"Me! Live out in the open in the pouring rain and have to catch every mouthful of food? No thanks! Besides, it sounds way too crowded. I'd never remember all your names. And I couldn't leave Floss all by herself, could I?"
— Smoky on living wild in Sunset, page 195

Smoky is a muscular[2] gray-and-white tom.[3]

Smoky is a loner who lives in the horseplace near the lake. He lives with Floss and Daisy before she left to join ThunderClan. He is the father of Berrynose, Mousewhisker and Hazeltail, and was former mates with both Daisy and Floss. Despite his children living in ThunderClan, Smoky decided to stay at the farm and is later joined by Coriander after Floss' death.


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The New Prophecy

Smoky lives at the horseplace with his mates, Floss and Daisy, the latter of whom has recently given birth to his kits, Berry, Mouse and Hazel. He previously had a litter with Floss, but Twolegs had taken them away. When the Clans arrive at the lake, Smoky confronts them for trespassing too closely. Mudclaw and Cloudtail almost instigate a fight with him until Whitetail realizes he is only protecting his kits. Later, Daisy takes her kits to ThunderClan out of fear Twolegs would take them. However, after badgers attack the camp and Berrykit's amputation, Daisy takes her kits back to the horseplace.
Smoky saves Brambleclaw and Cloudtail from a stampede of horses and brings them to Daisy and the kits. After seeing how much his kits wanted to return to the forest, Smoky urges Daisy to reconsider rejoining ThunderClan. Cloudtail offers Smoky to join ThunderClan, but the loner refuses, citing he could never adjust to their lifestyle.

Power of Three

While on a journey to find Sol, Brambleclaw leads Brackenfur, Birchfall, Hazeltail, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf to the horseplace and introduces Smoky to Hazeltail. Hazeltail happily greets her father and explains how she and her brothers are now warriors. Smoky is shocked that Daisy has moved on and has had a new litter of kits with Spiderleg. However, he is pleased of his grown kits and offers for his family to visit anytime.

Super Editions

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In Bramblestar's Storm, Daisy and Bramblestar visit the horseplace after the Great Storm. Smoky reveals that Floss had died and the Twolegs brought Coriander as her replacement. He offers for the Clan cats to hunt, but Daisy chooses to leave for camp.

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"Calm down. Can't you scent kits? He's only defending his nursery."
—Whitetail to Mudclaw when Smoky is confronting them Starlight, page 227

Smoky: "Maybe you should go."
Daisy: "I thought you missed me."
Smoky: "I did. I missed all of you. But it's obvious our kits aren't going to settle here. They've done nothing but talk about the forest ever since they've set paw in the barn. And you could always come back yourself when they're fully grown."
—Smoky urging Daisy to return to ThunderClan Sunset, page 195

Hazeltail: "She has two more kits! Rosekit and Toadkit. They're so cute!"
Smoky: "I can see she has moved on."
—Hazeltail informing Smoky of Daisy's new kits Sunrise, page 52

"I'm impressed. ThunderClan certainly teaches cats to look after themselves."
—Smoky after Hazeltail teaches him battle and hunting techniques Sunrise, page 52

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