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Sleekwhisker is an arrogant, rebellious, and violent she-cat. She disrespected her mentors and elders in ShadowClan, and was one of the first to defect to the Kin.[1] Once there, unlike many others, she fit in perfectly, doing everything Darktail said and even helping him murder her former Clanmate and kithood friend, Needletail. However, Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf reappear at the SkyClan camp to ask the former ShadowClan cats for sanctuary, having supposedly run away from the Kin. Many ShadowClan cats let them in, thinking they have changed. However, Sleekwhisker betrays Yarrowleaf and all the SkyClan cats by working with Nettle to kidnap Yarrowleaf’s kits and murder Rowanclaw. After Nettle is killed, Sleekwhisker flees with the rest of the remaining Kin, choosing to remain with the rogues instead of her former Clanmates, and hasn’t been seen since.[2] Most cats are glad she is gone, and hopefully never comes back.[3]


ShadowClan and the other young apprentices

Many other apprentices like Sleekwhisker thought that ShadowClan was becoming a weak and soft Clan. Besides Sleekwhisker and Needletail, many other apprentices and even younger warriors quickly joined the Kin, including Juniperpaw, Yarrowpaw, Beepaw, Berryheart, and Cloverfoot.[1] Though many eventually realized their mistake and rejoined ShadowClan, Sleekwhisker never gave up her view of ShadowClan as a pathetic Clan.[3]

The Kin and Darktail

Sleekwhisker always thought that the Kin were better and stronger than ShadowClan, and fit right in among the hostile rogues within it. She did all of Darktail’s dirty work, even helping drown her own former Clanmate, Needletail.[4] She was ruthless and violent, willing to do anything to get on Darktail’s good side. She chose to remain with the Kin when the rest of the ShadowClan cats left, and was one of the only Kin cats who was truly loyal to Darktail, keeping to her violent ways even after his death.[2]

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