clear Sky and Thunder get into an argument. Clear Sky has been limiting hunting patrols so the cats do not hunt out the forest and don't take more than their fair share, but cats are still going hungry. Clear Sky scowls at Thunder, saying that maybe he should be the leader. Thunder retorts that on the moor, Tall Shadow and Gray Wing treated him like one. Clear Sky tells him that the forest is different, and that they have one leader, which is Clear Sky. Clear Sky asks Thunder if he is really this angry about hunting patrols, and Thunder bursts out that he saw Clear Sky in the forest with Star Flower. This shocks Clear Sky, saying that he thought he told Thunder to stay in camp. Thunder tells Clear Sky that trusting Star Flower will not end well, and Clear Sky says that he knows she hurt him. Thunder asks if he will stop seeing her, and Clear Sky doesn't respond. Thunder sees Star Flower, and hisses at her to stay away from Clear Sky. When Thunder goes back to camp after a hunting mission, he asks Lightning Tail where Clear Sky is. Lightning Tail tells him that he had left the camp with Star Flower some time ago, and Thunder thinks that he has something to tell Clear Sky - something he will not like.
Star Flower and Clear Sky meet at Snakerocks. Star Flower weaves around Clear Sky, asking if he has decided to trust her yet. Clear Sky tells her that Thunder thinks he shouldn't, and Star Flower apologizes for hurting Thunder, but asserts that he will get over it. Clear Sky wonders if he should ignore Star Flower just to please his son, but isn't sure if Thunder really wanted him to be alone. He goes back to camp, and sees his cats still hungry. However, he still forbids hunting patrols, and Thunder decides that he has had enough. He tells his father that he can't live with him anymore, and decides that he will move his camp into another part of the forest. Leaf, Pink Eyes, Milkweed, Cloud Spots, Lightning Tail, and Owl Eyes decide to come with him. Clear Sky pulls away Thunder, asking what he is doing. Thunder tells him that he can't stand his stupid decisions. Clear Sky tells him that he explained why hunting patrols can't go out, and Thunder says that isn't the stupid decision he meant. Clear Sky asks if it is Star Flower, and Thunder retorts that she can't be trusted. Clear Sky tells him that he can't tell him how to lead his group. Thunder tells him that when he joined his camp, he thought he could help him lead. Thunder snarls that Clear Sky thinks he's right all the time, but he isn't. He leaves with the cats who had joined him, and Star Flower tells Clear Sky that a few trouble makers have left, and Thunder won't be the leader Clear Sky is. She tells him that this is his chance to build a strong, loyal group. Clear Sky presses against her, thinking that finally he has a mate worthy of him.
When Thunder leaves his camp to go hunting, he runs into two cats from the mountains - Quiet Rain and Sun Shadow. Quiet Rain asks Thunder if he knows Clear Sky, and Thunder replies that he does. Quiet Rain asks to be brought to Clear Sky, and Thunder still feels the need to avoid his father, and brings Quiet Rain and Sun Shadow to Tall Shadow's camp. On the way to Tall Shadow's camp, Thunder tells Quiet Rain he is Clear Sky's son. Quiet Rain asks what happened to Bright Stream, his mother. Thunder tells him that Storm is his mother and Clear Sky's former mate. When they reach Tall Shadow's camp, Thunder finds Gray Wing and brings him back. Gray Wing asks Thunder to get Clear Sky, as their mother does not have a lot of time left. Thunder does so and goes to Clear Sky's camp. Star Flower asks to come, but Clear Sky says that she should stay as she is expecting their kits, much to Thunder's surprise. Thunder takes Clear Sky to Tall Shadow's camp, but unknown to them, Star Flower has followed them. She states that she is here for Clear Sky.
Clear Sky, Jagged Peak, and Gray Wing talk to Quiet Rain. Clear Sky tells her that Acorn Fur and Quick Water live with him in the woods, and Quiet Rain asks who Acorn Fur is. Clear Sky replies that she is Hawk Swoop's daughter, and Quiet Rain asks where Hawk Swoop is. Clear Sky tells her that she is dead, and Quiet Rain asks how. Clear Sky says there was a battle, and Quiet Rain asks with who. Clear Sky is hesitant to answer, and Jagged Peak tells her that the battle was with Clear Sky. Gray Wing tells Quiet Rain that he fought with Clear Sky. All of the brothers explain what happened that led up to the battle - Clear Sky's reckless need of borders, disagreements over territory and prey, which led to the battle and many cats being killed. They inform Quiet Rain that Falling Feather and Jackdaw's Cry died in the battle (though they don't tell her that they killed each other), and that Shaded Moss and Turtle Tail were both killed by monsters. Quiet Rain asks what happened to Rainswept Flower, and Clear Sky reluctantly admits that he killed her, as he was so blind with rage that he was not thinking straight. Quiet Rain orders Jagged Peak and Gray Wing away. Quiet Rain is furious, telling Clear Sky that she didn't imagine raising a cat to kill his Tribemate. Clear Sky wails that he thought he was doing the right thing, but Quiet Rain asks if it was right to turn on and slay his own kin and Tribemates. Clear Sky groans that he made a mistake and begs his mother to forgive him, but Quiet Rain claws his muzzle, much to his shock. She hisses that he is no kit of hers, and she never wants to see him again. Clear Sky again pleads for her to forgive him, but Quiet Rain tells him that she never will. Clear Sky stumbles out of her den, and Star Flower helps him out. Clear Sky asks her if he is a monster, and Star Flower fervently tells him that he is a hero and a leader, that he makes tough decisions that others fear, and there is no shame in that. Clear Sky hopes she is right.  
Star Flower introduces herself to Quiet Rain as Clear Sky's mate, and Quiet Rain asks Thunder and Star Flower what see in Clear Sky, calling him a fox heart. Thunder realizes where Clear Sky inherited his arrogance. Star Flower tells Quiet Rain that he had changed, and she is now expecting his kits. Thunder looks at Star Flower, thinking that perhaps she was the mate Clear Sky needed - a smart cat who wasn't afraid to speak her mind, and would drive Clear Sky to be a better leader and father. Thunder realizes that he will be a better father to Star Flower's children than he was to him. 
Holly's kits go missing, and Clear Sky volunteers to find them. Star Flower and Clear Sky work together with Tall Shadow to send patrols to find them, and Clear Sky takes his own patrol into a part of the forest to retrieve them. Clear Sky sees them - Storm Pelt, Dew Nose, and Eagle Feather. They are on top of a tree, with a crow coming at them. Clear Sky saves them, feeling a surge of protectiveness. Guiltily he realizes he should have felt the same way about Thunder. Clear Sky comes back to camp with the kits on him and fur missing from his back. After he goes to sleep, he is woken up by Thunder, who tells him that Quiet Rain is getting worse. Clear Sky realizes that she is dying. Clear Sky goes into her den, and Quiet Rain thanks her "dear friend" for coming. Clear Sky tries to tell her that he is her son, not her friend, and realizes that Quiet Rain thinks she is talking to Shaded Moss. Quiet Rain asks the invisible Shaded Moss how she could forgive Clear Sky as he had driven his brothers away and killed a fellow Tribemate. Quiet Rain opens her eyes, satisfied that all her sons were here. She tells them not to be sad when she is gone, as she had lived a good life. She tells Clear Sky that she forgives him, as Shaded Moss had explained what had gone through his head while he made those fateful decisions. She says that Shaded Moss had stated that it was all foretold, and Clear Sky couldn't help what he did. Quiet Rain repeats herself, saying that she forgives Clear Sky, but he must learn to forgive himself. Quiet Rain's life slips away from her in that very moment, and Clear Sky gazes at her dead body, knowing that his final moments with his mother would mark the rest of his life.
Along with cats from Tall Shadow's camp, Clear Sky buries Quiet Rain near the four trees. The spirit cats appear, telling them to choose a new beginning. Clear Sky declares that they want them to unite, and Gray Wing tells him that they must choose a new beginning. Clear Sky tries to convince Thunder to join together with him, but Thunder refuses, telling him that he has a new camp with new loyalties, and although Clear Sky will always be his father, he cannot force cats to be who they don't want to be. Star Flower tells Thunder that Clear Sky knows this, and Thunder wishes both of them to take care of each other.
After a dream with Storm, who urges Clear Sky to forgive himself and that his future lies with Star Flower and her kits, Clear Sky wakes up to find Star Flower gone. He calls her name, and is able to find her, but with three scarred toms around her. Clear Sky encourages Star Flower to come closer to him, as he will not let the three cats hurt her. Star Flower does not move, and one of the cats sneers that she had always been sensible. Clear Sky is surprised that Star Flower knows these cats, and asks who they are. The tom who had spoken introduces himself as Slash, referring to himself as an old friend of One Eye's. Slash states that they grew up together, and had always assumed that he would be Star Flower's mate, but now was expecting Clear Sky's kits. Slash and his friends kidnap Star Flower, and Clear Sky is horrified. He vows that no cat will hurt his kits and get away with it, and knows that he must rescue Star Flower and his unborn children.

Path of Stars

Clear Sky races back to his camp after Star Flower had been kidnapped by the bloodthirsty Slash, looking for cats who could possibly help him. The cats in his camp are hesitant on helping him, thinking that this might have been apart of Star Flower's plan all along, not forgetting how she betrayed them to One Eye. Clear Sky realizes that he needs to ask the other leaders for help, and wonders what Thunder will say. He knows that he has to do this, and composes a patrol to ask the other leaders for help. Clear Sky wonders if he would be able to rely on Thunder for help, knowing that the ginger tom had still had feelings for Star Flower. He knows that Thunder has plenty of reasons not to help him, and understands that he was never a good father to his son. 
He heads for Thunder's camp, in which some of the cats think he might be there to start a fight. Pink Eyes states that there is nothing for Clear Sky to fight about, and Lightning Tail snorts that Clear Sky will always find something to fight about. Clear Sky explains to Thunder how Slash had taken Star Flower away from him, and asks the ginger tom for his help. He explains that Slash wanted their prey in order to give Star Flower back, but Thunder declines, stating that he can't give their prey away to Slash, and that he must put his campmates first. Clear Sky is furious, asking what kind of son Thunder is. He angrily asks how long Thunder will be mad at him for Star Flower taking Clear Sky as her mate, and adds that if his kits die, he will never forgive him. Thunder tells his father that Star Flower is his problem, and he will have to work it out himself. Clear Sky turns away from his son, and Sparrow Fur, who had accompanied him, tells him that River Ripple would know what to do. Clear Sky realizes that some of the other cats would help him, and leaves Thunder's camp, still angry.
Gray Wing notices that Clear Sky's scent, along with Tall Shadow's, are on the moor. Clear Sky runs into Wind Runner's camp with Tall Shadow, asking if Wind Runner could help him find Star Flower. Clear Sky explains how Slash wanted them to share prey, but Wind Runner is uncertain. Clear Sky begs Wind Runner to help, but Wind Runner states that she doesn't have to do anything for him. Clear Sky tells her that if it was Gorse Fur in danger, he would help her. Wind Runner agrees to help when she realizes that kits are involved. He tells Gray Wing that Thunder refused to help, and Gray Wing promises to talk to Thunder for him. 
Due to Slash wanting to meet at the four trees, Clear Sky waits there, hoping for the other leaders to come. He knows that Tall Shadow, River Ripple, Wind Runner, and Gray Wing would come, but he is still unsure about Thunder. Slash emerges, asking Clear Sky if the other leaders care if Star Flower never returned. Clear Sky tells him that he brought them due to Slash's commands, and Slash snorts, saying he just wanted to see if they appeared. Wind Runner asks what he would've done had Clear Sky not been able to persuade them to come. Slash tells her that he simply would've dealt with Star Flower, and would come up with another way to get the cats to share their prey. Clear Sky asks if Star Flower is okay, and Slash does not answer. Clear Sky's panic turns to rage, and River Ripple tells Clear Sky to not let Slash rile him. Clear Sky reminds Slash that he had promised to return Star Flower. Slash adds that if he gives him Star Flower, they wouldn't be able to honor the agreement he suggests. He tells Clear Sky that if he ever wants to see his mate and kits alive, he will meet Slash's demands. Slash proposes that for every five pieces of prey, they will give him one. Wind Runner points out that they will starve. Clear Sky suggests that they share one piece in every ten, and when Slash refuses that, he changes it to one in seven. River Ripple tells Slash that they will not let their campmates starve for him. Clear Sky, furious, reminds the leaders that they promised to help him get Star Flower back. Slash states that his savage rogues outnumber them, and if they refuse, it will show that they value prey more than the life of their campmates. The cats still refuse to give him prey, and Slash leaves. Clear Sky is heavily upset, realizing that Slash will kill Star Flower. He snarls at the leaders that he never wants to see them again, and Wind Runner hisses at him, telling him to stop acting like a kit. Clear Sky tries to make them understand the fact that Star Flower will die, and Wind Runner asks him if he really thinks they have no hearts. Clear Sky does not understand what they mean, and Tall Shadow tells him to come with her, as she has something to show him.
Gray Wing rescues Star Flower from her hostage place, but her kits are coming too early. Leaf asks Gray Wing what they will tell Clear Sky, and Gray Wing is shocked that he didn't think of his brother. He attempts to retrieve Clear Sky, but Clear Sky runs into him first with the other leaders. They bring Star Flower back to Tall Shadow's camp so she can kit safely, and Clear Sky murmurs loving phrases into her ear. Star Flower delivers three kits - two she-kits and one tom. Clear Sky exclaims that they are perfect. Pebble Heart asks if Clear Sky will let the kits stay in Tall Shadow's camp for a little bit, in order for Star Flower to recover from her shock. Clear Sky says yes, and thanks Gray Wing for rescuing his kits. Gray Wing tells him it was the right thing to die, and Clear Sky asks why he didn't tell him about it. Gray Wing replies that if he knew about it, nothing would have stopped him from finding her and that Slash needed a distraction. Clear Sky dryly asks if he was the distraction. Gray Wing points out that he needed to be convincing as it was the only way to get her back safely. Clear Sky thanks him, and Gray Wing replies that he would do the same for him. Doubt flashes in Clear Sky's eyes, but it fades as he presses himself against his brother and states that he will never forget this. Thunder visits Clear Sky, who is strangely happy to see him. Thunder is envious about how Clear Sky treats his new kits so lovingly, and wonders why he didn't treat him like that. 
Thunder calls a meeting at the four trees, and all the leaders join, among with a few cats from each camp. Clear Sky announces that rogues have been stealing from his territory, and the same reports come from other leaders. They realize that Slash will attack them soon, and propose the idea of battle training - assigning each kit to their own mentor in which they will teach them the art of fighting, to defend their campmates against Slash. Clear Sky approves of the idea. Back at Clear Sky's territory, he and Sparrow Fur are hunting when they are cornered by Slash and Splinter. They attempt to take the prey Clear Sky had caught, but in order to distract him, Clear Sky throws several insults at him. Clear Sky almost threatens Slash, but realizes that if so, he would break his promise of keeping Star Flower and her kits safe. Slash snorts, and takes the rabbit from Beetle that they had snatched from Clear Sky, telling him that it was a gift from him to Star Flower. Clear Sky goes back to camp with Sparrow Fur, and watches his kits - Tiny Branch, Dew Petal, and Flower Foot play. He is cheerful at the sight of his kits, but knows that they will not be safe until Slash is driven out of their territory.
There is another meeting at the four trees, called by Wind Runner. After Thunder and Lightning Tail had visited Slash's camp and rescued some of his cats, they had invited them to join some of the groups, and Wind Runner wants to know how they are getting along. Clear Sky talks about Red, a cat who had joined his group. Gray Wing tells him he is one of Slash's rogues, and Blossom tells him that he had lured dogs into Slash's camp. Clear Sky asks Thunder if he led the dogs into the camp on purpose, and Thunder doesn't think so, but it was a dangerous mistake. Thunder tells him to keep an eye out for him. Clear Sky tells Thunder that being a father to his kits made him realize how much he had failed Thunder, but he hopes he can one day be as important to him as Gray Wing. Thunder tells him that he didn't fail him, he just assumed he wasn't the son he wanted. Clear Sky wonders if Thunder will ever confide in him, and tells himself that he will love his new family more than life itself.
Clear Sky watches his kits play in his camp, and is distracted by Gorse Fur, who barges in. He informs Clear Sky that one of their rogues, Bee, had gone back to join Slash. Clear Sky realizes that he will need to test Red's loyalties, to see if he would go back to Slash. Clear Sky gets Nettle to help him, luring Nettle into a conversation with Red. Nettle tries to convince Red to get rid of Clear Sky, and Red is horrified, stating that he will be loyal to Clear Sky. Clear Sky leaps out of the bushes to see them. Clear Sky is satisfied, knowing he will have Red's loyalty as he explains to him why he had pulled this on Red. Red tells him that he would protect his kits with his life, and Clear Sky states that it is time to make Red an official member of their group.
Red is made an official member of the group at the four trees, taking the name Red Claw. Thunder, Wind Runner, River Ripple, and Tall Shadow officially welcome the new cats into their group as well. However, the ceremony is interrupted by Slash. He hisses at Gray Wing, telling him that they will learn the price for taking away his cats and defying him. Gray Wing instantly thinks of Star Flower, demanding to know what Slash had done with her. Slash states that he has had enough of making Clear Sky suffer, and it was Gray Wing's turn now. Gray Wing goes back to camp, and Clear Sky goes back to his own, making sure Star Flower is safe. After finding her well, he goes to Wind Runner's camp and finds that one of Gray Wing's kits, Black Ear, had been taken. Thunder asks him why he came, and Clear Sky reports that he assumed Slash had attacked Wind Runner's camp. Thunder, Owl Eyes, Clear Sky, and Sparrow Fur search for Black Ear. They find him dropped in the middle of the Thunderpath, and Clear Sky rushes over to save him. In the process, his tail gets run over by a monster, but he is able to rescue Black Ear. Thunder brings an injured Clear Sky back to camp, along with Black Ear. Clear Sky tells Thunder that he had saved Gray Wing's kit because Gray Wing had saved his own, and not just Tiny Branch and the others - but Thunder as well. Slate comes to visit, asking if she can take Black Ear home so he can talk to Gray Wing. Clear Sky asks if Gray Wing is okay, and Thunder tells him that he had gotten sick again, and they don't think he will recover. Clear Sky states that he has to see Gray Wing, and travels to the moor to see his dying brother.
Pebble Heart, Clear Sky, and Thunder visit Gray Wing in his den. Gray Wing suggests the idea of making the groups Clans, and names Clear Sky's group SkyClan. He recognizes the determined glance in his brother's eyes, and knows that whatever he had went through, Clear Sky had been there as well, and that Clear Sky always had his eyes fixed on the horizon no matter what bad things had occurred. Clear Sky repeats the name, saying that it would be just like Gray Wing to name his Clan after something beyond his reach. Gray Wing tells him that the sky is all around him, he just doesn't see it. As Gray Wing is slowly dying, he sees Bright Stream in front of him, with three kits scampering around her. Bright Stream explains that it was her and Clear Sky's kits, and Gray Wing tells Clear Sky about them. Clear Sky asks if he can see them, and Gray Wing responds that he can and they are beautiful. Gray Wing eventually succumbs to his asthma, leaving Clear Sky behind. 

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

Shattered Sky

Skystar appears unnamed in Twigpaw's dream while she is on a journey to find SkyClan, and finally reunites her with her father.
He urges her to get up and tells Twigpaw that she is SkyClan's only hope. Skystar helps guide her, telling her to follow the blood trail to find the fifth Clan.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Clear Sky is first mentioned by Moth Flight, who is uneasy by the fact that her mother, Wind Runner acting extra edgy around Clear Sky's boundaries. When Moth Flight receives the dream about the establishment of medicine cats, she imagines speaking to all the leaders, including Clear Sky's tail flicking scornfully. When she wakes up, she introduces SkyClan to Micah, and tells him that their leader is Clear Sky. Micah remarks that he received dreams about Clear Sky, and how he cured his kit.
When the two cats reach the gathering, Moth Flight points to a light gray tom and tells Micah that it's Clear Sky. Micah remarks that he looked exactly like the cat in his dream. Clear Sky announces that all the cats are here, and tells the cats that newleaf has brought all the prey into the forest. Willow Tail accuses Clear Sky and his cats of stealing, and he is surprised by this. Wind Runner tells Clear Sky that he needs to keep SkyClan under control, which angers him. He accuses her of letting her cats start a fight, she defends Willow Tail by saying that the WindClan cat is only defending her borders. Clear Sky and Wind Runner argue until Moth Flight steps out, interrupting them and announcing that she's brought news from the spirit-cats. Clear Sky is unconvinced and scornful about this. Moth Flight explains, and Clear Sky scorns her for being only a kit. Moth Flight announces Micah of being SkyClan's medicine cat. This angers Clear Sky, as Micah is a rogue. He demands to Micah if he knew anything about healing. Micah tells Clear Sky that he doesn't, but will learn. Clear Sky circles Micah and remarks that he smells strange. He resentfully growls that SkyClan would have another mouth to feed. He scorns him because he'd only be spending time healing cats. Moth Flight tells everyone that the spirit-cats would split the sky when she told them. In response to this, Clear Sky is amused. He sits down and tells everyone to wait. However, in contrast to his belief, a thunderbolt strikes a tree and splits it apart. Everyone gasps and stares at Moth Flight.
Clear Sky accuses Moth Flight of misinterpreting what they said, because Micah is an outsider. Wind Runner is furious at him for accusing Moth Flight of lying. The gray leader calmly tells Wind Runner that she could be mistaken. Wind Runner and Clear Sky argue, he tells her that he is never wrong. Moth Flight feels pitiful for Micah for having to live with Clear Sky. Moth Flight tells Clear Sky about the dreams Micah received about him. He tells Clear Sky about how he used catmint to cure Tiny Branch. Clear Sky decides that if Micah could cure Tiny Branch, then he could stay. Clear Sky calls Micah to leave, and so they leave.
Spotted Fur worries about Moth Flight, who has to cross Clear Sky's land in order to get to the Twolegplace. Moth Flight reassures him that Clear Sky doesn't mind anymore. When they cross the border, they worry because they heard tales of Clear Sky being over territorial in the past. She then wonders if Clear Sky had been keeping Micah in camp. Micah visits her with the great news that he successfully healed Tiny Branch, though remarks slyly he believes Clear Sky wished he hadn't promised Micah to stay. Wind Runner criticizes Moth Flight for constantly crossing Clear Sky's territory due to rising tensions. Clear Sky also gives Micah Acorn Fur as his helper, not fully trusting the tom by himself yet. Acorn Fur arrives, demanding that Clear Sky wants Micah back at camp and explains "he's in one of his moods".
While Micah climbs a tree to fetch sap for Rocky, Clear Sky confronts Moth Flight for trespassing and orders her to leave. His eyes turn to ice when Moth Flight lets it slip that it's been SkyClan cats who've been stealing prey, and Micah interrupts them. Moth Flight and Clear Sky argue, Moth Flight insistent on her duties as a medicine cat, and Clear Sky lashes at her when she calls him a fox-heart. Clear Sky orders Red Claw to stop Micah from gathering the bark, and Willow Tail runs up to stop him. Micah successfully gathers the sap, but Clear Sky kicks it away and hisses at Micah for being a traitor. As Micah tries to top Willow Tail and Red Claw from fighting, the branch breaks and Micah dies.
Clear Sky attends his funeral, and Moth Flight silently blames his arrogance for Micah's death. Clear Sky states he died a brave cat and insists to Moth Flight Micah chose to climb the tree. He reveals that Micah proved him wrong by curing Tiny Branch, and asks Moth Flight to speak in Micah's honor. He orders his borders to marked daily and has Acorn Fur replace Micah as medicine cat. Clear Sky discovers Moth Flight teaching Acorn Fur in secret, and prevents Acorn Fur from sneaking out to seeing her.
At the next Gathering, SkyClan doesn't show up. Wind Runner orders a hearing for Clear Sky and his Clan due to all the evidence of prey stealing and for closing his borders. Thunder asks for proof, but Tall Shadow reminds them of Clear Sky's prior treachery. Wind Runner decides they should deprive SkyClan of aid for their troubles, but the medicine cats remind them of StarClan's message of unite or die. The others rally on with Wind Runner, and she orders the medicine cats to stop talking with Acorn Fur. Sparrow Fur arrives calling for help, explaining a fox attacked them and has injured Tiny Branch. The medicine cats rush to help and find Clear Sky gathering his son in his paws. Moth Flight asks where Acorn Fur was and Clear Sky hoarsely replies she was fetching cobwebs. The medicine cat refrains from arguing with Clear Sky as they treat Tiny Branch. Despite their best efforts, Tiny Branch dies. Moth Flight informs Clear Sky the news and is surprised to see the SkyClan leader wake in his paws. He apologies to his son, and, after realizing Moth Flight was thinking of her own kits, urges Moth Flight to return to them. Before leaving, Moth Flight wishes she came sooner but Wind Runner prevented her.
Watching Clear Sky grieve for his kit changes Moth Flight's opinion of him, and she urges her mother to speak with him. She refuses, falling back on her recollections of the old Clear Sky and says she knows what he's capable of. The next day, Alder, Birch, and Nettle catch Spotted Fur and Moth Flight in SkyClan territory to gather sap, and take them to Clear Sky. Moth Flight hopes since she tried to save Tiny Branch, Clear Sky would let them go. However, while Clear Sky is grateful for Moth Flight, he keeps them prisoner to punish Wind Runner so she could admit her mistakes.
WindClan attacks SkyClan's camp, and Moth Flight tries to stop them from fighting but to no avail. Wind Runner lunges at Clear Sky, and he slashes her throat. Wind Runner accuses him of kidnapping, but Clear Sky insists she let Tiny Branch die. They continue to fight until Wind Runner breaks her leg. As Moth Flight tends to Wind Runner, Clear Sky blinds Willow Tail and leaves her for Red Claw. Willow Tail reveals she staged SkyClan stealing prey to get back at Red Claw, and Clear Sky confronts Wind Runner for believing Willow Tail's lies. She silences him by vouching for her Clanmate's loyalty, something he adamantly stands for. Moth Flight makes Clear Sky apologies for the fight, and he lets WindClan leave.
When Moth Flight travels to each camp with the news of the leadership ceremony, she notes Clear Sky was the most excited for his nine lives. Acorn Fur announces he received the name of Skystar and admits she was scared how much pain each life costed him. Skystar agrees to adopt Honey Pelt, Moth Flight's son. As Honey Pelt chatters how brave Skystar is, Moth Flight dryly wonders what kind of guardian he would be. He compassionately asks Moth Flight if she's ready to give up her kits, and eagerly raises Honey Pelt.

Hawkwing's Journey

In the prologue, Skystar approaches Cloudstar and Brackenheart, and the tom is treated with profound respect. Skystar responds to Cloudstar greeting with a brisk nod, asking if they have come to a decision about the vision. They explain they haven’t, but Skystar insists the answer has to be found. He stands straighter and lashes his tail and states they have seen the scourge that looms over SkyClan. A danger worse than the heaviest, darkest storm cloud. He explains this scourge can blacken out the sky and end the Clan forever. He cannot bear this. Brackenheart points out Firestar cannot help SkyClan now since he is dead. Skystar looks thoughtful and declares they speak directly to SkyClan and warn them. Brackenheart agrees with him, but is unsure how. She insists that they cannot win this battle. Skystar agrees and insists SkyClan must leave their territory. Cloudstar protests it cannot be given up after so many worked for the territory. Skystar explains everything has to end eventually and SkyClan has been on their own for too long.
Skystar leans forward, intently fixing his gaze on the cats. He says when he founded SkyClan, it was one of the petals of the Blazing Star and the Clans thrived because they worked together. He insists SkyClan must learn from their history. Cloudstar asks if he means that SkyClan is meant to leave the gorge and Skystar agrees. He insists leaving is the first step of a long journey. Skystar listens to Cloudstar and Brackenheart as they protest before replying that every cat knows what SkyClan has endured. He says there are times when to hold onto what they own, and times to let go. SkyClan’s threat is only the beginning and only by joining the other Clans will they clear the sky. Brackenheart points out they only knew Firestar and he is in StarClan now. Cloudstar adds that Sandstorm is too. Skystar agrees, stating the she-cat is brave but he cannot see her path. He insists SkyClan must look to Firestar’s kin now as when the fire dies down, sparks still remain. He agrees that the path will be long and difficult for SkyClan, but that is why SkyClan must act now. He pauses before adding they must find the sparks, or their future will be indeed terrible.
Echosong explains that she dreamed of a cat that explained that his name was Skystar and was the founder of SkyClan. She explains that the leader told her that the fire has burned out and dispel the darkness, they have to find the remaining spark. They think it means Firestar is dead, and Echosong cannot think of anything else of what Skystar means. Plumwillow suggests that Skystar means finding something leftover from the fire at the Twoleg greenplace. Echosong isn’t sure, believing that Skystar means Firestar’s death. Hawkwing thinks about all the cats that fought for SkyClan existence, all the way to the great founder, Skystar. Echosong receives another prophecy from Skystar, repeating to find the spark that remains. He also tells the medicine cat that embrace what is found in the shadows for only that can clear the sky. Skystar also showed Echosong a five-pointed maple leaf, saying SkyClan is scattered like leaves blown in the wind.

In the Novellas

Thunderstar's Echo

As Thunderstar visits SkyClan to discuss the dog problem, Skystar's daughter, Dew Petal, runs over to greet the ginger tom, and tells Honey Pelt that her brother is here. The ThunderClan leader is surprised by how Dew Petal calls him a brother, because she and Flower Foot are more cared for by Skystar than he was. Dew Petal bombards him with questions about ThunderClan, and the leader responds that he was here to talk to his father. He asks the two cats if they are out here alone. The silver-and-white she-cat responds that yes, they are alone. She is training Honey Pelt in hunting, and her half-brother requests to see Skystar. The two SkyClan cats lead him to Skystar, and along the way Thunderstar is caught up with all of SkyClan's news. Dew Petal brags that the SkyClan leader praised her for catching a squirrel in spite of the rain. Honey Pelt argues that he was praised for finding a patch of tansy for Acorn Fur.
Thunderstar comments that they sound like they are both important to SkyClan. Despite this, he feels a pang in his chest, as he remembers the stern father who was unforgiving and cold. He wonders what it would his relationship with Skystar would be like if it was similar to Dew Petal and Honey Pelt's relationship. The two cats lead him the the leader's den, and Skystar walks out. He looks a little thinner than the last time they met, and his pelt is dulled by age. Yet his gaze is still sharp and his shoulders still broad. The gray tom asks if everything was all right, and anxiously asks if everything is okay with Violet Dawn and the kits.
The ginger tom tells his father that everything is fine with the kits, but dogs attacked the ThunderClan camp. He says that those dogs were vicious, and they are lucky no cat died. Thunderstar warns his father that those dogs may be nearby still. Skystar's gaze is not focused on is son, and the ThunderClan tom wonders if his father is hiding something. He asks the gray tom if he knew anything about the dogs, and the SkyClan leader answers that he saw a couple dogs, but never thought they were a threat. Thunderstar tries to convince Skystar to plot with him and the rest of the Clans to attack the dogs, but Skystar refuses, not wanting any cats to be killed in this dangerous attack. After seeing Thunderstar's disappointment, Skystar offers to go with Thunderstar to the ThunderClan border where he had scented the dogs. After smelling the dogs' acrid scent, Skystar and Thunderstar follow the scent trail across the Thunderpath and around ShadowClan territory. They walk all day until they are far from the Clan territories and come across a vast stretch of land where Twoleg monsters go to die. After careful observation, Thunderstar tells Skystar that this place is where the dogs came from.
After Thunderstar has dealt with the dogs, the five Clans have a Gathering to attend. Skystar is seen with the rest of SkyClan at the Gathering. After Thunderstar reveals that Violet Dawn had given birth to his kits, Skystar comments that he can't wait to meet the kits and that Gray Wing would have been proud. Thunderstar is touched by his sincerity and realizes that part of him still craves his father's approval.

Shadowstar's Life

Skystar confers with Shadowstar after a Gathering, deeply concerned with the number of Twolegs in his territory and suspects something awry. He shares his worries about Twolegs potentially commandeering his land, and asks Shadowstar to stand with him at the next Gathering to convince the others something must be done.
At the next Gathering, Skystar privately asks Shadowstar if she still plans on siding with him, and Shadowstar agrees. When Windstar notes Shadowstar has not named a deputy since Sun Shadow's death, Skystar cuts in about the Twoleg situation, pressing for action. Windstar scoffs that the SkyClan leader is being overly dramatic about a 'few Twolegs', but Skystar remains adamant about the amass number of Twolegs and their machines roaming the forest. Thunderstar agrees that he's witnessed the Twolegs himself, but Windstar remarks it sounds like a SkyClan problem. When Shadowstar and the others refuse to give up territory for SkyClan, Skystar growls that ShadowClan could never be trusted. Shadowstar reflects to the amber eyes that gazed upon her and Sun Shadow as they died, and wonders if that was any of Skystar's warriors. Shadowstar agrees to see the Twolegs herself before agreeing to find SkyClan a new home, and Skystar hisses she has three days to decide.
Shadowstar, Mud Paws, Raven Pelt and Pebble Heart observe Twolegs marking SkyClan territory and attempt to search for a new home that will please Skystar. When Quick Water attempts to murder Shadowstar, she leads her patrol straight to SkyClan's camp. Raven Pelt questions if Skystar had ordered Quick Water to kill her, and Shadowstar reflects on their old history and refuses to believe it. Skystar is initially furious that Shadowstar's patrol did not analyze the territory efficiently enough, and asks for proof about Quick Water's accusation. After Shadowstar confirms she saw Quick Water, Skystar hesitantly still vouches for Quick Water, insisting she was their friend back with the Tribe. When Honey Pelt reveals Quick Water wasn't hunting with him, Skystar insists that he would never order his warriors to attack another Clan leader no matter the circumstances, and Shadowstar believes him. He is conflicted, but ultimately believes Shadowstar; he exiles Quick Water, and Shadowstar is grateful he listened.
At the next Gathering, Skystar confronts Thunderstar, who he still has an icy relationship with, when the ThunderClan leader reveals his Clan is sheltering Quick Water. He accuses his son of interfering, and Thunderstar accuses him of abandoning his Clanmate. Quick Water lies and apologizes to Skystar for spying on Shadowstar near Highstones. Skystar allows her to come back to SkyClan since he didn't let her share her version of what occurred. Shadowstar internally questions Skystar's quick turn around.
WindClan joins ShadowClan to attack SkyClan and ThunderClan over Quick Water's lie. Shadowstar tries to plea with Skystar, but he angrily refuses to listen to her. As Quick Water dies, she reveals the truth to Skystar, who admonishes her for betraying the warrior code. In StarClan, Shadowstar notices a gray and white splotched tom and asks if he's Skystar's kin.

Cloudstar's Journey

Clear Sky is briefly mentioned by Maplestar, when she is talking to Cloudstar, the current leader of SkyClan. Maplestar says to Cloudstar that when the Clan first started marking boundaries, Clear Sky was their leader. Maplestar continues to say that Clear Sky was the first cat who saw the usage in each Clan's territory, and how it could feed and support them.
Cloudstar mentions that they still mark the borders in his memory, and this brings the appearance of another ancient leader, Rowanstar. The former leader mentions that he had advanced upon the ideas and creations of Clear Sky, forming the boundaries even further.

In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Sky is only briefly mentioned as a rogue. He is the best hunter from his hunting grounds. After a battle that was so dreadful that the ground beneath Fourtrees was red with blood, spirits of deceased cats came to him, and Thunder, River, Shadow, and Wind. The five cats promised to end the fighting and live separately in their own hunting areas.

The Ultimate Guide

Clear Sky first appears on SkyClan’s introductory page described by Cloudstar. Cloudstar describes that Clear Sky came from the mountains and chose not to stay on the moor that reminds cats of their mountain home. He instead, took advantage of the prey-rich woodland and dense undergrowth that offered shelter and secrecy. Clear Sky took cats with him that could leap into the sky easily to catch eagles as this talent easily was turned to climbing trees and catching smaller birds. The moorland cats grew jealous and resentful, but Clear Sky knew he was sowing the seeds of a group that would grow strong and last forever. Perhaps it would have because Clear Sky could not have foreseen what the Twolegs would do to the territory.
Clear Sky appears on Gray Wing's page, saying that Gray Wing was in love with Bright Stream, who in turn loved Clear Sky. When they arrived at their new home, Clear Sky and some others left and lived in the forest. Gray Wing again fell in love with another cat, Storm, who in turn, again, loved Clear Sky. She and Clear Sky became mates, but she left when she became pregnant. Gray Wing took their lone surviving son (after the others died) and took him to Clear Sky, who rejected him.
He then appears next on his own page.
Clear Sky was excited about leaving the mountains, and coaxed his mate to join him on the journey. When she was carried off by an eagle, he became very depressed. He started recovering when they reached their home; he and a group of cats went to live in the woods. He got rogues to join him, and started falling into an obsession over territory and boundaries. Patrols were sent out to make sure no cat, not even his friends from the mountains, would hunt there. Clear Sky also insisted that every cat should be able to look after themselves, and drove out Jagged Peak when he injured his leg. He fell in love with Storm and she became pregnant; she later left because she couldn't bear his obsessions and way he ordered everyone around, including her. Storm had three kits, but only one, Thunder, survived the collapse of a Twoleg nest that she could not escape. Gray Wing took him to Clear Sky, but he rejected the kit. Later, Clear Sky invited Thunder to join him, but soon after he came to his father's camp, Clear Sky's cruelty made Thunder go back to the moor. After the Great Battle, Clear Sky realized his fierceness in protecting his larger group rather than any individual cat had lead to horrible violence, and he became less vicious to other cats and gentler to his own. He was the first leader of SkyClan.
On the next page, he is said to be the brother of Gray Wing and Jagged Peak. The younger of them, Jagged Peak, looked up to him and went to live in the forest when they arrived at the new territory. When his leg got injured, Clear Sky banished him from the forest, effectively destroying his confidence.
Clear Sky then appears on Thunder's page. He is the son of Clear Sky and Storm. He was rejected by his father after the kit's life was saved from a collapsing Twoleg den. After the forest fire, Clear Sky and his cats took temporary shelter with the moorland cats. When it was time to go back to their own territory, Clear Sky praised Thunder and persuaded him to come back to the forest with him. But later his cruelty made Thunder return to the moor.
Next, Clear Sky is found on Storm and Turtle Tail's page. Upon meeting Storm, they both fell in love at first sight, and she went to live with him. However, his obsessions and controlling nature drove her away to live in an old Twoleg nest, where she bore their kits. When it was demolished, she as well as two kits died, leaving one surviving son. He is rejected by Clear Sky.
It is mentioned on Tall Shadow's page that Tall Shadow left the mountains with Clear Sky and the others. He briefly appears on Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots's page. Dappled Pelt went to live in his camp to take care of the injured Jagged Peak.
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