"We have to defend our boundaries! The warrior code says so."
— Smoketalon in Code of the Clans, page 133

Smoketalon is a mottled gray tom.[1]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

"If I ever catch that mangy WindClan cat who did it, I'll rip out his throat."
—Smoketalon growling angrily to no one in particular Code of the Clans, page 132
Smoketalon is an ancient ShadowClan warrior. He lies awkwardly on his side while being treated by Mossheart, his Clan's medicine cat, for a wound on his shoulder. It seems to be infected after one of the many vicious battles ShadowClan has been having with WindClan, as the jagged cut smells like crow-food and looks yellow around the edges. He aggressively tells the medicine cat that if he ever catches the WindClan warrior who gave him the wound, he'll rip out his throat.
Mossheart tells him that would only lead to more revenge, but Smoketalon doesn't understand, stating that ShadowClan's boundaries should be defended, and backs up his protest by telling her the warrior code said they must. Mossheart puts cobwebs on his wound and tells him to go rest, informing him she is done treating him. She gives him some dry bedding to lay his head down on and leaves to clear her head of the scent of marigold which she had used to treat him with.


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