"Fox dung to all that! I don't want to be a SkyClan cat! I've always been ShadowClan, and I always will be."
— Slatefur after hearing of ShadowClan's annexation in River of Fire, page 256

Slatefur is a sleek gray tom.[4]

Slatefur is a ShadowClan warrior under the leadership of Tigerstar in the lake territories. He was born to Pinenose and Spikefur alongside Lioneye, Birchbark, and Puddleshine as Slatekit, raised with Violetshine as a foster sibling. He became Slatepaw and joined the Kin when Darktail took over ShadowClan, taking on the name Slatefur. After escaping with Berryheart, Sparrowtail, and Cloverfoot, he was reunited with Tigerheart, and joined his patrol back to ShadowClan. Upon his return, Slatefur trained Frondwhisker.


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A Vision of Shadows

"We all thought you were dead!"
—Violetshine to Slatefur River of Fire, page 252
Slatekit is a young kit of Pinenose and Spikefur. He gains Violetkit as a foster sibling when Rowanstar claims her for ShadowClan. He later becomes Slatepaw with an unknown mentor and joins Darktail with the name Slatefur when the rogue leader drives Rowanstar from his Clan. He is thought by his Clanmates to be dead after the Kin is defeated, but he is revealed to have escaped the Kin and found Tigerheart's patrol home. When Slatefur hears of ShadowClan's annexation to SkyClan, he voices his disapproval of becoming a SkyClan cat and rejoins his birth Clan when Tigerstar is revived. Soon, he is given Frondpaw as an apprentice.



  • Kate mistakenly believed him to have died of yellowcough.[blog 2]
  • Despite not being in the patrol back to ShadowClan in Tigerheart's Shadow, he replaces Rippletail in the aforementioned patrol in River of Fire, while Rippletail appears as a kittypet named Buster.[8]
    • When asked about the inconsistency, Kate has revealed that Slatefur is indeed the one who is meant to be on the patrol, and Rippletail appearing in Tigerheart's Shadow was a mistake.[blog 3]

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