"I'm sorry, Nightwing. ShadowClan won't forget Smokepaw, I promise."
Blackstar comforting Nightwing after Smokepaw's death in Dawn, page 279

Smokepaw is a dark gray tom.[3]


In The New Prophecy arc


Smokepaw is a ShadowClan apprentice and his mentor is Oakfur.


When Twoleg monsters come to tear up ShadowClan's camp, Blackstar helps Smokepaw escape, saying that he wouldn't let him die, before leaving him in the care of Squirrelpaw, a ThunderClan apprentice. Smokepaw is frozen with fear, and doesn't try to move to escape, as he watches his camp being destroyed. Squirrelpaw, in a desperate attempt to help him out of camp, drags him out by the scruff of his neck. Afterwards, Smokepaw goes with the rest of his Clan to stay at Sunningrocks with ThunderClan.
Smokepaw joins the Clans on the Great Journey. While in the mountains, the Clans are traveling along a very narrow path; part of the cliff breaks and Smokepaw slips, but manages to get a pawhold on one of the ledges. Russetfur lunges for him, but her weight makes more of the cliff crumble. Unable to hold on any longer, Smokepaw falls to his death. Nightwing is devastated, and leans over the edge. Stormfur, a RiverClan warrior, pulls her back to safety. Blackstar tells Nightwing that Smokepaw would not have survived the fall, and they could not reach his body for burial, so they must continue on their journey, but he will be honored and would never be forgotten. Later, the deceased apprentice is briefly mentioned when Squirrelpaw tells Talon about the Clans' troubles getting through the mountains.


Interesting facts

  • Many people suspected that Smokefoot,[4] a ShadowClan warrior first appearing in The Sight,[5] is the same cat as Smokepaw. When asked, the authors jokingly acknowledged that a mistake may have been made.[4]


  • Smokepaw is mistakenly called a RiverClan apprentice when Leafpaw is thinking about Longtail jumping over the gap that Smokepaw left when he fell to his death in Dawn.[6]
  • Despite dying in Dawn,[2] he is listed in subsequent books in the New Prophecy arc,[7][8][9] and Leafpool's Wish.[10]

Character pixels

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"I won't let you die."
—Blackstar promising Smokepaw Dawn, page 183

"Don't just stand there! Get Smokepaw out while I get that kit!"
—Blackstar to Squirrelpaw Dawn, page 184

Blackstar: "There's nothing we can do, we have to keep going."
Nightwing: "You're going to leave him?"
Blackstar: "He won't have survived that fall, and we can't reach his body."
—Blackstar and Nightwing discussing Smokepaw's fall Dawn, page 279

"We never thought the journey would be this hard! Smokepaw fell into a ravine, and then an eagle tried to carry off Marshkit..."
—Squirrelpaw to Talon Dawn, page 292

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