"He's learning fast. Which is good, because it looks like we'll be fighting ShadowClan again soon. They've been stealing rabbits in broad daylight, and Hazelstar won't let them get away with it."
— Slatepelt to Daisytail on Specklepaw in Code of the Clans, page 49

Slatepelt is an ancient WindClan warrior under the leadership of Hazelstar.

In Code of the Clans, Slatepelt is mentor to Specklepaw, a WindClan apprentice. He is supervising a training bout with him and another apprentice, Adderpaw. Specklepaw is only three moons old, and Slatepelt exchanges an understanding look with Adderpaw after the older apprentice allows Specklepaw to win the practice battle. Slatepelt tells Daisytail, Specklepaw's mother, that her son will have to learn to be a warrior quickly, because a battle with ShadowClan will be coming soon. They claim that ShadowClan has been stealing rabbits again, and the WindClan leader, Hazelstar, wouldn't let them get away with it.



"Attack! Jump! Swipe! Roll! No, roll. Try again."
—Slatepelt instructing Specklepaw Code of the Clans, page 48

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