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In her youth, Sleekwhisker was a rude, arrogant, rebelious and reckless apprentice, with no respect for rules, the Clans or others. She would frequently insult and disobey those around her. She felt like her actions were justified because, in her eyes, the elder cats were not giving the apprentices the respect they deserved. This showed that she expected to be treated with respect while doing nothing to earn it. She despised being told what to do and believed the warrior code was ridiculous.[source?]
Both in her early and older life, Sleekwhisker had no sense of responsibility and constantly blamed others for her own actions and bad behaviour.[source?]
When Darktail and his rogues came to settle by the lake, Sleekpaw ultimately chose to desert her Clan to join them, and gave herself a warrior name. She became one of Darktail's most loyal followers, and seemingly never disagreed with him. It was heavily implied that she was in love with Darktail, which would explain her devotion to him. During her time with the rogues, Sleekwhisker seemed to become increasingly treacherous, scorning her Clanmates and even went so far as to murder her childhood friend Needletail and show no remorse in it.[source?]
It's noted she also had hypocritical behaviour, as she once stated that being Clanborn was not important, but would later constantly mock and bully Violetkit for not growning up as a real Shadowclan cat, even though she herself had failed to do the same.[source?]


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