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Interesting facts

Author statements

  • Vicky has confirmed that Clear Sky and Sky are one and the same.[3]
  • Kate stated that she paired up Skystar and Star Flower because they were a "perfect match",[blog 1] and that he will pick Star Flower over all of his mates in StarClan.[blog 2]
  • Kate thinks he deserved to get berated by Quiet Rain.[blog 3]
  • Kate stated that she didn't like Clear Sky and found him "wrong-headed and arrogant," but she stated that she didn't really think he was bad.[blog 4]
  • Kate believes that he did end up adopting Honey Pelt as his son,[blog 5] and this is later proven to be true.[4]


  • It was originally stated that Sky, Thunder, Shadow, River, and Wind did not take "-star" on the end of their names, due to the tradition not having been established at the time.[5] This contradicts Secrets of the Clans, which notes each founding leader has the -star suffix. However, Skystar himself was never mentioned in Secrets of the Clans.[6] Moth Flight's Vision further confirms that the founding leaders, including Skystar, were given -star as their suffix to show they were leaders of their respective Clans.[7]
  • It is mentioned in Cloudstar's Journey that Skystar was leader of SkyClan when borders began to be marked.[8] However, in Code of the Clans, Rowanstar is the leader to propose the idea of marking and patrolling borders, and the idea is first proposed by Poppycloud.[9]
  • His name has been misspelled as 'Claw Sky',[10] and 'Clear Sly'.[11] [12]
  • He was mistakenly described as a she-cat.[13]
  • Even after receiving his leader name, Skystar is called Clear Sky by Acorn Fur.[14]

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