"Oh, [Tawnypelt's] especially for you, Rowanclaw. You were a weak leader of ShadowClan. I was miserable growing up, and many cats I cared about died because you failed to deal with Darktail."
— Sleekwhisker taunting Rowanclaw in River of Fire, page 223

Sleekwhisker is a sleek,[9] golden-[10] yellow she-cat[11] with green eyes.[12]

Sleekwhisker was a ShadowClan and SkyClan cat under Rowanstar's and Leafstar's leaderships in the lake territories and previously a Kin member under Darktail. She was born to Dawnpelt and Crowfrost alongside her brothers, Strikestone and Juniperclaw. As an apprentice, Sleekpaw was mentored by Tigerheart and took part in Needlepaw's rebellion against Rowanstar, joining Darktail and his group, giving herself the name, Sleekwhisker. She was fiercely loyal to Darktail, and when Needletail was deemed a traitor, Sleekwhisker helped kill her with Darktail and Roach. Eventually, the Kin was driven out, and Sleekwhisker ran away with the remaining rogues, Yarrowleaf, and Spikefur. She returned with Yarrowleaf, asking to rejoin the Clans and both were begrudgingly accepted into SkyClan. However, Sleekwhisker stole Yarrowleaf's kits as revenge on Rowanclaw. She and Nettle mortally wound Rowanclaw, but after Nettle's death, Sleekwhisker and her accomplices were driven away.


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A Vision of Shadows

"I haven't thought of myself as ShadowClan for a long time. I'm Kin now, through and through. I was one of the first cats to join you, while these other mange-pelts were ShadowClan right up to the time you took over the territory. And the sooner they leave, the better."
—Sleekwhisker showing her loyalty towards Darktail Shattered Sky, page 155
Sleekpaw and her littermates, Strikepaw and Juniperpaw, are the kits of Dawnpelt and Crowfrost, the latter being the Clan deputy. She is a young ShadowClan apprentice under the mentorship of her uncle, Tigerheart. Sleekpaw dislikes her grandfather, Rowanstar, and agrees with Needlepaw that ShadowClan is no longer feared, and she, Needlepaw, Juniperpaw, and Violetkit join Darktail and his group, giving herself the new name of Sleekwhisker. She supports Darktail heavily, to the point where Dawnpelt even says that she doesn't believe Sleekwhisker would want to escape to ThunderClan with herself and her brothers.
When Needletail defects from Darktail, Sleekwhisker helps drown her childhood friend in the lake. She runs away with the Kin when the Clans drive them out. However, she returns moons later with the heavily pregnant Yarrowleaf, asking to rejoin ShadowClan, which was annexed to SkyClan, but Leafstar rejects them on account of the horrible crimes they committed with Darktail. However, she and Yarrowleaf are harbored in ShadowClan's old camp by their former Clanmates who took sympathy on them. Leafstar reluctantly allows them to stay, making Sleekwhisker a SkyClan apprentice. However, Sleekwhisker's plea for a second chance is later revealed to have been a complete lie. She conspires with Nettle, Raven, Jacques, and Susan to kidnap Yarrowleaf's kits as 'revenge' on Rowanclaw, whom she blames for her 'miserable life' and manages to kidnap Tawnypelt as well. After a battle ensues, Sleekwhisker and Nettle are able to mortally wound Rowanclaw, but she runs away with Raven to parts unknown.


Author statements

  • Kate has said her least favorite cat is Sleekwhisker.[blog 1]
  • Kate's pretty sure she had a crush on Darktail, but can't clearly remember.[blog 2]

Interesting facts

  • Sleekwhisker has ThunderClan blood through Tawnypelt.[13]
  • Sleekwhisker may not believe in StarClan.[14]


  • Her name has been spelled as "Sleek-whisker".[15]

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"Well, I think it's stupid. What Clan you're in doesn't decide what you're like. It's just where you're born. Some of the cats in ShadowClan are every bit as bossy as ThunderClan cats."
—Sleekpaw to Needlepaw The Apprentice's Quest, page 47

Needlepaw: "I bet he hasn't done much hunting. Creaky old mange-pelt!"
Sleekpaw: "Yeah, my mentor said he couldn't catch a blind hedgehog, never mind a rabbit."
—Needlepaw and Sleekpaw about Onestar The Apprentice's Quest, page 48

"I think the whole idea is silly. Prophecies and StarClan and all that stuff are just ridiculous!"
—Sleekpaw about the prophecy the medicine cats received The Apprentice's Quest, page 54

"Does Sleekpaw not believe in StarClan? That's terrible!"
—Alderpaw thinking about Sleekpaw The Apprentice's Quest, page 54

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"Let's pretend Needlepaw caught it for you. You're Clan, aren't you? Oh no. I forgot. You weren't even born here. I guess I should eat it."
—Sleekpaw to Violetkit Thunder and Shadow, page 101

"No kit can help where she is born. Why should the Clans deprive other cats of good hunting just because they weren't Clanborn?"
—Sleekpaw defending the rogues' decision to settle near the Clans Thunder and Shadow, pages 104-105

"I think the Clans are wrong too. All their borders and rules just make more battles."
—Sleekpaw to Rain and Darktail's group Thunder and Shadow, page 105

"I don't know why you bother training her. We don't live in a Clan anymore. Let her learn to hunt and fight the way rogues learn—by experience. Or isn't she smart enough?"
—Sleekwhisker to Needletail about Violetpaw Thunder and Shadow, page 203

"Sleekwhisker would never want to leave. I haven't even told her."
—Dawnpelt about leaving the Kin to Violetpaw Shattered Sky, page 95

Yarrowleaf: "Sleekwhisker and I have been living with the remains of Darktail's group, but it bothered us more and more, the way that none of the cats seem to care about one another."
Sleekwhisker: "That's right. Now that Darktail is gone, they don't even have the idea of Kin anymore. It's every cat for themselves."
—Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf about leaving the Kin River of Fire, page page 84

Sleekwhisker: "Now I'm going to have my revenge, because I've taken the thing you love most—Tawnypelt!"
Rowanclaw: "You may have taken her, but you won't keep her."
Sleekwhisker: "No—I won't keep her. I'm going to kill her. And you're going to watch."
Tawnypelt: "I'd like to see you try!"
Sleekwhisker: "Oh, I'll do more than try. Because if any cat twitches a whisker, the kits will never see another sunrise."
—Sleekwhisker after she kidnaps Yarrowleaf's kits River of Fire, page page 224

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