"Clearly your friends don't care if Star Flower dies. But don't worry, you won't be the only one to pay for this. None of you realize the danger you face. My rogues outnumber you. They are more savage than any of you can imagine. If you value your prey more than the lives of your kits and your campmates, then you are free to refuse to me."
— Slash threatening Clear Sky, Tall Shadow, Wind Runner, Thunder, and River Ripple in Path of Stars, page 50

Slash is a brown tabby tom with his front legs marked with a slash of white fur.[4]

Slash was a rogue leader of his group that temporarily lived alongside the Early Settlers in the forest. He was an old friend of One Eye and had a hatred towards the forest cats. Slash kidnapped Star Flower to try and take control over the groups, especially Clear Sky's camp, and he threatened to harm her unborn kits. Slash's camp split up after dogs attacked it and many of the cats that he treated as weak joined the Early Settlers, while his other rogues stayed and followed him. However, after a failed attempt to take Gray Wing's kit, Black Ear, Slash disappeared across the Thunderpath, never to be seen again.


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

A Forest Divided

"We used to live as strays in the Twolegplace. But Slash got bored of eating Twoleg waste and decided there would be richer pickings out here. Slash doesn't like to admit when he's wrong."
―Fern explaining her and Slash's origins to Gray Wing A Forest Divided, page 237
Scenting strangers, Gray Wing spots Slash snarling to Fern that she needs to learn more about the strange cats and physically punishes her when she is afraid to work alone. Gray Wing wonders how long Slash had been roaming the territory, drawing parallels of Slash's characteristics to another rogue, One Eye. He decides that it will be better to warn his group of Slash later, thinking that he might be able to talk to Fern believing that she was scared of Slash.
When Gray Wing picks up Fern's scent, he decides to find out why Slash might have sent Fern. Once convincing Fern that he poses no threat, Gray Wing offers to hunt for her in Slash's place, explaining that Slash is a bully and no better than One Eye. He suggests that she should not allow Slash to push her around, yet Fern explains that Slash would kill her otherwise. Nonetheless, Gray Wing contends that Slash has left her to starve and is failing to look out for her. After finding a mouse for Fern, Gray Wing asks her to persuade Slash not to bother with his campmates, but Fern explains that Slash would never be convinced that there are cats he could not beat, but that she might be able to distract him. Although Gray Wing wonders if Fern can lie to Slash, he decides to trust her word.
On the way back to the forest to meet his mother, Quiet Rain, Gray Wing and Thunder run into Fern who reveals that she had lied to Slash. Gray Wing offers for Fern to stay with them, worrying about Slash's retaliation against Fern for lying to him. She agrees and explains that Slash wanted her to spy on them as he did not like sharing land with other cats. Fern and Slash formerly led lives as strays in the Twolegplace, but Slash grew tired of eating Twoleg waste, deciding that there would be better food elsewhere. In Tall Shadow's camp, Thunder wonders whether to warn his campmates about Slash as he leaves Fern in their protection, believing that she would be safer in their camp than with Slash.
At night, Slash and two other rogues surround Star Flower, and Clear Sky comes to her rescue. As Clear Sky rears, Slash leaps back and grabs Star Flower, hooking his claw into her shoulder, hauling and pinning her to the ground. Seeing Clear Sky freeze, Slash snarls sarcastically how it would be a shame to hurt Star Flower, particularly with kits in her belly. Clear Sky asks what he wants, and Slash hisses back that he and Star Flower have spent quite a bit of time together in the past, revealing that he was one of One Eye's closest companions and Star Flower had promised to be his mate. Slash explains that the territory used to belong to them with the strays having shared prey with them, yet with the formation of the group by the mountain cats, the strays believe themselves to be safe with no need to share with them any longer. Glancing back at the two other rogues, Slash remarks that they're getting hungry.
Clear Sky tells them that they are free to take prey, yet Slash poses the question of why the mountain cats had to come and spoil their lifestyle as the strays now hunt for mountain cats, leaving the rogues hungry. Clear Sky explains that the mountains yielded no prey, yet Slash deems this excuse as not good enough and expresses the need for things to be go back to how they previously were. Clear Sky retorts that they are not going to leave, and Slash replies that he is not asking them to leave, and declares that he wants to meet all the leaders at the same time the next night at Sunningrocks. As a consequence for this ultimatum, Slash threatens that he will kill Star Flower. Flicking his tail, Slash leaves with his two companions, followed with a struggling Star Flower.

Path of Stars

"Why should I bother with them? I've had enough of making Clear Sky suffer. It was you who led my cats away."
―Slash threatening Gray Wing Path of Stars, page 269
Clear Sky thinks of how he could convince the other group leaders to meet with Slash, or agree to Slash's demands of prey in exchange for Star Flower. Many of Clear Sky's cats agree that Star Flower went willingly with Slash, but Clear Sky defends his mate as she had no choice. Clear Sky, Alder, Sparrow Fur, and Acorn Fur go to Thunder's camp, and Clear Sky explains to Thunder how Slash had taken Star Flower hostage. Thunder believes prey is scarce and giving into the rogues would deem them as weak. As Clear Sky heads to Wind Runner's camp, he argues and defends his mate once again, with Wind Runner thinking that Star Flower went along with the rogues' plan. Tall Shadow and Gray Wing, however, vouch for Star Flower and Clear Sky against Wind Runner, wanting to help rescue the golden tabby. Wind Runner eventually agrees with Gray Wing's pressing since there are kits involved. Later, Gray Wing reveals to Wind Runner that he has a plan to rescue Star Flower from Slash.
At the night of the meeting, Slash greets the leaders from the great rock, with six rogues flanking him. He tells them that he has dealt with Star Flower and found another way to make them share prey. Slash says that for every five pieces of prey the groups catch, they get one. His rogues will visit their camps each day to collect their share. Wind Runner argues that since it's leaf-bare, there will barely be any prey for themselves, but Slash argues that it's not his problem as the mountain cats took the land that they used to live on. River Ripple says that the moor, the river, and the forest meant nothing to him, and questions why he wouldn't go hunt somewhere else. Slash threatens that Star Flower will die if they don't share prey. As the other leaders begin to doubt in rescuing Star Flower, Clear Sky tries to desperately convince them, saying that they promised to rescue her. Slash says to Clear Sky that the other leaders don't care that Star Flower will die, and he says that his rogues outnumber all of them. The other leaders believe that Slash is bluffing, agreeing to take a chance. Slash then leaves the meeting without saying another word.
While Clear Sky was the distraction for Slash, Gray Wing's plan takes action as he, Lightning Tail, Leaf, Fern, and Reed slink to Slash's camp to rescue Star Flower. After safely taking Star Flower out of the rogues' camp nearing the Thunderpath, she starts to kit early, and the rest of the patrol drives away Slash's rogues. Thunder greets a paranoid Clear Sky as the pale gray tom worries that Slash might return for Star Flower. Once Thunder goes back to his own camp, his cats angrily state that Slash's rogues stole their prey. Lightning Tail then comes up with an idea to train against the rogues, saying that if they train hard and grow strong by learning fighting moves like the rogues have never seen, they can defend what is theirs. Thunder later calls a meeting for all of the groups to discuss Slash's prey-stealing. Gray Wing tells them that kidnapping Star Flower was the first excuse to start stealing from them. He also adds that Slash has a large group of rogues.
Gray Wing leaves the meeting to see Fern, and the black she-cat tells Gray Wing some of his followers disagreed with holding Star Flower hostage, but were scared to stand up to him. She adds that if they stand up to the mangy brown rogue, her other campmates might too. Fern sorrowfully tells Gray Wing that her sister, Beech, would be blamed for her disloyalty and tells the dark gray tom to be careful as Slash is determined to make him pay. He later goes back to his camp and tells Wind Runner that they need to be prepared for Slash and his rogues. Thereafter, with not wanting to start another fight with Slash, Clear Sky lets the mangy rogue leader take the rabbit he and Sparrow Fur had caught. However, Slash gives the rabbit back to Clear Sky, stating that it is a gift for Star Flower from him.
The forest cats meet up to train against the rogues, and Star Flower declares that they need to fight like the rogues, stating she is One Eye's daughter and knows their moves. After the battle session among the groups, Thunder and Lightning Tail go to see Slash's camp for themselves. Thunder sees Slash facing against a dark gray she-cat, wanting her to be his mate, but Violet retorts back at Slash. The rogue leader then teases Frog with a thrush as the gray tabby didn't catch enough prey; however, he gives him a squashed wren. Slash goes to Splinter and Beetle, and the three discuss about attacking the moor cats, and Slash tells them that he needs the other rogues to help attack them, or they won't be enough.
Whilst Gray Wing and Wind Runner are hunting, Slash's cats attack them. An orange she-cat tries to lame Gray Wing while the other three rogues, including Slash, corner Wind Runner. She is then saved when Gorse Fur slams into the rogues to rescue his mate. While fighting Slash, Gray Wing's chest tightens, needing air. Once Moth Flight, Spotted Fur, Reed, and Minnow burst through the reeds, Slash grabs Gray Wing's throat as the dark gray tom thrashes for air. However, Slate pulls Slash off of her mate, and the rogues are driven off, while Wind Runner worries for the wound that Slash left on Gray Wing's neck.
Thunder and Lightning Tail later go back to Slash's camp to check on Violet and the other rogues. Red, Raven, Juniper, and Violet sneak off to hunt near the Twolegplace as Thunder and Lighting Tail go deeper into the camp. Slash is then seen training with his other rogues, including some of the weaker rogues who seem to be against his ruthless training sessions. Once Moss protects his mate, Dawn, from Slash, the rogue leader tells the dark brown tom that he can train instead. However, the training session is interrupted when dogs are led into camp by Red, causing all of the cats to scatter. As Thunder and Lightning Tail try to save Beech from a dog, Slash tries to stop them, and in the end, the dog kills Beech. As another cat, Stone, is killed, Thunder yowls to Slash to take care of his group, but the rogue leader doesn't seem to care about the injured at all. All of a sudden, the weaker rogues that were previously too afraid to stand up to Slash started speaking up against him, wanting to leave him, and Slash then leaves them instead as he ventures out of sight with his stronger crew.
The group of cats later discuss what to do with Slash's former followers, as some of them split up into the five groups. Though some were still reluctant to have them in their camps, Thunder and Gray Wing defend them. Later on, Bee, one of Slash's former followers, tries to convince Fern to rejoin Slash's group, then brutally attacks her when she refuses, causing the camp cats and Wind Runner to become more wary of them.
When all five groups meet together with all of Slash's former followers, they hold a ceremony to officially let Slash's rogues be part of their groups. With all of Slash's former followers agreeing to be part of the groups, Ember rebukes the ceremony and wants nothing to do with it. Right after, Slash appears and wants his other members back, but all of them refuse to rejoin Slash, except Ember. As Slash glares at Gray Wing, saying that the camp cats will pay the price for defying him, and the camp cats think he meant Star Flower and her kits; however, Wind Runner realizes that Slash meant he is going to harm Gray Wing's mate, Slate, and their kits.
The other group cats offer to assist Gray Wing and Wind Runner's cats to fight off Slash and his rogues as they head to Wind Runner's camp. When they get to camp, Slate and two of her kits are safe, except for Black Ear, who is stolen by Slash. The cats realize that Slash snatched the black-and-white tom kit right after the meeting, and his rogues must have split up. As Thunder, Owl Eyes, Sparrow Fur, and Clear Sky head towards the pines, they come across a Thunderpath, and they see the rogues crossing, where Swallow was carrying Black Ear. She drops him, however, and Slash and his rogues venture into the pines, not to be seen again.

Detailed description

Slash is a mangy,[5] broad-shouldered brown tabby tom[6] with a scarred muzzle,[7] torn ears that are nicked at the tip, and half of his whiskers are missing. His fur is crisscrossed with scars, his front legs are marked with a slash of white fur, and he has a ringed tail-tip.[4]

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"You can keep them, but don't think you've won. Go back to your camps, you mouse-brains. You'll learn quickly enough the price you've paid for defying me."
―Slash to Thunder and the other group leaders Path of Stars, page 268
Slash is a power-hungry, cruel rogue who is greedy for the prey in the forest.[8] He doesn't take care of his cats, basically starving them, and controlling them through fear. Only those who follow him and demonstrate loyalty he will treat with respect.[9] Slash doesn't care what he does to cats and only does it out of greed, as he kidnapped Star Flower to try and control Clear Sky and the groups.[10] However, Slash mainly has a hatred towards Gray Wing, who was the one that went behind his back and helped rescue Star Flower and led his rogue cats away.[11] After his attempts failed against Gray Wing, he stole his kit, Black Ear, but was beaten by the groups, disappearing across the Thunderpath, most likely giving up.[12]


His group

Ember: "Slash never expected anything from us. Our lives were our own."
Thunder: "Your lives were never your own with Slash. You had to obey every word he said!"
—Ember and Thunder about Slash's former followers Path of Stars, page 266
Slash controlled his group of cats with fear, making them not be able to stand up to him. He was only ruthless and demanding to the ones that feared him, but he respected the ones that attempted to please him.[13] Once dogs were led into his camp, he refused to let Thunder save Beech, who he let die,[14] which made his own cats, especially Fern, get very angry at him, from the point that they stood up against him, and he left them to fend for themselves.[15] When he asked them to return to his group, they refused, which made him more angry and hungry for revenge.[16]

Gray Wing, Clear Sky, and the forest cats

"We're not asking you to leave. I just want to meet with the leaders of your groups so we can discuss how you might share your prey with us, like the strays used to. Tomorrow night, at this same time. I want to meet all the leaders on the sunning rocks beside the river."
―Slash making demands with Clear Sky before taking Star Flower A Forest Divided, pages 333-334
Slash had a deep hatred for the forest cats, but especially Gray Wing when he learned that the dark gray tom went behind his back to help Star Flower escape and led his cats away.[17] At first, Slash controlled Clear Sky when he kidnapped his mate, Star Flower, and would even harm her unborn kits.[18] Slash also brought trouble when he attacked Wind Runner's camp and stole Black Ear, Gray Wing's kit. His follower, Swallow, almost had the kit killed on the Thunderpath where Slash and his other cats left him. At first, he was powerful over the forest cats, but once the groups overpowered him by working together, Slash gave up on them and left them alone.[19]

Star Flower and One Eye

"Don't let me down, Fern. Star Flower betrayed me, and she's lucky I let her live. I won't be so soft with you."
―Slash showing his anger over Star Flower's betrayal to Fern A Forest Divided, page 65
Slash was an old ally of One Eye, Star Flower's father.[20] When One Eye died, Slash brought torment to the forest cats and showed anger towards his own cats, especially Fern, after Star Flower's betrayal to the rogues.[21] Slash grew up with Star Flower, thinking she was going to be his mate one day, but she was already expecting Clear Sky's kits when he revealed himself to Clear Sky.[20] Slash kidnapped Star Flower to control the groups, starting with Clear Sky's, and he even willing to go as far as harming Star Flower's unborn kits.[18]




  • Slash was mistakenly called a gray tabby,[20] gray,[22] and having one ear.[23]
  • Slash is not listed in the allegiances of A Forest Divided, despite appearing in the book.[24]


"How long had Slash been roaming their territory? He talked as though he'd been watching the cats for a while. And he knew Star Flower. He must have known her father, One Eye. [...] These rogues were like poisonous weeds. One Eye had been killed, but Slash had grown in his place."
―Gray Wing's thoughts upon first seeing Slash A Forest Divided, page 64

Fern: "Slash would never believe there are cats he couldn't beat. But I might be able to distract him."
Gray Wing: "Distract him?"
Fern: "I could tell him you’ve been hunting beyond the pines. Once he hears you’ve found a fresh, new source of prey, he'll want to see it for himself—he's always been greedy."
—Fern assisting Gray Wing secretly against Slash A Forest Divided, page 110

Fern: "Just a rogue? I'm the rogue who lied to a murdering tom just to save your friend."
Gray Wing: "You spoke to Slash?"
Fern: "I promised I would, didn't I? I told him about the prey and he went to look for it, just like I said he would. He's such a greedy fox!"
—Fern and Gray Wing discussing Slash A Forest Divided, page 236

Slash: "Star Flower always was sensible."
Clear Sky (to Star Flower): "You know these cats?"
Slash: "[Star Flower and I] grew up together. I always thoughts she'd be my mate, but now she's carrying your kits."
Clear Sky: "Who are you?"
Slash: "I'm Slash. An old friend of One Eye's."
—Slash revealing himself to Clear Sky A Forest Divided, page 331

"That's better. It would be a shame to wound such a pretty cat...and with kits in her belly. The thought of harming them breaks my heart."
―Slash to Clear Sky about Star Flower A Forest Divided, page 331

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"Don't think we haven't noticed you mountain cats recruiting all the strays you can find. Why are you building such big groups? Everywhere we go now, we smell scent markers and see where you've been hunting. [...] This territory used to be ours. The strays caught prey and shared it with us. So we left them alone. Now they are part of your groups. They think they're safe. They think they don't need to share their catch with us anymore. We're getting hungry, aren't we?"
―Slash to Clear Sky A Forest Divided, page 332

Slash: "But we're not just three extra mouths. There are many of us. Rogues from the Twolegplace. Rogues from beyond the pine and the river. We're more than you could ever imagine."
Clear Sky: "Then why have we never seen you before?"
Slash: "You never had to. We only gad to wander the edges of this land to collect enough prey. The strays who lived here knew how to keep us happy. They'd leave the borders unhunted. There was no need to come looking for food here. But the strays hunt for you now. And we go hungry? Why did you mountain cats have to come and spoil everything?"
Clear Sky: "We were hungry."
Slash: "That's not good enough. We need to put thing back the way they were."
Clear Sky: "We're not leaving!"
Slash: "We're not asking you to leave. I just want to meet with the leaders of your groups so we can discuss how you might share your prey with us, like the strays used to. Tomorrow night, at this same time. I want to meet all the leaders on the sunning rocks beside the river."
Clear Sky: "What if we don't agree?"
Slash: "I will kill Star Flower."
—Slash making demands with Clear Sky before taking Star Flower A Forest Divided, pages 333-334

"Taking you as a mate was the only smart decision he ever made. Why don't you get smart, Violet, and let me take his place? You would not go hungry if you were a leader's mate."
―Slash attempting to have Violet as his mate Path of Stars, page 138

"They have their uses. I need to give them enough to make them stay around. We won't be able to attack the moor cats by ourselves."
―Slash to Beetle and Splinter about their weaker campmates Path of Stars, page 141

Thunder: "Stop worrying about who to blame. You've got injured cats here. Two of your campmates are dead. It doesn't matter why it happened. You need to take care of your group."
Slash: "How dare you tell me how to lead? What are you doing here anyway?"
—Thunder angry with Slash Path of Stars, page 169

Lightning Tail: "Your cats are so starved, they couldn't defend themselves properly. And you clearly don't care whether they live or die."
Slash: "Why should I? They're cowards. They fight like kits."
—Slash arguing with Lightning Tail in the aftermath of the dog attack Path of Stars, page 170

Fern: "You don't care about us at all! You never have!"
Moss: "Fern's right. You ordered us to steal, then kept the prey for yourself and your friends. You've been treating us terribly for a long time! We practically stare, while you let food rot!"
Dawn: "They're right. You say you want to train us to fight, but you abuse your own cats."
Fern: "We've put up with you for too long. You call the group cats weak, but look who fought alongside us. Maybe we'd be better off in a group! We'd definitely be better off without you."
—Slash's cats standing up to him Path of Stars, page 171

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